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Uncharted Edge (Inactive)

Game Master Matt, Garnished Game Designer

"We sail to the unknown, with the wind at our backs, and adventure ahead."

RSS Paradiso:

The RSS Paradiso
Sailing Ship
Colossal ship
Squares 3 (30 ft. by 90 ft.)
AC 2; Hardness 5
hp 1,620 (sails 360)
Base Save +6
Maximum Speed 90 ft. (wind); Acceleration 30 ft.
CMB +8; CMD 18
Ramming Damage 8d8
Propulsion: wind or current
Sailing Check: Profession (sailor)
Control Device: steering wheel
Means of Propulsion: 90 squares of sails (three masts)
Crew 20 (Captain, Boatswain, Quartermaster, Master-at-Arms, Master Gunner, Ship's Surgeon, Cook, Cabin Boy and 12 able bodies sailors.)
Decks 3
Cargo/Passengers 140 tons and 10 passengers

Current Passengers:
Connor Whalend (explorer and the man in charge of financing the whole expedition)


Cannons [2]
Cannon Ammo [50]
Food [480] 24 used per day

=========================================================================== =====================================================================

The Crew of the RSS Paradiso


Captain: Grasskator One-Eye
Ship's Surgeon: Rodrigo Dantares
Boatswain: Delmar de Arcadia
Master-at-Arms: Elwood Markley
Navigator: Mathurin Kerbouchard
Lookout: Lucille Bluth
Ship's Mage: Gjurn "Salty" Swurn

Quartermaster: Nathaniel Villette (N male human rogue (smuggler) 4)
Master Gunner: Phillipe of Hawkswood (CN male half-elf gunslinger 4)
Cabin Boy: Mr. Gregory (CG young male human expert 1)
Cook: "Pickles" (CN male goblin expert 2/bard 2)

Passenger: Connor Whalend (NG male human summoner (evolutionist) 6/ alchemist (crypt breaker) 2)

Riggers and Swabs John Bowen, Simon Worley, William Aubaigne, "Firehair" Grace, Suul, Old Salters, Vinn Videls, Jevin Brask, Jaramillo Gion, Miata Pae, Blanton Lane, Ox Balgeson. (N male (and the two females) human expert 1/ warrior 1)

=========================================================================== =====================================================================

Discovered Areas

The Mainland

A fine harbor on the edge of the known world, Saltport has been known as a place to find adventure at sea for generations. Ruled by a merchant council, this city sits perched above and below a massive clifface allowing fast access to the waters of the Endless Sea. Plenty of sailors and pirates mingle in these waters and fresh crew is never hard to find.

=========================================================================== =====================================================================

Background Information


The Grand Fifths
The Grand Fifths is the collective name of the five major deities of the world, each responsible for a different part of the world. While ordinary sailors usually give small prayers to Maitre Mer and occasionally to De le Vent, the landlubbers usually venerate Saint Christine. Black Bones and Atara Maja are worshipped by usually less decent folk but still, it can never hurt to give small prayers to everyone.

Other Divine Forces
While the Grand Fifths are the most common spiritual forces, the savage tribes of the many islands and jungles worship various forms of animal worship, voodoo and other lesser spirits.

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