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Unfinished Business

Game Master Trup

You were born in captivity and raised as a test subject, knowing nothing of the outside world. Everyday they would perform sick experiments on you, run you through brutal and unforgiving tests. No matter how you try to forget, you always remember the terrible things done to you. But that was a long time ago. After the escape you tried to put your past behind you. You lived a normal life. Maybe you found a family, maybe you used your powers to become a hero to the people, whatever you did you thought you were safe.

You were wrong.

You thought they had all perished, that they were gone, and they let you believe that lie until the day they came for you. Now your new life is in tatters and you were forced to run. You know they are coming but it’s not fear you feel now, it’s anger. God help them if you find them first.

Unfinished Business is a campaign designed entirely by me, and focused on a group of people with powers who gained their powers through the vicious experimentation of a company known as Tallow Genetics. The brutal experiments led to a uprising of these ‘test subjects’, ending in the destruction of Tallow Genetics. The subjects integrated back into society and managed to obtain relatively normal lives.

That when the company revealed itself, coming for each of its former subjects with highly trained mercenary teams. The teams weren’t the scary part though, along with the teams came men and women with powers who faithfully served Tallow Genetics. Lives turned upside down, and now on the run, these former test subjects all have one thing in common. They have a job to finish, and this time they will make sure the Job is done right.


The Mansion Fortress – PL 11
Large Size

Toughness – 20

Defense system
Fire Preventions System
Personnel (Legion)
Security System.

1st floor
The first floor in the underground complex consists of a medical laboratory, an expansive library, and what Jack jokingly refers to as a ‘War Room’. This War room contains a very advanced AI system with communication o the outside world, and advanced computer technology for anyone savvy enough to use it.

Features (First Floor)

2nd floor
The second floor is the new home for your characters. It has everything necessary to survive and more in terms of comfort. There are kitchens, rooms, a recreation area, a gym, and even a small workshop.

Features (Second Floor)
Living Spaces

3rd floor.
The third floor consists of a room that projects holographic constructs that Jack says will help keep your skills sharp. Besides that is a independent power generator that can power the mansion and complex.
Features (Third Floor)
Combat Simulator
Power System.

Weekly Activities:

Review documents
You devote a good deal of your time to looking for any useful information you can regarding Tallow Corporations International. This will require a Investigation skill roll. You must inform me what you are attempting to find more about, for example: Recent scandals, Jack Tallow, Metahumans working for TCI.

You spend some time training by yourself or with others in the combat simulator room. This is an unmodified d20 roll with a DC of 11. If you succeed, it means you did well at training and you gain a +1 bonus to attack related rolls for the next mission (this does not stack for multiple training sessions)
Failing the roll means you did poorly and must spend your next activity recovering in the Infirmary.

You take some time to explore the mansion and grounds. It’s always refreshing to go for a walk, and helps keep up security should something dangerous happen to befall the mansion. This is a perception skill roll.

You spend the week relaxing, working out, and just taking a breather. Relaxation is good for everyone, and provides a + 4 Bonus to the next time you take an activity.

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