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Tower of the Heavens (Inactive)

Game Master bbangerter


Campaign length:
Long term the campaign will be broken into several sections, or chapters, roughly 3-4 months in real world time each. At the beginning of each new chapter players who played the previous chapter will get top priority in playing in the next chapter, but if someone needs to bow out because of real life schedule changes or other reasons this will give them a clean opportunity to do so and allow the group to recruit new players to fill in the spots.

Character creation:
If you are selected for the campaign you will be asked to create a first level character. This will be a 20 point buy using all classes, archetypes, races, feats, etc from CRB, APG, UM, and UC except Barbarians (nothing against barbarians, I'd just like to see a game played that doesn't contain one :). Characters should select 2 traits from any of the four rule books as per standard rules on traits. Take max gold for your class when buying equipment. Spells, feats, etc not contained within the listed books will not be accepted (I will likely approve them at a later point in the adventure if you ask so I can look over the feat or spell). No races from bestiaries allowed.

Item creation feats can be taken, but be warned that downtime in the campaign will not provide much opportunity to make use of these feats. Perhaps a week of downtime per chapter at best unless the character purposefully skips out on some of the adventuring, and thus takes a loss in potential experience and loot gain during that time frame.

House rules:
Metamagic rods do not exist.
Metamagic feats are changed as follows:
Metamagic feats may be applied spontaneously 2/day to spells being cast in the same way that metamagic rods work (that is they do not increase the spell slot level of the spell being cast). However, you must be capable of casting spells that the metamagic feat would normally raise the spell level to. For example, if you choose the Enlarge Spell metamagic feat (increase spell slot level by +1) you can enlarge your first level spells as soon as you are high enough level to be able to cast 2nd level spells. You can enlarge 2nd level spells as soon as you are high enough level to cast 3rd level spells, etc. You cannot take a metamagic feat until you are of sufficient level to be able to cast 1st level spells with the feat applied. You may take a given metamagic feat multiple times to increase your times/day of using that particular feat.
Note that this means you cannot select most metamagic feats until you are able to cast 2nd level spells.

Some monster abilities have undergone minor changes. This shouldn't surprise you unless you are meta gaming the monster abilities as the knowledge skills will reveal those changes on a successful check.

Combat will be done using google docs for maps with combat working as follows:
Players who rolled initiative higher than enemies
All players (including those who acted before enemies)
All players

The expected life cycle of a single round of combat is 1 day (hence the post once every 24 hours requirement).

Tower of the Heavers Chapter 1 - An Innocent Beginning:
The last few years have been dry ones. Fears are that a famine will soon sweep across the land. Rumors fly that kingdoms to the west have erupted into war as food supplies have grown short. Wells are going dry and some smaller villages have become ghost towns. Small groups of homeless immigrants now travel the roads. Strangers that were once welcomed at an inn or tavern are being frowned upon in many places as a possible threat; another mouth to feed.

Seeking a change for the better you hired on with a merchant by the name of Bendon. A jovial overweight man, a little short for the average human, short black hair and a close trimmed beard. He hired you to protect his caravan heading east to Gumlat, a small town on the western border of Ondian, promising a fair pay for your services. For six weeks you enjoyed his friendly company and those of your new found companions. Less than a day outside of Gumlat you wake up late in the afternoon, sick to the stomach, dizzy, and a pounding headache. Bendon and his caravan are gone and your promised pay with them.

You are now sitting in a small tavern in Gumlat, the effects of whatever drug Bendon poisoned you with having nearly worn off. The proprietor is a thin wiry man who seems to have a perpetual scowl on his face, but that may just be because you have been taking advantage of the shade provided by his tavern and have yet to order anything.

You recall that to the east of Gumlat lies the city Coran, the capital of Ondian, known across the continent for its great library. The great city is built at the edge of the sea in the foothills of the Chaggath Spine mountains. South of Coran is a vast stretch of wasteland known as the Endless Desert.

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