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The Valynce Group Adventures (Inactive)

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A group dedicated to finding adventure at every turn set in the Forgotten Realms setting.


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I have been role playing for over 12 years. I am new to GMing in pbp sessions and have not had a lot of practice GMing many games. I am looking at starting a pbp with other beginners of pbp. It will be slow starting and playing, at least at first. I will be using D&D modules but using the PFCRB. If you are interested please post in this section. I am looking for a group of at least four but no more than six PC's. I may have a few player' already. But I am not sure yet. But as long as you're new or have only played a few times (on pbp) I will take the first posts in the order they appear. Thanks!

I'd be interested. I have not played in a pbp game yet, but play weekly in a campaign at my local comic shop.

I'm fine running any type of character at any level in any adventure.

I have numerous lvl 1 characters written up already.

Good luck in advance.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hey I've sent you a PM but I will try and get a character set up for latest tomorrow :)

The Exchange

I am interested. Also haven't played in a pbp game before. I will try to write up a character soon.

What kind of campaign is this going to be? Also, what sources can we use?


Grand Lodge

I am more then interested in playing a PBP game. I have not done it before, I have a couple of chars rolled up. They are using 4d6 drop the lowest method. They are an elf Alchemist and a Human cleric I can play either or any or I can play what ever is needed. please let me know

Thank you


To all interested, before you start making characters: I have not decided the format or what source material I am using yet. Please hold off on making any characters until I lay the ground rules for such. I was and am at work when I began this thread. I will have more for everyone in the next couple of days. I would like to go through the modules I am going to run and decide from there. I have up to five slots left right now. I will give my other player's I have played with before until tomorrow night to PM me. If they do not the next slots will be filled as followed:

1. TheHairyAvenger(Confirmed)
2. jtfoto (TBD)
3. NathanM (TBD)
4. Krumthi (TBD)
5. Unknown (TBD)
6. TBD (May or may not add a sixth)

I have specific rules for character creation and game mechanics which I will post before everyone makes their character. I want everyone to know what they are getting into before they choose to play. I am trying to keep this organized since it is my first time. This way I don't waste anyone's time.

Warning: This campaign will start slowly and run slowly for a while. If you do not have an interest please let me know so I can backfill your position. Thank you to everyone interested and you will hear from me soon.

Grand Lodge

I am okay with that, I only have one normal game that I am in and that is every other Saturday, I am looking forward to playing, I will play whatever is needed to for the party.

The Exchange

Sounds good. Slow is nice for me as I am busy. Take your time getting ready.



I have decided that we will be using the Pathfinder Core Rulebook only as of now. I plan on expanding into the Advanced Player's Guide and Ultimate Combat down the line in this pbp so keep that in mind for future cross-classing or in the event of a character death. I will be posting character creation rules and pbp rules in the discussion section. Please do not post in that section until I tell you to. That is where we will handle character creation. After that I will open up the discussion page for advice and ooc (out of character) talks and any criticism towards my GMing so I can improve and to also take suggestions on game play.

Grand Lodge

I am really looking to the game I hope that I can play with this group.

Liberty's Edge

I'd be interested in trying out a pbp game.

I'd be interested as well.

Well it looks like you may have your 6 but if there is still one more slot available I would gladly fill it.

I've been playing pathfinder for awhile and GMing it but I am very new to the PBP idea.


One other note: I will require PC's to post at least once a day. Further pbp rules listed in discussion will go into this in more detail.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Do we start creation when you give the go ahead in the discussion :) I thought I was organised :P

Liberty's Edge

Who are the player's in the party? I'm asking so I can start working on a character if I'm one of them.


No party yet I had given some other people I game with a chance to PM me for some slots. As of now I have had only one. So in light of that the group will be as follows:

1. TheHairyAvenger
2. jtfoto
3. NathanM
4. Krumthi
5. Valkyn Highwind
6. meibolite
7. Faol Mhor

I wasn't going to originally do a 6th spot or even a 7th (gods help me lol) however thinking back a few days to a pbp I just joined I was given the opportunity as the 7th player in the game of six which worked out because the sixth never showed back up. Anywho welcome all.

As for that organized crack hairy -2 to hp...j/k. ;-)

But really, being this organized is going to help me run the game better especially now with seven people. I only ask that everyone bear with me while I get everything else up and running.

Alright all, the recruitment thread is now being closed... figuratively since I cannot do it literally. Heh.

Please head over to the discussion page and start making characters. I know everyone will have questions and I will answer them as best I can and as thoroughly as I can.

From this point on I will be posting as GM Valynce Sharae. (Vale-ence Shar-ay)for those of you who like to say the names like I do, lol.

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