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The WyrmScar Campaign

Game Master Gorum's Brother Borum

The land of Hedon, plauged by War, is in Need of Heroes

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Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

•Do we still get a bonus skill (Imperial bonus), or was that just 1st level?

•Hit points rolled? Any minimum?

The Racial Bonus only applies to first level as you suspected.

Hitpoints are determined by half hit-die plus 1 plus Con mod.

Those spells all sound quite useful Marc. The Wand is easy to incorporate, no worries. Not exactly sure what the others are right now but no worries on those kind of items that affect how much you can carry. Unless you plan on piling everything in the camp to take with u in a cart, you can always gather it back up later to sell and such. Is there any other items you would like to have Marc?

Athel- Actually gm there is something I wanted to run by you since this is an epic campaign I'll have to email you using a comp cause my phone can't handle the complexity of it lol but just an idea

Look forwards to hearing about it.

Serena, no worries on the adding of new people, just let them know the specfics and have them post on the Recruitment thread so I can look them over.

Glad you all are still wanting to continue.

Also on Xlarion, the big bird'll be making a full recovery so yes he is going to be just as annoying or even more so to me. Then again I like him and killing minions with a giant bird is funny to me.

Character Profile updated for the level up ^_-

Male Half-Dragon, Drakon, Human Fighter/2

Almost done, just need to find the core book for Fighter saves and then pick a 2nd level feat. I am thinking either Furious Focus or something else but not quite sure yet.

Female Human Wizard 2

Changed up the profile avatar for Serena. It's not quite perfect, but it looks a lot better than the first one I had. What do you guys think? (Hang on, I might change it again...)

Male Human Bard, Song-Healer

I like it, the number of decent avatar's is always increasing. But that one looks interesting, maybe a bit less happy and slightly more pensive than I imagined Serena. However it works well.

Yeah, like I said, it's not perfect. But she has close to perfect hair for Serena and her face doesn't look half as ugly as the first one. ^_^

Male Human Bard, Song-Healer

Actually the more I see it the more it grows on me. She looks ready for a cutting remark, and the hair is nice.

Male Human Bard, Song-Healer

Other Potential Items:
  • Campfire Bead - Acts like a campfire, Marc does like his home comforts (city-boy ;P)
  • Cloak of Resistance +1
  • Scabbard of Vigor - attack bonus to weapon.

  • Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

    The Cloak of Resistance I mind not at all, nor the Scabbard, those are easy to incorporate items for loot, just let me know what you would each like to find when searching the camp.

    Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

    Also on Serena's new profile pic, Yowzah!

    Honestly I leave the loot up to you gm I rather like surprises lol maybe even throw in some magic ring that seems to just make halflings invisible lol

    Now I got a picture in my head of marc going today is the day we fight from 300 ......and then falls unconscious from blood loss lol

    Male Human Bard, Song-Healer


    I do like me some over-blown theatrics occasionally. The leg thing is just keeping it realistic (& in case of becoming an oracle) trying to emulate Sharpe.

    Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer
    Athel Loran wrote:
    Honestly I leave the loot up to you gm I rather like surprises lol maybe even throw in some magic ring that seems to just make halflings invisible lol

    You sir are asking for trouble...-.-_ heh...

    Male Half-Dragon, Drakon, Human Fighter/2


    Hey Borum, I've been following that you were supporting my brother's idea of having a 'custom' weapon and I was wondering if you had any DRAKON racial weapons that I could use my 2nd level feat to gain profiency with?
    I don't want something that's ridiculous in size or anything, but i had in mind a double weapon sort of like a Dwarven Urgrosh meant for Drakon, but with a d10 axe on one end and a d4 spike on the other. Maybe call it a Dragon-Wing Axe or something like that? :) maybe just throw the idea around? Two-Weapon fighting is quickly becoming a favorite with me, and my favorite kind is Double-Weapons for that fighting style. If you have anything like that, it'd be awesome if I could find it and/or gain proficiency with it. Just let me know what you think?

    Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer


    Hmm...let me look through some of my old ntoes as I update the treasure pile, and I'll let you know what I think.

    Creating custom loot piles is interesting to say the least.

    We are still playing this right?

    Serena I think we just waiting on what you want for loot

    Male Human Bard, Song-Healer

    Yep. I'm still here.

    Male Human Bard, Song-Healer

    Going to a gaming convention, in a couple of hours. I'll probably have no internet, but I'll be back Sunday evening (GMT).

    Feel free to continue without me.

    Hey, sorry I haven't been on in a while. Graduation was a b&$%&... that, and, to be honest, I'm not sure what I want for my loot. There's not much in any of the core books for under 2000 gold that's really catching my eye. Well, in general, I don't feel like there's a lot of Pathfinder stuff that really caters to illusionists, which sucks because they're so much fun to play, in my experience. ^_^ I'll keep looking and try to make a suggestion, but does anyone have any suggestions in the meantime?

    Actually, I've now got my eye on a +1 Frost rapier. Borum? That gonna be okay or should I keep looking? I'm fine either way ^_-

    Male Human Bard, Song-Healer

    I find has some items of use; generally @ our level that rapier is about correct.

    Maybe even just describe what you would want lunar and borum might be able to help

    Male Human Bard, Song-Healer

    Good idea. Hope everything is going alright with everyone :)

    With the Jubillee & Olympics everything is shiny in Old Blighty.

    Had no idea you were in Britain, Marc. Kinda jealous ^_^

    Anyone seen our fearless DM recently?

    Male Human Bard, Song-Healer

    No, unfortunately not heard from Borum in a while. But, we are having a lovely summer with all the rain and mediocre weather.

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