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To Wear the Carrion Crown (Group 2) (Inactive)

Game Master Haldhin

Carrion Crown Adventure Path

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Opening the thread.

Male Dwarf Stonelord 1

Hey all, looking forward to this!

Male Elf Rogue 5 [HP 38/38 || AC 20, T 15, FF 16 || F +2, R +8, W +1 (+3)] {Effects: None}

Checking in. I still need to properly finish up the alias and finalize the character (I think it's close to final, I just want to re-ponder some choices I made).

Definitly looking forward to the game.

Male Gnome Druid 1

Checking in. Thanks for picking Vincent and I - I think my alias and sheet are pretty much final. The only thing I'm still fiddling with is equipment.

Edit: Reading over other people's sheets, I hit a question. How many traits should we have? I'm used to 2 so I went with one campaign trait and one other, but I'm seeing people with 2 traits +1 campaign trait, and also just the campaign trait. Do I need to reduce or add, or am I okay how I am?

Glad all of you have made it here so far.

Everyone should have a total of 3 traits - 2 normal + 1 campaign.

More details to come this evening.

EDIT: I started the Gameplay thread so everyone can get it on their list. Please post ooc until we officially begin.

Human Rogue(Thug/Scout) 1 , hp 11/11, AC 17(T14/FF13) CMD 16, Init +6, Perc +5. F+2/R+6/W+1

Checking in.

I'm pretty stoked for the campaign and super curious to see how a stonelord works out.

Male half-elf Summoner (Wild Caller) 5


Can't wait to play this AP

Quick DM notes tonight...

Glad everyone is excited about the campaign, I'm definitely looking forward to it too!

My job allows me to check the site several times a day, as well as post occasionally. At the least, I plan to post every night before 10pm EST (GMT -5). If the thread is full of action, I'll likely post more often. I also post on weekends, but I understand if things slow down a bit on Saturday and Sunday.

That said, I also have a 3-month old son, so my posting schedule is +/- baby time. I haven't really had any problems yet, but just in case I'm unexpectedly absent, you all have an idea why.

And speaking of being absent, if I know I am going to be out of touch, I'll let everyone know well before it happens. I would ask everyone to also do the same if at all possible.

For combats, I'll use a map if needed, but if tactics don't play a huge part in the fight, we won't use one. I like to have initiative rolled, let everyone post their intentions/actions, then I'll post a recap of the round. Generally speaking, people get 24 hours to post their actions, after which I'll move on with the combat.

In the short term, I'd like to have character details finalized this weekend. I'm planning on making the first official Gameplay post on Sunday afternoon, with my next update Monday evening.

If there are any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to post them.

Male Dwarf Stonelord 1

Fair enough, thanks for letting us know.

Azkhoth should be set. I'll double-check a few things in the morning though to make sure.

Male Elf Rogue 5 [HP 38/38 || AC 20, T 15, FF 16 || F +2, R +8, W +1 (+3)] {Effects: None}

I think things are finalized on my part. Anything further would be just fine-tuning or fixing typos.

Male half-elf Summoner (Wild Caller) 5

Me and my pet are ready to go

Male Dwarf Stonelord 1

I looked over Azkhoth, and I think I'm set. Now t' be practic'n mah Dwarven accent, ye ken?

Human Rogue(Thug/Scout) 1 , hp 11/11, AC 17(T14/FF13) CMD 16, Init +6, Perc +5. F+2/R+6/W+1

Pretty sure I'm good to go.

Eidolon 4

Figured I should post as Eidolon so you can check

I have made the first official post for the campaign, so feel free to start posting! Please include a physical description as part of your post.

I have also reached out to our final member via PM and I'll update as needed on his status.

Since I'm running these two groups concurrently, the first few posts are going to be identical, but the stories will diverge soon. Nothing too far away from the original AP, but enough to make sure everyone is getting their own experience.

I'm going to start reviewing characters and I'll let people know if I have questions or issues.

Male Dwarf Stonelord 1

Post up. Let me know if the accent's too thick or annoying--I can tone it down or just type normally if that's the group's or DM's preference. Also let me know if you want a simple block describing Azkhoth instead of having it spread out like I did in the post--I can spoiler it here or add it in my next post.

Think the post is just fine Azkhoth, and I don't find the accent annoying at all. Like to hear from the rest of the group, but generally, as long as I don't have to re-read a sentence 3-4 times, I'm good.


Heard from our 6th player, he's on vacation and will be back next week. We're going to continue ahead for a while, and I'll run Leon if/when needed.

HP 53, AC 22/25, F +9, R +7, W +7, +10 Perception, Punish 1/1

throwing my hello out to everyone.

recruitment ended during a short vacation. I'll be back and able to post consistantly by this weekend.

Male Elf Rogue 5 [HP 38/38 || AC 20, T 15, FF 16 || F +2, R +8, W +1 (+3)] {Effects: None}

Oh dear... I noticed the near abysmal Diplomacy bonuses in the game posts and glanced through the other charcters... It looks like Firavel has the highest diplomacy and bluff with the +3 (although he does get taken to the cleaners on the Sense Motive and Intimidate). Does this mean the fellow who dumped Charisma (me) is destined to be the face of the party?? Oh boy... I smell trouble, lol.

Male half-elf Summoner (Wild Caller) 5

I have the same without ranks, unfortunately their not class skills so I can only do so much but if the party wants a face character I can probably swing it

Don't worry about specific roles, you guys won't have any problems because you don't have a "face" character. Just play what you want, how you want, and have a fun time. There will always be several ways to handle things, I'm not going to "penalize" the group for not having a specific niche skillset.

Male Elf Rogue 5 [HP 38/38 || AC 20, T 15, FF 16 || F +2, R +8, W +1 (+3)] {Effects: None}

I wasn't too concerned. I just found it amusing we're all a bunch of social misfits, so to speak. Sure some force of personality here, some sensitivity training there, some speech training the other way. Put us all together and we're perfect.

Male Gnome Druid 1

Sorry, I meant to post earlier but I had a small emergency where my laptop refused to take a charge. I think it's all remedied now.

No problem, hope it's nothing.

My next posts are fairly sizable so it gives me time to write and review them. I said before 6pm, but it's probably going to be around 3pm EST. :)

Male Elf Rogue 5 [HP 38/38 || AC 20, T 15, FF 16 || F +2, R +8, W +1 (+3)] {Effects: None}

DM Haldhin. I might not be able to post this weekend as we have family staying over. I should be able to get something for Monday morning, but if non-combat things are going on, Fir can just stay introspective during the period.

HP 53, AC 22/25, F +9, R +7, W +7, +10 Perception, Punish 1/1

I'm back from my trip and will catch up on the story so far this morning.

Male Dwarf Stonelord 1

It's been crazy for me this weekend, and will be today as well. I'll have a post in this evening (sometime after 3:00 PST).

No problem, I'll wait for your next post. Thanks for letting us know!

Male half-elf Summoner (Wild Caller) 5

I may not be able to post tomorrow due to family stuff but should be able to at least check in

All good, Sethis.

We had an emergency with our dog last night and this morning so running well behind at work today. We'll get back on track tonight.

I am apparently not getting updates about new posts from the boards any longer, but I have reset the feeds, so hopefully that does the trick.

I have posted a link to an Obsidian Portal site I created to provide players with easy access to information such as Player Handouts and Maps. The link can be found in the 'Campaign Info' tab at the top of this page.

On the OP site, you can find a map of Ravengro in the 'Maps' tab, with a legend in the 'Wiki' tab.

I plan to continue and add information as the campaign continues, but please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.

It's been over two weeks since I've heard anything from Azkhoth, so I have PMed him to let him know we're moving on without him. No hard feelings toward him. My biggest issue is that I'm very lenient when people give me prior notice about missing some posts, but disappearing for weeks without warning isn't going to work.

I believe the group is capable of continuing on with five for now, but I would prefer six. If any of you have an opinion on continuing with five versus six, please let me know.

Male half-elf Summoner (Wild Caller) 5

Why not continue as is for now and if we need a six pm one of the applicants that didn't make original cut

Human Rogue(Thug/Scout) 1 , hp 11/11, AC 17(T14/FF13) CMD 16, Init +6, Perc +5. F+2/R+6/W+1

Five is probably fine, these things move faster with fewer players too.

Male Gnome Druid 1

Five or six are both fine with me. Our front line may be a bit odd for a little while, but I think it'll work out

Okay, we'll continue with five and revisit if we have any issues.

HP 53, AC 22/25, F +9, R +7, W +7, +10 Perception, Punish 1/1

We still have all the party roles filled. No need to recruit.

Apologies for not posting last night. My wife and I are trying to adjust our sleeping schedule to better match our baby's schedule, and we both crashed early last night.

Human Rogue(Thug/Scout) 1 , hp 11/11, AC 17(T14/FF13) CMD 16, Init +6, Perc +5. F+2/R+6/W+1

No need to apologize, babies can be exhausting.

Thanks, I can't really complain, he's a great baby. It's just a huge adjustment for two night owls who need to start going to be four hours earlier so we're somewhat functional when he wakes up at 4:30am. :)

Male half-elf Summoner (Wild Caller) 5

Ah memories. Thankfully my daughter has finally learned to sleep in.

I am posting a LINK to the shared drive where I keep everything for this group.

Currently, you should be able to see the Outer Prison Map, and the first two rooms inside the prison.

It's now Wednesday, nobody posted yesterday, and only Leon posted on Monday. Is everyone doing okay, getting too buy to post, etc? Just checking.

Human Rogue(Thug/Scout) 1 , hp 11/11, AC 17(T14/FF13) CMD 16, Init +6, Perc +5. F+2/R+6/W+1

Was just giving folks a chance to drive the action, but dunno about the others.

Male half-elf Summoner (Wild Caller) 5

I've got no excuse I just plain forgot sorry

All good, I know people are heading back to school, we just had a long holiday weekend (in the US, don't know where everyone is from), and my family - at least - has been passing a little cold back and forth for a few days. Guild Wars 2 was just released, etc, etc.

Easy to get busy these days. :)

HP 53, AC 22/25, F +9, R +7, W +7, +10 Perception, Punish 1/1

As I understand it, Create water fills a vessel up to the listed volume. What a "vessel" is is debatable, but generally speaking it has to have something to fill.

The Drench cantrip is the one that is for putting out flames and creating water in the air.

For that reason, a well prepared adventurer brings a collapsable oil-skin bucket. :)

Male Gnome Druid 1

I'm not really sure either, but I figured it was worth a shot. Create water is a bit of an odd one because the spell description says it can be used to create a downpour of rain but the conjuration school says:

A creature or object brought into being or transported to your location by a conjuration spell cannot appear inside another creature or object, nor can it appear floating in an empty space. It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting it.

I'm not sure how you create rain without putting water in empty space, but that's where I got the quote 'I assume he's a "surface capable of supporting" water?' from. If not we can rule the turn out, or if the good DM Haldhin is feeling generous we can just assume Girvin is refilling the aforementioned water skin and dousing from that

HP 53, AC 22/25, F +9, R +7, W +7, +10 Perception, Punish 1/1

Personally, I think Drench and Create Water should just be different uses of the same spell, kind of like how Pyrotecnics can do more than one thing.

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