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The Trolloc Wars Anthology


The Wheel weaves as the Wheel will, and sometimes, the Wheel weaves out those that arise to greatness

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This is the official post for the trolloc wars adventure path.

The setting: This adventure will take place roughly 2000 years prior to the events found in the current WOT series. This means that there is a greater sense of lattitude towards unique character concepts that you would wish to try.

Character creation guidelines:

6th level start

Build Points: 30

Classes found in the WOTRPG (armsman, wanderer, noble, and so on)
If you wish to be algai'd'siswai, please ask.

Races: Human. If you wish to be an Ogier, please ask and explain your back story on it.

Skills: please use the conversion found HERE for the changes to pathfinder ruleset.

Feats: If the feat is in both the WOTRPG and Pathfinder, the Pathfinder feat takes precedence. (example would be Power attack).
If there is a feat found in pathfinder but not in WOTRPG, ask me.

Outside sources: I am allowing the netbook "Under the dragon banner for full usage. If you find anything you like in there, you can use it. Just make a note of it in your character profile, make it bold so i know its from the utb.

Changes to rules:

Armsman: bonus feat progression like fighter. SO that means the armsman gets a bonus feat every even level.

Initiate: HD change from d4 to d6.

Asha'man prestige class: non existent.

Warder: changed from PrC to Template

warder template:
+2 enhancement bonus to Strength (Stronger)
+2 Enhancement bonus to Dexterity (quicker response)
+2 hp per level (stacks with toughness) (Tougher)
+5' bonus to speed (Faster)
+2 to all saving throws against weaves and abilities of shadowspawn and darkfriends. (Darkfriend is defined as someone who has sworn oaths to the Dark One)

Free Feat: Iron Will (cannot be used when resisting Aes Sedai Command).

(to balance these abilities I have increased the penalty to what happens if the bond holder dies. In addition to d4 per level damage, the warder must make a Will save dc equal to the channeler's level +5 or become consumed with finding their own death. Care in another channeler's hands for a full month can give a second save.)

Checking in with Niketsu Sedai, of the Blue Ajah. (Rhoekk)

The crunch is still in progress.

I may be interested in recruiting a Warder, if there is an interested party, otherwise I'll start without one.

Rizzenmagnus wrote:
Initiate: HD change from d4 to d6.

Aes Sedai too I presume?

Just checking in, I will have something more posted soon.

Still planning on the armsman/blademaster.

i may be interested in being a warder .. let me look it over and get back to you

i looked through the under the dragon banner netbook and did not see anything that pertained to a blademaster except a mention in passing in the dai'dore class description.

Just checking in to dot. I'll have a character for you soon.

Lurch. Pm me your email and I will send you a copy of utdb wiyh the missing section.

How many Aes Sedai were you going to allow?

I am still interested and should be able to put a character together tomorrow afternoon. I could try my hand at being a warder, if you still need one, Niketsu.

Also, I may wish to uae the algai class as an alternate 'fighting style / school' assuming that is still permissable. Let me know Rizzen.

I'm out of town for a few days, so don't take a lack of posting as a lack of interest.

I am looking for a warder, but there is no pressure. If I have more than one interested, I could look at changing to Green Ajah, though I rather like blue.

Talk to you in a few days.

No limit to sedai.

rizzen .. i have my blademaster mostly finished, just waiting on the netbook. I sent you a PM, did it make it through?

fia: that is still allowed. What were you thinking?

I know some of you are still crunching numbers, but im going to go ahead and create the gameplay and discussion pages, Cuz i am excited to get this started.

I am considering a Dai'dore 5 / Algai 1 build. Probably will go Woodsman and / or Armsman for future levels. The idea behind the Algai is basically to further represent special training and enhancing the speed and hardiness of the warder, and also training in unarmed combat.

Here is what I have for Fiallain's character. I used the Warder template on the assumption that he would be a warder to one of the group's Aes Sedai, but that can change if needed.

Well if there's no limit to Aes Sedai I'll keep this character who is green.

given the era, is the ashanderei a martial weapon due to it being more common than in the setting of the novels?

Somewhat along the same lines, are power-wrought weapons more common and thus available?

also .. :) .. since we are running with pathfinder-ization, can we purchase any wonderous items or other power-wrought items/ter'angreal?

and are special materials such as mithral available?

gameplay link started. it isnt the official start, but just something for you to read and get an idea of what is at stake for the city of Barsine.

I will say that power wrought weapons and armour are more of an uncommon thing, not so rare as they will be in 2000 years. that said, i will allow people to purchase power wrought weapons and armor at the same equivelent as found in pathfinder.

Weapons costs
Armor costs

Only a max of 1/3 of total mark can be spent on a single power wrought blade or armor. So that would be 5,333 Mark.

The Ashanderei is still an exotic weapon.

ter'angreal... it is plausible to think that some of the more useful ter'angreal would be known and well kept. So if you have an idea as to purchasing one, just ask.

as for magical items from pathfinder... Ask. If it can fit in with the campaign setting, i may allow it.

the cast of characters:

Warrick gentara: a dia'dore fighter and warder to Niketsu.

Natalya Sedai: an aes sedai of the green ajah

Niketsu Sedai: an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah

and Mister Lurch: potential blademaster...

i think that is everyone interested. So 2 Aes Sedai, and 2 blademasters.

I will keep a slot open for someone who arrives late.

another thing... there is a blurb in the netbook about the ajah's getting special abilities.

I was going to withdraw myself from playing this one. Partially because I was struggling with my character ideas, and partially because I didn't think playing a male channeler with 2 aes sedai would be the best idea.

However, I just read the intro that you posted on the gameplay thread, Rizzen, and my interest is piqued. If you guys wouldn't mind playing with a male channeler I would love to join this one. Let me know what you think.

Here is my Armsman/Blademaster. I think he is done, but might be I missed something.

Solo I think you should still play a male channeler. This would provide the group with an excellent roleplaying experience. Your character struggling to remain hidden, the aes sedai snooping for the fearful male channeler destined to go mad and destroy the world... Good stuff

Could be fun

natalya, any chance you might find an avatar pic for your character?

also, I am posting that you all are part of the Homeland Guard. I will post more about them today/tonight.

so feel free to start posting in the gameplay...

When I get back into town yes unfortunately I'm on android which doesn't let me apply avatar pics

Alright, I will probably make him a borderlander woodsman/channeler. I will work out my character sheet tonight, though I know I will have some questions. Two issues immediately spring to mind. First, what are we doing about base saves? In the WoT RPG some classes have a save progression that goes from +1 at first level to +9 at 20th, are we keeping that? Second, what about the class defense bonus? I assume that since we are doing a "high magic" version of WoT we don't really need those, right?

In all cases except armsman, your armor bonus does not stack with your class defense, so it is an 'either /or' situation in that regard. My character is currently designed not to wear armor.

the saves from the wotrpg will be applied.

and you still need to worry about class defense bonus, as shown by warrick

Warrick Gentara wrote:
In all cases except armsman, your armor bonus does not stack with your class defense, so it is an 'either /or' situation in that regard. My character is currently designed not to wear armor.

Ah that makes sense. Haven't read through these rules in a while.

Rizzen, how are you handling a Warder's cloak? They usually come VIA the prestige class, but we are using the template instead. Should I include it as written in the book as part of my starting equip? Do I need to 'pay' for it somehow?

Also, are you wanting us to limit ourselves to one power-wrought weapon, or could we purchase multiple?

Finally, I am assuming that we are limited to purchasing simply +1, +2, etc, for said weapons, or are 'magical abilities' ( specifically agile and/or bane) available?

warders cloak is a free gift.

you can purchase multiple power weapons, the total still must equal 5,333mk.

i will allow up to +2 bonuses. so a +1 power wrought axe with bane would be a +2 weapon

What do you want to do about Angreal?

And are we doing pathfinder feat progression or wotrpg progression?

Tell me what u want and ill roll for it.

Pathfinder feat progression. So that means every odd level

Natalya, changed my mind. Ill put forth this instead...

Roll d100 and compare to chart below. This represents the basis of aes sedai keeping ter'angreal and angreal instead of giving over to the tower.

01- 50: no special power item
51- 85: ter'angreal found, minor
86-90: angreal +1
91-95: angreal +2
96-99: angreal +3
100: +1 angreal and minor ter'angreal

Campaign start is tomorrow. If your pc is mostly done, hp ac attcks and saves, go ahead and start posting.

1d100 ⇒ 55 Has found a minor Ter'Angreal. Is this in addition, or instead of items we can buy?

Rizzen, are we using Pathfinder traits?

Meridian is willing to be a warder if either of you two Aes Sedai still need one.

niketsu, what would you like to use, for pathfinder trait?

also, this is a bonus item. no cost. i will post available ter'angreal

affinity talisman:

Affinity Talismans
(By Randy Madden)
Activation: Wear
Affinities: Varies
Size: Small
Weight: 1 lb.
Occurrence: Common
These ter’angreal are common, but often
go unnoted. In the Age of Legends, these
were used to teach young channelers the
feel of the different Affinities. Some are
still used for that purpose. Though simple
and weak, these small talismans are often
under appreciated.
Description: Affinity talismans come in
many different shapes and designs, but are
associated with the Affinity they represent.
A Fire Talisman might appear as a ruby
brooch, while a Water Talisman might be a
string of pearls.
Affinity Talismans grant their user the
Feat: Extra Affinity X. Only for the
Affinity they represent and only while held
or worn.


(By John Bornicke)
Activation: Wield or carry
Affinities: None
Size: varies
Weight: varies
Occurrence: Common
These ter’angreal were used during the
Age of Legends to teach novice users of
the One Power how to hold multiple
weaves at once and to assist in casting
when the channeler became distracted
Anchors come in many different shapes,
often appearing as jewelry or small statues.
These ter’angreal allow the user to hold
one weave as if he had the Multiweave feat
without requiring a Concentration check, regardless of the circumstances. The user
must still hold saidin or saidar and must
remain in contact with the item.

Sheath of the Keen Blade:

Sheath of the Keen Blade
(By Mark Etter)
Activation: Special
Affinities: None
Size: Medium
Weight: 1 lb.
Occurrence: Rare
Made during the War of Power in
conjunction with power-wrought blades,
these leather scabbards appear to be well
made, masterwork sheaths. But when a
sword is placed in the sheath, an
enchantment is placed upon it. The blade
becomes sharper than before and more powerful. The swords become keen
(double the critical threat range) and grant
a +1 bonus to the critical multiplier
(example: x2 becomes x3). This last only
for a single strike however, after that the
sword must be re-sheathed to use the
power again. Unfortunately many past
users did not realize that the added power
was from the sheath, as a consequence,
many have been discarded throughout the

1d100 ⇒ 98


Homeland Guard
Organization: elite military force
Number of personnel: 450

Standard equipment:
1 MW power-wrought blade,
1 MW power-wrought armor,
Quiver of arrows (x20)
1 light horse with bridle and saddle
1`week rations

The Homeland Guard is Jaramide's premier elite military task force. Stationed in Barsine, they are both the eyes and ears for the country in protecting the border against the Blight. Long ranging, resourceful, relentless, they will range into the Blight and disrupt Trolloc patrols, and kill other various Shadowspawn.

In a Joint effort, The homeland guard has incorporated newly risen Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah into their ranks, allowing the greens the ability to practice the combative arts in life and death scenarios. Those Green Ajah stationed with the Homeland guard develop incredible martial skills and return to the White tower ready to assist any lands that need assistance.

The Blue ajah has just recently made an arrangement between the Ajah and the Homeland Guard. A need has been identified showing that Blue ajah members where sometimes unprepared for defending themselves and their charges in their quests.

Meridian you can be Natalya's warder provided your character treats all women with respect. (kinda a pet peeve of her's)

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