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Uncharted Edge (Inactive)

Game Master Matt, Garnished Game Designer

"We sail to the unknown, with the wind at our backs, and adventure ahead."

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"Well, that's everyone signed on then! I'm quite glad I found each and every one of you. I'm sure we'll all get along and as proof of my trust, I give each of you the following very important task. Remember though, the RSS Paradiso can only hold so much. At 140 tons of carrying capacity this is still a serviceable amount though. So we are all clear, 1 ton is equal to 2000 pounds. Yes, 2000. The ship is already carrying enough food to feed everyone (24 people) for the longest the food lasts, which is roughly twenty days. So that's a 480 pounds of food all salted and stored. As for water, we have uses of create water for that. Saves space. Aside from that we have the two cannons and the ammunition for 50 shots (3 tons for each cannon and 1/2 ton for the ammunition). We shouldn't pass this amount. In any case, simply write a spoilered list of what you buy so I can make a note of it! From there we'll head out at first light!"

Grasskator One-Eye: As Captain of the RSS Paradiso I ask that you take 2,000 gp and purchase items that you feel we will need apart from everybody else.

Rodrigo Dantares: You are in charge of providing all the material needed to keep the crew healthy and alive my friend. Here is 2,000 gp for you to spend as well on healing items of all kinds, from magical to alchemical.

Delmar de Arcadia: You my friend, as being in charge of the general outfitting of the ship will have the following task. You are in charge of purchasing some basic ship improvements. These are chosen from the Skull & Shackles Player's Guide. You have 2,000 gp to spend. The base cost of the ship was 10,000 gp (needed for certain purchases). Leftover gold returns to the ship's storage.

Elwood Markley: As Master-at-Arms, we already have in our possession two cannons at our disposable. As well, we have enough shots for 50 shots. Nevertheless, this might not be enough but they cost so much. Instead, here's 2,000 gp to spend on weapons, armor and ammunition for the crew in general.

Mathurin Kerbouchard: As navigator we will need various other items aboard the ship for expeditions. As everyone else, here's 2,000 gp for items that we can take for the use of said explorations, both on land and in the water.

Lucile Bluth: I'd ask that you provide us with the more general items we may need. Food is already provided for but we may need everything from rope to buckets... who knows? 2,000 gp as well.

Gjurn "Salty" Swurn: And as for you my friend, I'd ask that you take these 2,000 gp to the Mage's Quarter and purchase scrolls, potions and all manner of possible magical items we may need.

2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

"Very well Mr. Whalend I will set out to aquire what I need immediately." Rodrigo says, accepting the purse. He executes a curt bow then walks off in his strange restrained fashion. He will scour the shops of Saltport until he is able to find everything on his list.

Shopping List:

Wand of Cure Light Wounds - 750 GP
Antitoxin x 10 - 500 GP
Potion of Lesser Restoration - 300 GP
Healer's Kit x2 - 100 GP
Various Alchemical raw ingredients (for crafting potions/alchemy stuff later) - 200 GP
Book: Footprints - 50 GP
Book: Pathfinder Chronicle (Nature) - 50 GP
Book: Pathfinder Chronicle (Arcana) - 50 GP

Total: 2,000 GP

Once he has everything, Rodrigo will return to the Paradiso and find somewhere suitable as his quarters/clinic/lab. If space is too limited for him to have his own room, he will make due with whatever's availible without complaint. His 'area' is soon meticulously organized and clean. He sits down there to await the others' return.

Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

Mr Whalend I am able to keep food edible for much longer than twenty days with some magic, it'll take some time each day or two but it is quiet possible. I'll look in what the local artisans can do to the ship.

Delmar turns to Gjurn You are a Mage sir? There is a low levelled spell that might be useful that increases a artisan's skill. Are you able to learn it? If there is a cost involved I am happy to assist in this.

Lucille's eyes go wide when she is given 2,000 GP to spend. She nods and heads off to find the things she needs.

Shopping List:

Bell - 1GP
Block and Tackle (x10) - 50GP
Buckets (x10) - 5GP
Climbing Kit - 80GP
Crowbar (x4) - 8GP
Drill (x2) - 1GP
Flag - 10GP
Grappling Hook (x10) - 10GP
Hammer (x5) - 2.5GP
Hourglass (1 Hour) - 25GP
Iron Spike (x20) - 1GP
10' Ladder (x3) - .5GP
Common Lamp (x10) - 1GP
Bullseye Lanter (x5) - 60GP
Lock (x5) - 200GP
Manacles (x3) - 45GP
Oil (50 pints) - 5 GP
Pulley (x5) - 10GP
Hempen Rope (x10) - 10GP
Silk Rope (x5) - 50GP
Saw (x5) - .2GP
Signal Horn - 1GP
Soap (20lbs) - 10GP
Spyglass- 1000GP
Torch (x25) - .25GP
Signal Whistle (x3) - 2.3GP

Total = 1590GP
Weight = 556.56 lbs

Lucille, done with her task, makes her way to the ship and stows her gear. Walking by Rodrigo, she nods slightly, and says, "Hello. I am Lucille - lookout for the Paradiso. Are you a passenger aboard this vessel?"

Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

Turning to Mathurin "I have a personal sextant and compass that you are most welcome to, although having a couple on board my be wise"

2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

"Good afternoon Lucille. My name is Dr. Rodrigo Dantares. Though you could call me a passenger, I will be earning my keep by functioning as the ship's doctor." He fails to offer a hand for shaking. They both remain clasped lightly in front of his waist. However he does execute a shallow bow after introducing himself. His voice is a steady emotionless monotone, and his face betrays no particular expression. He continues to look directly at Lucille with his pitch black, unblinking eyes until she either says something or wanders off.

Lucille's brow furrows. "You? Our doctor? How'd you get that job?" Realizing that might be construed as a rude question, quickly adds, "I'm sure your healing - infernal or divine - will be appreciated." Realizing that too could be rude, just nods and walks away without awaiting a response.

Yay - two 8 Charisma characters on one crew!

M Human 1st level wilder

Nodding to Connor, Gjurn takes the coin bag and hides it upon his body.

Listening to Delmar, Gjurn asks to which spell do you refer to, delmar?

2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

After Lucille nods, as she is turning away she sees Rodrigo blink for the first time. It only happens once, and his face betrays no other emotion, he remains silent as she leaves. Why are humans always so quick to judge? I didn't choose to be born the way I am anymore than she did. I doubt she will complain so much when my arts are replacing her innards in their proper places.

Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

I believe it is called Crafter's fortune.


Mathurin returns from shopping. "Mr Whalend, I have procured items that I felt would be suitable for making camp and so on. Should you feel that anything else should be added to the list please tell me and I will obtain it."

Or if you would like me to tweak the list I can do so as well.

He sets down a list of the items.

"Is there any other task you would like me to attend before we sail?"

Shopping List:

  • Backpack, Masterwork (10) 500gp
  • Bag, Waterproof (empty) (100) 50gp
  • Bear Trap (5) 10gp
  • Bedroll (20) 2gp
  • Blanket (20) 4gp
  • Bouy, Superior (5) 50gp
  • Case, map or scroll (empty) 1gp
  • Cooking kit (5) 5gp
  • Grappling hook (10) 10gp
  • Iron Spike (50) 2gp 5sp
  • Lantern, bullseye waterproof (10) 170gp
  • Lantern, hooded waterproof (10) 120gp
  • Leeching Kit (3) 15gp
  • Map Maker's Kit (2) 20gp
  • Nautical Chart (2) 50gp
  • Oil (1-pint flask) (50) 5gp
  • Rope, hempen (50 ft.) (10) 10gp
  • Soap (per lb) (50) 25gp
  • Spade or shovel (10) 20gp
  • Swim fins (10) 1gp
  • Tent, Large (4) 120gp
  • Tent, Pavillion 100gp
  • Torch (200) 2gp
  • Twine (50') (10) 1sp
  • Waterskin (20) 2gp
  • Weapon Cord (50) 5gp

  • Guard Dog (2) 50gp

    Total GP spent: 1948.

  • Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

    Captain One-Eye heads straight to the RSS Paradiso and inspects the ship closely then as each purchase comes aboard he goes over them carefully making notes of what is there and what isn't.

    Inspecting the Doctor's haul he comments while making a note on a peace of parchment

    "I'll see to it we have some lumber for repairs and limps."


    While inspecting the haul from Lucille Bluth he comments with a slight disapproval while writing down

    "Miss Bluth that is not a lot of oil for our lamps I suggest you get a few more barrels and some more hemp rope as well, the average ship have several miles of rope so more is always useful. Finally we could do with some cloth for the sails a few hundred sq. yards"


    The captain grunts approvingly at the shopping from Mathurin

    "Excellent an extra tent or two could be useful in case we lose one and we need more bedrolls and blankets as well, but otherwise excellent work.

    Afterwards he looks expectantly to see what the others bring to the voyage.

    Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

    Delmar has been scurrying around the ship making nots and making measurements. After hearing the comments from Graskkator, he waits for a moment to talk to him privately

    Graskkator One-Eye:
    May I suggest Captain that light can be provided by spells and an ever burning torch or 4 and we save oil for cooking and heating this should save us quite a lot of weight for only a little more cost. That said we will need a lot more oil for cooking and heating
    and then a little louder Sir I am no expert at naval combat so I would like your advice. Would attaching a ram be of benefit to you?

    Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

    The Orc nods to de Arcadia and replies in a low but still audible voice

    "An excellent point about everburning torches, even so we have the space for when the magic fails and we should use our resources to the fullest.

    then the brute shrugs slightly

    "It could, but we are not a war vessel so it depends on the situation, I am sure we could need it at least once, the question we really need to ask; is there something we need more often?"

    Overhearing the conversations, Connor intercedes.

    "I too feel that some everburning torches as well as spells should light the ship. I fear what open flames could cause aboard a vessel. As well, these everburning torches can always be transported elsewhere when needed..."

    I'm currently adding a full blown description of our dear vessel. Will add the link when it's done.

    Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

    "I figure that speed is our top priority, it'll allow us to get further on the same resources and get out of at least some of the troubles we might encounter. The best way I can increase our speed is to upgrade the sails. Now that will take to bulk of the funds I have been assigned. With the remaining finances I plan to buy tar, timber, nails, rope, tools etcera for repair work and potentially further upgrades that I am able complete myself if dock somewhere quiet later. However I should able to squeeze in a ram as well but I'm not sure how useful it would be on a ship like this."

    Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

    This is assuming we don't have row boats... ignore the post if we have them.

    A couple of rowboats could prove useful as well.

    "We currently have a single rowboat. Worse case we have some personnel capable of building more if needed I think."

    2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
    AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

    "I'm not sure of how much rowboats cost, not my area of expertise. However I have a relatively inexpensive magic item that serves the same purpose." Rodrigo reaches into his pack and pulls out a Swan Boat Feather Token. "Though it's use is of limited duration, approximately 24 hours per token, it's far more versatile and useful than a rowboat. Perhaps if we had some, a single rowboat would suffice?" He asks with Vulcan like calm.

    Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

    "Good thought, a second rowboat would be useful and i can easily make one on the trip. I'll look at how expensive the wood is."

    2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
    AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

    Rodrigo nods in acknowledgement of Delmar. "If any of you have need of me, I will be interviewing the crew." He says, before walking off in his measured pace to seek out the members of the 'riggers and swabs'. He speaks to each one briefly asking them some questions about their backgrounds and assessing them.

    I'm trying to find the most intelligent one, preferably one who can read. I'll wait on you to let me know what I discover before continuing Connor.

    That'd be Vinn Vindels. He's a 20 year old man, roguishly handsome and devilishly cunning.

    M Human 1st level wilder

    stepping out on deck, Gjurn glances about taking in the scene of hustle about deck.
    stepping up to the captain, Gjurn gives him the look of equals, not of one of a man looking at a superior officer.
    Ah Graskkator, i have purchased some items that would be of great benifit to the ship and crew.

    shopping list:

    potion of true strike x6= 300 gps
    potion of cure light wounds x4 200 gps
    wand of alter winds= 750 gps
    wand of crafters fortune= 750 gps

    Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

    GJern have a look at the alter wind spell. The area of altered wind doesn't shift so each cast might if we are lucky move us 100ft. Which in my opinion is silly and removes the only use for the spell.

    Male Human Fighter 2 / Gunslinger 1

    The new Master-at-Arms gladly takes the offered coin and sets off to secure the implements of battle for the voyage.

    I see that we're stocked for cannon ammunition, would some specialty shot be acceptable, or should I only focus on individual gear?

    2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
    AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

    After interviewing the rank and file crew members, Rodrigo approaches Graskkator. "کپتان نے مجھے معاف کیجئے گا، میں ایک درخواست ہے. میں ایک مددگار کی ضرورت ہے اگر میں نے کبھی سرجری کارکردگی کا مظاہرہ کرنے کی ضرورت ہے. ایسا لگتا ہے کہ Vinn Vindels مجھے ساتھی کے عملے کے درمیان بہترین موزوں ہے. میں آپ کی اجازت کے پسند اسے اپنے معمول کے فرائض سے مجھے ایمرجنسی کے وقت میں مدد کرنے کے لئے ہٹا تھا." Rodrigo stares at him awaiting a response.


    "Excuse me captain, I have a request. I will need an assistant if I ever need to perform surgery. It seems that Vinn Vindels is the best suited amongst the crew to aide me. I'd like your permission to remove him from his normal duties to help me in times of emergency."


    Mathurin brings his gear on board and begins settling in to his quarters while thinking:

    "All the hustle of making ready to sail. Such a wonderful feeling.

    Lucille burns with embarrassment when the captain calls her out for her poor shopping. She immediately heads back to the market to secure the additional needs.

    Updated Shopping List:

    Hempen Rope (x200} - 200GP
    Silk Rope (X20) - 200GP
    Oil (x300) - 30GP

    Total Weight: 2780lbs
    Total Cost: 1954GP

    Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

    "Much better Miss Bluth, keep up the good work."

    The Orc nods satisfied at the extra supplies.

    2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
    AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

    Rodrigo will clear his throat. He moves a slow step closer to the Captain. "Did you fail to hear my request sir? You do speak Orcish don't you?" he asks in common.

    Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

    "Right" Delmar says handing Graskkator a piece of parchment "here is a list of upgrades and supplies I'm off to order" turning to Mr Whalend "I'm having the sails replaced do you have a family crest or something you would like dyed into them. Alternatively I get them a pale sky blue which will make the ship slightly harder the spot at a distance"

    Shopping list:
    For much of this I am making up numbers feel free to correct me.
    Silk Sails: 1500gp
    50ft Chain 150gp
    Spare anchor 10gp (price made up based on a anvil being 5gp)
    6 Barrels of tar 60gp (price made up)
    2 Barrels of nails 60gp (price made up)
    20 Planks of good treated timber 100gp (price made up)
    250ft of rope ladder 20gp (price made up, 500ft of rope cost 10gp) (to be attached to each mast to drop the climb DC (they are silly))
    20 Pulleys 40gp
    4 Buoys 2gp
    2 Craft ship artisan tools 10gp
    48gp worth of misc spear parts (door knobs, hinges, gears, rope eyelets etc)

    Total 2000gp

    M Human 1st level wilder

    hmmm...i was going off the basis of the touched point is immobile, so touching it to a sail would make it immobile, yet functional

    Rodrigo Dantares wrote:
    Rodrigo will clear his throat. He moves a slow step closer to the Captain. "Did you fail to hear my request sir? You do speak Orcish don't you?" he asks in common.

    Mathurin will approach Rodrigo and say:

    "Hvis du har brug for en assistent jeg har rimelig færdigheder på at være en kirurg."

    If you need an assistant I do have reasonable skills at being a surgeon.

    Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

    Captian One-Eye studies the Tiefling for several moments, then cracks a smile

    "Not at all Doctor and my Orcish is just fine, I merely had to consider your request and I think it is an excellent idea in fact it should be expanded, we can discuss the details later right now what is important is getting everything ready for the voyage."

    The Captain turns his attention to Mathurin

    "You will have plenty to do without the work of a loblolly boy Mr. Kerbouchard."

    With this he nods to them both, he heads over to Mr. de Arcadia and Mr. Swurn and first looks over the shopping of the isolant mage Mr. Swurn's shopping list and nods

    "Everything seems in order Mr. Swurn, make sure to keep a good eye on it, these things can prove very useful."

    The Orc turns to Mr. de Arcadia and his final purchases

    "Seems excellent, lets get it all packed down for the voyage."


    "As you wish. Captain, I went and procured a few additional supplies. Here is what I purchased."

    Any updated items are in bold italics.

    Updated Shopping list:

  • Backpack, Masterwork (10) 500gp
  • Bag, Waterproof (empty) (100) 50gp
  • Bear Trap (5) 10gp
  • Bedrolls (60) updated from 20 6gp
  • Blankets (60) updated from 20 12gp
  • Bouy, Superior (5) 50gp
  • Case, map or scroll (empty) 1gp
  • Cooking kit (5) 5gp
  • Grappling hook (10) 10gp
  • Iron Spike (50) 2gp 5sp
  • Lantern, bullseye waterproof (10) 170gp
  • Lantern, hooded waterproof (10) 120gp
  • Leeching Kit (3) 15gp
  • Map Maker's Kit (2) 20gp
  • Nautical Chart (2) 50gp
  • Oil (1-pint flask) (50) 5gp
  • Rope, hempen (50 ft.) (10) 10gp
  • Soap (per lb) (50) 25gp
  • Spade or shovel (10) 20gp
  • Swim fins (10) 1gp
  • Tent, Large (5) updated from 4 150gp
  • Tent, Pavillion 100gp
  • Torch (200) 2gp
  • Twine (50') (10) 1sp
  • Waterskin (20) 2gp
  • Weapon Cord (50) 5gp

  • Guard Dog (2) 50gp

    Total gold spent: 1,999.

  • Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

    Captain One-Eye nods approvingly

    "Excellent Mr. Kerbouchard."

    M Human 1st level wilder

    DM, how bout a ruling on the alter winds spell. is it immobile from a fixed point, or is it immobile to place touched? Basically, if its from point touched, this would be a great way to keep the ship going when the winds are becalmed. If its a fixed point, then id like to exchange the wand for something else.

    Slapping Graskkator on the back, Gjurn breaks out in laughter Indeed they can be, Graskkator. Indeed they can. Taking a step back, Gjurn leans against the rail and watches.


    Mathurin heads over to the poop deck and gets a feel for the ship's wheel.

    He looks pleased at the craftsmanship.

    After a few minutes, he moves over to the railing and looks out into the bay.

    Are there any ships coming or going from the harbor?

    2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
    AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

    "I would agree with the captain, your skills are too valuable to waste as an assistant. Thank you for considering my request captain." Rodrigo says before hurrying back to make final preparations for departure.

    Male Human Fighter 2 / Gunslinger 1

    Elwood returns with several porters and a wagon from the local stores hauling his acquired gear. He directly checks his list with Captain One-Eye to be sure his purchases match the expectations for the voyage.

    "Aye captain, sorry for the delay, had to find a wagon for hauling the gear back. I do have craft skills in armor, weapons, and siege equipment, so if we have an immediate need for something on the voyage I can try to craft it, provided we have the raw materials. Here's my list of goods."

    Master-at-Arms list:

    Alchemical Cartridge, Flare (10)
    Arrow, Smoke (10)
    Arrows, Flight (440)
    Axe, Boarding (10)
    Brass Knuckles (10)
    Buckler (10)
    Gaff, Boarding (10)
    Grappling Hook (10)
    Hook Hand (3)
    Leather (10)
    Longbow (2)
    Pike, Boarding (20)
    Shortbow (5)
    Siege Engine Ammunition, Blast Shot (10)
    Siege Engine Ammunition, Chain Shot (10)
    Whip, Scorpion
    Feather Token, Anchor (2)
    total = 2,000 gp

    GJurn "SALTY" Swurn wrote:

    DM, how bout a ruling on the alter winds spell. is it immobile from a fixed point, or is it immobile to place touched? Basically, if its from point touched, this would be a great way to keep the ship going when the winds are becalmed. If its a fixed point, then id like to exchange the wand for something else.

    I will allow alter winds to function as if the mast is an immobile point.

    Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

    The Orc spins towards Gjurn as he is slapped on the back and looks ready to toss the man overboard, his massive green hand closed firmly around the hilt of his blade and he narrows his eyes dangerously, but as Elwood returns the Orcreleases his grip on the blade and walks down to inspect the purchase, giving Gjurn a look saying that this is not over yet.

    The Orc goes through the list in grim silence studying each item carefully then nods

    "Looks in order, get some men to help you stove it away for the voyage, I will be heading ashore to do my own little shopping list. Mr. Villette is in command till I return."

    The Orc is gone for about an hour before returning with the items he was purchasing

    Shopping List:

    Anvil - 5 gp / 40 lbs
    Artisan's Tools, Blacksmiths - 5 gp / 5 lbs
    Alchemist Lab, Portable - 75 gp / 20 lbs
    Clothing, Furs x3 - 36 gp / 15 lbs
    Treasure Chest, Huge x3 - 111 gp / 750 lbs
    Treasure Chest Medium x30 - 210 gp / 1 500 lbs
    Fabrics, Silk (50 sq yard) - 500 gp / 50 lbs
    Fabrics, linen (10 sq yard) - 40 gp / 10 lbs
    Metals, Iron - 50 gp / 500 lbs
    Trade Goods, Saffron - 150 gp / 10 lbs
    Musical Instrument, flute - 5 gp / 3 lbs
    Musical Instrument, violin - 5 gp / 3 lbs
    Musical Instrument, guitar - 5 gp / 3 lbs
    Whetstone x10 - 0.2 gp / 10 lbs
    Twine (50 ft.) x80 - 0.8 gp / 40 lbs
    Sewing Needle x50 - 25 gp / -
    Flint and Steel x10 - 10 gp / -
    Fish hook x50 - 5 gp / -
    Barrel w. Ale (75 gallons) x5 - 87 gp / 3 250 lbs
    Wine, Fine (2 bottles) - 20 gp / 3 lbs
    Whiskey, Oldlaw (1 bottle) - 20 gp / 1 lb
    Game, Wyvern Race x2 - 2 gp / 4 lbs
    Game, Doppel x2 - 2 gp / 4 lbs
    Game, Siege x2 - 2 gp / 4 lbs
    Game, Pits and Perils x2 - 2 gp / 4 lbs
    Game, Dice x50 - 2 gp / 2 lbs
    Dagger x 50 - 100 gp / 50 lbs
    Hand Axe x50 - 300 gp / 150 lbs
    Pickaxe x5 - 70 gp / 60 lbs
    Great Axe x5 - 100 gp / 60 lbs
    Harpoon, x5 - 50 gp / 80 lbs
    Clothing, Pirate x50 - 5 gp / 100 lbs

    Cost: 2000gp
    Weight: 3t 723 lbs

    He walks back up on the ship and looks over the deck

    "Mr. de Aracadia, Mr. Kerbouchard and Miss Bluth take a look at what I purhcased and give me your opinions."

    Male Human Oracle of Maitre Mer 3

    Delmar smiles as see the anvil and metal unloaded "I had thought about that myself but wasn't sure I could justify the weight, I'm glad you got them." Looking over the rest"Excellent, axes, I should have thought of that. Much easier than sawing down a tree. Games, and instruments, you certainly like your entertainment." Another smile crosses Delmar's face "Each to their own and I suspect we can sell some of them if we need to. All looks good to me." Then adding cheekily "I just hope we never need to teleport"

    Lucille looks over the list, noting in particular the quantity of ale and daggers. She looks at the captain and gives a curt nod. "I suppose we will fill our hold with merchant wares at...a later time," she says, a barely perceptible glint of sarcasm in her eyes.


    Mathurin mulls over the list. "The trade items will certainly give us a means of bargaining with merchants when we put into different ports. As for the ale, definitely want to keep the crew's spirits up and no better way than to relax with music while they drink and/or some games."

    After fully reviewing the list he says:

    "Very good Captain. We should be able to do much with these."

    "With your leave, I shall be in my quarters going over the maps. I want to be as much prepared as possible before we put out to sea."

    Mathurin waits till Grask acknowledges his request and will head to his quarters once he receives it.

    He nods to Delmar and Lucille as he passes them.

    Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

    The Cpatian nods in acknowledgement to Mathurin and gives Delmar a grin

    "I had my eyes on several other magical items as well I wanted for the journey, let's hope we don't need them either."

    He then looks to Lucille

    "I can hear you have some disagreement with the list and from what you said I am guessing you think I bought no merchant wares right? well look closely over the list and try to see what you think is things we can use for barter and what you disagree with."

    "Oh misunderstand me," Lucille says quickly. She stammers on, 'I...I thought we would...perhaps...get...acquire...more merchant wares. Somehow. But perhaps not."

    Lucille thinks this she's joined onto a pirate vessel.

    2 str dmg; HP:56/73; Summons 10/10; Action Points 10/10
    AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 // Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +8 // CMD 18 // Init +2 // Perception +1

    Though he has spent much time on ships, and knows well how to lend a hand, Rodrigo is not much of a quartermaster. He is content to allow the others to fuss over the minutia of the cargo manifest. He uses this time of relative stability to begin his journaling. He records his first impressions of the crew, having interviewed them all briefly. Below are his notes on the officers he's interacted with.

    Rodrigo's Journal:

    Lucille Bluth - Fears what she doesn't understand. Lacks social graces. Typical human.

    Mathruin Kerbouchard - Willing to help. Apparently a trained surgeon as well.

    Delmar de Arcadia - Was willing to listen to advice, though didn't appear to take it. Tactful, shows leadership potential.

    Graskkator One-Eye - No-nonsense, befitting a captain. Takes his time, but once decided acts quickly.

    After finishing his notes he will return to the deck, and approach Graskkator. "Captain, is there anything else you'd like me to do before we set sail? Or you Mr. Whalend?"

    Assuming that they are within earshot of each other.

    Male Orc Ranger (Freebooter) 1 Rogue (Pirate) 2

    The Orc holds up a hand to Lucille to indicate he just have to address the doctor's concern first.

    "In fact there is Doctor, I want you to check up on every person on board to see to their physical health before we set out, just in case of a bad apple. Secondly I want you to inform the crew as you check them, that we carry one water proof chest in the cargo hold, for each crewman to use for item they want to trade in port or to stove away items between ports, however each chest will be checked by the quartermaster before we enter and leave a port to ensure everything is in order."

    Captain One-Eye looks back to Lucille

    "Very well I will go over the list item by item for you then."

    "First of we have essential supplies that we need during our exploration:"

    "Anvil and tools for a blacksmith to fix and make anything of metal we could need and of course extra iron for raw materials. Next up an alchemists lab with various nik naks Mr. Dantares and Mr. Swurn could need to make for example gunpowder or potions and other foul smelling items that could save our lives. We have Silk for our sail repairs as well as needles and twine. Linen is always useful if nothing else for bandages and of course some axes for cutting down trees in case we need new masts."

    The captain draws a breath before continuing

    "Those are pretty essential items for our journey, next up is the stuff we use for keeping morale up, now I am sure you been to see before on long journeys and even with all there is to do it is rather monotonous closed in and well boring therefore I bought musical instruments for the crew's pleasure as well as games and dice. The ale of course is part of making life easier on board a luxury and nearly a right of every sailor. A pint of ale a day keeps everyone's spirits up well except those that don't drink, the wine is for officers for celebrations same goes with the whiskey, the last one can also be used in an emergency as anesthetic. The last item on this list will be of especial interest to you, namely the furs, now it is warm were we are,but here is the thing warmth come and go and when it is cold and raining some dry furs to wrap around you up in the mast will make it much more tolerable."

    Grask gives Lucille a smile at the mentioning of the furs

    "While not downright essential for crew morale a few luxuries are in place,thus extra chest for the crew to be able to trade and gather some stuff beyond what they can keep in their pockets. Harpoons can prove useful in hunting for food on the sea, same with fishhooks. Clothes always get wet, or torn or destroyed and no one remembers to bring tons of that so a bit of extra clothes can make things more pleasant and we also don't have to look like a horde of screaming barbarians when we go ashore. The large chests helps stash item during the voyage that needs to be protected from wind and weather and a few whetstone and extra flint and steel is always useful right? One thing I noticed is while we have shovels we don't have pickaxes so I got a few of those as well for when we explore on land."

    Drawing a deep breath the Orc goes on with the final few items on the list

    "Finally we have the trade goods, not nearly as much as I wanted, but a nice stash of daggers and axes always go well for trade especially with isolated communities, basically they are universal useful items. The extra iron can be sold in a pinch should we need it, but the Saffron is also a bulk trade goods to help us on our way."

    Grask studies Lucille carefully while asking her regarding her thoughts on it

    "Now Miss Bluth, do you have any questions or is your mind at ease now regarding the shopping list?"

    The Orc watches her expectantly.

    M Human 1st level wilder

    Meeting the orc's gaze, Gjurn just stands there, hands apart.


    gazes out to the dock. where is that man. blast him for being late

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