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The Twisting Tree (Inactive)

Game Master Mug

The world is The Tree. Tossing to and fro with the winds of change. Under siege from vermin, fire, and chaos. The Tree needs it's Thorns to protect it, Pruners to guide its shape. Are you up to the Task? -Pruner

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Awesome, sounds like an amazing opportunity, have a safe trip!

Liberty's Edge

Male Aasimar Magus 2

Just an FYI - I may be a little spotty this week as well...running a training class at work takes a lot of time during the day and I'm fairly drained at night...but I will be posting, don't worry!

Since I brought it up in the gameplay thread. I often find confusion over these two very different game mechanics, so maybe posting this will get our group on the same page. If you're at all uncertain if I am ok with you taking 10, then ask before you read the spoiler. Thank you and I'm done.

Taking 10 and Taking 20

A skill check represents an attempt to accomplish some goal, usually while under some sort of time pressure or distraction. Sometimes, though, a character can use a skill under more favorable conditions, increasing the odds of success.

Taking 10: When your character is not in immediate danger or distracted, you may choose to take 10. Instead of rolling 1d20 for the skill check, calculate your result as if you had rolled a 10. For many routine tasks, taking 10 makes them automatically successful. Distractions or threats (such as combat) make it impossible for a character to take 10. In most cases, taking 10 is purely a safety measure—you know (or expect) that an average roll will succeed but fear that a poor roll might fail, so you elect to settle for the average roll (a 10). Taking 10 is especially useful in situations where a particularly high roll wouldn't help.

Taking 20: When you have plenty of time, you are faced with no threats or distractions, and the skill being attempted carries no penalties for failure, you can take 20. In other words, if you a d20 roll enough times, eventually you will get a 20. Instead of rolling 1d20 for the skill check, just calculate your result as if you had rolled a 20.

Taking 20 means you are trying until you get it right, and it assumes that you fail many times before succeeding. Taking 20 takes 20 times as long as making a single check would take (usually 2 minutes for a skill that takes 1 round or less to perform).

Since taking 20 assumes that your character will fail many times before succeeding, your character would automatically incur any penalties for failure before he or she could complete the task (hence why it is generally not allowed with skills that carry such penalties). Common “take 20” skills include Disable Device (when used to open locks), Escape Artist, and Perception (when attempting to find traps).

Ability Checks and Caster Level Checks: The normal take 10 and take 20 rules apply for ability checks. Neither rule applies to concentration checks or caster level checks.

Liberty's Edge

Male Aasimar Magus 2

OK, I think I misunderstood - I guess you were looking for me to make a DC17 roll? I was thinking since you put what kind of school it was that you had rolled for me and I made the roll, especially since I mistakenly used Spellcraft instead of Arcana.

So if you put a skill with a DC with a spoiler, you want us to publicly roll to see if we can view the spoiler or not, is that what I'm getting from this?

Correct, is just saves a little time. Instead of me asking for a roll, and you making a roll, and then me posting the result. I just post the information you could be privy to, if you make the DC listed. You got it. :)

Female Suli Fighter (Armor Master) 2

Ciao! Sorry I haven't posted in a bit guys, things have been a bit hectic in Rome. GM Mug, I have no problem with you running Eli as a bot for anything unimportant (such as climbing the roof), so if I can't post at any point feel free. As it is, I ought to be able to post pretty regularly from here on.

Happy to see your smiling face. :)

Female Suli Fighter (Armor Master) 2
GM Mug wrote:
Happy to see your smiling face. :)

Grazie! It's late here though, so I will post again tomorrow (probably afternoon for you guys, evening for me).

Complete side note, but I was really happy to find out that one of my roomies is a D&D nerd, as is his other buddy in the program. I might get another in person game going! w00t!

I'll give our elusive friend Velasar till tomorrow morning and then I'll bot him for Round 1. I was hoping to avoid botting this soon, but he's already said he'd be busy this week. So, look forward to that tomorrow :)

I've PM'd Velasar to no avail. I think we'll have to replace him. There have been some other busy folks and I've been waiting for things to calm down a little bit. This is not a dead game for me, just on a small hiatus. Can I get a roll call for those still here please? Thanks!

LN male hobgoblin rogue 2

Checking in and still interested, but still swamped as well. The job search continues, and it saps pretty much all my time at the moment; trying to scrounge the cash to eat while still going to classes full time and keep a roof over my head. To top things off, I don't qualify for food assistance because I'm a currently unemployed full-time student.

On the plus side, I had a very good phone interview today. Here's hoping I make it to the next stage.

Fingers crossed for you!

Sorry - missed the discussion, still here, still interested.

Excellent. Lets wait for a few more to notice, honestly my work has gotten so busy lately this little hiatus is a tad welcome. But we will prevail and press on! I Know Halbrin is busy/out for now, haven't heard from Velasar at all (assuming he's out) and Elianna hasn't responded here yet.

What would you think of re-recruiting to fill the empty spots and rebooting from the beginning with a fresh group?

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