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Thirst - A Ravenloft PbP

Game Master Celestial Healer

Set in the land of Ravenloft, a band of intrepid heroes searches for a way home, but their fate may be inextricably tied to a vain, power-hungry madman. Uses the Pathfinder ruleset.

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female Human Rogue 4

Angalia is quite happy to see the back of the ghast and throws up quietly before returning to the campfire.

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

Res would love to chase after the Ghast but he is a little indisposed at the moment.

The consensus seems to be that destroying ghasts is good but you're a bit battered to be chasing one through the woods at night. That's probably wise.

Take 400 xp each to bring you up to 6700.

The patients are still badly shaken by the combat. Sister Cecile turns to them in soothing tones, but also calls back to you, "It is a true mercy that you are all here. Terrible things prowl these woods at night. I shudder to think if we had been out here with nought but a band of sellswords. Too many of them flee at the first sign of danger."

She can provide some healing if you all need it.

Female Human (Gypsy) Dreamspun Sorceress 4

Tif considers chasing after the foul creature, but seeing the state her friends are in decides against it.

"Are you well enough dearest?" she ask Eliva, her hands searching the woman's injuries tenderly as she chews her lip.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro tosses Tif an agonized look. "This is my fault. I did not keep good watch. Lady Eliva, can you stand?"

Nathaniel awakens from his paralysis, but you see he is sweating generously. "What happened?" he says. "I feel... I feel..." but he does not go on.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro leaves Eliva in Tif's capable hands and approaches Nathaniel. "You were injured by vile undead - ghasts - but your injuries should be mending. You are sweating. Do you feel ill? Res, can you help us?"

Heal: 1d20 ⇒ 19

"I feel cold," Nathaniel says. He also is looking a bit pale.

Heal DC 15:
Nathaniel is showing the early signs of ghoul fever.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro takes Res aside.

Whisper to Res:

"I fear Nathaniel has become infected by the ghasts. I cannot cure this terrible disease; can you? He should rest this night and try to fight it off as best he can."

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

Recovering from his paralysis. Res listens as Leandro informs him of Nathaniel's condition. Let us take a look. I do have a scroll of remove disease, but maybe I can cure him in another way.

He goes over to Nathaniel, "Looking a little worse for wear Nat. Let me take a look." Heal Check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11. Res grunts to himself, "That paralysis must have affected me more than I thought. I can't really tell if a simple healing will work or not. Let me use this scroll of Remove disease to be safe." Res reads the scroll and touches Nathaniel. Remove Disease Caster level check 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5 against the disease DC. A look of concern crosses Res's face. You'll be fine Nathaniel. I'll be back in a minute. He walks over to Sister Cecile. "Sister Cecile, I cannot seem to help Nathaniel in my current state. Is there anything you can do to remove this disease. I can at least channel some positive energy to aid the injured if needed."

F$#*! this isn't going well. What a waste of a scroll!

female Human Rogue 4

Angalia watches quietly as Res and Leandro work together on Nat. Everything about their actions suggests that this is not going well for her oldest friend.

Quietly, she slips alongside Leandro.

"What is it? You can tell me and if I can help, I will."

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro takes one look at Angalia's face, then pats Nathaniel's shoulder briefly and leaves him in the care of Res and Sister Cecile. Placing a brotherly arm around her shoulders, he draws Angalia to the other side of the clearing and speaks softly into her ear.


"Be strong, lady. I fear the ghast that attacked Sir Nathaniel has infected him with a disease which neither Res nor I can help him with. He must rally and throw it off or he will become weaker and weaker and... Lady, are you certain you want to know more?"

female Human Rogue 4

"He'll become like them. I know. A man in the village died that way. If it comes to that point, I will kill Nat myself. He won't become a horror. Not my Nat."

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro nods at Angalia, face grim.


"You are brave, but do not give up hope. He is fit and strong and the gods will aid us, even here. We will be in a place soon where others may be able to help him. Let us not speak of the, uh, possibilities until we must. And if you know aught of healing, now is the time to use it."

female Human Rogue 4

"I can mend things but I can't mend my best friend." She can't keep the bitterness out of her voice. Then she shakes her head.

"You're right. We can't think like that. But just in case, I will be prepared. If anyone has to help him - that way - I want to be the one to do it."

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro heads back to see how the efforts to treat Nathaniel are going.

"If he is ill, he should rest. I can try to split his watch with somebody from third watch, if you like."

Nathaniel pulls himself together somewhat. "No, it's okay," he says. "I can keep watch. It's just a bit of chill." He gets to his feet.

Sister Cecile regards him with concern and says quietly to Res, "This is beyond my abilities, but the head of my order in Mortigny may have magic that could be of use."

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro watches Nathaniel thoughtfully for a moment, then nods.

"We should get camp cleaned up and set watch again, try to get some rest from this shattered night. If somebody would help, please..." Flicking his hand and muttering a brief phrase, he conjures several balls of light which accompany while he drags the reeking ghast corpses away from camp. He sends them ahead before he moves into an area.

Dancing (flash)lights and let's put the corpses across the road and down a ways, well away from the fires.

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

Res nods. "I'm sure after a night's rest, I can prepare the proper spell to remove the disease and I will be in better shape to help Nathaniel." Res goes to help Leandro move the corpses and then returns to his bedroll to get some rest.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro cleans and oils Thorn while the others prepare to settle back down for the night, then checks on Eliva and resumes watch.

Eliva - need any more healing or can you stand watch? I have one more LoH for the night and will be happy to use it on you.

female Human Rogue 4

Uninjured herself, Angalia is happy to maintain her watch.

Female Half Orc Inquisitor 5 {HP:28/30}

Sorry guys, travelling and haven't had much computer access for a few days. Eliva is at 6 out of 25 hit points.

Eliva managed to sit up with Angalia's help and took stock of her wounds. "I almost didn't walk away from this one, looks like," she muttered to herself. She struggled to her knees and called on Erastil for healing.

Cure Light Wounds x 2: 2d8 + 8 ⇒ (8, 8) + 8 = 24

As her head cleared from the cessation of pain, Eliva saw the concerned glances that Nathaniel was getting, and the conversation of a need for others to stand watch. She got to her feet and and walked over to where Res and the sister were speaking. "Is there anything wrong? You seem concerned. I can stand watch again if it's needful. It will make me weary tomorrow, but I can cast a spell on myself to dispel my weariness for a day.

Eliva has some heal skill and might be able to help Nathaniel fight off the infection with care.

So what is the plan with regard to rest times, watches, etc?

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Complete the watches as scheduled, I believe. We may have to extend our rest an hour to let arcane casters recharge.

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

Sounds good to me. Res will put Remove Disease on his spell list when he rises, and try to cure Nathaniel again.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Does Res have third level spells?

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

Oops - I thought he did, but he doesn't. I hadn't checked for awhile. I think I can try two heal checks instead.
Edit: In that case, back to our discussion in the other thread. He failed the caster level check so he doesn't lose the scroll. Yeah! I should actually read my character sheet instead of assume. :S Thanks for the help.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

OK, so if Eliva and Leandro take a full watch now (3 hours - I think we were one hour in), Nathaniel and Angalia take the next three, and Res/Tif the final three, everybody should get in the 8 hours of rest they need for recharging and healing, correct?

female Human Rogue 4

Sounds right.

That works. I'm not that fussy.

It takes some time to calm the patients again, not to mention your own frayed nerves. This time around there is a sense of wariness about the camp, as if everyone is waiting for the next horror. Small sounds seem to make your traveling companions jump and clouds roll in, blocking much of the light from the night sky.

The rest of the night passes without incident, however, and there is a general feeling of relief in the morning as the dawn burns away the chilly fog. Sister Cecile busies herself preparing a simple breakfast for the group.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro wakes the relief watch and spends some time quietly shucking his armor and cleaning it before retiring to his bedroll. Surrounded at last by people he trusts, he drops into an exhausted sleep which seems undisturbed until he's awakened.

After his devotions, he takes breakfast and double-checks the condition of his armor and weapon before arming for the day.

As the little caravan makes ready to travel, he approaches Res and Eliva. "My friends, those things that attacked us were people once, and it is not by their own desire they became horrors. It seems only right that we should bury them, not leave them to scavengers. And if we find any token of their family on their bodies, we should take it in hopes of providing word to their kin of their fate. Will you help me lay them to rest?"

Female Human (Gypsy) Dreamspun Sorceress 4

"Burn them Noble Heart," Tif says towards Leandro, her eyes weary from fitful sleep the night before "I would not see the soil desecrated with their foulness, all that was human of them was long since taken from the shells we see before us."

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Sudden pain flares in Leandro's eyes at Tiffana's words. "Do you believe so, Lady? They do not deserve even the barest acknowledgement of what they once were in life? Very well. I defer to your greater wisdom," he says softly and sadly, bowing to Tif, "It shall be as you say."

He sighs, pulls oil from his pack and a brand from the fire, and makes his way to the ghast corpses.

Looking for any posessions on the ghast corpses:

Perception: 1d20 ⇒ 11

The destroyed ghasts wear little more than soiled rags. Any meaningful possessions they once have long been shed, as they bear no significance to the foul creatures who exist only to feed.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro murmurs a prayer as the oil drenches the corpses, then touches the torch to them and stands back. When the fire dies, he returns to the caravan and makes ready to resume the trek.

Female Human (Gypsy) Dreamspun Sorceress 4

Tif places a soft hand on the man's shoulder, "What makes us who we are does not reside in a shell of flesh and bone, but is in our hearts, our minds, in our very souls. The bodies we burned were a mockery of what those people had been, I would not desecrate their souls by allowing them to remain."

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro's jaw tightens at Tiffana's touch, but he simply nods towards the smoking corpses and drops his voice for privacy.

Whisper to Tiffana:
"Yes Lady, that is the question. What happens to the souls of creatures like that? Are they trapped in there as long as they live? Have they already passed on? Does death bring them freedom, or damnation?" He swallows, then looks Tif directly in the eye. "I would give much to know. Can you see the answer?"

Tiffana and Leandro can continue their discussion... I'll move ahead with the narrative though.

The mood of the travelers is warier than ever as they set out again on the road. "We should get on the road as soon as possible," Sister Cecile says. "I want to be in town before nightfall. We cannot risk another night like this last."

Packing up the camp is a quick affair, and in short time, everyone is ready to depart.

female Human Rogue 4

Knowing what she does about Nat's condition, Angalia gladly helps Leandro with the ghast bodies. Much as she wants to believe Tiff, she doesn't feel that any gods are paying much attention to this place. Her inner resolve strengthens.

At Sister Cecile's words, she nods in quick agreement and does all she can to help pack the camp and aid the travellers.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro also makes ready quickly and walks ahead of the cart as they set out. He keeps an eye out for trouble, but spares some attention for Nathaniel, to see how he's holding up this day.

Once the camp has been taken down and the bodies disposed, you make your way onward.

"We passed into Richemulot sometime late yesterday afternoon," Sister Cecile explains. "You would not know, for the untouched wilderness looks much the same in both realms. We draw closer to the city, however, and the cities of Richemulot are unlike those anywhere else." It is unclear from her tone whether that is meant to be a positive or a negative.

"You will be free to stay with us while you are in Mortigny," she offers. "We have an abundance of space, and can have rooms made up. The hospital contains whole wings that we do not use, so there are always plenty of beds. It is staff we lack, not space."

The wagon trundles onward along the dirt road. The gnarled branches of trees which at night resembled the bony hands of things from beyond the grave now sway harmlessly in the diffuse daylight and the chilly fog slowly disburses as the day warms. The patients are quieter today than they were yesterday, perhaps subdued by the horrors of the previous night. Only Olga makes a sound regularly - her quiet, wistful hum.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

Leandro listens intently while Sister Cecile explains the local geography. When she is finished, he draws close and asks quietly, "Sister, I fear my sense of direction was lost in my illness. We are not drawing near a place named 'Dorvinia', are we?"

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

Concerned with Nathaniel's condition. Res checks him to see if his illness is getting worse. Heal Check:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

Sister Cecile tries to read Leandro's face to discern his feelings about the place. "Dorvinia is behind us," she says. "We are headed in the opposite direction."

Good question, Res. Is anybody providing any treatment to Nathaniel? Res, do you want to use that Heal check to aid his save?

Treat Disease: To treat a disease means to tend to a single diseased character. Every time the diseased character makes a saving throw against disease effects, you make a Heal check. If your Heal check exceeds the DC of the disease, the character receives a +4 competence bonus on his saving throw against the disease.

Male Human Cleric/5 {HP:42/42, AC 16 (11 without armor)}

Yes, go ahead use that first roll as a heal check to help Nathaniel fight the disease. Here is a second check. 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

Female Half Orc Inquisitor 5 {HP:28/30}

Eliva was waiting until they were resting for the evening before she attempted to help Nathaniel. If Res is trying to help with the healing, however, she will assist him. 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17: is enough to assist Res and give him a +2.

Eliva helps Res as he tries to help Nathaniel fight off the illness he has. "Once we can rest at the hospital, we can give him more extended care and hopefully help him fight this off. Do you think spells to heal his body's ability to endure would be useful?"

Save with bonus 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (5) + 8 = 13

1d3 ⇒ 3 Con and 1d3 ⇒ 1 Dex.

Despite the ministrations of Res and Eliva, Nathaniel seems to grow weaker. Still, he stubbornly refuses to be treated as an invalid and insists it is nothing.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}
Celestial GM wrote:
Sister Cecile tries to read Leandro's face to discern his feelings about the place. "Dorvinia is behind us," she says. "We are headed in the opposite direction."

Leandro's relief at this statement is not only plainly visible, but almost palpable.

Male Human (Taldan); Init +0, Perception +0; Paladin 5 {38/55, LoH 6/6, CON: -1}

As the day wears on, Leandro quietly asks Sister Cecile if she thinks they will make Mortigny and the hospital by nightfall, looking with concern at Nathaniel.

Female Half Orc Inquisitor 5 {HP:28/30}

Eliva sees Nathaniel's ability to fight off the disease weakening him, and does what she can to bolster his body's strength with her more powerful spells. She pulls out her holy symbol of Erastil and casts a spell that is longer an more complicated than any of the others the party has seen her cast.

Lesser Restoration (healing constitution) x 2: 2d4 ⇒ (3, 1) = 4

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