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Thirst - A Ravenloft PbP

Game Master Celestial Healer

Set in the land of Ravenloft, a band of intrepid heroes searches for a way home, but their fate may be inextricably tied to a vain, power-hungry madman. Uses the Pathfinder ruleset.

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Female Half Orc Inquisitor 5 {HP:28/30}

Eliva leads Yuri and Spindle out of the cellar, keeping a warning eye on Spindle as they approach the panicked villagers. She is ready to back up any party member with their explanation of what has transpired in the fun house.

Intimidate (Spindle): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (7) + 9 = 16
Diplomacy (aid lead party member): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21

I assume you mean Sergei; Spindle is a dead fey.

The panicked carneys notice the approaching PCs, and some are clearly taken aback by seeing Sergei, but none address you.

Female Half Orc Inquisitor 5 {HP:28/30}

Oops! Yes.

Male Human Cleric/6 {HP:49/49, AC 16 (11 touch)

Res steps to the front. "We have found the source of the laughing plaque. It was an evil fey creature that lived beneath the funhouse. The creature has been vanquished. Your loved ones who were afflicted should be getting better now. We have this eye witness to the horror that was occurring beneath your feet." Res points to Yuri."We also have a co-conspirator. We do not know if he willingly participated or was under the fey's spell. We shall turn him over to the local authorities."

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9

Edit: Uh Oh! Res is not in a diplomatic mood after that experience.

female Human Rogue 4

Angalia winces as Res booms out his tale. Much as she admires her friend, she's not convinced his words will be soothing.

1d20 + 9 ⇒ (1) + 9 = 10 - Diplomacy
Urk. This is where we get lynched.

Pushing her hair back, she moves to help out, but her own recovery is too recent and she stumbles over her words.

"It's true, everything he said. I had the plague, but it's gone."

A few of the carneys stop to listen. "Authorities?" one of them asks. "Sergei was the authority."

The lanky carnival barker you met earlier approaches. "Most of us will be packing up and leaving here. I suspect some will go their own way. We don't have the money to keep this going." He breathes deeply. "I began as an itinerant performer, and I can endure as an itinerant performer again. Perhaps the larger tents can be sold for canvas. That should be enough to cover the wages owed to many of the workers." He considers a moment. "If you are looking for authorities, seek out the constable by the name of Pyotr. He represents the laws of Borca in this region." He starts to wander off. You met Pyotr when you first arrived. You recall him as a rather apathetic law enforcement officer.

Sergei looks distraught. "It's all over," he cries.

Yuri is still rather dazed and does not speak unless spoken to.

Female Human (Gypsy) Dreamspun Sorceress 4

Tif places a comforting hand on Yuri's shoulder, rubbing it soothingly like one would to a child. Even as she seeks to comfort the young man she stares pure deathly hatred at Sergei.

female Human Rogue 4

"Let's get the pair of them to the infirmary. Alive, Tiff."

Angalia tries to keep the fatigue out of her voice and doesn't entirely succeed.

I'm just going with Angalia's instruction here. Feel free to pipe in if you want the group to do otherwise.

The disoriented Yuri and despondent Sergei follow you readily away from the carnival in the direction of the infirmary. No one moves to stop you or interfere; most of the carneys seem dazed by the turn of events.

As the commotion of the carnival fades away behind you, the darkness of the Borcan countryside envelops you. The farms and fields are quiet, as is the main road.

When you approach the farmhouse-turned-infirmary, you can see lit candles through the window. There are signs that at least some occupants are up and out of bed, despite the late hour.

female Human Rogue 4

"Might be a good sign."

Angalia heads inside, keeping a firm grip on Sergei and leaving Yuri to Tiffana.

Inside the infirmary, Sister Cecile and Sister Greta are bustling about with great energy. The sounds of screeching and pained laughter have been replaced by a general commotion as weary patients take in their surroundings and try to make sense of what they have gone through.

Sister Cecile stops as you enter and seems to be sizing you all up. "I should have known you lot would have something to do with it," she says. "I send you off to investigate the plague, and within 24 hours my patients are recovering. It is truly rare in these times to see such a good turn." She smiles broadly.

You are one of the recovering patients and can feel free to cut into the conversation at will.

XP award:
The carneys: 2400 / 5 = 480
The grigs plus trap: 3000 / 5 = 600
Spindle and Sergei: 2200 / 5 = 440
Blade trap and acid pit trap: 1800 / 5 = 360
Story award for solving the plague: Take 420 each
Total: 2300. This brings you up to 6300 XP. Level up to 4.
Leandro: You start at 6300 XP.

(I decided to split the XP 5 ways, rather than reserving a share for Urdrin and Erfan.)

Male Human (Taldan) Paladin 6: Init +0, Perception +0; F+11, R+6, W+9; HP 64/64 {LoH 7/7, 3d6; smite, 2/2; divine armor 6/6 min}

A young man seated on a nearby bed perks up at Sister Cecile's words. "You are responsible for breaking this curse?" he asks, voice raspy with recent strain, "Then I owe you a debt of gratitude at least as great as what I owe the good sisters here."

He rises unsteadily from the bed and straightens his dishevilled robe and long, dark hair before attempting a shaky bow. "I am Leandro Filipe Aluizio Simón Grelo and am very glad to make your acquaintance, though I must apologize for appearing in such deshabille," he rasps in the accents of Taldor. "It is heartening to find goodness in this desolate place. No offense, Sister Cecile." He takes Sister Cecile's hand and bows over it, bringing the knuckles of her work-worn hand to his lips and gazing into her eyes. "Truly, the beauty of your soul transcends anything I have found here, Sister. I am forever grateful for your selfless care."

Female Half Orc Inquisitor 5 {HP:28/30}

Eliva smiles broadly at the signs of life she sees around her, forgetting to be nervous about people seeing her tusks. "It is good to see that we were in time to help some of these folk!" she said, restored in spirit a bit. "Do you need any assistance? I have some small healing blessings from the gods for those with injury, and a little skill at healing those who are still recovering from the plague. there some way I can help you all get back on your feet?"

Sister Cecile seems flustered by the young man's attention. "That's very kind of you," she says, not really knowing how else to respond.

To Eliva, she adds, "Many of the patients are recovering admirably, especially those who were more recently afflicted. Others may take some time to recuperate."

Male Human (Taldan) Paladin 6: Init +0, Perception +0; F+11, R+6, W+9; HP 64/64 {LoH 7/7, 3d6; smite, 2/2; divine armor 6/6 min}

"Kindness demands action, not words. I beg you, put me to work. I echo this noble lady's sentiment and ask if there is any way I can help you with your patients here," Leandro to Sister Cecile, nodding pleasantly at the half-orc and releasing the good Sister's hand.

Sister Cecile smiles, then looks saddened. "It is too soon to know for certain, but some of the more severely inflicted seem to have sustained lasting damage." She looks briefly at Erfan, who is shuffling about distractedly and has a detached look on his face. "If they do not show considerable recovery, they may need long term care. Sister Greta cannot provide that for them here, but my home convent in Mortigny runs a hospital for the mentally unfit. I may have to take some of the patients back there with me. Perhaps you could aid me in finding a suitable escort for the road?"

She continues, "Of course, as I told you before, we have a patient there who seems to know all about the story of this Gilbraith. If you feel that his information would be useful for your quest, I would allow you to speak with him."

At that, you are presented with a familiar face. Andrei, the pig-farmer-turned-soldier-turned-deserter runs up to you from further within the infirmary. "I am so glad to see you are all well!" he says excitedly. "I was worried about you. Is it true that you ended the plague at its source? I do not know how many times one band of heroes can save the life of this simple farmer."

You will recall that you ran into Andrei earlier in the day at the carnival. That he was exposed to the twins' song should not be particularly surprising.

Sister Cecile gives a motherly smile. "I did not know you were acquainted. Andrei only arrived this evening with the early symptoms. I expect a full recovery."

Male Human (Taldan) Paladin 6: Init +0, Perception +0; F+11, R+6, W+9; HP 64/64 {LoH 7/7, 3d6; smite, 2/2; divine armor 6/6 min}

Leandro bows to Sister Cecile. "It would be my honor to escort you on these dangerous roads, dear lady. But.. I must ask... did I arrive here with any equipment? If so, where might it be? And is there a place to freshen up, if I may so impose?"

Female Human (Gypsy) Dreamspun Sorceress 4

Tif lets out a brief cry of joy at the sight of Andrei, slipping away from the young man she was helping and giving a quick hug to the former pig farmer.
"I'm very glad to see you are still with us. I know I reacted poorly to you before, but never would I wish you harm."

"Yes," Sister Cecile says to Leandro. "Everything you had on you is stored safely upstairs. If you can see your way up, there is a dry sink you can use as well."

Andrei smiles at Tiffana. "When the Laughter first came over me, I thought that was it for me. After that experience any familiar face is a sight for sore eyes."

Male Human (Taldan) Paladin 6: Init +0, Perception +0; F+11, R+6, W+9; HP 64/64 {LoH 7/7, 3d6; smite, 2/2; divine armor 6/6 min}

Leandro bows and moves away through the dimly-lit room and up the stairs.

Sovereign Court

Female Human Level 4 Bard

Eliva looks around at the group. "We would like to speak with the patient that had some familiarity with Gilbraith, if we could. Anything he knows might help us. We can discus what we may do after we learn what we an, I believe."

Eliva tries to calm and distract Erfan as the others complete what business they might have before moving to talk to the patient that knew of Gilbraith.

female Human Rogue 4

Angalia impulsively hugs Andrei, overwhelmingly happy to see someone survive the perils of this land.

Pulling Yuri gently by the hand, she leads him to Sister Cecile.

"This is Yuri. It's because of his help we could break the hold of the plague, but he is in need of your help now. The other man is Sergei, former owner of the carnival. His mind seems broken, but he's safer here than anywhere else I think. He was responsible for the outbreak, or partly so at least."

Finally she turns to Leandro.

"You're welcome to join us if you've a mind to. We're hunting for a man called Gilbraith. He took Nath's sister. We objected and followed him."

Sister Cecile looks over Sergei and Yuri with concern. "Yes, they can stay here. I will try to determine if they may recover." She looks in Erfan's direction again. "Perhaps I should see what can be done for your friend here as well," she adds hesitantly.

Female Human (Gypsy) Dreamspun Sorceress 4

Tif watches the new comer with intent as he walks away, her nose curling involuntarily at the mention of Sergei's name.

"Please do take care of Yuri, he is special." she says sweetly to the Revered Sister, before giving the young man a firm hug.

Male Human (Taldan) Paladin 6: Init +0, Perception +0; F+11, R+6, W+9; HP 64/64 {LoH 7/7, 3d6; smite, 2/2; divine armor 6/6 min}

Leandro returns after quite some time, long black hair now neatly combed and pulled back in a queue. He wears dark armor wreathed with a raised design of climbing roses, matching the pattern on his black glaive. Returning to the group, he sets a full pack down near his recently vacated bed and bows in response to Angalia's offer.

"If you plan to escort the sainted Sister, then our paths lie together for some time, fair lady. Afterwards, I was hoping you might direct me to Karcau. Nobody else here in Ustalav seems to know the way," he says hoarsely, swallowing hard and looking a bit perplexed, "But if this gentleman's sister has been abducted, you have my service until she is found. That is a far more urgent quest than the opera."

"In the meantime, Sister Cecile, I would stand guard over this place tonight, if you permit it. I've been abed far too long to need sleep now."

You are all familiar with the places to which Leandro refers. They are in Golarion, not Ravenloft.

"That is very kind," Sister Cecile says to Leandro. She escorts Yuri, Sergei, and Erfan further within the infirmary.

Male Human Cleric/6 {HP:49/49, AC 16 (11 touch)

Res overhears Leandro conversing with Eliva and Angalia. He comes over and says to Leandro, "I am Res Thannq of Lastwall. You are trying to find your way to Karcau? Tell me, how long have you been in this area of the country? What is the last thing you remember before arriving here?"

Male Human (Taldan) Paladin 6: Init +0, Perception +0; F+11, R+6, W+9; HP 64/64 {LoH 7/7, 3d6; smite, 2/2; divine armor 6/6 min}

Leandro turns red. "Well met, Sir Thannq. I know exactly... when things changed, several months ago. I am glad to hear you are of Lastwall, friend. People here do not seem to know where it is. I can hardly credit it. Geography is not my strong point, but I do know of Lastwall. In fact, I might have chosen to go through that area on my way to Karcau were I not, uh, detoured." His eyes search Res' intensely. "I have been told that this is a different land, though it seems as Ustalav was described to me. I have been told that I may not return to Oppara, not ever. That cannot possibly be true. Can it?"

female Human Rogue 4

"Geography is a bit of an issue for us too," Angalia comment wryly.

"Who told you you couldn't return to Oppara?"

Male Human (Taldan) Paladin 6: Init +0, Perception +0; F+11, R+6, W+9; HP 64/64 {LoH 7/7, 3d6; smite, 2/2; divine armor 6/6 min}

"One whose word cannot be trusted," Leandro replies, jaw clenching, "One who would lie for cruelty's sake and be amused."

Female Human (Gypsy) Dreamspun Sorceress 4

"Seems you've been speaking to our quarry by the sound of that." Tif offers.

"I wonder perhaps if they have a tub we could borrow?"

female Human Rogue 4

"It does sound familiar," agrees Angalia.

"Sister Cecile, I know it's not important in the great scheme of things, but if I don't wash my hair soon, I'll be able to use it as modeling clay."

Male Human (Taldan) Paladin 6: Init +0, Perception +0; F+11, R+6, W+9; HP 64/64 {LoH 7/7, 3d6; smite, 2/2; divine armor 6/6 min}

"At the risk of angering my good father, who taught me never to contradict ladies, a speck of dust could no more eclipse your beauty than an ant could hope to defeat an angel, fair ones," Leandro says as he bows to the women, "If such loveliness is to bathe, then I must keep good guard." With a quick glance at Tif, he picks up his pack and steps out the door to keep watch.

Sister Cecile looks hesitant. "You sound as if you are looking for an inn, and there is one in Tillich that is reputable and usually has vacant rooms; there have been few guests since the plague broke out, as travelers tend to avoid the area. We have only the barest of necessities here. You ought to all rest after what you have been through, while we have much work to do with those in our care." She seems as if she is politely telling you she is too busy to fetch a bath...

Female Human (Gypsy) Dreamspun Sorceress 4

"If it's all the same to you my friends, if we could go to this inn sooner as opposed to later my body..." Tif pauses to pick a bit of... something... from her hair, "and my hair would thank you." The young woman's face crunches up in disgust at her current state, then seems to blush at how the statement could be construed.

female Human Rogue 4

"Agreed. As long as there's nothing we can do here to help you, Sister?"

Angalia shares an understanding look with Tiff.

"As for you, Leandro, flattery is all very well, but take a long look at the reality before you try it again."

I am working on the assumption that Angalia, Tiffana, Res, Eliva, and Nathaniel are going to the inn, while Leandro is keeping watch at the infirmary.

Cecile reassures Angalia as gently as possible without outright saying that the PCs would only be in the way.

The dusty road south leads to a tired village, dusty and decrepit. The inn is easy enough to find and has plenty of vacancy. Under other circumstances, the baths they provide would be disappointingly tepid, but grimy as you all are, they seem positively luxurious.

You are able to pass the night without incident and return to the Sisters in the morning, assuming that is what you plan to do.

Male Human (Taldan) Paladin 6: Init +0, Perception +0; F+11, R+6, W+9; HP 64/64 {LoH 7/7, 3d6; smite, 2/2; divine armor 6/6 min}

Leandro watches until the rim of the sun peeks over the horizon, then, reassured, returns inside to rest while Sister Cecile finishes her travel preparations.

Male Human Cleric/6 {HP:49/49, AC 16 (11 touch)

Completing his morning meditation, Res gets up stretches, and joins the rest of the group back at the infirmary. "What is the condition of Erfan and Urdrin?" asks Res. "Are they up for travel?"

The infirmary is a quieter place in the morning than it was the previous day. There are fewer patients, as many have been sent home.

Res: Urdrin has been fine the whole time. I will retcon that you were just asking about Erfan.

Sister Cecile is less harried, but she and Sister Greta seem to be busily making preparations for the remaining patients and are also packing their things. "Your friend Erfan has suffered greatly from his intense exposure to that fey monster's magic. I do not know if his mind will recover. Yuri, the young man you brought me from the carnival, is in a similar state. Time will tell if either of them shall recover. The carnival manager is unwell, but not entirely, I think, due to the plague. He is deeply paranoid and deluded. His sanity may have been tenuous to begin with, which made him susceptible to the false promises and paranoid whisperings of that creature."

"I have agreed to take those whose minds have not recovered back to the hospital in Mortigny. That way, Sister Greta can resume her care for the indigent and infirmed here in Borca. Returning these patients to their homes and families has been tiring work. I think it will take another day for me to finish up my work here and prepare for the journey ahead. If you are to accompany me, I suggest you prepare as well. I have a cart and donkey I used to travel here, which I will load in the morning with my supplies. Some of the patients may have to ride in the cart, but those who are well enough shall travel on foot. The journey on the road will take two days."

Urdrin seems to have taken a shine to the eccentric gnome, and you notice that he has become particularly protective of his fragile friend.

I am planning to have Urdrin travel with you, but once you get where you are going, he will be guarding the hospital rather than continuing on your adventures.

female Human Rogue 4

Greatly refreshed by a night's sleep and clean hair, Angalia sadly absorbs the news that neither Erfan nor Yuri are any better. She finds it harder to be sympathetic to Sergei's plight.

She hunts down Leandro. "Sorry if I upset you yesterday. The only real excuse is I'd just recovered from that plague myself and that's pretty feeble."

"I think we'll need food at least. We shouldn't add to Sister Cecile's burdens."

Female Human (Gypsy) Dreamspun Sorceress 4

"I would not be so quick to absolve the man of all his sins based on his fragile sanity. Not all evil is born from conscience choice." The young woman states her eyes carrying the weight of a nightmare ridden life. Her hatred of the former carny runs deep.

"I would think we should prepare for travel ourselves, perhaps see what we can do to make ourselves ready for the next challenge that would try and stop the hunt for our prey."

Male Human (Taldan) Paladin 6: Init +0, Perception +0; F+11, R+6, W+9; HP 64/64 {LoH 7/7, 3d6; smite, 2/2; divine armor 6/6 min}

Leandro bows to Angalia. "There is nothing to forgive, lady. Ustalav seems to have an unsettling affect on us all. All of you look greatly refreshed this morning. I rejoice to see it." His voice is much less raspy than the previous night.

He bids the group a good morning. "The lady speaks truth. You are welcome to share what poor rations are in my pack, but they are nothing special. Alas, I am no hunter. Were there stores near the inn where you spent the night?"

He regards Tiffana gravely, taking her words seriously. "Fear not, the gods will give him his due in the next life, even if he escapes it in this one. But we can be the gods' instruments if we hear them speak clearly. He should be turned over to the authorities to exact justice, so we can pursue the vile abductor of women you seek."

Tillich is a small village, but you could buy mundane essentials like food there.

female Human Rogue 4

Angalia goes to buy food for the group.

Male Human (Taldan) Paladin 6: Init +0, Perception +0; F+11, R+6, W+9; HP 64/64 {LoH 7/7, 3d6; smite, 2/2; divine armor 6/6 min}

Leandro accompanies Angalia and anyone else who returns to Tillich to buy food and sundries. "Sir Thannq is from Lastwall. Where is everyone else from? Where are you bound after you find the abductor?"

Male Human Cleric/6 {HP:49/49, AC 16 (11 touch)

Res accompanies Angalia, Leandro and others that may be along to the village. If he encounters any travelers passing through, he inquires about any interesting news about the Borca ruling court. diplomacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

Food is available at the usual prices. You can stock up as you need.

Your information gathering is subtle, and you manage not to raise any eyebrows with your questions. The aristocracy of Borca is notoriously corrupt. They tax the population into poverty so that they may live in luxury. The ruler of the land, Lady Ivana Boritsi, is particularly extravagant in her lifestyle, residing in a sprawling estate and throwing lavish parties for her wealthy friends. Rumors persist that some among the aristocracy are more than they seem, either being creatures of darkness themselves or being closely allied with such.

Female Human (Gypsy) Dreamspun Sorceress 4

Tif will do what little chores she can to help the Sister while they get things ready.

Female Half Orc Inquisitor 5 {HP:28/30}

Eliva is happy to take a trip into town with Angalia, Leandro and Res. As she walks through town, she keeps her eye out for any villagers in need of assistance after so many were sick for so long.

"My name is Eliva Smith," she said to Leandro. "I am pleased to meet you. I come from a small village in Brevoy I'm sure you've never heard of, but the traveling itch has been in my feet for a while, so I set out to see what tasks need to be done in other little villages around the world." She smiled ruefully. "I didn't expect my wanderings to take me so far from home, but I suppose Erastil has a reason and a purpose for me to be all the way out here. Gods know these people can use whatever help they can get in this bleak place."

Eliva is not bent on doing anything in particular here - she will use her strength, cantrips, healing skill and survival knowledge to help the villagers as much as she can before the party leaves. Once while hunting, however, she will be gone a little longer than usual, and return with a large brown owl sleepily perched on her shoulder.

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