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Unfinished Business

Game Master Trup

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Kit Reynard's post was awesome--and good play to get us on track.

There was so much delay between Siege Breaker's post and the resolution of everything I forgot to have Rosa react to it, I feel like a tool. It was an excellent moment.

Male Enigma/20

Also I'd like to take this time to say that I didn't mean for combat to go this long. None of the assembled were minions for a reason but it slowed down the game a lot.

I been fairly fine with the length of combat, it hasn't exactly been terrible or anything, something is happenign and that is for me a good thing :)

Thanks, Rosa, glad you liked my post. I wanted to move past the "does Kit recognize Kit?" issue quickly, so Kit R needed to notice the transformation sequence. However, I think the battle has degenerated into enough one-on-one sequences that nobody should feel badly for not responding in character to the transformation.

As far as the length of combat, I think it's OK as long as we keep posting in a timely fashion. This is the first time in the fight that Kit feels comfortable not directly facing down the baddies, that's why she went into focus on the job mode.

yeah the post was great :) I liked it too it also moved things forward a lot :)

Male Enigma/20

I have been super busy with work recently and have not had any time to get on the computer between this and college. I will atttempt to keep posting, but expect my posts to be sporadic for about a week. I should be back to daily posts after then.

Neato, thanks for keeping us updated :)

Just a heads up, I will be out of town on Saturday and Sunday 11-24 & 11-25. I will be back on Monday 11-26.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Everything okay, everyone? Trup do you need a longer hiatus during finals?

I'm keepin' one eye on the thread.


I'm waiting, too. It's totally OK if you're still caught in the land of finals, Trup. Good luck.

I asm just waiting patiently, I guess partly because I want to see the guard I hit go splat :)

Trup I am sure will get back to us soon but finals are very important so best of luck to you Trup!

yep had a feeling this was going to be a fizz and pop, game.
Got to say I called it right.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I don't see how it's any of your business, spugly, seeing as you've left.

It's an insane time of year for everyone. I'm willing to give Trup the benefit of the doubt.

DeathQuaker wrote:

I don't see how it's any of your business, spugly, seeing as you've left.

It's an insane time of year for everyone. I'm willing to give Trup the benefit of the doubt.


DeathQuaker wrote:

I don't see how it's any of your business, spugly, seeing as you've left.

It's an insane time of year for everyone. I'm willing to give Trup the benefit of the doubt.

You said it much more nicely then I could have, thank you DeathQuaker.

By the way, I suppose this is a good time to start warning everyone:

I'll be on vacation the first two weeks of January, so my posting rate may slow at that time. I hope everything's fine with Trup.

I'm gonna withdraw from this. I'm finding myself overloaded PBP wise, so I'm cutting back as much as possible. Since this has been inactive for so long, it's gotta go. Thanks for the chance to play M&M Trup. Hope your studies are going well.

Male Enigma/20



I may attempt to run another MnM game but may just as well not. It all dpeends. Suffice to say I am alive.

Male Enigma/20

Also if you guys want, I am totally open to keeping this game alive.

I'm willing to give it a shot, but it's been a while since we were active and it looks like we had one definite drop out. Not sure how you'd want to get this rebooted.

Welome back and yeah I am totally into keeping this one open or starting a new one, maybe this time you should give us your email so we can get in contact though :p

Male Enigma/20

Yes I will definitely do so to any players. I can do a reboot, but I'm thinking it may be easier to start a new one and just send out the link to you guys for the Applications

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I would definitely be willing to keep going or get restarted. If we were to continue with this, we could always just fast forward to the end of the fight and go from there.

Although yeah, I'd also be down with maybe exchanging emails so we can get in touch in case anything happens.

Just let us know what you'd be comfortable with regarding new game or keeping this one running.

Activity? YES!

I am up for continuing. Let us know how you want to do this.

yes we have a lot of players back, that's just awesome sauce :) Trup better start getting ready ;)

Male Enigma/20

YEAHHHYAAA Ok. Was out for the weekend. So I would like platyer input, would you like to continue this game or would you like me to make another game for you. Your preferences will make all the difference in the world.

I would like to continue, while my character is far from the one I like the best of the ones I made, I really really enjoy the interplay between the characters so far and would love to see it develop. Maybe we can in the near future get a new fifth player?

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

As I've said before, I'm good for continuing.

That said, honestly, it's up to you, Trup. It's been a good two months since the last post and I understand wanting to make a clean restart.

Male Enigma/20

Whelp. I'm gonna have to say that I will continue this story. I will post something up today ro tommorrow after your group stands victoriously over the foolish people who attempted to stop you.

if you are skipping forward, please have my char loot them for some clothes :P

Alas, with everything that is happening at work plus real life, I am going to bow out. There is only so much I can juggle. It has been very fun.

Thanks to everyone.

Male Enigma/20

Well that sucks. Hmmm. In light of this I'm most likely going to start up a new game. Sorry baoutt he no post weekedn by the way. I kinda had a huge issue come up.

OK, shoot me a PM when you're ready with the new recruiting thread.

shoot me one as well, however I would suggest for your own and your players sake you sit down and consider how you can make the game run smoothly, one thing that you can't post in the weekend, but that is saturday and sunday not thursday to sunday. If you are having that much else going on in your life, consider taking care of that first or make a game where the posting rate is really slow, like once a week.

Overall I liked this game and I would love to take part in the next.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Zouron's got a good point. If you're having stuff come up like this, good to take it slow.

Sorry to see this die, yes I was miffed but Im just one player.

Trup I'm not going to be mean, you gave it a good shot,
you can see the players loved this game and wanted it back.
Just a shame with RL or other such you could not follow up, I know what that's like.
I found as A GM constancy is key.

good luck with the next game one and all.

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