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Uncharted Edge (Inactive)

Game Master Matt, Garnished Game Designer

"We sail to the unknown, with the wind at our backs, and adventure ahead."

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Day 7
1 Day until Last Point (0 Days behind Schedule)
394 food left
Weather: Clear skies and a fine breeze
Events: After the start of what might have turned into a perilous encounter, you begin to near the shores of Last Point, the final island before entering the unknown waters of the Uncharted Edge. It is customary for all sailors and visitors to the Uncharted Edge to write their final wills on a piece of parchment and leave them at Last Point, as a sort of superstitious good luck charm.

Perception DC 20:
A lone albatross circles far overhead.


Time: Day 7, morning.

Mathurin strolls out on to the deck.

"Ahhh, what a beautiful day!"

After taking a look around to see if anything is out of the ordinary he will take the wheel and make sure we are on course.

Perception 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (9) + 17 = 26

Profession: Sailor 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (4) + 15 = 19

Hmm, a lone albatross. Probably waiting to see if there are any scraps he can pick up."

Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

Time: Day 7, morning.

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

Delmar will take his usual morning swim.

"Morning Mathurin, good luck we have an albatross flying with us."

He'll then head below decks to cast purify food and drink on the supplies.

Male Human Fighter 2 / Gunslinger 1

Time: Day 7, morning

Quietly going about his morning stretching routine, Elwood squints at the sky, looking for the albatross that Delmar is discussing with Mathurin.

Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

Seeing nothing, Elwood shrugs and returns to his morning routine.

When the captain appears, Elwood will gently remind him again that the decision regarding siege engines should be made before they reach Last Point, in the event that they want to acquire any special ammunition or more raw materials for the construction of the equipment.

"Aye, captain, I'd be glad to start work on the siege engines when you deem it so, but I'll not consume our resources prior to your decision. My recommendation is that we create two light ballista at a minimum, these will require minimum crew levels to utilize in combat and can be maneuvered about on deck."

2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

Rodrigo will rise just before dawn, watching the sun rise over the horizon. Only one more day to Lastpoint. Hmm, wonder what it will bring. After the sun rise, Rodrigo goes about his daily tasks...

Perception 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24

...he notices the albatross flying overhead. No doubt some sort of omen to the superstitious types. Ignoring it he continues his daily inspections and examinations of those who need it.

Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

Graskkator rubs his eyes and slowly gets up, not having gotten much sleep this night and heads up on deck to watch the sunrise as usual.

Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25

He narrows his eyes suspeciously at the Albatross then does his best to predict the weather for the next 24 hours

Survival (DC 15): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

Then sets about his daily tasks

If we have a storm coming I will inform Mr. de Arcadia and Mr. Kerbouchard to prepare the ship for storm.


Time: Day 7, noon

The captain gathers the entire crew on the main deck before the poop while he himself stand on the poop deck looking down.

"Listen up, I gathered you all here for two things, our passage past Last Point and for Mr. Swurn to stand before the captain's mast."

The Captain pauses significantly while laying a Cat-o’-Nine-Tails on the railing of the poop deck for all to see, to signify the seriousness of the event then he continues.

"First, we will reach Last Point today, any of you bilge rats that wishes to leave a message here must have it ready by then, any of you who can't write or whatever can go see the doctor he will help you write. Understood?"

Captain One-Eye studies them all for a few moments then gestures to Mr. Villette

"Bring forth Mr. Swurn"

While Mr. Villette brings out Mr. Swurn, Captain One-Eye picks up the Cat-o’-Nine-Tails again and studies it significantly,then looks up several moments after Mr. Swurn have appeared to give him time to study the item.

Intimidate: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

"Mr. Swurn you stand accused of insubordination by refusing to give an assessment of your capabilities when asked by a superior officer, you captain."

"Mr. Swurn you stand accused of insubordination by refusing to give an assessment of your capabilities when asked by a superior officer, you captain."

"You also stand accused of disrespectful behavior towards a superior officer, again your captain."

"Also you behavior has also shown a disturbing lack of understand of the areas of responsibility on board, acting as if you are the boatswain on board and overseeing the men's daily movement, checking the ship for faults and problems."

"However I have seen few to no signs that you been doing the duties of a wizard or that you have selected or trained a apprentice on board to aid and take over your duties, giving rise to the possibility of serious neglect of your own duties."

"This is not a trial, we are not here to discuss if you are guilty or not, you are here therefore you are guilty, however the metering out of your sentence can still be effected so choose your words carefully."

"Now what do you have to say for yourself?"

The Captain stands up tall and looks down on the main deck at Mr. Swurn

M Human 1st level wilder

Walking up on deck, his hands still in manacles, Gjurn looks as if he is dressed for a Ball. His robes looking freshly laundered, hair combed and clean, mustache perfectly square, Gjurn even manages to look like he is wearing the manacles as an accessory.

Standing tall, Gjurn looks up at Grasskator and sees the Cat o'nine tails. Quirking an eyebrow, he mutters to himself So it will be one of THOSE days. Staring back up at Grasskator, Gjurn manages to make it look like there is no height difference.

As you say, Grasskator, i shall explain. But please, allow me to address each point individually
Gjurn says loudly, his voice carrying across the deck.

first, you say that I failed to find an apprentice. Well, if memory serves me correctly, you said "suggest you find". A suggestion is just that, a suggestion, leaving it up to the person to have the final decision. If you would have commanded, as in "go find an apprentice" or "you will have an apprentice", i would have found an apprentice. But I do seem to recall asking someone to be an apprentice, but he turned me down He says with a knowing look at Grasskator.

i remember talk about using a different language to represent the different languages, but nothing was assigned, so im using english

Speaking in fluent Orc, Gjurn continues Second, as for failing to report. I must apologize for that, because i failed to understand what you had spoken. Sometimes you speak rather fast for me to understand you. I am fluent in Orc, so if you would rather speak in that language to get your commands across, than i am all for it.

Switching back to commonthirdly, As for disrespect, far from it. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you. It takes a lot to become a captain, especially one with your background. I have never once said an insulting thing to you, in any language you may or may not understand

and finally, the fourth. Dereliction of duty in my mage duties. I am sorry, but i take those duties diligently. Every day i lock myself in my cabin for a few hours to memorize different spells, and trying to figure out what the day would bring. Nor without any guidance from "leadership". Today, for example, I am prepared for us to go up against a ship if we try to board it. I have memorized the true stike, magic missile, and hold portal spells. The true strike would be used should i come across a cannon that needed that perfect shot, the magic missle to target the officers on the ship, and the hold portal to target the ports on the enemy ship to keep them from opening up for a broadside. ALL WITHIN THE HULL. He finishes with emphasis.

Gjurn stops talking and looks visibly relaxed.

Cutting in here, but love the hold portal idea. Glad you thought of it because it will indeed work... and my god, if you can time it just right, say as a readied action when the sailor is about to light the fuse, the damage it can cause.

M Human 1st level wilder

thank you. That was the first thing i thought of when i made the mage. Hold portal, cannon. sure they could blow off their own portal, but hey, its damage to the ship!!!

Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

The Orc listens with a stony face to the explanation then translate everything said in Orcish into the common tongue for all to hear and afterwards looks around.

"Mr Swurn have spoken for himself, do anyone here have anything to say for or against Mr. Swurn or have any assessment of his character?"

The Orc falls silent and looks around to see if any want to see.

if no one does he will nod to Mr. de Arcadia for his words on the matter.

Male Human Fighter 2 / Gunslinger 1

"Aye, captain, I'll speak up for Mr. Swurn. Though a salty dog for sure, and sometimes too salty to be tasteful, he is a good man that means well. In the interest of keeping camaraderie aboard what is sure to be a long voyage, I propose that Mr. Swurn be given a reprieve from corporeal punishment. Surely the old dog won't be changed by a lashing, but let's try some positive reinforcement and see if that helps. How about it, eh captain, we've all heard what he's done wrong, now let's hear what the man has done right?"

Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

Delmar steps fowards "I would like to speak both for and against Mr. Swurn if that is alright Captain?"

"Firstly I have to say that Mr. Swurn is one of most knowledgeable and finest sailors I have sailed with. There is much I, and I suspect several others, could learn from his experience. He has been used been used to be captain of his own vessel it may take him time to adjust to his current position."

"His past position should have given insight into the importance of showing the captain the respect he deserves. A few days ago I would have agreed with Mr Markley's assessment that Mr Swurn was a disrespectful but well meaning crew member, however he has been warned repetitively and patiently, in difference to his experience, that his actions were out of line. This moves his actions to me from merely poor social skills to open insubordination."

"Mr. Swurn responses this morning have disappointed me, or more to the point his attitude has. Rather than spending his time thinking about where he has gone wrong he has come up with flippant excuses."

"As to punishment, I believe Mr. Markley is quite right that a lashing is unlikely to change is attitude however the purpose of punishment is not just reforming the punished but also to deterrence. The choice of punishment is of course your Captain."

Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

Anyone else care to make a few comments? I will appreciate it :)

M Human 1st level wilder

Gjurn mutters to himself Flippant?

Thinking to himself son of a fish mongers wench

2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

"I have found Mr Swurn's attitude typical of mild megolomania, and I would agree with the charge that he is insubordinate. Or rather...lippy. As to punishment, I am indifferent. It is not my position which he has impugned." Rodrigo says quietly from the side. His voice as usual displays no emotion, simply a robot like report of his observations.


Mathurin has a swab take the wheel and steps forward.

"Captain, I have found that he is quite arrogant and his attitude has been one of offering assistance where it generally isn't needed. My problem is that he doesn't keep within his role like others do. If additional help is needed it will be asked for, or be readily apparent.

Also, it diminishes the skills of the captain and the rest of the crew when he takes it upon himself to supervise everything. We each have been delegated a position and need to be allowed to act in it without interference."

"In his defense I will point out that he is very knowledgeable. It was his assistance that got us back on schedule to Last Point. We shouldn't take his experience lightly."

"I do agree though that the lash won't solve this. Perhaps assign him a duty that he would normally consider beneath himself?"

M Human 1st level wilder

Gjurn just snorts and shakes his head.
Apparently the need was readily apparent. Gjurn thinks to himself, his face and body still relaxed.

Gjurn opens his mouth to speak, but then closes it.

Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

The Captain closes his eye and nods to the words spoken out by the others then raises a hand for silence.

"Mr. Swurn your peers speak highly of your skills and this come as no surprise at me, but neither was it a surprise that they didn't speak well of your character. "

"More so you seem despite your long experience to have very little grasp about the chain of command and that is only finding that the captain of the ship on which you serve is able to become a wizards apprentice. A ship cannot have two masters Mr. Swurn and your suggest showed your inability to relate to your position."

"Despite your peers agreement that corporeal I cannot let the charge of insubordination go unpunished and therefore I sentence you to ten lashes, Mr. de Arcadia will carry out the sentence and the doctor will supervise and judge if you are able to take all ten lashes, you you are not then when the doctor deems you able the rest of your sentence will be carried out."

The Captain lets this sink in for a moment before continuing.

"However this does not address the problem of you meganlomina as the doctor called your condition. My mentors always believed that hard work of a suitable nature would remind people of their task and focus the mind wonderfully."

"Therefore you will spend 2 hours each shift in your cabin preparing your magic and coming up with strategies, consider what spells that will be needed in the future and how these can be used effectively, all this must be written down and presented to Mr. de Arcadia at the end of each week."

"For the rest of your 14 hour shift you will cast at least one spell every day for the benefit of the ship as a whole, you will give Mr. de Arcadia to alternatives and he will decide based on your recommendation which it will be."

"For the rest of your work day you will be given duties by Mr. de Arcadia to work hard as a common sailor which will include cleaning the heads, your position will be that of the youngest sailor on board with no authority to give anyone any orders."

If you don't know what cleaning the heads is (I didn't) check this link Historical Highlights: Punishment in navies

"If after one month Doctor Dantares finds that you have been cured of your meglomic condition you will be free to return to your station as ship mage."

The Captain finishes announcing his sentence, then he looks around at the rest of the crew.

"This is a serious problem for us all and shows a lack of discipline, therefore starting today the following rules goes:"

"1) You must always address a high ranked individual by their rank and or last name. That means I am Captain or Captain One-Eye"

"2) An individual of equal or lower rank may be address by their titel and last name, for example Miss Lucille"

"3) People not a part of the crew must be address by their title and last name that means our expedition leader is Mr. Whalend."

"4) The language of this ship is common, nor orcish elvish or even squeak-li-squeak.

"Failure to do so will result in punishment and for those that do not remember the chain of command it is as following from top to bottom: Captain, Quartermaster and the first mate which is now Mr. de Arcadia, then the pilot and navigator, next is the Master of each section for this purpose Miss Lucille is consider the Master of the Lookout and the ships mage is the Master of Magic, finally we have the last two the sailors and the cabin boy. You will note I did not mention the Doctor, he is considered a Master except when in his capacity of doctor in which he is second only to me and if he and the first mate agrees that for medical reason I cannot continue my job as captain they can relieve me of my duty."

The Orc looks around then finishes with these words

"Remember this you can always make polite recommendation to your superiors but you can't demand, teach them or give unsolicited advice. Do not take over another man's duty he is capable of handling himself, if he isn't go to his superior or give him a recommendation to make up for the lack. That is all and remember to have your letters ready for Last Point. Mr. de Arcadia, Doctor carry out Mr. Swurn's sentence."

The Orc sternly orders.

Very well played Captain One-Eye. I'll give you the rest of the day to RP some posts at your discretion and then update the arrival at Last Point. Unknown waters will soon be upon us.

M Human 1st level wilder

Shrugging in his chains, Gjurn sweeps his robes back and bows before Grasskator. As you command, so i shall follow, Captain

Turning to de Arcadia, Gjurn says simply Good sir, Shall we?
Without waiting for an answer, Gjurn steps to the spot for the flogging and unbuttons his robes, letting them fall as they can, revealing a back already showing some ancient scars of the lash. Holding his hands up, he says to no one in particular Well, let's be about it. I still have my usual duties and my extra duties to accomplish today, and for a month more.

mumbling to himself, he mutters yup, i was right. It IS one of those days

Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

The Captain grunts unhappily

"For the breach of the new rules concerning addressing superior ranked personal you earned yourself another lash."

Thanks GM :) I tried to be as fair as possible about it.

2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

Rodrigo will stand nearby observing the sentence being carried out. If he deems that Mr. Swurn cannot take any more lashings he will say so.

Heal 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14

Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

Delmar sighs and picks up the whip a turns to Gjurn and aims carefully at his back.

I am assuming that I don't have to roll to hit an unmoving target, if I do I can recon this. Also I believe a whip does 1d3 nonlethal + strength but I don't have my books with me currently.

Non-lethal whip damage 1: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4 Total:4

After each whip Delmar will look to the doctor before applying the next. I'll roll damage until he is down to 4 hp or less left, tell me if you would dirrect me differently

Non-lethal whip damage 2: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4 Total:8
Non-lethal whip damage 3: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3 Total:11
Non-lethal whip damage 4: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2 Total:13
Non-lethal whip damage 5: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2 Total:15
Non-lethal whip damage 6: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2 Total:17

"Now Mage Swurn you had better get your self cleaned up and then get to preparing your magic and coming up with strategies I expect to see you back on deck with in 2 hours."

Delmar waits until Gjurn leaves deck before going to Elwood and handing him the whip. "Yours I believe Master-at-arms."

Delmar then turn smartly and goes to the main mast and starts climbing the rope ladder. When he gets to the crownest he climbs in sits next Ms Bleth his head in his hands.

Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

Let me introduce you to the following link anyway the whip does 1d3 the cat does 1d4

The Captain watches the display unmoving untouched and says to Delmar as he leaves

"Good work the doctor will let you know when the final 5 lashes can be administered."

He looks to the rest of the crew

"Get back to work and remember we pass Last Point today, not next week."

He then squints at the sun for a moment before heading down to his cabin, he stops briefly to observe Mr Swurn, but continues without a word.

In his cabin he finds inks and pen and writes down into the log the event as well as sealing an envelope with a piece of paper for Last Point.


Looking about at the ocean and the sky, Mathurin tries to see what the weather will bring for the next few days so as to be prepared for anything unusual.

Survival to predict weather. Taking 20+17=37

M Human 1st level wilder

A pursing his lips tightly the only sign to feeling pain, Gjurn ties off his robes around his waist, Gjurn bows deeply to Arcadia. Of course, Quatermaster Delmar de Arcadia. 2 hours from now, Quatermaster Delmar de Arcadia

M Human 1st level wilder

Disrobing in his room, Gjurn pulls out a small mirror and looks at the slashes checkering his back.
Hmmphf, must be getting soft He grunts, shrugging his shoulders and getting used to the pain. I will need to swing by the cook and get some salt, so that lil piss-ant can rub it in. gjurn mutters to himself, as he pulls on a fresh pair of trousers.

Tying off the pants, he spots Grasskator standing at the door, observing him.
Wiping his hand over his mouth, and swallowing the retort he wanted to say, Gjurn instead asks simply Captain, If i may ask a question?

If grasskator stays
Captain, i was wondering, why the extra lash for calling quartermaster de arcadia sir? Its a perfectly respectful means of showing respect to the position and respected across all ships, Captain?

If he leaves, then gjurn closes the door, turns to his desk and begins to write on the few sheets of paper that he has. Hmm, going to have to go ashore and get more paper, since i have to write up a dissertation explaining how to use my magical greatness ands its use on this ship. bah, typical pirate. Bah

Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

The captain grimaces but finally decides to respond

"The purpose of the rules were not just to create discipline, but also to remind people of what is who's responsibility."

The Orc turns to leave but grumbles as he leaves

"Anyway it is Boatswain or Bosun de Arcadia, though you can also go by First Mate de Arcadia... Mr. Villetti is quartermaster."

With this he leaves without waiting for anything further.

Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

Place: crows nest
Delmar sighs "Sorry for barging in but I needed to get away. I hate it, you know. Whipping someone just to cause pain. I've had to defend a ship from pirates, but that is different, they are attacking so hurting them doesn't seem so bad."

Delmar continues without expecting Lucille to reply. "The worst is I don't think it'll make any difference, Mage Swurn will be making excuses for everything in his head as we speak. I've met people like him before, nothing is their fault always have an excuse."

"I have been on ships without discipline, and it is bad a ship like that can kill the whole crew. I just wish there was a another way."

"That and now I'm first mate. I don't want to let anyone down. I don't know how long I can stay. Maitre Mar may call me away at any moment. Although I think I might be here for a while until IT comes from the depth, I think that is why I'm here." Delmar falls silent looking across the waves into the distance.

Lucille is shocked to see Delmar climb to her position. She starts to protest that there is no room and that she needs to be paying attention when the man breaks into his monologue.

She had seen men whipped numerous times - her father often used that as motivation for his unruly sailors, so she wasn't overly bothered by the treatment. When she was about to voice her opinion, Delmar continued.

When he's finished, Lucille doesn't know what to say, so she just mumbles, "Oh. Yes. That's...something." She then expects him to head back down.

When he doesn't, she shrugs, grabs her spyglass and turns back towards the ships heading.

"Gods! I'm a fool," she curses loudly. She turns and yells down to the deck:

"Land Ho!"

Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

"Land?" Delmar says breaking from his trance and looking flustered. Grabbing hold of the ladder he climbs down and start supervising the sailors.

2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

Hearing Ms. Bluth's cry Rodrigo busies himself double checking all the letters he wrote for people and making sure that his own will is in order. Then he packs his handy haversack and prepares for docking.

Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

Hearing the shout out from Lucille, Graskkator stands up and spends a few moments to fix his clothes before picking up the envelope for Last Point and tugging it in under his shirt picks up a small pouch with coins tying it to his belt and then finally draws a deep breath before heading up on deck.

On deck he walks calmly to the poop deck where he takes a look around watching the rest of the crew.

Last Point in sight!

You slowly come to see Last Point in plain sight. The battered Lighthouse standing proudly as the bright sunlight and the swooping seagulls guides you into the harbor.

Connor Whalend comes out from belowdecks.

"Well, it seems we are nearing the edge of the world my friends. I suggest you each take a good long last breath here, leave behind your parting words and shop for anything you need before we dissapear off into the uncharted oceans."

Last Point has a purchase limit of 2000

2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

Rodrigo will disembark from the ship and set about finding a room in a nice room in an inn. After he has made arrangements for the best accommodations Last Point has to offer, he takes care of the letters in his keep. Entrusting them to whoever handles the wills in town.

Then he will return to the inn and have a copper tub set up with a small fire under it. He will wait until the water is almost boiling before getting in, and will make sure the fire keeps burning. Whereas such a practice might burn a normal individual, it's the only way for Rodrigo to feel even a little bit warm. He will go to bed early and be back on the Paradiso before it's time to cast off.

Not sure how much all that would cost, just let me know DM. Also, if you don't want us to describe our whole day yet feel free to ignore some or all of this post. Don't want to jump the gun.

I'll waive these fees. Small things like that are on the house (or ship as it is)

Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

before they set ashore Graskkator addresses the crew of the RSS Paradiso

"Alright men, this is the last stop before we head into the unknown and we will stay here until the tides tomorrow morning at dawn, so everyone must be back on board before then. Mr. Markley will appoint four people that must stay on board to guard the our little lady. However those four gets to order the best meal there is from the a tavern of their choice on me,give the order to Mr. Gregory."

Graskkator will pay up to 30 gold coins for the meal and drink the four guards get.

"Doctor Dantares will deliver everyone's wills together with Mr. Gregory, Miss Bluth and Pickles will take a few capable sailors to go buy us some more provisions and ale."

5 more barrels of ale, a couple of bottles of wine for a total of 100 gold and another 400 gold worth of food. total 500gp

"The rest of you will get a a few coins to go have fun for 5 gold pieces each. Now remember be back at dawn or we will be using your ass as cannonball."

120 gold spend on the crew: total expenditure 650 gold, new 319 gold.

With this the captain hands the coin purse to Mr. de Arcadia and says to him.

"Pass out the gold Mr. de Arcadia."

The he hands Pickles the coin purse for the purchases and finally he seeks out Mr. Gregory and instructs him to collect the wills and giving them to the doctor then moves back to the poop deck after handing over his own, letting the rest do their job.


While the ship is in last point Graskkator leaves briefly to attend a service in the church of Saint Christine then heads out to buy a book on map making and a few random books I assume a cost of 19 gold. the retires to his cabin.

Male Human Fighter 2 / Gunslinger 1

"Aye, Captain, it's my responsibility to maintain ship security so I'll stay aboard. I'd like to keep three of the crew I've been training as well. I good steak and a single pint of ale will serve me well enough, I'll let the three that stay select their own meals, but no more than a single pint for any man that's serving as a guard."

Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

"Captain I'll be staying on board as well, I have some maintainance I want to do."

I am very busy currently probably won't be able to post for about 2 days

No problem guys. Also, Miss Lucille will unfortunately have to drop out as well.

Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

awww :(


If I am reading this right, Lucille is dropping out of the campaign? I really liked her. :( She will be missed.

If needed, I can alternate between the roles of lookout and navigator. Gjurn could navigate while I am up in the crows nest since he and I have the best profession: sailor skill. I have some really good bonuses to perception while in my favored terrain (water).

Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

I think if lucille is dropping out (that is wshat I understood as well :( then I think it is an advantage not to replace her, since it is a rather asocial post as is shown so far. It would also allow the GM to announce on his own time when we encounter something without relying on a player to post x hours later.

Yes, Miss Lucille has left us. I shall NOT be replacing posts at any time. If ever we find we do not have enough players the campaign will simply end there. Hoping that does NOT happen though.

Male Human Fighter 2 / Gunslinger 1

After the others have left the ship, Elwood approaches Delmar with an embarrassed look upon his face.

"Umm, Delmar, err, Mr. de Arcadia, I was hoping you could help me with a little matter than I'm not so proud of." a red flush climbs into the big man's face. "See, I usually sign my name with a large X as I'm not so good with spelling or forming my letters, but I wanted to leave a will here in Last Point like the other fellas. Could you help me to write out a real will before we leave port?"

Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

[b]"Sure my friend, but only if you agree to do a favour in return. I need to inspect the bottom of the ship and do with someone down there that know the pointy end of spear to give me a hand encase of sharks."[b] Delmar says smiling.


Mathurin goes to the tavern for a good meal and some ale. After eating, he will get a decent room for the night.

M Human 1st level wilder

Gjurn goes out onto land, and will spend the night getting so drunk that he ends up sleeping in a pig trough, holding a piglet in his arms like a baby holding a doll.

So, we are ready to begin preparations to sail away to the Uncharted Edge. Everyone should write out their Last Will as well as the supplies they are purchasing. Is there someone who would like to be in charge of tracking the player's material list as well? Once this is done, we set sail.

2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

Last Will:

I Rodrigo Dantares hereby state that it is my wish, that were I to die all my earthly possessions be liquidated and the funds used to publish my journals. My sister, the Duchess Winnifred Peake should be put in charge of administering the process.

-Rodrigo Dantares

I have no further supplies to purchase.

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