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The WyrmScar Campaign

Game Master Gorum's Brother Borum

The land of Hedon, plauged by War, is in Need of Heroes

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Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

Welcome to the Discussion Board.

But but but I dont know what character to play with lol

Hey I really vouch for Hu5tru very good roleplayer as well as a good gm, just have to remind her to have an arcane character :)

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

I'll see what she throws in for characters before I decide, thanks. I appreciate good players but hesitation upon people vouching for someone who turns out to be a terrible players, experiances among other groups. I am eager to see what she dreams up however. The Martial, Divine and Arcane aren't mandatory I just like to see three different characters under those specifications.

Do you have any preference for which character you would like me to play? im having a hard time narrowing it down though im starting to lean towards the roc shaman as I have always wanted to play a warhawk rider lol ;)

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

Go with the Druid, it'll work out well with the Half-Dragon fighter if your brother does choose to play him.

Male Half-Dragon, Drakon, Human Fighter/2

Awesome, thanks for picking me, set up Ajrhann;s profile already :) Really looking forwards to this game!

TA DA profile is up will work on backstory and all the skills when i get home

Glad to be joining you guys! Like I said in the recruitment forum, I'm planning on playing Serena, my wizard character (been dying to play her for ages). I'll get her alias made and posted ASAP. ^_^

Female Human Wizard 2

And she's up! ^_^ I'll fill in more specifics as I'm able to. Wish I could've found a better picture for her, though...

How do you want me to do health for the roc gm :)

yeah that picture just creeped me out a lil lol

Female Human Wizard 2

Yeah, I'm gonna try to draw a better one and put it in her description. It was the best human one I could find, though (there were a number of others that would've suited her half-elf version well, but not a lot of humans). And I think the eye color's off.

I thought there was no half orcs allowed? and whats the deal with totally copying my character lol

So i am literally crying because I just made a half celestial paladin to your standings and I so want to play him now lol will post him on here to show you borum but just know if you kill druid and you allow us to replay I will want to use him hahahaha

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

I have had a HELL of a day, so I wanna get this thing rolling. For those of you that have been chosen so far, welcome. I will have the setting intro and such up in just a second, but to answer queries first...

At Raventhorn: Simply use the standard method of half hit die plus 1 plus Con modifier each time they gain a hit die. thanks. Also, when it comes to the half-orcs, no there are no half-orcs in my ficking universe. Orcs in this game are huge, ass-ugly creatures whose only interest is conquest and slaughter. If they did rape a human woman, they'd kill her afterwards, or leave her to die. In any case, they don't exist here, as anyone could have seen by reading the racial stuff on the campaign info. Half-orcs aren't mentioned for a good reason.

Also, from this point on, you all have a vested interest in the other 2 to 3 max players I am taking, so you may all vote on future applicants. This campaign is gonna be tough so I want at least 4 to 5 players. You all will be posting in the Gameplay thread for roleplaying, and I only think it's fair that the group gets to decide who else joins them, not just me saying "Oh and randomly a half-orc walks up to your group and says 'i be coming with you'" nuh uh. I want you all to enjoy your emanent deaths and epic adventures to the max, and that includes a serious group.

Also, when it comes to Barbarians, I want a vote right now, should I allow them? This world emphasizes the civilized world, evil and good, versus the all evil chaos of the savage invaders, orcs, bandits, etc. Barbarians are one of my most tentative classes and while it's fun to play them I believe that they can get way out of hand when it comes to breaking stats. All one has to do in my game is simply dump into str and con, rage and get double over 20's in a matter of "Hulk smash!" I don't think I want to allow them, but what are all of your thoughts?

Again, to all of you three who have been chosen thusfar, thanks for sticking with it. Recruitment will remain open for a while until we have the required party, and there will be plenty in the village to keep you all occupied. *whistles and clicks tongue*

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

Who here wants to do the DM a huge favor and help me make the maps? I use a very old computer to do my online gaming, and while I have all the maps drawn out in person, I have no way of uploading them onto this. If someone would be willing to help me draw them out, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm not entirely technical savvy so again, much oblidged to anyone who wants to help out. These are the maps you'll be fighting in after all. *hint hint Wink*

I am not much good at map-making, but my brother is pretty good at it. I am sure he can help out :)

A quick question Borum, when it comes to my Draconic lineage, What are Dragons like in this world? Do we use the same dragons as Pathfinder, or do you have Custom dragons? I plan to keep my profile avatar the way it is on account of how much I like PF gold dragons and that I chose a Gold dragon as my dragon parent.

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer
Ragathiel wrote:

I am not much good at map-making, but my brother is pretty good at it. I am sure he can help out :)

A quick question Borum, when it comes to my Draconic lineage, What are Dragons like in this world? Do we use the same dragons as Pathfinder, or do you have Custom dragons? I plan to keep my profile avatar the way it is on account of how much I like PF gold dragons and that I chose a Gold dragon as my dragon parent.

A good question. Dragons in my world can range from every color in the rainbow, discarding stupid ones of course. There are literally no differences between the dragon types in my world when it comes to color, so a Gold dragon is perfectly fine. All Dragons dwell in the Plane of Elemental Discord, and their elemental abilities, such as breath weapons and resistances, do vary on color in the same spectrum as PF dragons.

Gold, Brass and Red=Fire
Blue and Bronze=Lightning
White and Silver=Cold
Green, Black and Copper=Acid

All 30ft cones. hope that answers your question.

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

All right, before you all begin posting on the gameplay thread, I would like a VERY DETAILED descritpion of why you are in Stagholt. It is quite far to the south of Maraz for those of Imperial descent, and Hedonites may be from here if they so desire but they will not be any more informed of the events in the Imperial City than anyone else, as it is all heresay. For those of less...human persuasion, I will also need why you are here. Arjhann your profile says he enlisted as a mercenary, if you could expound on who would have hired him that he would end up here, thanks.


Hey Borum, real quick. Any notes on the pantheon for this world, or is it the same as in the CRB? Just wanted to check.

Also, let me know whenever the wizard academy stuff is up. I don't want to rush you, but I'm getting really excited. ^_^

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

The Pantheon of the Gods will remain the same, discarding all Evil gods in terms of availability of Worship.

Serena's College Days:

All characters of the Arcane subtype of Class, Wizards, Maguses, Bards and such, all are graduates or at least attended the High Colleges in Maraz. These Citadel-Schools are comprised of a number of massive magical towers on a small island just outside of the Imperial city, each tower dedicated to a particular branch of magic, even the obscure art of Necromancy. No magic is inherently evil in their eyes, and all should be available to fledgling arcane casters.

While at your respective tower of learning, your character, Serena, you learned all of your now known spells, and were given a grimoire by your headmaster to continue your own training and learning along your travels. Having graduated, you are known in some small degree by many of the Imperial arcane populace and possibly your mundane family if they were not also members. Most students then leave Maraz to experiance the wide world beyond and to learn all they can while growing in strength.

However, there is a pyramidal structure within the College that every student must attend several years out of their career in magic, as decreed long ago by King Joseph Ironbrow. Every Mage must learn a martial weapon of the choices provided by the School, the lance, the sword or the rapier, because all great Wizards and Sorcerers know how crucial it is that when their spells began to lessen in use and power, it is always useful to have a weapon in hand to fight against their opponents. While the Wizards trained with such weapons are by no means hardier, they walk away with a knowledge of weaponry that may even rival that of Warriors in some cases.

Having chosen the Rapier, Serena, you accept the principle that might is not always right, and the quickest fighter is the one who most often survives. You remain like your rapier, swift, accurate, deadly precise and flexible and you structure your further teachings and experiances based off of this analogy

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

The first of the Applicants is up, I am going to reserve judgement on him but it is up to the rest of you if his Ranger is allowed into the group. I think I much prefer this style, just me saying, I want to make sure the new guy is going to cohese well with the rest of you. Give me your votes as soon as you can, not polite to keep me or him waiting.

I'm assuming we're talking about Benoit? And thanks for the info, Borum. This really helps ^_^

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

If any of you need to reach me by email, my site is

Discussion board only!:
Im going to have to vote no im sorry just is kinda annoying that hes remade the character 3 times and wont understand that no two archetypes ug I hate being the bad guy :(

Discussion Board:
I'm gonna have to go with Raventhorn on this one and not just cuz he's my brother, even though he brings up the same points I was going to. The guy seems ok really and I wouldn't mind him resubmitting different ideas though, under the specifications. Really it is up to Borum. Anyways that's my vote :(

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

Well gang thanks for that, this won't be the last submission voting, hopefully, if my work-related attitude hasn't scared off all the good players who worry I'm an evil and control-freaking ass, and I would like to apologize to all of you if I have ever seemed overly cross to you or around you, i think I want to quit my job at the bar.

Anyways, the recruitment page will remain open, and he is more than able to resubmit different ideas, it is the characters after all who are being submitted and if he even remakes the characters, if he is deadset on playing these characters and their backgrounds and attitudes, power to him.

As for me, I am going to be out of town looking for a new and less stressful job for me and my friend the girl, though she may have more luck than I will. In any case, when I get back, probably at the end of Friday night or Saturday afternoon, I would really like to come back to some good and LONG, indepth, in gameplay posts from each of you on why you are in the area of Stagholt and how you each enter the town, assuming that none of you see the others until I am able to post the introductory posts that will set each of you up for interaction galore with my world.

Bob B. Borum out for now.

Discussion Board only!!:

Sorry I'm a little late with this, but I was going to change my vote to no as far as Benoit goes. He had good ideas, but yeah, he doesn't seem to either understand or accept the specifications. To be honest, I like Borum's ruling about archetypes. It doesn't make any sense to me to have two or more. I feel kinda bad, since I said in the other thread I'd vote in favor of him. But that's the way things go. I'd be happy to see him submit new ideas, though.

Borum, good luck with the job search!

Discussion Board:
What do you guys think of the new people? I actually kind of like Galahad's characters despite the stat dumping. I kinda wonder if that Waiph guy got pissed or scared off cuz he hasn't posted his resubmissions.

Anyways I was just going to ask the two of you if we should try and vote on Galahad's characters to see which one we'd rather have in the party, assuming Borum accepts the guy :)

Discussion Board Only:

DSXMachina is the one I've been looking at and talking with the most on the recruitment board, and I like his Bard character quite a bit. As far as Galahad goes, I didn't really notice the stat-dumping, but his characters did seem kinda cool. And yeah, I haven't seen Waiph give any resubmissions, but I think he said in the recruitment forum that he's busy with other stuff right now. Hu5tru's characters looked cool too, but I haven't seen her posting too much, so I don't know.

I'm gonna look back over the submissions so far, but right now I'm undecided. I'll post again once I've got a good idea of how I feel about the submissions. In any case, most everyone looks pretty flexible as far as stats/builds go, which is good. We'll see what happens.

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

Well after quite a bit of thought on the matter of your remaining team members, I would like to place forth DSX as the Songhealer Bard and also, tentaively, Galahad's Rogue for Voting. Vote as you will. Anyone who gets all 3 votes is immediately incorporated into the game.

Whoo, so busy. Of course, that's what I get for taking two art classes and a seminar course this semester. ^_^ Okay...

Discussion Board Only:
DSX definitely gets a yes from me. Marc, his bard, has been one of my favorite new submissions, and a Songhealer could definitely prove useful. ^_^ If Galahad's rogue is still available for voting, I'm going to put forth a yes for him right now. This vote might be subject to change, as I haven't given it a thorough look-over, but I like what I've seen so far. In any case, I'm really glad more people are submitting character builds. ^_^

Will post in the gameplay thread very soon. ^_-

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

To whom it may concern for the Cast of this thread thus far:
I have decided not to take Galahad, but am definitely keeping DSX, so 1 vote for him/her, what do the other two of you say for his Songhealer? Three votes of a yes and he can jump in immediately.

this is a yes from me, I really like DSX as a player as well as a DM and I really like the idea of a Songhealer in the party. Bard's i have discvered are so useful in this game it's not even funny for their knowledge bonuses and such. I play a cohort Halfling COurt Bard archetype for my RL Kingmaker group and even though every one at the table thinks his character is a retard they always want him around for a knowledge check or to heal their butts after tangling with a big baddie :P also Satire is USEFUL! Minuses to enemy attacks and damages, pour points into Linguistics and its hella useful! "Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elder berries!" Troll misses killing the Rogue because he is so shocked by the little Halfling insulting him. roflmao XD anyways, definitely Yes on the Bard :)

@ Ragathiel:
Hahahahahahahaha!! ^_^ I can totally picture that. Yay for Monty Python!! ^_^

To whom it is concerning lol:

Yes on songhealer lol :)

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

Then it is official. Please welcome to the party a Mr. DSX's Bard.

Male Human Bard, Song-Healer

Enter stage left

Marc takes a bow. (he'll need it if he is to shoot gobbo's)

Thank you very much for the invitation, I am looking forward to this.

As you can see, Marc still needs an avatar, equipment list and a bit of an expansion on the original background. Which I will complete on the 'morrow. Sorry about that.

Glad to have you, DSX! ^_^ On another note, Paizo's weirding out on me. Because I accidentally posted with my normal account alias then tried to edit it back to Serena's alias, the site now counts my regular alias as a character. Weirdness... @_@

Male Human Bard, Song-Healer

Yes, it does that. GM/Borum just has to click a box on the campaign info box and the normal account becomes an NPC !

It's happened to me before with a few games and would happen here too, if I was posting as my base account!

Male Half-Dragon, Drakon, Human Fighter/2

Hey Lunar do you not know how to roll dice on here?:) I saw the roll of 14 plus your bonus on your latest post, just wondering if you knew how to. On Paizo, you type in (dice]1d20[/dice) with [ and ] in place of ( and )

A roll would then look like 1d20 ⇒ 15


Ooh. Thanks Ragathiel. I'm still a little new to all this. ^_^

Hey guys, if you are interested, one of my other games is looking for some additional players, especially you Borum :) heres the link in case you were interested Infinite Watery Grave Recruitment

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

Hmm...Interesting...I don't play over much anymore but I'll check it out.

Male Roc Animal Companion/1

As per Gamer consent, I will be playing as Xlarion, the animal companion of Athel Loran. Buck buck bukaw mothaf***a!

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

Also, anyone who is interested as I am sure everyone will want to try one of these at least ONCE in my game, being hopeful, check out the rules on Dueling in my universe under the Campaign info Tab on this thread. Let me know what you think and if you all would like a test run of the system before it comes into play.

Male Human Bard, Song-Healer

Wow, the duelling rules look really interesting. It will be great to try out.

Just wondering how much goes on in the universe, is it like rennaisance Italy, whereby disputes are often settled. Is it mostly used by those of rank, with proles preferring a good kicking down a back alley?

Male Human, I think? 5/ Army, 5/Bouncer, 10/Gamer

This is a combination of every single great nation during the period of the Middle Ages, Medieval Ages, Renaissance and Dark Ages, except the entire land is cleft by war and chaos inside and out. Disputes will most often be settled in duels to the death, whether in the wilds, on batttlefields, in the Court or yes down a backalley. This is quite a chaotic place and expect to fight a lot.

Anyways, glad you are liking the Dueling Rules, I'll throw you guys a couple within the first combat. They can either be one-on-one or one-on-several. You'll be allowed to choose duels to a certain extent but when a Champion challenges one of you, your response is either fight or flight. Bargaining won't work with this world, unless you want to go evil, which i don't appreciate, and try and work with the baddies. Anyways, let me know what you think and I'll try and set up a thread for you all to become familiar with the system.

Male Human Bard, Song-Healer

If the poor punning is detracting at all from the gameplay tell me. I can always get perform(singing) or something instead.

Male Half-Dragon, Drakon, Human Fighter/2

actually Marc i rather enjoy it :) it makes the character funny and it gives the whole " don't get it? That's cool umm...what about...this? Huh huh?" kind of feel which really cheers me up ^^ its not the factor of appearing like a bad-pun cracking joker to me, it reminds me of a lot of my best friends :) I think also it adds to Marc's character because out of nowhere he'll pull out something super inspiring or funny and then i just picture him going, "ooooh yeah I'm writing that one down" :) not mocking at all Marc

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