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Tower of the Heavens (Inactive)

Game Master bbangerter


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At the mention of possibly more undead Derig seems alarmed, "There is the church of Erastil in town. That is where the orphanage is. Or... or there are the temples in Coran. I have been to the city a few times and seen them. Great buildings of fine work and beauty."

"I'm sure they are, but for the moment, we need time to regroup, and a local temple seems more practical. If we are done here, we need to be off. While this place is quite defensible, we have no supplies for a long siege."

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

Alma, feeling some of the pain leave him thanks to Irina. "Thank you Irina, your medicine is very soothing."

Alma seems to make a mental note on Malaswyn's suggestion that they cheat at the dice game.

"I don't like the idea of being the hunted. Perhaps we should seek out this Gray beast. Although, perhaps the temple will be able to tell us more about this new trinket in the box.."

Internet is still out at home, sorry didn't post much.

Male Half-Elf Alchemist/3 HP 16/20

Roll for the chalice.
Appraise:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15

Looking at Warren. "I found this box I'm judging it's worth about 1500 gold. The chalice may fetch a little more. At least we didn't do all this for nothing."


You'd estimate the chalice to be worth somewhere between 2000gp to 2700gp

And if there is a temple, there may be a holy woman or priest who might know of this place and the tale of its sinking. We can also go to the farm and look for clues...or ask the towsnfolk about Grays.

Heligar jumps down from the wall and approaches the gnome.

So Derig, where I hale from we do not mince I will be blunt. You are a coward. You broke faith with our company by withholding the truth about your brother. In my opinion, you have no claim either to our service or to the fruits of our labour. Yet I am not sure what to do with your sorry ass. ...and I still think you are holding back the truth. What do you have to say for yourself? What would you now do?


Cringing at Heligar's chastisement, his eyes turned away in shame, Derig mumbles, "I don't want anything from this place. I just want to return to my home, to my farm."

Male Human Arcane Duelist 1

"This standing around is useless!" Cedric snaps suddenly, "We need to get out of here, perhaps to that church, perhaps not, but either way we're wasting time."

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

"Let's head to the temple first, perhaps we will get a chance to heal up. And some of us could use the basking light of its glory. Then, perhaps we can check out the farm and find this Gray beast."

Alma ensures that he has all his things and gives his horse some food in preperation for the new journey.

"I agree that we should make our way out of here, but I am also interested in what an item of such obvious value would be doing in a place like this. It doesn't make sense that it would have been left behind."

Casting Detect magic on the chalice and the box.

Edit: Just realized I don't have Detect magic. Someone else will have to cast it if we want to find out whether or not the chalice and/or box is magical.

Male Human Arcane Duelist 1

Hearing Warren's musings on the box and chalice, Cedric will cast Detect Magic on them.

Super baaaard!


The box has a dim aura of divination.
The chalice has a strong aura of divination.
Make a spellcraft check if you like to determine the purpose of the magic.

Male Human Arcane Duelist 1

Ahh, yes... well... super bard does not actually have spellcraft...

Cedric frowns thoughtfully at the items, then picks up the chalice. "Does anyone else want to take a shot at figuring out what this does?"

He looks at it for a moment longer "Hang on, let me try one thing...

Use Magic Device check to activate blindly: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (15) + 7 = 22

Aww, not even a mishap :P

Initiative: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

Spell craft box: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14
Spell craft chalice: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26

Irina comes to look of the items, humming softly to herself and waving her hand over them. "Those are quite pretty," she remarks as if she we only casually observing them.

Male Half-Elf Alchemist/3 HP 16/20

"Well wherever we go i hope we can possibly sell this if we can't use it. Personally I think we should go back to Gumlat. This merchant Derig mentioned might be our friend Bendon."

Spellcraft: Box1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12
Chalice1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16

"Well until we decide where to go we have this to split."
Markov pulls out the coin pouch he got from the pack and shakes it.

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

Suddenly energetic, Malaswym jogs down from the look out position:
We should go quickly and try to reach the church before dusk. We can talk to the acolytes there and shelter under any protections they have.

I begin to stride away, then stop for a second:
Come on now, Alma and Heligar: you take the lead. Irina, Markov and Cedric will follow. Warren and I shall cover the rear.
I clap my hands impatiently: Come along, I have made vows to The Everlight and I cannot fulfil them if I lie dead in the wilderness.

Is that okay with everyone, to speed us along. Hopefully we've all travelled together long enough for the gang to recognise Malaswyn's dry sense of humour.

Male Human Arcane Duelist 1

Definitely fine, let's get moving.


It takes the remainder of the day to get out of the marsh and back to the edge of the forest.

The following day is uneventful, though the knowledge that someone may be hunting you makes for a subdued mood and talk is infrequent and quiet.

The second day also passes uneventfully though the atmosphere of the forest feels dark, not at all like your journey out here. As night begins to fall you can see the lights of Gumlat ahead. In the distance a lone wolf can be heard howling.

As you move in through the small gate and past the low walls of Gumlat the sounds and smells of the village assault you. Most shops are closed, but the taverns and inns are running a brisk business.

Derig leads you through the streets to the church of Erastil near the eastern edge of town. The building is a single story and of simple construction. There is a small cemetery to one side surrounded by an iron fence. Several smaller buildings also rest on the property.

A man with graying hair greets you at the doors dressed in the clerical raiment of Erastil. He offers a warm welcome and smile to Derig upon seeing him.

He ushers you in through the foyer and into a small worship hall, gesturing for you to sit in any of the four pews. Overlooking the room on the back wall is a large mural of a shining white stag.

"How may the lord of the harvest help you this evening my friends."

Male Human Arcane Duelist 1

Cedric has been in an uncharacteristically foul mood ever since the encounter with the sorcerer in the marsh. He sits in a pew, making no attempt to speak for once.

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

Blessed be the gods of grace, and those who walk in their shadow. I bow deeply to the man.

We seek your knowledge and support. Is your church hallowed against the grave-risen?


Startled by the question the old man stammers, "Yes, yes, of course. Every year one of the clergy from Akleta comes down through the mountains and visits all of Erastil's holy sites this side of the spine to bless and hallow them. Is there some reason you express a concern that this might not have been the case?"

"Tell me what aid you require and what knowledge you seek and may Erastil smile upon you and provide it."


Also, before I forget again. Everyone gets 375 xp from the ruined fort area (total 575 now).

XP was given for defeating skeletons, zombies, Norig. Encountering Morag and the unnamed sorcerer. Defeatign zombie Norig. Getting to the heart of Derig's story. Exploring the old ruins.

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

We encountered a necromancer when Derig led us to a ruin outside town. The necromancer threatened us with someone or something called 'Grays'. Does this mean anything to you?

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

Alma finds a suitable location to kneel down and pray to his God giving thanks for sparing his and his companions lives against the undead.

Future Init Roll 1d20 ⇒ 19

Is it safe to assume that I am fully healed since its been a couple of days since the old castle?

Initiative roll 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7 May I assume that Heligar had a chance to hunt and/or gather some food while on the journey?

During her stay at the shrine of Erastil, Heligar prays at the altar. She also brings a sacrificial offering of some food to the holy site and makes a donation of 5 silver pieces.


Yes, you are fully healed.

The ability to hunt while on the move would have made things a little more difficult, but make a survival check with a -2 circumstance bonus.

Not quite shouting the old priest speaks, "A necromancer?" He wipes a hand across his brow frowning.

Derig speaks up, "Yes Kaym, it was my brother, Norig."

"Oh dear, oh dear. I always feared your brother would come to no good. He was a handful here at the orphanage." Kaym sits down on the front pew stunned by this news. "Now what's this about a gray creature?"

"I think maybe they mean farmer Grays."

"William Grays? That's impossible. He's been missing for twelve years now. Although I guess if there was a necromancer at work anythings possible." Kaym turns to Malaswyn, "William Grays used to own a pig farm just north of the town. Last anyone ever seen or heard of him he went off hunting. Some animal had broken through his fences and killed a dozen of his pigs. He meant to track it down and kill it. Some said it was wolves or maybe a bear. Wolves more likely in these parts. But Grays headed off into the woods and none have heard a whisper of him since. A search party went looking for him when he didn't return in a weeks time but they never did find anything. We figure he ran a foul of wild animals or had an accident deep in the woods and wasn't able to return for help."

Male Half-Elf Alchemist/3 HP 16/20

Markov pulls out his kit and will begin making a dex mutagen.
He turns towards the priest. "I hope you don't mind."

"I also have some questions. We found an old fort a few days away in a marsh where we met Norig. He seemed to have gotten hold of a magical artifact that had some powerful necromancy magic in it. Which I think was the source of his powers. Do you know anything about that place or why a powerful magic item was there?"


Seeing Heligar make an offering at the altar the priest turns to her, "Thank you kindly fair lady. May Erastil's blessing be upon you for your willingness to help those in need."

He then listens intently to Markov. "There are a number of old ruins round about here. When the current nobility ousted the mages from Coran rule many of their outposts were burned and looted, though I've heard that the mages left a few surprises for would be thieves in some of them. Most people are wise enough to stay away from such places." He gives Derig a meaningful stare. "I've heard tale that Coran was once besieged by a powerful necromancer, many, many years ago. Hard to place much trust in wild rumors like that, but if what you say about some powerful magic item is true, this is troubling news."

"Now if I'm understanding, you believe William Grays may have been raised from death for some dark purpose? And that... he is following or hunting you? I... I must inform the magistrate of this." He stands up as if to leave. "You may wait here if you wish."

If anyone else has questions/comments to make to Kaym he will stay and talk more, else he will depart.

Male Human Arcane Duelist 1

Cedric muses about the man's words, and a troubling suspicion is raised.

"Wait... if this Grays fellow was simply raised from the dead, why would those men take pieces of our clothing?" He looks sadly at his cut and torn tunic, making a mental note to find new clothes. "And Kaym said he went into the woods after a wolf or bear. I've heard tales like this before, I used to hear songs and plays about it all the time back in the troupe... I think we may be dealing with an beast-man, possibly under the control of a sorcerer."

"Sir. Before you leave. There is something else I wish to ask of show you.."

Reaching into her sack, Heligar pulls out a wooden disk and holds it up for the old man to see.

Others may view it if they wish:
The disk is 3 inches in diameter. On one side of the disk is embossed a vulture hunched over its carrion feast. On the other is a strange foreign character (foreign to Heiligar)

"Can you tell me what this disk is, and what it signifies?"


Kaym takes the wooden disk from Heligar and exams it closely. "I'm sorry. I have not seen its like before."

Cedric, did you want to speak about a 'beast-man' before Kaym left or mention it after he has gone to talk with the Magistrate?

Male Human Arcane Duelist 1

The idea didn't occur to Cedric until Kaym had finished speaking, but if he was delayed from departing then he may still be there when Cedric speaks. Also I wrote 'an beast-man' and it's reeeeeally bugging me :P

Cedric Valentine wrote:
Also I wrote 'an beast-man' and it's reeeeeally bugging me :P

Sometimes the time out on no longer being able to edit is frustrating. I've done similar a couple times.

As Cedric thinks aloud the old priest stops at the door to listen. "A beast-man?" As he thinks on that his face becomes stricken. He turns to Derig speaking in a rush, "Derig may we use your home tonight?" At Derig's nod he continues, "Go find Cora, help her get the children to your home, quickly." Derig rushes out the door and follows a path north to a small cottage near the church. Kaym turns to Cedric, "Lycanthropes! Werewolves if your guess is correct. If you've led such beasts here I must get the children out safely first. And I must warn the Magistrate quickly. You will need powerful magic weapons or weapons made of silver if you expect any but your most powerful blows to score more than superficial wounds on such beasts. I cannot deny your plea for aid, though I wish you had not come. Wait here if you must or else flee fast and far. If you intend to fight may Old Deadeye preserve us and may this hallowed ground strengthen us. I will be back as soon as I am able." Kaym rushes out the door and heads over to another building at the north, the small orphanage building.

Map of the Church

The church is a wood structure, double doors the only entrance in. Four windows look out over the north and south sides of the church grounds. The cemetary is to the south. The orphanage is the building to the north east and Kaym's cottage is to the north west.

Night has fallen. Light from lanterns inside give some light outside the windows, but otherwise the area is dark.

Heligar looks to her comrades as much as to the wise man.

But we have no silver weoponry! How are we to face such a beast if even a mighty blow from my blade could scarcely hurt it?

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

Alma finishes praying. He walks over to Heligar, "Perhaps we can find a blacksmith that can apply a silver coating to our blades and arrows. Even if we have to melt some of our own silver to get it done."

Alma moves to leave the church in search for a blacksmith capable of adding a silver lining to his sword.

Alma wrote:
Alma moves to leave the church in search for a blacksmith capable of adding a silver lining to his sword.

A couple of things that will need to happen to take this route.

You will need to find a blacksmith sufficiently skilled at making weapons (should be pretty easy in a town of this size).
You need alchemical silver specifically (again fairly easy to acquire).
If you want it done NOW you will need to find a blacksmith who is awake at this time of night and still has his forge hot - and will take a good days worth of work to complete several weapons.


Kaym stops at Heligar's question, "How? I know not. If it is of any use to you you may grab my bow from my home. I no longer have the strength to fully pull it back, but it is in good condition. It is hanging on the wall in the main room. If you do not wish to face them, you must fly and fly quickly, and muster all your skill and effort so they lose your scent."

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

Tower of Heavens:

Would I know that we can use fire against them?

Male Half-Elf Alchemist/3 HP 16/20

what became of the box and chalice that we found?

Malaswyn Tyddewi wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

You are able to theorize it would probably be effective. Warren would be able to confirm that.

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

Forgot that it was dusk/nighttime. I will wait until the morning. Unless for some reason we get the indication an attack will occur before that then.

Markov Galan wrote:
what became of the box and chalice that we found?

You still have them in your possession. No one has done anything with them other than inspect them and try to identify their purpose.

Male Half-Elf Alchemist/3 HP 16/20

Markov will take out box and chalice and make the identify extract and examine them both after drinking the extract.
"Time to take a closer look at these."
Spellcraft(box):1d20 + 8 + 10 ⇒ (14) + 8 + 10 = 32
Spellcraft(chalice):1d20 + 8 + 10 ⇒ (4) + 8 + 10 = 22

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

Fire might work against such a foe.

Irina Moretskya wrote:

Spell craft chalice: 1d20+9

Irina comes to look of the items, humming softly to herself and waving her hand over them. "Those are quite pretty," she remarks as if she we only casually observing them.

Okay, seems I had a post get eaten somewhere, cause I know I responded to this, and I was going to copy and paste it for Markov's identify check - but that post is missing - presumably I failed to actually submit the post... :( along with responding to Cedrics attempt to activate the chalice blindly with a UMD roll.

As for your spell slot Markov, don't count that against a used spell today. I assume you would have done your identification attempt during the trip back to Gumlat.

Despite poking and prodding at the chalice both physically and mentally nothing seems to happen. You do notice that one of the 3 gem stones in the cup has a slight flaw though, a small chip in one of the facets.

Irina and Markov:
The box does not appear to be magical in and of itself, but has absorbed some residual magic from the chalice over the time it has lain in the box. The chalice has a strong aura of divination, but you are unable to place it exactly, it doesn't quite match anything you have seen or studied previously. Foretelling? Premonition? Prophecy? You are uncertain. The use of the cup seems simple enough though - simply drink from it.

Male Half-Elf Alchemist/3 HP 16/20

Having his curiosity get the better of him Markov fills the chalice with water and downs it.

Heligar wrote:

Heligar looks to her comrades as much as to the wise man.

But we have no silver weoponry! How are we to face such a beast if even a mighty blow from my blade could scarcely hurt it?

"Actually Heligar, my blade is coated with silver, as are many of my arrows--Lycanthropes killed my father, and I am rather eager for a rematch."

If you don't mind Warren. I would help you win that rematch! Can Malaswyn and I take some of the arrows - if you have any to spare? I'll fetch good Kaym's bow - thank you Sir! Irina, when you have time you might look at that disk of mine...but it needn't be now.

Heligar rushes off to get the bow.

Male Human Arcane Duelist 1

If we distribute any silver arrows, Cedric will take one or two as well.

"We're not sure it was a werewolf, it was just an idea, though Kaym did seem to think something of it. Guess it's better to be prepared."


Running over to the cottage you see Kaym, Derig, and an older woman who is no doubt Cora, hustling about a dozen children towards the end of the walk way off of the church grounds. The children are aged anywhere from four to mid-teens, the younger ones tears pouring down their faces, the older ones trying to hold a brave posture, but fear showing plainly in their eyes.

The small cottage is a very simple two room affair. In the main room is a composite longbow hung between several hunting trophies. A small leather pouch dangles from the bottom end, no doubt to hold the bowstring and protect it from the elements when not strung.

The bow is a masterwork composite longbow rated at strength 14.

As you drink the last drops from the chalice darkness clouds your vision and you feel yourself being pulled into unconsciousness.

There is darkness and time seems disjointed. Images flash through your head. You know they do not represent the present, but you cannot tell whether they are past or future.

Animals roam the lands, ravenous with hunger. Prowling around the remnants of small towns and villages. In a thick forest a beacon of light rises through the trees. You sense more than see that many of the beasts are being drawn towards the beacon. A new vision opens...

Smoke and flames rise from the earth amidst ruined buildings. Corpses lie in the streets, some from the fires, others have been battered and torn. Vile creatures from beyond this world prowl in dark corners. The vision shifts...

As if on the wings of an eagle you soar over a great city, floating along on the winds. As you sail over the city wall you behold a great army of undead scaling the walls and pressing at the gates. The defenders are spread too thin though warriors, priests, and mages try to stand their ground valiantly. The undead swarm over the walls, pouring into the city. A sudden flash of brilliant light and the dead are thrown to the ground, bones and corpses smoldering. The vision changes...

You are hurtling earthward from a great height all is dark except a small cluster of multicolored lights directly beneath you, as though a bright light shining through stained glass. A bell tolls loudly. BONG. The lights beneath you twist and writhe. BONG. A shaft of light pierces the darkness, arcing from those beneath you to out past the horizon. BONG. The sound of shattering glass and you awake with a start.

Everyone else:
As Markov drinks the last drops from the chalice his eyes roll back into his head and he slumps to the floor. The three gems in the chalice blaze as though on fire, the cup slipping from his hands to roll on the floor. One gem of the three sputters feebly, going from blazing white to crimson red and back again. As you move to aid Markov there is the sound as though of shattering glass and the gem shatters into hundreds of tiny slivers, marring that side of the chalice. The fire in the remaining gems goes dark and Markov awakes with a gasp.

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