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The Voyages of the USS Aubrey

Game Master joerice

These are the voyages of the USS Starship Aubrey, a retrofitted deepspace Constitution-Class vessel, her Captain Kaspar Von Sturm, and the crew fit for nowhere else.

Current Characters

Austrailan Diver

Male Cleric (Agnostic Variant) 4 / Parent 7
(932 posts)
Male human on stilts

Male Human Mechanic /15, Father /15, Prof Gm /4.
(812 posts)


(577 posts)
Dark Ice Brownie
Ada'em Ojo

Male Andorian Lieutenant jg

played by Andostre (46 posts)
Bingo Underbough

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34

played by normanak (248 posts)
Aldern Foxglove
Digger Chandler

M Human (multi-ethnic) Rogue Charlatan 6

played by joerice (607 posts)
Menthen Jagaro
Dr. Randy "Butcher" Callahan

Male Human Ship's Doctor

played by normanak (27 posts)

Heraclio Koike

M Human

played by joerice (28 posts)

Kaspar Von Sturm

m Human Captain

played by Ruprecht Redwine (116 posts)


Female Vulcan Ensign

played by robertness (57 posts)

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