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Thirst - A Ravenloft PbP

Game Master Celestial Healer

Set in the land of Ravenloft, a band of intrepid heroes searches for a way home, but their fate may be inextricably tied to a vain, power-hungry madman. Uses the Pathfinder ruleset.

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Male Human Magus 5 AC21, T14/16, F15/17, Hits 40/40, Init +6(+8), F+7, R+6, W+5; Perception +0, Arcane Pool 9/9

"Does the drumming mean there is a celebration we can attend, my friend?" Andrzej eats up the soup with gusto and enjoys the slightly musty tang of the white meat.

A celebration would be a good way to spend our time here. Getting to know the villagers better. I have missed the road and the pleasure of the campfire music.

Chickenbone regards Res closely at his question. "It's not easy ta say. It's the spirits. The spirits tell me you got da evil with you. But you also got da good. Beware da evil." He grows quiet and pensive. Then he smiles at Andrzej's question. "They dancin' away the spirits. Ye can go see it if ye want."

Male Human Magus 5 AC21, T14/16, F15/17, Hits 40/40, Init +6(+8), F+7, R+6, W+5; Perception +0, Arcane Pool 9/9

"Dancing! Of course I will go and join them. Take me my frien' chickenbone!" suddenly Andrzej is all animated and shows emotion, almost a first.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {35/55, LoH 4/6, CON: -2}

Leandro declines the offer of soup with a slight shake of the head and continues watching and listening. The old man's mention of evil seems to alarm and interest him. He falls in near their host as the party makes their way to the fire and dancing.

"Sieur, uh, Chickenbone, how can the spirits tell we have evil with us? Can they tell where the evil is so we may purge it?"

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

Res finishes his soup and joins Andrzej on the way to the dancing. He is relieved to see Andrzej's demeanor lighten. Too many times has he seen a comrade miss a blow due to tension and pay the ultimate price. Remaining vigilant while enjoying the battle has always served Res well in the past.

29/29HP , AC17

Looking back to the group suspiciously, especially with Andrzej's change in attitude, he watches closely to see if the sword-dancers hand nears his weapon. Whilst the bards own hand slips into his coat pocket to find his own friend, his feathered owlish companion.

At Leandro's question, the witch-doctor says, "De spirits speak as dey will. Nothing so specific."

Now that the sun has set, darkness has settled over the swamp like a stifling blanket. You pick your way carefully in the direction of the sound of the revelry. As you near, you can see through the trees the faint glow of the bonfire. The drumming is ecstatic and the yells of the folk are wild and savage.

The bonfire reaches up some ten feet, and smaller fires surround it. A collection of natives beat hand drums while others dance wildly around the bonfire. Around the smaller fires, some leap over the flames, oblivious to the searing heat. In all, the natives seem to have worked themselves into a frenzy, and scarcely notice your arrival.

Male Human Magus 5 AC21, T14/16, F15/17, Hits 40/40, Init +6(+8), F+7, R+6, W+5; Perception +0, Arcane Pool 9/9

Handing his rapier over to Tybalt, Andrzej moves forwards clicking his fingers to the beat until he is close enough to join in the dancing. His grace and talent are rusty but the boy has some moves. At this rate he will soon be lost in the moment like the rest.

Perform Dancing 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19

29/29HP , AC17

Taking the rapier with some reverence, Tybalt watches on as he sees the rare dances of the Vistina along with the local tribes folk dance. For though he'd read tales of the people of the swamps he'd little imagined he might get to witness such a performance.

The music takes him, drawing away his paranoia in the flurry of the beat. Finding himself tapping his other hand against his thigh to the rhytmn, he looks to the others with him.

Andrzej adds his own steps to that of the wild swamp folk. The rite continues well into the night, even to the wee hours of morning. The native folk seem to dance until they collapse from exhaustion. No one says anything, or even acknowledges your presence. The glow of the roaring fires seems to keep the suffocating darkness of the swamp at bay.

After the wild night, it is full daylight before Chickenbone wakes you. "You rest long enough," he says, "now's da time for action. It's not wise ta be visitin' a place of the dead while night reigns over da sky. Go now, and you will have several hours o' daylight remainin'."

Is there anything else anyone wants to note about their actions at the bonfire? Anything else you want to ask Chickenbone before you go? If not, we will proceed with your journey following the raven.

29/29HP , AC17

The strange esoteric dance draws Tybalt in, as does the pulsing rhythm softly he adds a couter-melody to the performance. Firelight creating a burnished glow across his visage, an expression of intrigue at the curious ritual mingled with the infectious euphoria of the masses.

Dragging himself away before the last few revellers collapse, Tybalt ensures he gets some rest before the morning arrives. Though he doesn't awake at first light, he's up in the morning and preparing for the ardous day ahead.

His heavy pack at his side, he looks to the others; "Lets be off, shall we?"

Male Human Magus 5 AC21, T14/16, F15/17, Hits 40/40, Init +6(+8), F+7, R+6, W+5; Perception +0, Arcane Pool 9/9

His calves ache from the dancing, using muscles like that night has not happened for a while. The Vistani rubs them and rises to adopt his more somber persona again.

Andrzej nods to Tybalt almost as if the party never took place and the swamp mission is everything. His leather spellbook is open as the man waits.He chews on a piece of bread carefully at the same time, waving it in time occasionally to mimic the casting actions.

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

Relaxed from the break from the dreariness of the swamp, Res gathers up his stuff. "I'm ready to move out." he says.

You say your farewells to Chickenbone, as he watches you depart from his porch. His expression turns stoic and difficult to read.

As promised, the raven keeps pace ahead of you, leading you on a dry path through the swamp. The raven seems to know how to avoid the mires and keeps you on a path that is easy to walk on.

As you continue, the sounds of the swamp - the buzzing, chirping, and croaking of tiny creatures native to the wetlands - seems to die away around you. An unnatural stillness has settled over this area of the swamp, and the living things seem to avoid it. The trees are mostly dead, with clumps of grey moss hanging limply from their blackened branches. Brittle reeds rise from the sodden earth, and snap like twigs underfoot.

Almost without warning, you come upon a stone archway. The stonework appears to be incredibly old, and sickly clumps of creeping vines and rotting moss cling to its supports. A massive wrought iron gate stands aside within the archway, fallen from its hinges in every place except one, and no longer serving any useful purpose.

The raven alights on the top of the archway and moves no further. It is just past mid-day.

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

Res surveys the landscape as it gets bleaker. When they reach the archway, he notes the raven perching on the top of the archway and says, "This must be the place. I think the Raven has brought us as close to the evil as it can stand. I think we are on our own from this point. Best we don't tarry, we only have the half of the day left. If there are vampires lurking about, maybe they are asleep and we can catch them unaware. I can hide us from the undead, but it will only last nearly three quarters of an hour. Do we think we need it now or later?"

Anything you want to do before you proceed inside?

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

I'll take a chance that it won't take us all day to explore this area. Res casts Hide from dead twice and protects everyone with him. After that he begins to proceed through the archway. It will last 40 minutes.

Hide from undead:
PRD wrote:
Undead cannot see, hear, or smell creatures warded by this spell. Even extraordinary or supernatural sensory capabilities, such as blindsense, blindsight, scent, and tremorsense, cannot detect or locate warded creatures. Nonintelligent undead creatures (such as skeletons or zombies) are automatically affected and act as though the warded creatures are not there. An intelligent undead creature gets a single Will saving throw. If it fails, the subject can't see any of the warded creatures. If it has reason to believe unseen opponents are present, however, it can attempt to find or strike them. If a warded creature attempts to channel positive energy, turn or command undead, touches an undead creature, or attacks any creature (even with a spell), the spell ends for all recipients.

Male Human Magus 5 AC21, T14/16, F15/17, Hits 40/40, Init +6(+8), F+7, R+6, W+5; Perception +0, Arcane Pool 9/9

Andrzej accepts the decision of Res and prepares to enter under the archway with Tybalt. He looks around to see who is up for this.

I am running one extra in another game already so I'd rather not commit to one more here.

29/29HP , AC17

Tybalt had thanked their host for his hospitality and left with him a small stipend as thanks. He set off with the others carrying his heavy load for the long and soggy journey into the swamp.

A handkerchief with inside it, a small signed & sealed note of thanks, a small quantity of silver powder (20gp), 25 gp in coins & a small song he composed over breakfast after thinking about the nights revelry.

"Certainly now would be an ideal time to use such a incantation, it'll hopefully get us past most undead guards without the alarms being raised. For although I've heard the bloodsuckers dislike working with lycanthropes and their own animal totems may be assuaged." He says softly, looking through the portal.

Then he gets out a small bladed knife and pushes some vines away to look for any carvings/ mouldings or such.
Cast Know Direction & Fey Haunted Aspect before acting further.

"Is this Magical?" The bard asks softly; "For it might be trapped, or a portal."

I'd not mind acting for an additional person or so.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {35/55, LoH 4/6, CON: -2}

Leandro rouses from dark daydreams, having slogged along in grim silence behind the group. The song and dance from the night before had appalled him with its raw, primitive nature. Though trained to dance and recite, his talents were more suited for the genteel drawing rooms of Taldor than for this wilderness. He had remained silent and still, allowing the rest to enjoy their evening as they would, deriving little himself from the primal revelry.

The gateway seems no more evil than the rest of this world to the weary paladin. At the bard's question, he removes one hand from Thorn and waves it in an complicated gesture, murmuring words taught to him at school by friends studying the arcane arts. "We shall see..."

Detect magic on the gateway.

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

I can take over Eliva

Eliva comes up next to Res and they both scan the area for more clues.

Eliva perception: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (8) + 12 = 20
Eliva perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

"If the archway doesn't look like a trap, I think we best get moving before the spell I cast on each of you fades," says Res.

The gateway emanates an aura of faint evocation. The aura seems to pervade the entire ground beyond it as well.

Spellcraft DC 17:
The grounds are imbued with a permanent desecrate effect.

Eliva does not detect any traps, however.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {35/55, LoH 4/6, CON: -2}

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (13) + 9 = 22

"Why has this bird led us to such unhallowed ground," Leandro complains, "The very bones of the earth are tainted with evil."

29/29HP , AC17

"Well, I suppose it was quiet probable that the mausoleum would be consecrated to a non-benign deity. Which leads me to believe that this is a linked portal." He pauses; "Or at least a definite connection, maybe if we pass through the archway, it'd take us there... or course I'm not sure how we'd return."

For the record, you are looking for an ancient necropolis that is the base of operations for a necromancer. Unhallowed ground kind of comes with the territory.

Also, there was no conjuration magic detected that would indicate a portal, nor were there traps. This could just be the entrance to the necropolis. If the ground beyond is unhallowed, that might explain why the raven won't enter.

29/29HP , AC17

So the arcway leads to another area? Or is it a free-standing gate in the middle of the undergrowth & swamp - that could be a part of a fence/wall around an area?

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

"Well at least there are no traps to start. If the ground is tainted as you say, it may give our foes an advantage. Keep your eyes open," says Res. He pulls out his greatsword and proceeds forward.

Male Human Magus 5 AC21, T14/16, F15/17, Hits 40/40, Init +6(+8), F+7, R+6, W+5; Perception +0, Arcane Pool 9/9

"We attack his home. He will be ready and so conserve your powers." Andrzej cleans his black boots of swamp mud and grasses while the investigating continues, making them more presentable.

29/29HP , AC17

Tybalt nods to the others as they prepare to enter the gateway, his muscles tauten whilst his hand slips to his belt. "Good, we move fast and decisively. Break his wards and take back Harags Skull - has anyone got a wooden stake, just in case?"

The archway is free-standing, leading to more swamp beyond.

You make your way onward. Beyond the archway lies the overgrown grounds of the necropolis. Ancient crumbling monuments stand overgrown with moss and ivy, while thick roots split the foundations of squat mausoleums. The branches of trees twist and stretch at improbable angles, their leafless boughs drooping with faded brittle moss.

The air in the place is oppressive, and seems to draw the very light from the air. Gloom pervades the atmosphere and an eerie quiet is disturbed only by your own steps.

Ahead, a tall statue of a woman stands in a small clearing. The limestone is pocked and weathered from countless years of neglect, but somehow her visage continues to express a beautiful, unspeakable sorrow.

Perception checks please.

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

Res pauses at the edge of the clearing. "Keep your eyes open, this clearing is a good place for an ambush." perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {35/55, LoH 4/6, CON: -2}

Perception: 1d20 ⇒ 18

"Beauty everywhere, even here."

29/29HP , AC17

"Of course." Tybalt adds to Res, then with a cheeky wink to lift Leandro's spirits. "Recognise her? Cause she reminds me of a dear barmaid down by the blacksmiths in Holmwood."

Perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (19) + 10 = 29 +2 Vs Undead, +3 in Darkness/Shadows

Male Human Magus 5 AC21, T14/16, F15/17, Hits 40/40, Init +6(+8), F+7, R+6, W+5; Perception +0, Arcane Pool 9/9

Perception: 1d20 ⇒ 14

The magus looks around hoping the ambush makes a mistake, since he knows how observant he isn't.

Tybalt and Leandro see movement in time to warn the rest. A number of shuffling forms approach from the other side of the clearing. Horrid corpses, rotting flesh falling from their bones, they move with an unnatural, shuffling gate, but do not seem to want for speed.

Roll initiative.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {35/55, LoH 4/6, CON: -2}

Init: 1d20 ⇒ 19

"'Ware undead!" the paladin cries, lowering his glaive to a combat position.

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

Initiative: 1d20 ⇒ 6

Does it appear the undead creatures can "see" us in spite of our hide from undead spell?

knowledge (religion): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (13) + 9 = 22

Res looks at the area that Leandro saw the undead creatures. He tries to identify them.

Male Human Magus 5 AC21, T14/16, F15/17, Hits 40/40, Init +6(+8), F+7, R+6, W+5; Perception +0, Arcane Pool 9/9

Andrzej hopes the hiding spell has worked, "maybe they answer our movement through here and we need to just avoid them?"

The magus looks for a gap and heads that way.

29/29HP , AC17

"You see them too?" Tybalt asks with shock as he realises his companions are under physical attack. "Evasion is better than conflict." he agrees with Andrzej. whilst trying to think of some puns to create discord within the spiritual link that binds the creatures to earth.

Initiative: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15
Initiative Angalia: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16
Initiative Anuqua: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7 Could we assume he'd put up his Mage Armour, or else that'll be his first action of any upcoming conflict
Initiative Eliva: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24

Male Human Magus 5 AC21, T14/16, F15/17, Hits 40/40, Init +6(+8), F+7, R+6, W+5; Perception +0, Arcane Pool 9/9

Init.: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

I almost forgot about your hide from undead! Good show.

The zombies shuffle along, evidently unaware of your presence, but answering some unseen summons that brought them to the courtyard.

It is your choice whether to engage them or bypass them.

Zombie Init, if it ever comes up: 1d20 ⇒ 4


Male Human Magus 5 AC21, T14/16, F15/17, Hits 40/40, Init +6(+8), F+7, R+6, W+5; Perception +0, Arcane Pool 9/9

To save the spell, the magus continues on without harming any. It is the head that must be taken.

29/29HP , AC17

Quietly, Tybalt moves into the graveyard and approaches the statue. Seemingly drawn to her ethereal grace and sorrow the bard moves over to view her countenance, though he tears his tear-filled eyes away to see if there's any markings upon the pedestal to see whether there's any writing or names.

"Shall we go on?" He asks in a soft tone almost swallowed by the graveyard, whilst he looks about for a entrance to the mausoleum proper.

Male Human Magus 5 AC21, T14/16, F15/17, Hits 40/40, Init +6(+8), F+7, R+6, W+5; Perception +0, Arcane Pool 9/9

Unable to understand or feel what Tybalt does, the cold Andrzej continues behind the bard, his crossbow now safely stowed and the rapier at the ready.
He sidles on like that cat on a hot roof, keeping as quiet as he can.

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