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Tomb of Horrors (4e) - Group 2, Part 2

Game Master Rev Rosey


Female Tiefling

Female Tiefling Warlord/Infernal Strategist 18
(648 posts)

Celestial Healer

Silver Crusade Celestial Healer

Male Celestial Cleric of Myself 10/Radiant Servant of Me 10
(16,294 posts)

Male Halfling Monk 18 / Ghostwalker
(312 posts)


Gnome Trickster
Barel Dlode

Male Dwarf Warden/16
(444 posts)

Female Drow Ardent 13
(228 posts)



Evil GM
(4,336 posts)
Jeggare Noble
Sir James Durham-Fairfax

91/111hp Dark Reckoner Warlock
(352 posts)


Cannon Golem
Qadira Zerombr

(610 posts)
Brienna Soldado
Silver Crusade Guardian Iatos

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder
(504 posts)

Previous Players

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