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To Wear the Carrion Crown (Group 2) (Inactive)

Game Master Haldhin

Carrion Crown Adventure Path

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I'm working through everything right now, and expect to have everything posted before noon.

Thanks for your patience.

Okay, here we go.

Group 2:

Group 3:

Yes, I've decided to run another group. I would appreciate it if the people in Group 2 could post here, while the people in Group 3 post here.

So how did I decide on these characters? To greatly simplify the process, I chose the ones that best fit my view of the Carrion Crown AP. I looked at everything presented in the submissions, but I focused primarily on character backgrounds, responses to my questions, and how the characters were affiliated with Professor Lorrimor (i.e. campaign trait). Party role and crunch were minor factors, but they did not have any impact on their own.

There were many excellent submissions, and in the end, my selections are as much about personal taste as anything else. I am disappointed having to turn away so many great characters and players, but my time is limited and I have to manage my commitments.

I wish to sincerely thank everyone for making my job very difficult by submitting great character concepts, and I hope everyone who didn't make it finds another game very soon.

good luck to all those chosen

I'm smiling awfully hard right now! Thanks alot, Haldhin!

I am very much looking forward to playing with you, and all the others in group 3!

Howdy folks, I am Leon's recommended friend. Just thought I would at least make my presence known here on the boards. Sorry for the lack of a character right now. RL has me on call and I have class in the morning. I fully intend to show up with a character by tomorrow evening and at least some understanding of the setting we're in.

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