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Tomb of Horrors (4e) - Group 2, Part 2

Game Master Rev Rosey

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Male Halfling Monk 18 / Ghostwalker

"You have shown your honor, Tavar, in your efforts in this place. You may hold your head high." Lanthair resumes his stoic silence.

Male Dwarf Warden/16

When Tavar arrives, Barel walks over to Tavar and hands him a mug of ale and chugs his own in salute. When Ruinblade speaks of killing Tavar, Barel eyes the talking sword with more dislike than his previously simple dubious glances towards it.

Thom walks over and accepts the ritual book. He looks down to his feet for a moment before he looks up into the deva's eyes. "Thanks, Tavar. I...uhh...wanted to say that I don't think we could have made it this far without your help...and you will be missed, my friend." He wipes a bit of moisture from his face, before muttering gruffly, "Take care of yourself, Tavar."

He glances at the ever-flowing mug Barel offers him and shrugs. "Oh well, it's only a hangover..." as he picks up a mug of the bitter brew and attempts to drink it without looking like...well...a wizard.

Female Tiefling Warlord/Infernal Strategist 18

Arishat leans heer spear against the wall, and grabs a mug of Barel's ale. Sipping it, she looks around. Thom looks a little down. Let's cheer him up a bit. She downs the rest in one gulp, and saunters over to grab him. "Come on then, Thom. We're dancing. I get to lead."

Thom struggles to down the bitter tasting ale with choking or vomiting up the liquid. Once the liquid has settled in his stomach, he feels a not-unpleasant warmth spread into his belly.

Hmmm...this stuff is not so bad, maybe I could get use---

As Arishat yanks him to his feet, he struggles to maintain his footing feeling like a complete klutz compared to the dextrous tiefling.

"Hey Ari, I have to admit, you do dance quite...well."

At least she certainly knows how to take the lead here. I wish she wasn't just interested in me for my body...he he.

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

And here Thom just lamented earlier to Raya about *wanting* that. Heh

Though she does a fine job of not intruding, Raya can't help but approve of the gesture.

How are the shopping lists going? I did a swift recalculate and realise you are somewhat under-rewarded for your efforts.

A dwarf Skullbreaker takes a close look at your accummulated loot and taps a finger on two of the gems.

"Flawless. Worth 20,000 gold each."

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

I should have my eq done shortly, after I add the 8K extra we just got

No worry and no rush. Just didn't want you all to feel neglected. I've got a whole new set of maps to create.

Morning comes, bringing another grey day in Skull City. Njall leads you on a winding path through the city to what used to be a river dock.

"There's a portal here. If you can fix it, it will get you to Freeport."

He grins wryly. "We don't get a lot of visitors and the ones who do make it don't often leave. The Black Flames made a point of disabling all the permanent circles early on. I'll watch out for snipers, but be as quick as you can."

Arcana checks to get the thing working again. You can aid each other.

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

"Certainly makes me wish I devoted more time to understanding the arcane...nevertheless we'll manage." Raya hefts Ruinblade, and takes a guarding position near Thom.

Female Wood Elf Cleric / 3

Lynore nods at the sentiment.

Male Dwarf Warden/16

Barel stands facing away from the portal, watching for snipers as best he can.

Perception: (13)+11=24

I have not tackled my equipment request list yet, but your post on your blog was a great teaser...I didn't click on the picture link (didn't want to spoil it), and I did post my excitement--but only after some other dude named Trey posted.

Thom grins at Njall, "Gee, I am gonna miss this place..." He then turns his attention to the portal and his new found bodyguard. "Yeah, Raya but sometimes the arcane does not wish to be understood, he he."

Arcane 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (18) + 23 = 41

Female Tiefling Warlord/Infernal Strategist 18

Arishat lends what assistance she can. "It reminds me of my brother's toys, though not as burnt."

Arcana, 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (19) + 13 = 32

Between them Thom and Arishat discover that the portal has been rather amateurishly wrecked. With a little tweaking they can make it functional again - for a short time at least.

Two more arcana checks please. How long you get depends on how high they are.

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

In case of combat, Guardian Iatos has Ruinblade hefted on her shoulder in one hand, her new banner in the other, and is currently taking total defense, and hopefully providing a cover bonus to Thom from ranged attacks.

Thom notes Raya taking a defensive position over him and thinks She likes me!! Once Thom notices the portal is functioning again, he continues to tinker with it...

Arcana 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (17) + 23 = 40

The Exchange


Wow, Thom opened a gate to the center of all things with that roll!

Male Halfling Monk 18 / Ghostwalker

Lanthair looks distrustfully at the arcane tinkerings.

Thom casually continues to tinker, almost bringing the portal back to life.

One more Arcana check.

Lanthair senses, rather than sees, Njall twitch slightly beside him and spots something moving in the shadows.

"Hurry. We have company."

Female Tiefling Warlord/Infernal Strategist 18

Arishat tries not to tread on Thom as they fiddle with the arcana device.

Arcana, 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (11) + 13 = 24

The portal flickers alarmingly as Arishat fails to see an intricately carved rune of some importance.

From the shadows, dark energy zings towards Thom, narrowly missing the engrossed mage. The attacker remains invisble.

Thom is completely engrossed with the portal...and other pleasant thoughts in his mind...

"Ari ya missed one, he he. Almost got it..."

Arcana 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (16) + 23 = 39

Thom readily corrects Arishat's inadvertant error and the portal crackles into life. He estimates it will stay open no longer than two minutes - ample time for the party to leave, but also possibly allowing access for other less welcome creatures.

Male Halfling Monk 18 / Ghostwalker

"We don't know what's on the other side. If we step through first, we may be attacked from two directions. Perhaps we should stand our ground here, ward off the attackers, and then pass through."

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

"I'll guard Thom on the other end, so he can be ready to disable its workings. Cover us on this side." Whether or not Thom can do this is beyond Raya's knowledge.

Raya assumes vanguard of this formation and readies to enter.

Female Tiefling Warlord/Infernal Strategist 18

Arishat's tail whips round frustratedly. "Let's go. Barel and I will bring up the rear."

The group plunge through the portal as the attackers in the shadows continue to rain dark energy on them. The last sight you have of Skull City is Njall raising his hand to alert his own team of ambushers as he ducks skilfully aside.

In the place of the sullen gloom of the city, you find yourselves in a back alley somewhere hot and smelly. At a guess, you are near a wharf. The stink of fish suggests it, certainly.

As an additional pleasant surprise, nobody seems about to attack you.

Thom dusts himself off, then wrinkles his nose in disgust. "Hmmmm,that portal must have still been defective...I was aiming for the library."

He looks around, "Welcome to Freeport guys...and ladies! Where to now?"

Male Halfling Monk 18 / Ghostwalker

"Is anything going to follow us through?" Lanthair regards the portal dubiously.

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

"May you be victorious, Njall. I shall see you again." Raya murmurs far too late to be heard. She reaffirms her posture, looking about. "Well that's up to you most likely. Sigil is the destination, but wherein lies our journey?"

Freeport eh? Any chance Raya has connections here, whether simply with a church or temple or perhaps her own order? I've got a few NPC types I can supply you with if you wish.

Raya is certain there is a temple to Ioun in Freeport. She is uncertain quite what aspect of the goddess is acclaimed here, but there will be enough similarities.

Lanthair's question is answered as a body falls through the portal before it flickers shut. The corpse is that of a gaunt humanoid wearing the emblem of a white skull. It has been pierced by many arrows.

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

Raya quickly drops Ruinblade upon the creature for a coup-de-grace before she even knows what she's doing, judging by the look on her face. She startles as she looks down, "Must've been instinct..." She murmurs, as she silently wonders how much control this artifact has.

She investigates the corpse.

Thom gives the paladin an odd look before he checks the corpse for any magical auras. As he examines the corpse, he mutters softly to her "Just be a little judicious with that blade, Raya. Most city folk, even those in Freeport, take a dim view to slaughtering helpless bodies."

Arcana take 10, total 33.
Is Thom aware of any Wizard's guilds in Freeport?

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

She exhales as she looks around, "I've been in the tombs for too long I think. Felt like months." The Guardian manages a forced chuckle.

"There's a temple here somewhere, why don't we report in, then see what options we have to get to Sigil."

"It was already dead," complains Ruinblade.

Thom senses no magical auras around the corpse. It is very dead, and you recognise the arrows as Skullbreaker ammunition, formerly enchanted to be particularly lethal to undead.

Of a certainty there will be a wizard's guild in Freeport, but a more immediate problem presents itself. Footsteps are heard at the end of the alleyway and happy drunken singing. A group of strangers surrounding a corpse is likely to attract attention even here.

Female Tiefling Warlord/Infernal Strategist 18

"We may want to be somewhere else when the body is found. I don't want to spend the bribes that would prove our innocence." Arishat checks for alternative exits to the alley, that won't take the group past the footsteps. A nice low wall would be nice, if they can't get out of one end.

Arishat sees no exits, but there is a promising door that looks pushable.

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

Absently on the previous topic still, Raya murmurs, "I'd rather ensure nothing followed us, is that so bizarre?" She stands back up, "I see no worries with authorities, but the sooner we report in, the better."

Into the door, onward to the Temple of Sune, er Ioun!

The door opens into a general refuse area. Piles of waste add to the great smell of fish and offer a decent hiding place either for the group or the corpse. It seems that you are at the back of an inn. Another door stands ajar and beyond it voices can be heard.

"Did you order the otyugh, Fred? It's getting full out there."

Someone (possibly Fred) rumbles an affirmative.

Male Dwarf Warden/16

When he emerges from the portal, Barel was on guard, and doubly so when the corpse falls through just behind him. Anxious to be away from the portal, Barel moves towards the door pointed out by Raya and plunges through, with hammer by his side and ready to be hoisted at a moment's notice.

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

Is the portal closed on our side now? Raya's not leaving until its closed.

It crackled shut after the body came through.

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

Just ensuring.

Raya walks past/through the refuse pile like she belongs there. She'll go around the inn if possible, if not, then she'll politely use the back door.

There does not appear to be any access to the inn except through the kitchen.

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

She knocks on the backdoor then politely.

A frazzled cook sticks his head out.

"You brought the otyugh?" he asks before taking in Raya's armour and companions.

"I guess not."

Silver Crusade

Female Human 18 Paladin/Heartwarder

"Indeed. Pardon us, we'll just be passing through."

"Not through my kitchen. You come in the front like everyone else."

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