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To Wear the Carrion Crown (Group 3) (Inactive)

Game Master Haldhin

Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Current Characters

Azi, Gandareva

(88 posts)
Man in the Desert
Sovereign Court Nameless

Male Human Student (5)
(1,015 posts)
Dark Archive Seranov

Male Human Student
(2,710 posts)
'Horrible' Harold Grimsley

M Half-orc Brawler 1 {HP 12/12; AC16, T12, FF14; F+4 R+4 W+1; Init+2; Perc+5} {Effects: none}

played by Draconas (308 posts)
Sandpoint Cleric
Alexei Dawnreach

Male Human (Chelaxian) Oracle of Life 4

played by Seranov (491 posts)
Pahmet Monk
Bjorn Stonehand

Male Ulfen Exemplar 5 l HP: 59/59 (0 nonlethal) l Init: +0 l AC: 17 [T: 10; FF: 17; CMD: 20*] l Fort: +8, Ref: +5, W: +6 l Per: +9
Inspire 7/7 | Martial Flex 5/5 | Knockout 1/1

played by Feral (870 posts)
Priest of Asmodeus
DM Haldhin

played by Haldhin (2,893 posts)
Korvus Slade

Male Half-Orc Wizard (Conjurer) 5 {HP 34/34; AC 15, T 11, FF 14; F+3 R+3 W+6/+8 vs. fear effects; Init+1; Perc+12} {Effects: Mage Armor}

played by Max Hellspont (447 posts)
Amin Jalento
Lucius Cassius

1st: 8/8 2nd: 8/8, 3rd: 7/7 4th: 5/5 5th: 4/4 Sacrificial Boon: 9/9 Rallying Cry: 1/1
Dashing Ex-Con 10 (HP 62/62; AC:18, T:12, FF:14; Fort:+9 Ref:+11 Will:+10; Init+4; Perc+0) (Effects: Mage Armor)

played by Daxter (802 posts)
T. Merula Maximus

Male Thrush Familiar {HP 14/14; AC 18, T 16, FF 16; F+0 R+4 W+6; Init+2; Perc+11} {Effects: none}

played by Max Hellspont (6 posts)

Previous Characters

Psychopomp, Shoki
Lantern Lodge Cuàn

(989 posts)
Devastation Bob

Male Humanoid 12th level slacker
(575 posts)
Asha Kahina

Female Human (Garundi/Keleshite) Cavalier (Musketeer/Luring Cavalier) 2

played by Cuàn (34 posts)
Stronfeur Uherer
Gunther Steinhammer

Male D Fighter 1

played by Devastation Bob (28 posts)
Loris Raknian
Korthul the Lesser

Male Half-Orc Fighter 1/Rogue 1

played by Nameless (32 posts)

Male Catfolk Rogue (Cat Burglar) 1

played by Cuàn (45 posts)

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