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The Twisted Closet

Game Master I'm Hiding In Your Closet

The Impossible Forest

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Sovereign Court

Female L/N Sylph Alchemist/3 | HP: 22/24 | AC/Tch/FF: 22/15/17 18/13/15 | CMB +2; CMD 17 15 | Fort/Ref/Will +4/8/1 +4/6/1 | Init: +3 | Speed 30 ft | Appraise +8, Craft (Alchemy) +13, Disable Device +7, Fly +8, Heal +4, Kn Arc +8, Kn Nat +8, Kn Planes +5, Perception +6, Sleight of Hand +9, Spellcraft +10, Use Magic Device +5 | Active Conditions: Mutagen (30 minutes)

Bah! Squash, pumpkin, they are all evil once you taste them. Except zucchini. I like zucchini.

Silver Crusade

AC 16, touch 11, flat-footed 16 (+5 armor, +1 trait) hp 21 (2d10+4) Fort +8, Ref +3, Will +6; +2 vs. enchantments

fried zuchiini blossoms

The Twisted Circle

Forgive the delay, there. Like I said, you've all been challenging to DM for!

A Small Peek Behind The Curtain:
That whole thing there was, aside from box text describing the house's exterior, and two short paragraphs on the contents of its message box and minimal descriptions of its residents and furnishings, all COMPLETELY unscripted. I'm not even entirely sure why it's even in here. The Sheriff's bit at the end, you could have gotten out of him if you'd simply asked him why they seclude their children, and pressed the issue with a sufficient Diplomacy check.

Dark Archive

HP 19/19; AC 16 13t 13f; f 2, r 6, w 3; bab 1, melee +2, ranged +5; cmb 0, cmd 13; init +3; inspir 4/5; wclw 48; folio reroll 1/1 | wayang investigator (empiricist)/2 | -22
acro 3, apprs 4, craft alch 9, diplo 8, disable 9, escape 3, kn hist 8, kn religion 8, kn engrg 8, kn local 8,kn nat 8, kn nob 8, kn planes 8, kn rel 8, ling 8, perc 9/10 traps, splcrft 8, stlh 8, sm 4, umd 9

sorry if I'm slow posting the last few days and the next few as well... We are suffering from high winds and surrounded by fires in all directions. Constant power outages from the winds and service outages from both power problems and the fires are playing hell with my connection. I will post as I can, but please bot me if necessary.. thanks.

Sovereign Court

NG Male Kitsune | Swashbuckler 1 | Init: +4 | Speed: 30’ | HP: 12 / 12 | Perception: -1, Low-Light Vision | Panache Used: 1 / 2 | AC: 18, Touch: 14, FF: 14, CMD: 16 | Fort: +2, Ref: +6, Will: -1

Yikes, be careful out there Jack! I presume you must be in the L.A. area (unless there are rampant fires elsewhere that haven't made national news).

Scarab Sages

Male Tengu Zen Archer/ Feral Hunter lvl 2 HP:14/14Initiative:+6AC:17, T:17, FF:14, CMB:2, CMD:19, Fort: 4, Ref: 7. Will: 6, Perception: +10, Sense Motive: +8 Melee:Scimitar +2(1d6+2, 18-20x2), Ranged: MW Comp. Longbow+4(1d8+2, x3)

No worries Jack please be safe! I can't imagine what all the families are going through with all these natural disaters, i've been very fortunate to live where i do. Please again be safe!

The Twisted Circle

That is bananas. At least you don't live in Puerto Rico, right?

Earth disasters in Mexico...

Air/water disasters in the South and Caribbean...

Fire disasters in California...

Broken hearts nationwide...

...where's Captain Planet when you need him?!?

Silver Crusade

AC 16, touch 11, flat-footed 16 (+5 armor, +1 trait) hp 21 (2d10+4) Fort +8, Ref +3, Will +6; +2 vs. enchantments

The website was acting funky for me Friday afternoon and yesterday.

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