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Tower of the Heavens (Inactive)

Game Master bbangerter


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Male Human Arcane Duelist 1

Cedric is interested primarily in finding and dealing with Grays. If nobody else has other ideas he'll lead on to the farm (assuming we know how to find it).

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

We will have to keep in mind that the library may give more information on the legend/prophecy.

I turn to my companions, "Let's cause the hunter to be the hunted. We should head to the farm."

Male Half-Elf Alchemist/3 HP 16/20

Hearing everyone planing on going to find grays, Markov addresses the group with a serious look on his face.
"I know it'll be more convient if we deal with grays now but i dont think it's wise. We will be fighting more werewolfs and seeing as we only have one dose of wolfsbane and not much coins to get more, it would be moronic to attack them now. I suggest we make our way to coran as soon as we can. If we get attacked we will have a better chance of curing any affected at the temple in Coran than here or chasing after them."

Male Human Arcane Duelist 1

Cedric thinks on Markov's words for a moment. "I don't like the idea of being hunted, but you're right about our resources not being excellent... If we hadn't been on the hallowed ground I'm not sure we would have been as lucky this time around. I'm alright heading to Coran first, but I'm sick of waiting around doing nothing.

"I vote that we go to the farm first and try to find clues. Coran is six days from here and spending an extra week to come back only gives our enemies more time to scheme. We don't necessarily need to deal with Grays immediately, but we should look for clues while they are still fresh and before anyone has an opportunity to despoil them."


Looks like 3 for the farm currently, with Markov cautioning against getting into any fights with lycanthropes.

Kaym is able to provide directions to the farm and wishes you well against the creatures hunting you.

It is mid morning when you reach the place at the north edge of town. It lies outside the wall that is still being built around the more prominent parts of the town.

The ground is choked with weeds and what remains of several quite broken fences. A small home, windows all smashed and the door ajar, is at the center of the plot of land. The sounds of the village can be heard quietly over the wind blowing through the few trees in the area.

Nothing seems amiss, that is until you take a look through one of smashed windows. Inside is the corpse of a man in beggars rags, or at least part of one, his remains are incomplete. His throat has been slashed open and one arm and leg are missing.

In the northeast corner of the room is a pile of garbage.

Cedric, Heligar, Warren:
The missing limbs appear to have been chewed through by some kind of animal. Blood spatters coat the wall near the corpse. The blood has dried, but definitely happened yesterday evening or last night.

Grays Farm

I placed people at random on the map.

Irina grimaces at the blood works inside, then keeps her eyes on the few trees and long grasses, wary of attack.

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

Let's get inside. Better to begin inside and work our way out.

I step toward the front door, scimitar in hand.


Plenty of light is coming in through the windows to allow clear visibility. Moving to the door Malaswyn is able to get a better look into the main room. More garbage can be seen piled in the southeast corner of this room. A wood burning cooking stove can be seen in the pile, the iron rusted.

You can make out a set of clawed bloody footprints from the corpse to the door. The amount of blood left behind in the footprints fades the farther they get from the body, with a final set visible in the dirt just outside the door.

Grays Farm

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

Checking cause of death, making sure we know what killed him: heal check 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

I move into the room and immediately sift through the pile of garbage in the cornor.

Perception 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (6) - 2 = 4

sheesh, I am loving these low rolls

Warren joins Alma, looking for anything that might hint at who the man was or what he was doing here.

Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

Is there any kind of furniture in the room; or anything besides the garbage and the guy? Also, how much dust is there on the floor?

Male Half-Elf Alchemist/3 HP 16/20

Walking into the house.
"I'm not sure what your expecting to find here. This place seems to have been abandoned."
Markov looks further into the house for any traces of recent activity.
Perception:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22


The room is barren of any furniture. The wooden floor is dirty, but there is not a consistent layer of dust, and someone has definitely be using the home to live in, though not comfortably. The piles of garbage include pieces of at least one smashed chair along with a few discarded chicken bones. Near the bottom of the pile Alma and Warren find a small sack filled with copper and silver pieces. Equivalent to 5gp total.

There is a single door on the south wall that is open just a crack.

GM PC'ing Heligar's tracking again to follow the tracks out the door.
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

Heligar is able to plainly see that the tracks head northeast towards the forest several hundred feet away. She would be able to continue to follow them for some distance if the party opts to do so.

The deceased was attacked by some kind of wild animal, the stumps of its missing limbs chewed upon.

At a guess the dead man on the floor had taken up residence here and was eking out a meager existence.

Pushing open the door a bit further you see another room with a pair of crates making up a makeshift bed. A single dirty blanket lies atop them. The bedroom is free of blood stains or the violence so apparent in the main room.

Updated map

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

Turning to his companions, "It appears there is nothing here. Perhaps we should follow the tracks that see where that leads us."


Following the trail it turns due east when it reaches the edge of the forest. it continues for a number of miles before joining a cobblestone road that must run between Gumlat and Coran. At that point the amount of traffic along the road and edges obscures the trail.

going to trust that it's okay to move the party on towards coran at this point.

The sun blazes overhead as you travel east. Every few miles you pass through a thorp or small village. Fellow travelers are frequent, merchants, immigrants, and local farmers. The Chaggath spine looms to the north. Near the end of the fifth day you cross the Tarak river and the frequency of small communities increases. On the afternoon of the sixth day you reach the city walls. Thirty feet tall, a large iron bound widen gate leads into the great city. In the distance can be seen a great sea of water. The streets are packed with people from all walks of life.peddlers ply their trade everywhere. A large fountain with ornate carvings lies just beyond the gate. A minstrel plucks out a tune on a lute, a small hat with a few coppers at her feet.

Warren quickly walks up to the nearest person and addresses them.
"Sorry to bother you ma'am, but my friends and I are not from around here, and we were wondering if you could direct us to the great library--we have some information that we need to research."


Lot of folk come here to see the library. Follow this road and take a left at the end. That will put you on the old road. Follow the old road to its end, you can't miss the library. She points down the road as she is speaking where you can see the road ends in a t-intersection. At the intersection is an odd sight, an oversized wagon with a section of ornately carved wall standing upright in it.

Warren begins walking towards the library; noticing the wall in the wagon he stops short, stares at it for a moment, and then shrugs and continues on.
Perception check to get a closer look at the wall: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
Bluff check to pretend he is not looking at the wall: 1d20 ⇒ 6


A middle-aged man is at work on the wall, sculpting tools in hand. A tool belt around his waist holds numerous other tools and implements for working with stone. Several ropes tied to the sides of the wagon stretch to top of the wall to keep it stable in the wagon. It appears to be made from a single massive slab of marble. One side of the wall is a smooth surface, the other shows the intricate depiction of a royal court, nobles bowing to a queen and offering up gifts with ivy leaves and vines skirting the edges.

The wagon itself is also quite unusual, sporting three wheels to either side. The spokes of the wheels and the bed of the wagon are reinforced with a unusual metal or alloy you are not familiar with, but they seem to be able to hold the great weight without strain.

The man working on the slab sees you gawking and gives a half grunt, though you notice a smile playing at the edge of his lips.

As you continue on past the wagon the sky darkens as a cloud covers the sun. Looking up you can see storm clouds moving in from the east, off of the ocean.

Minor back track here to give more information on Coran, now that I'm not trying to use my phone to post.

An hour before you reached the city wall you had already run into densely packed buildings. Homes, shops, merchants, inns, and so forth. The populace is largely human but also contains a fair number of elves, half-elves, gnomes, haflings, dwarves, half-orcs, tieflings, aasimar and other races that aren't so easily identifiable. The city itself is sprawling and could easily take several hours to cross through the city from one end to the other. The gate you entered the city proper from spans a 80' distance.

Male Human Arcane Duelist 1

As they enter the suburbs and move towards the city wall, Cedric will try to get some information on Grays, Morag, the wall they passed, and anything else. He chats up multiple people as they go, and whenever they stop he moves off to speak with passers by.

Diplomacy to Check for Information: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (13) + 9 = 22


Turning onto the old road mentioned by the women you follow it for nearly an hour. It mostly runs southeast, but turns slightly from time to time. The last two or three hundred yards allows you a good view of the library as you approach it. It is a large three story building spanning several hundred feet north to south. A large tower rises another 50 feet above the third floor. The tower is covered in stained glass windows depicting an angelic being wielding a flaming sword. A light source from within the tower causes the stained glass to shine brightly against the backdrop of the gathering storm clouds. At the very top of the tower is a great clock. The first drops of rain begin to fall.

Scholarly looking individuals in an almost continuous flow move about the entrance of the library, many no doubt practitioners of the arcane arts. Armed guards stand at the entrance and just inside you are asked to leave your weapons with a handful of clerks who dutifully take your names down and take your blades into a side room till you are prepared to leave the place.

Through an open side door you can see several long tables with numerous scribes seated, painstakingly copying books, texts, and scrolls into large leather bound volumes.

A large counter occupies the large entryway, several dozen people waiting at the counter to speak with one of the librarians behind it.

Waiting patiently in line for a few minutes you arrive at the counter where a young woman speaks in a brisk business like tone, "Welcome to the great library. Have you been here before?" At the shake of your head she continues "We charge 1 silver coin per person per hour for your time spent researching in the library. There are private rooms where you may read and study quietly, but all books must remain here. The library is divided into numerous sections, containing thousands of books each. History, warfare, arcane theory, religion, philosophy, science, art, geography, language, the planes, etcetra. For a price of 10 gold I can help you narrow down your search. Now what can I help you with today?"

Knowledge (Local) is the skill you would actually use for this kind of information gathering, though it could certainly be similar to diplomacy in this situation.

None of the people you talk to seem to know anything about William Grays. The general response you get is "It's a big city."

A few people know about Morag, all they are able to tell you is that he is employed by Duke Baelson, you note they seem hesitant to talk about it.

Lots of people know about the strange wall-builder/sculptor and seem to laugh as though the man is crazy. "That's the third wall he has built this year in that wagon of his. Each wall he makes is unique though. Different depictions, different type of stone, and one morning the wagon will be gone and the wall with it. Not sure where he is taking them, they certainly aren't being put to use inside the city or I'm sure I'd have heard of it."

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

Alma steps up to the librarian. "Can you provide me some books referring to Lycanthropes, as well as information about Necromancers over the past hundred years or so. Including any legends about either topic"

Once Alma is no longer around:
Irina asks the librarians for help on finding information about the Order of the Mithral Rose, preferably an outside source. Anything on current membership would be a bonus.


Warning, massive amount of text in the below.

Without blinking an eye the woman listens as Alma explains what he is looking for. Taking the 10 gold from him and depositing it in a bag hooked to the underside of the counter she writes on a scroll in a neat hand Legends regarding lycanthropes and necromancy. She then sprinkles a small amount of quartz dust over the wet ink, rolls the scroll up, and utters the words to a quick spell. She then hands the scroll to Alma.

Opening the scroll you read in neat handwriting.

Wars of Coran and the Ondian Empire – level 3, north wing, shelf A4.
A History of Coran – level 3, east wing, shelf B7.
Religions in Coran and the Surrounding Regions – level 2, north wing, shelf A2

With the scroll in hand you head up the stairs to start in the north wing of level 2. Rows and rows of shelves fill the large wide hallway, packed full of books. Doors off the side of the hall lead to small study rooms with patrons occasionally entering or exiting a door here and there, several books in hand.

For reference, the current year is 4624.

Religions in Coran and the Surrounding Regions (Alma, and anyone else who is going with him):

The book documents the beginnings of many of the faiths in the local regions but is of little interest until you come upon an entry 'The followers of Erastil in Gumlat':

Information on the church of Erastil is sparse, but what records are available date from the year 4351. It was a time of drought and many of the creatures native to the mountains of the Chaggath spine came down out of the mountains in search of food. Many of the those in the outlying villages of Coran fled their homes to the then fledgling city of Coran to escape the wild beasts and darker things, seeking passage on ships in the port to find more prosperous places to live. Gumlat was one of the few villages that refused to leave their livelihoods. Information, most in the form of word of mouth stories handed down from parents to children, collected from multiple families who trace their line back to Gumlat, generally concur that a large number of wild animals converged on Gumlat. Many of those stories include tales of half-beasts, or lycanthropes, among the wild beasts. The stories also include mention of a beacon or pillar of light shining down from the heavens into the part of the forest where the church of Erastil in Gumlat now resides. Followers of Erastil claim that Aroale Nulil was taken into the heavens by Erastil that night and claim the location as a holy site. The site is to this day watched over by the followers of the stag god. The stories further continue that the beasts thereafter left Gumlat alone, though at this day such claims certainly no longer apply as the forests around Gumlat contain numerous animals of the mundane variety. The siege of Gumlat, if it can be called such, is sometimes referred to as the war of the beasts in other writings.

Moving then to the north wing of the third floor.

Alma, Heligar, Markov:
Upon reaching the north wing of the third floor, looking out the windows over the city you see a very large structure several hundred yards away. It appears to be made entirely of stone, though it is hard to be certain from this distance. You can discern no windows or doors in the edifice and no other buildings can be seen on the plot of ground that the building occupies. The building is a good 120' across, and from this side at least is a full half circle in shape. The structure rises 70' into the air.

Wars of Coran and the Ondian Empire (Alma and others):

The opening page of this book contains a index listing over half a dozen entries that the book covers.

The Cha'ena War – 4283
The Subduing of the Sea – 4328
The 3 Wars – 4350-4351
The Pirate King – 4445
The Necromancer Weldon - 4474
The War of Ascension – 4476
The Fall of Issust Hold - 4531
The Goblin Horde - 4604

If you want to know more about any particular entry just say so, but I'm including more depth on the obvious entries from your perusal of the first part of each section. I've split each section into its own spoiler though for reducing the massive wall of text all this information is.

You begin scanning through the beginning of each section to see if you can determine which might be of interest.

The Cha'ena War:

In 4283 a tribe of desert dwellers poured out of the region now known as the Endless Desert and begin raiding the smaller settlements under the governance of Coran.....

The Subduing of the Sea:

In 4324 Coran had established several trade routes with the then independent islands of Ioso. In 4328 several ships went missing and others reported attacks by strange fishmen rising up out of the ocean. The mageocracy of Coran investigating the reports were able to divine a large colony of Sahuagin lay in the line of the trade routes....

The 3 Wars:

This section contains a small preface.
Information related to what is sometimes referred to as the 3 wars is notable scant. It is the belief of this author that records that should be available to verify the authenticity regarding the 3 wars have been purposefully removed from the library. A few word of mouth stories still exist in certain family lines, but none seem to be in agreement as to the scope of these wars, or sometimes even what all happened during these wars.

The 3 wars are believed to have all taken place in the space of a single years time and involved the City of Coran itself. Fixing an exact time to to any of these wars has proved fruitless, though the second war, The War of Beasts seems to have certainly taken place in the late summer or early fall of 4351 during a time of drought.

The first of the 3 wars, The War of the Dead
Occupants of Coran and the surrounding region were leaving the area in search of better food supplies and to make a better living. Reports of an army of undead, thousands strong, sweeping northward out of the desert reached the mageocracy of Coran. Fearing what such a menace might do to an innocent and unprepared populace and that the growth of any such army by those unwittingly caught in its advance, it is believed the mages took great measures in expediting the emigration of those wishing to leave the land, all the while preparing the simple defenses of the city against this great terror.

The available records and stories all seem to agree that an uprising of undead did occur, several things however suggest that rumors and stories regarding this undead threat are overstated.

While a vile magic, even necromancy has its limits. In order to create and control such a large army would have required hundreds of necromancers working together.

Based on population data available for Coran at the time the city could not have sported an army of more than between 400-600. Such a relatively small number of defenders could not have withstood an army numbering in the thousands.

The second of the 3 wars, the War of the Beasts
It is uncertain whether the war of beasts took place before, after, or at the same time as the war of the dead. Driven by drought in the summer of 4351 creatures of all kinds came down out of the mountains in search of food. Besides various humanoid races that infested the mountains at the time this also included all manner of wild beasts and animals. Outlying settlements reported attacks on their livestock and occasionally upon their residents. This seems to have contributed to the large migration of the populace seeking to leave the area. Those living on the outskirts of the city who refused to leave for other lands soon sought refuge behind the city walls as reports of neighbors gone missing or torn apart by wild beasts spread. Due to the mass migration during this time period though verifying the truth and accuracy of such stories is impossible.

The third of the 3 wars, the War of Nightmares
Believed to have taken place shortly after the war of the dead is what is known as the war of nightmares. Bereft of some its population, the remaining occupants of Coran began reporting strange creatures roaming the streets at night. A number of people were found dead in the streets. Some killed in a grisly fashion, others seemingly unharmed, but dead never-the-less. The mageocracy enforced strict curfew laws upon the city. The normal city guard were included in this curfew, while small bands of armed warriors sworn to the mage tower patrolled the streets, often escorted by one or more mages from the tower. Conflicts were frequently heard in the night, accompanied by explosions of magic, and screams both human and inhuman. This continued for several months until the mages lifted the curfew and declared that the threat was over. They remained tight lipped about the nature of the threat though.

The exact nature of the nightmarish creatures remains a mystery, though many believe demons or devils from other planes were set free upon the city.

The Pirate King:

In 4445 trouble on the seas increased and sailors spotted ships flying an unknown flag along the known trade routes.....

The Necromancer Weldon:

In the year 4474 troubling news arose about the graves in the city graveyard having been disturbed. It soon became apparent that someone was meddling with the necromantic arts. At length it was discovered that a mage from the tower, Weldon Loem, was behind this undead uprising. Weldon was soon hemmed in and contained in network of crypts below the cemetery. For three days the mages of the tower deliberated before destroying the undead and taking Weldon into custody. It is said they were concerned about the extent of Weldon's mastery over the undead and feared to move to quickly should he be to powerful. This event though was one of the catalysts that lead to the War of Ascension.

The War of Ascension:

Amid a time of great civil unrest, rumors about the mages of the tower, and incidents such as Weldon Loem the citizens of Coran rose up and overthrow the mageocracy....

The Fall of Issust Hold:

In 4531 a bloody battle took place at Issust Hold between the people of the hold and a large number of fire giants from the Endless Desert. A contingent was sent from Coran to aid the hold in its defenses.....

The Goblin Horde:

In 4604 a great mass of goblins poured forth out of the Chaggath spine raiding settlements and causing a panic in the country....

And finally moving to the east wing.

A History of Coran (Again Alma and anyone who went with him):

The book documents very briefly the founding of the city in 3884, built up around a mage tower that had been erected some years before and had come to be known as the Tower of the Heavens. The founding the great library in 3906. The establishment of the mageocracy. A brief synopsis of the various wars listed in 'Wars of Coran and the Ondian Empire'. The overthrow of the mageocracy during the war of ascension and the establishment of the nobles and monarchy currently in power.

Taking Irina's gold the assistant creates a similar parchment for Irina.

Faith and Beliefs (Irina):
The parchment lists a couple of books that have reference to the Order of the Mithril Rose.

The first book, titled “Faith and Belief” contains entries on all the major gods and a good number of lesser gods as well. It talks about their organizational structures, tenets, and so forth. Under the heading of 'The Order of the Mithril Rose' you find the following:

The Order of the Mithril Rose was founded in 4366 by the paladin Inaer Ghaend in Morrowund. It is unusual in its organization in that it does not adhere to a single deity, but attempts to encompass all of the good aligned deities. This occasionally leads to some strife within the order over its leadership. The order has since established chapters in many cities and kingdoms, seeking to influence those cities for good. The paladins of the order are generally viewed favorably and are attributed in having helped pull down a number of corrupt government officials across the continent, eliminating slavery in the Tiar dynasty, ended the reign of the lich king Sul'ald in Aghiki, and are usually credited with bringing down the ancient blue dragon Yrrgaloth near Issust Hold, though the information on this last feat is spotty and even the Order of the Mithril Rose is unable to verify it with certainty, though they had sent a contingent to deal with the threat at the time.

The order itself is actually broken into three primary ranks, with the Order of the Mithril Rose being the first rank. The mithril in the Mithril Rose is said to represent strength of character and unyielding hardness in the face of evil and wickedness, while the rose is said to be a reminder of compassion for the poor and meek, and to help those who have not turned wholly to darkness to find the light.

The second rank is known as the Order of the Flame, and is also two fold. The flame represents the paladins duty to purge the world of evil, to be consumed in the flame, but also to purify the soul of the righteous even as precious metals are made pure when they pass through the fire.

The third rank is the Order of the Blade. The blade is intended to represent the cutting asunder (or final separation) of whatever evil may be within the paladins thoughts and feelings. Few paladins within the order ever attain to this rank as it also requires a singular achievement by the paladin in bringing forth the light of truth in a time or place of great darkness. Inaer Ghaend held this rank for having cast the demon lord Nalis back to his home plane. Is'gar Voriak attained this rank for the uncovering of the Taeist plot to overthrow the city of Deyrt and bind the populace to slavery. The book goes on to list only four additional entries of those who attain the Order of the Blade.

The order is notably unwelcome in the Kaless borders. Two-hundred and fifty of the order were slain or taken captive in the Kaless war with Chas and the order has not attempted to establish a chapter in Kaless since.

And in another book, or rather volume of books, with no title

A whole series of volumes contains the names of people known to be associated with various organizations in Coran, including a section on the Mithril Rose. The first book in the set starts in 4470, with 5 year increments between each new volume, and the last is dated 4620. Flipping through the most recent volumes for the Mithril Rose, Ashal Quaine has been head of the chapter in Coran for the last 20 years or more. The roles during that time range from anywhere from 150 to 200 members. The names are broken down by the rank within the order, with none currently holding the rank of the Order of the Blade. The name Clara Temore appears in the roles 9 years ago under the Order of the Mithril Rose. It does not appear in the most recent volume from 4 years ago.

A third book titled “Deceiving the World”

This book shows an obvious disdain and contempt for the various religions. A short entry on the Mithril Rose reads:

The Order of the Mithril Rose frequently meddles in politics, swaying the opinions of a given populace and threatening punishment from the gods should the people not repent of their supposed evil deeds. Beleon Lymas incited a riot in Seim in the year 4599 causing widespread damage in the city and surrounding areas before the monarchy was able to quell the uprising. The Mithril Rose stubbornly backed his actions until it was proven that he had ties to a cult working in the region with the goal of bringing evil outsiders to this plane. The Order at that point quickly evicted Beleon from their ranks and tried to cover up the events surrounding Beleon.


I still need an init roll from Malaswyn and Heligar.
If everyone could also give me 4 new perception rolls in the near future as well.

Male Half-Elf Alchemist/3 HP 16/20

As Markov enters he gets a smile on his face at the sight of all the books. He then goes to the assistant.
"I'm looking for anything about legends, prophecies and the history of the local and surrounding areas. Preferably containing undead and dark beasts."
perception rolls:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13


The woman raises an eyebrow at the second request for information related to the undead.


In addition to the references already received by Alma you get the following additional information:

A treatise on various prophecies throughout the known world. Those already fulfilled and those yet to be fulfilled. Also a list of claims of prophecy that have been discredited or believed to be false. Also lists various magical devices and spells used in foretelling the future.

Under the heading of magical devices a single paragraph states:
It is believed the mageocracy of Coran held a wondrous magical item of prophetic nature. The exact type or form of this item is unknown, and with the tower now sealed it seems the truth of the matter will forever remain a mystery.

The Rise of the Ondian Empire
For nearly 600 years the mages of Coran ruled the city, slowly expanding their influence to all the surrounding regions now known as the Ondian Empire. Coran is most well known for its great library, built by the mages, and nestled at the southern edge of the city. The mages were overthrown during the War of Ascension, but the change of rule proved only a minor hiccup to the nations prosperity. The city of Coran has grown in huge numbers, with the census taken in 4600 estimating the size of the city at 21,000 citizens. The nation includes the islands of Ioso east of Coran, the city of Akleta north across the Chaggath spine, Issust Hold to the south on the edge of the Endless Desert, Gumlat to the west, and numerous smaller settlements scattered between them.

The former mage rulers left strongholds dotting the land with their overthrow during the War of Ascension. Various sources have placed the location of some of these strongholds, the locations of others were undoubtedly lost during the riots that came with the war in which part of the great library was destroyed. At the time of the overthrow the last known mage of the tower that had not fled or been killed closed the door of the tower and it has remained forever after sealed.

The current rulers of Coran hold a rather unique form of monarchy in which the wealthy may buy their way into the nobility and the ruling king or queen does not pass their right to rule on to their heirs. Instead a new king or queen is chosen from the among the most powerful nobles when a previous leader passes away. To date 3 kings and 2 queens have ruled the nation, reigning anywhere between 15 and 35 years in duration, with the current queen, Risine Mosal, passing the 20 year mark in 4622.

The nation is largely human in population but has a smattering of most other races of the known world among its citizens. Ondian welcomes most religious beliefs, so long as they abide by the nations governing laws. They continue to have friendly relations with neighboring kingdoms exporting food, ores, gems and various minerals in exchange for silk, spices, and other more exotic and rare trade goods.

The great library of Coran continues to draw travelers from across the world, making the city a hub of information for students of history, scholars, and practitioners of the arcane.

The book goes on to list folklore of the area and repeats the rumors Kaym and Cora mentioned back in Gumlat regarding the mage tower.

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

I ask the nearest librarian, [b]"What is that building to the north?".

Perception rolls: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (14) - 2 = 12
1d20 - 2 ⇒ (1) - 2 = -1
1d20 - 2 ⇒ (9) - 2 = 7
1d20 - 2 ⇒ (4) - 2 = 2


"What that's the old mage tower good sir, it's been sealed for near a century and a half now."

The rain outside has slowed to a light drizzle and the sun will soon dip below the horizon. Outside the windows you can see that the traffic in the streets is considerably less than when you entered the city.

What would the party like to do for accommodations for the night?

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

"Why is it sealed, and who sealed it?"

I will purchase a room at the nearby in. Solo room.

Warren has no problem sharing a room with someone else (and will happily take the floor spot), but is also content to go solo as well.


"The mages sealed it. They say the last mage of the tower went mad and was throwing fire at the rebels closing in on the tower. Before anyone could get to close though he shut the door and no one has been in our out since."

For those who searched for specific topics in the library remember to subtract the 10 gold. Everyone also subtract 2sp for a couple of hours time spent there going through the books, etc

You make your way out of the library, retrieving your weapons at the door, and asking direction for a reputable inn. The rain continues to come down lightly. A few people still walk the streets, but most of the shops have closed and those on the streets hurry about heading for home. Lamplighters have come out along the main roads.

As you are nearing the inn four or five people run past a cross street 30-40' up ahead, moving to the east. A male voice can be heard shouting out, "Stop them! Someone stop them, please!"

The road you are currently on is 30' wide. Up ahead is a smaller cross street that is about 20' wide. I will get a map up later tonight.

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

If I can reach one of those who are running, I will attempt to grapple him.

Grapple 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15

Not sure of the rules on Grappling, so I just used my STR modifer, if it should be different, please take that into account.


Grapple uses your CMB stat. Currently they are 30 feet ahead of you down the street, and around a corner so you can not see them presently.


Coran Streets Map

The figures ran to the left towards X90 (west - sorry I got my directions backwards up above), the shouting is coming from the right (X110).

Alma, Irina, are you mounted on your horses currently?
If either of the two with horses are mounted Warren will attempt to jump on behind one of them.
Ride check: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (19) - 2 = 17
If he fails or if they are not mounted then Warren will simply take a run action (using his swift action to activate his inquisition power and increase his base speed by 10 feet).

Irina would be mounted. She gives a squawk as Warren suddenly appears behind her. The horse leaps forward galloping towards the intersection. Ends up in X99-Y100 after a "move action".


Entering the intersection you see that the west end of the cross street soon ends in the wall of a 10' building. Three ropes dangle over the sides of the building, hooked to some part of the roof. Two of the figures that ran past have just finished climbing to the top of the ropes and are now standing on top of the building, they are not looking your direction. The others that were with them cannot be seen.

In the other direction an elf, old even by elven standards, with a walking cane in one hand is limping your direction, a look of anguish on his face. Farther down the street behind him (not shown on the map) a younger female elf is getting up from the ground shaking her head with a hand held to her temple.

Coran Streets

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

I would assume I am mounted as well, I will follow Irina.

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

Sorry, got some catching up to do.

In the libraryI have been very quiet as we pass into the city, once in the library I trail along behind Alma, interested in learning about the city, however at some point I suddenly blurt out: Oh, Seleme! It's so vast, how will I find you! As the sound echoes around th quiet library I look abashed and make gestures of sorrow to anyone I have distracted.

Initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20


I run down the street after my comrades, seeing the figures disappearing I hustle down toward the elves: Tad-cu, a ydych yn brifo?

Elvish (and Welsh):
Respected Elder, are you hurt?


I'm not going to try and respond in Welsh :)

Malaswyn, in elvish:
"I am fine, but Lih took a nasty hit to her head. They have taken my pendant." He rubs his hand along his neck and you can see where the skin has very recently been rubbed raw in a thin line curving around to the back of his neck. He continues moving to the west as he speaks, his limp keeping him from moving rapidly though.

The old elf is well dressed in fine clothes, though they are wet from the rain. A ring adorns each hand and his walking stick is of a fine quality of wood. His silver hair is shoulder length and well kempt.

As Lih gets closer you can see blood oozing out from between the fingers she has pressed to her temple. At her waist is a sheathed rapier. She is similarly well dressed, though her hair is currently in somewhat of a disarray.

The two figures on the roof are wearing hooded long cloaks which stick to their bodies due to the rain, the hilts of blades can be seen poking out from their waste on their left. Each has a light crossbow dangling from a strap on their right hip.

I'm assuming Cedric and Markov have also moved up to the intersetion.
Init order is Malaswyn, Warren and Cedric.
The pendant thieves
Alma, Irina, and Markov

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3
TowerOfTheHeavens wrote:

I'm not going to try and respond in Welsh :)

** spoiler omitted **

The old elf is well dressed in fine clothes, though they are wet from the rain. A ring adorns each hand and his walking stick is of a fine quality of wood. His silver hair is shoulder length and well kempt.

As Lih gets closer you can see blood oozing out from between the fingers she has pressed to her temple. At her waist is a sheathed rapier.

The two figures on the roof are wearing hooded long cloaks which stick to their bodies due to the rain, the hilts of blades can be seen poking out from their waste on their left. Each has a light crossbow dangling from a strap on their right hip.

I'm assuming Cedric and Markov have also moved up to the intersetion.
Init order is Malaswyn, Warren and Cedric.
The pendant thieves
Alma, Irina, and Markov


I move over to the young woman: Lih, yw e? A yw'r clwyf yn ddifrifol?

Lih, is it? Is the wound serious?

Heal, to assess injury, if needed 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23


The skin on her temple is split and a bruise is beginning to show, but the wound appears superficial.

"Dw i'n iawn diolch i chi, bydd yn gwella."

I'm fine thank you, it will heal.

Lih moves next to the old elf, "Meistr Logan, ydych chi'n iawn?" to which the old elf nods affirmatively.

Master Logan, are you alright?

Warren jumps off the horse and begins running towards the two men on the roof (should end at Z95).

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

Alma rides to the ropes and begins to climb the rope.

Roll needed for this? what modifiers? i'm just sure my half plate could cause an issue

Scarab Sages

Alma wrote:
Roll needed for this? what modifiers? i'm just sure my half plate could cause an issue

Climb check. DC 5.

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

Climb can be used untrained with your strength (+3) but suffers from armour check penalties (-6 for half-plate, -2 for heavy shield). So you have a -5 to climb.

I run back toward my fellows, calling out to them: They are thieves! They've stolen a pendant!

Male Human Paladin/2 HP 28/33

Climbing the rope 1d20 - 3 ⇒ (4) - 3 = 1

After failing to do so, on my next turn I will try again.

Climbing the rope 1d20 - 3 ⇒ (3) - 3 = 0

sheesh.. rope climbing is hard


Cedric GMPC'd, casting sleep.

Will save:1d20 ⇒ 19
Will save:1d20 ⇒ 3

One of them drops prone on the top of the roof (the roof is flat, he does not fall off). The other, now aware of the group, pulls out his short sword and slashes at one of the ropes. As he does so he calls out over his shoulder behind him, "Marise, someone is following us."

Attack roll on the rope:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15
Damage: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

The top end of the rope drops down on Alma's head as he begins to attempt to climb it. The thief then takes a 5' step to the west.

Party may act, except for Alma who has already stated his actions and failed to climb a simple rope.
The prone sleeping thief cannot be targeted as he has full cover from the building. The other one may be targeted by anyone standing at least 15' away from the building. I'll get an updated map later tonight.

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