The Tion Cluster Gambit (Inactive)

Game Master Dennis Harry

Confrontation with the CSA

Stand Against the Swoop Gang

CSA Administrative Building

Overview CSA Compound

Popara the Hutt has navigated safe passage through the Indexu Spiral a mass of protomatter, cometary debris, and asteroid fields that snake through the Tion Cluster.

Popara is willing to sell this information in exchange for a “favor”.

Roan Fel

Darth Wyyrlock

Jedi Master Wolf Sazen

Imperial Initiative:

Garrett [dice]1d20+14[/dice]
Errin [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Gunnar [dice]1d20+11[/dice]
Kaldo [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Rennah [dice]1d20+12[/dice]

Imperial Perception:

Garrett [dice]1d20+11[/dice]
Errin [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Gunnar [dice]1d20+13[/dice]
Kaldo [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Rennah [dice]1d20+9[/dice]

Sith Initiative:

Cardis [dice]1d20+11[/dice]
Noss [dice]1d20+13[/dice]
Taras [dice]1d20+13[/dice]

Sith Perception:

Cardis [dice]1d20+9[/dice]
Noss [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Taras [dice]1d20+12[/dice]

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The Jedi Order Gameplay

AJTD1 looked around at those assembled, to him it was just a short time ago he was ready to take a ship to Tatooine to deliver a message to Obi-Wan.....

As a guy with a slight OCD, not finding an avatar that resembles a Kel Dor is painful...

Here I am.

Mao Yuul wrote:
As a guy with a slight OCD, not finding an avatar that resembles a Kel Dor is painful...


The young jedi who was knighted before he was frozen arrives, in a new land, things have changed but not all that much. Greetings brother Jedi, I am Quen Pah, survivor of Palpatine's Purge and former padawan of the great Iediroum Rex, perhaps his story has survived into this age? It does me good to see the Order was not totally destroyed by Darth Vader and Darth Sidious.

Where are we? Are we together?

Mao Yuul wrote:
Where are we? Are we together?

You will be, you will be...

Do we have any Jedi pilots?

Quen Pah wrote:
Do we have any Jedi pilots?

The Droid

"Affirmative... Roger, roger."

hooray. Does the droid know me?

Quen Pah wrote:
hooray. Does the droid know me?

I say we play that out when game starts, I will let it decide if it knows you or not :-)

Have we gone live?

Pass the popcorn the movie is about to start....

The Tion Cluster Gambit - The Jedi Order

The nondescript freighter utilized by the Jedi Knights touches down on a landing pad overgrown with weeds. It has been some time since this place has seen any activity, still, the force is very strong here on Yavin both from the Light and the Dark Side of the force.

As you step off of the ship Master Wolf steps out of the now runied Temple to greet you both.

"Yuul, Rook, it has been too long since we have last seen one another.

We have little time to stay as the Sith do sweep this moon from time to time. Come, I have someone I would like you to meet and an old friend you have not seen in quite a while".

You walk with the Master into the Temple, the jungle has reclaimed much of the Temple but this section seems clear enough to stay in, even if only temporarily.

Standing near a power charger is a familiar frame, AJTD1, the Jedi Tutor Droid, a relic from the Old Jedi Order. Seated near the Droid in silence is a man wearing a hood with the cowl pulled down over his head.

"Quen Pah, the Jedi Knights, I told you about have finally arrived".

He turns back to you both excited, "Jedi Councilor Quen Pah has some story to tell you, I will let him share it with you before we discuss what I need your assistance with..."

The ship (needs work)


Dynamic class freighter (pg 80)
Colossal space transport
Init -5; Senses perception +5
Defense Ref 12 (flat footed 12), Fort +25; +12 armor
Hp 110; DR 15; Threshold 75
Speed fly 12 squares (max velocity 800 km/hour, fly 2 squares (starship scale)
Ranged double laser cannons +3 (see below)
Fighting space 12X12 or 1 square (starship scale); Cover total
Base attack _0; Grp +35
Attack options autofire (double laser cannons)
Abilities Str 40, dex 10, con - , Int 16
Skills Initiative -5; mechanics +5; perception +5; Pilot -5; Use computer +5
Crew 2 (normal) Passengers 6
Cargo 60 tons; consumables 2 months; Carried craft none
Hyperdrive X3, navicomputer

Double laser cannons (gunner)
Attack +3 (-2 autofire) Dmg 4d10x2

And 30,000 credits to modify the base…We have 6 emplacement point (pg 40) So what do we want to spend the funds on to upgrade?

The droids eyes flicker but he remains fact his appearance is deceptive in that he is fluent in billions of forms of communication, but looks as if he has no speak of...or out of

The young knight will allow his prescence in the Force to shine brightly in the Light side of the Force. Thank you Master Wolf, he begins with tears in his eyes.
Greetings my fellow Knights. My name is Quen Pah, a survivor of the Jedi Purge during the Clone Wars. My Master was the great Jedi Healer, Iediorum Rex. Like him I was one of the few who was able to use the Force and channel it into healing capabilities, especially as the Clone Wars raged on. I was able to survive the Purge with the aid of my Master and spent several months in the employee of the famed Senator Bail Organa. I was able to complete my training as a Knight before I was placed in a state of suspended animation by Master Treu Blanc, a survivor of the Purge who had a great ability to foresee the future. She told me that my destiny was not to die in that time but to bring healing to a time in the future when it would be needed. I fell asleep and awoke only a few days ago, being awakened by Master Wolf and his padawan learner, Shado Vao. The years have passed and again the Jedi have been attacked and our numbers wane. However, I believe that the Force has brought us together for a purpose that only the Force knows. he says tiredly.

Mao Yuul slightly bows at Quen Pah.

"Greetings Quen Pah, and I must say how glad I am for knowing of another fellow Jedi among these dark times, even if the age you awake is only slightly brighter than the one you came from."

"My former master, Master K'Kruhk was also a survivor from the Purge and always told me of those dark times... even if I'm afraid we are revisiting the past."

"Well, that must have been some rest from the sound of it. At least you have not been sleeping the years away as a carbonite popsicle though."

Though far from cold or cruel, the other Jedi's tone does have more than a hint of irreverence. The smile on his face though is friendly enough, if a little mischievous.

"I am called Caleb. Caleb Rook. Come on Mao, where are your manners? Introduce yourself."

He shakes his head. "And to think Master Wolf calls me rude. Or is it snarky? I keep forgetting." He shrugs. "Probably both, depending on the occasion."

Regarding the ship:
That is actually a good question. This would be the first time I would try to help outfit a ship though, so I would need to do some reading first. Any ideas and/or suggestions?

Quick backstory for Caleb:
A con-man when he was younger, upon realizing he could use the Force, Caleb only saw it as one more tool at first. Still, he did use his skills, mundane and otherwise, against affiliates and sympathizers of the Empire rather than the common folk. But as it usually happens when one pushes his luck a bit too far, he did eventually find himself in trouble, Imperials knocking at his door so to speak. He did manage to escape then, only to find himself trying to con a Jedi for a ride off-world. What can I say, other than that the Force works in mysterious ways? Recognizing his abilities the Jedi took him under his wing so to speak, training him despite his age and soon enough bringing him to the Jedi Order, or rather what remains of it.

Glad I am to here that Master K'Khurk also survived the Purge. he says.

"Sorry, Caleb is right... I'm Mao Yuul, a Kel Dor and student of the sword arts." he then changes his attention to Caleb and Master Wolf. "Also, have any of you heard anything about Master K'Kruhk? I heard no news about him since the down of the temple of Ossus."

"I am the prototype of the later duelist elite training droids, I was provided to the Jedi counsel and taken in by Master Yoda and the young recruit, I escaped order 66 and was heavily damaged though rescued along with master Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi; by Bail Organa the noble from Alderaan on the ship Sundered Heart. I was repaired and upgraded to serve the noble house as a protocol droid...unfortunately I failed in my duties an ion cannon nearly ended me, I was deactivated, until recently."

Retrieves holorecording and plays it for those assembled....

"Welcome to the palace of the Jedi! Brave you must be, a great challenge have you."-Yoda holorecording...

The ship

We don't have alot of credits for any major upgrades, so our best bet might be smaller tweaks. A little armor, a little shield, combat thrusters, maybe manuvering jets, better sensors, a droid repair team....I am open to suggestions....

The young knight smiles at the kel-dor and bows My gifts with the Force and not with the lightsaber but with different applications of the mystery of the Force. he says holding out his lightsaber.

Master Wolf smiles at your banter, " I am happy to say that Master K'Kruhk's presence yet shines in the Force. He is pursuing another important matter as I pursue this one. One in which my own feelings will not cloud my judgment".

"Let us begin. Time is of the essence here".

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a recording device, inserting it into AJTD1, a holograph of a swirling star mass appears.

"This is the Indrexu Spiral. A mass of protomatter, cometary debris, and asteroid fields that snakes through the Tion Cluster. Its presence is a hazard to interstellar shipping, forcing starships to go parsecs out of their way to avoid it. No one has been able to map it accurately, much less find a safe route through it - until recently".

He gestures again and the hologram shifts forming the wide, conical head of a Hutt. An old one by the look of him, with patches of dried gray skin along his broad face. His eyes, however, are alive and alert - he's aware he's being hologrammed.

"This is Popara the Hutt, leader of a powerful financial empire that includes both legitimate and illegal operations. He has information regarding safe passage through the Indrexu Spiral. We do not know whether his own operatives did the scouting or whether the information just happened to fall into his hands. Regardless, his ships are successfully navigating the region where others have been thwarted, to the great advantage of his shipping lines.

I don't have to tell you how valuable this information is. The ability to move material, equipment and men through the Cluster is supremely advantageous to anyone with such knowledge. With this knowledge, we can explore the cluster without Sith interference or interference by their nefarious agents. My plan is to establish a new Temple and begin rebuilding the Order once again. Within a generation we will be able to challenge the Sith once more and hopefully return the galaxy to the hands of the people.

Through an intermediary, I have set a meeting with Popara's representatives. Currently he resides on a space station orbiting Honoghr. I have fed false information through my contacts that he will be elsewhere to prevent others from having a chance to retrieve this data first, it must not fall into the hands of the Sith Empire.

I want your group to be my representatives. Most importantly, I want you to pose as Scoundrels and not as Jedi as we cannot be sure whether the Hutt would simply turn on you and attempt to collect bounties.

Have you any questions?"

Master Wolf, do any other factions know this information ¿ inquires

As the holo-device is unceremoniously inserted...
"How could have purchased me dinner first."

After the holorecording completes...
"Presume this Hutt is not a friendly to the order, it is safe to assume the information is for sale, to the highest bidder?"

"I could also begin to create and formulate false data, to hide the true data in once it is acquired, in other words fragment the data and create false defragmentation points to hide the true course."

Perhaps, AJ, you might also be able to forge false documents for us and false identification numbers for our ship, just in case? suggests the counselor.

The ship


Dynamic class freighter (pg 80)
Colossal space transport
Init -5; Senses perception +5
Defense Ref 12 (flat footed 12), Fort +25; +12 armor
Hp 110; DR 15; Threshold 75
Speed fly 12 squares (max velocity 800 km/hour, fly 2 squares (starship scale)
Ranged double laser cannons +3 (see below)
Fighting space 12X12 or 1 square (starship scale); Cover total
Base attack _0; Grp +35
Attack options autofire (double laser cannons)
Abilities Str 40, dex 10, con - , Int 16
Skills Initiative -5; mechanics +5; perception +5; Pilot -5; Use computer +5
Crew 2 (normal) Passengers 6
Cargo 60 tons; consumables 2 months; Carried craft none
Hyperdrive X3, navicomputer
Double laser cannons (gunner)
Attack +3 (-2 autofire) Dmg 4d10x2

And 30,000 credits to modify the base…We have 6 emplacement point

So here are my recommendations for the 30k and emplacement point use…

Combat thrusters, 1 emplacement point and 2,000X5= 10K cost
Shields SR 30, 2 emplacement points and 2,000X5=10K
Turbolaser (medium) 5d10X5 damage 5 emplacement points = 10K cost
I wish we could upgrade more stuff, but truthfully 30 K doesn't go that far....

"Roger, roger. also I have a starship autostart key, if given the access chip I can start the ship remotely."

Wincing at the Roger Roger, as it brings the memories of the Clone Wars to mind the young healer knight will leave the discussion of what should go on the ship to those who think in terms of battle but would recommend good shields and med-bay, if possible.

"Appologies, I do need to make some adjustments to my vocabulator, apologies I was deactivated for a long time and my reboot is not yet completed, some artifacts are still in the system, somewhat similar to carbonite sickness as I understand it. Like I was saying I can tie into the ship for remote start ups."

The ship and tech specialist

I can do a few things to the ship via tech specialist feat. I am thinking boosting the shields by 5 might be the best option.....

Ship exterior

Ship interior

it looks like the Ghost.

Down with the flu. Should be able to post later today or tomorrow.

Mao smiled at the droid's comment... even if no one was able to see it behind his antiox mask.

"I'm glad to hear about Master K'Kruhk."

He hears carefully as Master Wolf told them about their mission.

"I long for the opportunity to fight the sith, but you are wise in pursuing different objectives and thinking in the future of the order... As always, the Force must remain in balance, despite our present situations or desires..." He then turns his attentions towards Quen and Caleb. "I'm a warrior and even if my skills will eventually be useful, now it is time for me to hear and not to fight. You are the ones with experience in this matter and I shall follow your lead."

"Scoundrels, huh? Rogues and ne'er-do-wells," Caleb quips with a smile. "Yes, I believe I remember how that goes. I may be a little rusty though."

He shrugs. "But I bet it is like riding a bike. Probably."

"Were I still a betting man that is. And if I were one, I would make another bet. That we are not the only ones who know and are interested in the information this Hutt has."

"So, what I am saying is that finding ourselves face to face with other interested and not so friendly parties is rather likely."

"Scoundrels are excellent sparring partners for young nobles fencing lessons few opponents can deceive the senses as well."

"Master Wolf, What resources monetary and otherwise do we have to offer in payment for this information? "

Knowing the Hutts, Poparra is probably trying to play the ends against the middle for his benefit. I would not be surprised if the Sith and the Empereror know of this information. states the counselor.

Master Wolf nods at Quen, "Indeed, I believed it was a matter of time before the information was released and that is why I chose to feed the false reports into the hands of known agents of the Sith, The Empire, and even the Galactic Alliance".

"Agreed Caleb, I too believe that opposition may well be faced, that is why I chose you and Mao for tis assignment. You may well face a cadre of Sith and I needed Jedi experienced in combat to assist Quen and AJTD1 on this assignment. Also, my understanding is that your unsavory past may be of assistance on this assignment Caleb". Master Wolf grins.

"AJTD1, I believe that the payment will be something the Hutt will ask for which does not involve credits, after all, this Gangster is very wealthy already. More will be revealed when you meet with him. Time is of the essence. The false trail will only last so long, soon enough, other interested parties will be arriving at the Hutt's door..."

"Aye, aye. Sir! Let us depart, I can see this ship has need of systemic checks."

fixed that roger, roger to the sailing jargon...."I hear and obey"....

The droid heads towards the ship feeling out the range and signal strength of the communication system....

We all have our gifts and abilities which can be used for the protection of our Order and the fulfillment of the will of the Living Force. I can wield a lightsaber but that is not my forte, or as it was once said, aggressive negotions. I was trained as a healer and a counselor, so the gifts I have are not those you who are far more expert as weilders of the lightsaber have and visa versa. says the healer.

Full update tomorrow, long day at work today.

"Are any others a trained mechanic or pilot?"

"Not me, no," Caleb replies with a shrug. "I was more the sneaky con-man type of scoundrel rather than the devil-may-care pilot type."

Unfortunately, I did not learn how to pilot either says the counselor.

Mao shakes his head. "Neither am I but it is not a bad thing, for we need only one pilot and I intend not to lose anyone during this mission... Master Wolf might see it as unwise, but it gives us purpose and the knowledge that we'll only succeed if we all make it... the sith have already taken many of us and no loss is justified."

"Aye, aye. In that case I will run a line and set a charging station in the pilot area."

"It is a function that I am more than capable of performing."

Still on the wait and see idea of taking level in Ace pilot, maybe next level would be more justifiable given the established history...

Master Wolf smiles, "Go then my friends and May the Force be With You. Once you have successfully completed your mission, AJTD1 has the coordinates for the rendezvous points programmed within him. If I am not there, another Master will be".

Make a Use Computer check DC 10 (+5 to modifier with the nav computer) to pilot the proper coordinates to Honoghr.

AJ gets comfortable in the pilot seat and interfaces with the computer and runs a quick diagnostic program....

Use computer [trained] 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (18) + 14 = 32
add 5 for nav computer assistance
to set the proper course.....

Whatever your experience with piloting the droid makes it look too easy

"According to the diagnostics I can easily make some minor adjustments to this craft either making it more responsive or boosting the shields."

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