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Game Master Sigil

Current Characters

Arkobla Conn

(176 posts)
Lantern Lodge DaWay

(4,635 posts)

Sovereign Court Enaris

Male Human Gamemaster
(145 posts)

Male Elf Rogue Swashbuckler/4; HP: 27/27; AC:20; T: 16; FF: 15; F: 1/R: 8/W: 1; CMD: 20; Init: 6; Perc: 7; Sense Motive: 0
(796 posts)
The Exchange French Wolf

(5,152 posts)
Female Merchant

(44 posts)

m Orc 8 Fighter / 2 Champion
(1,480 posts)
Liberty's Edge Sigil

(1,068 posts)

(985 posts)
Neolandis Kalepopolis
Dark Archive Abbas of Cheliax

K'uhulajaw, Init +5, AC20/13/17, Hits 24/24, Perception -1

played by French Wolf (422 posts)
Jakardros Sovark
Aidan Ayrvar

A: AC 15/11/15; hp 35/35; F+7 R+1 W+7; Per+7 T: AC 22/14/18; hp 26/26; F+5 R+7 W+3; Per+6

played by Enaris (574 posts)
Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras
Bedu the Barber

Halfling bard1/rog1; Init +3/+5; AC20, tch 14, fft 17; CMD 12; hits 15/15; F +1, R +8, W +2; Perception +7

played by French Wolf (534 posts)
The Exchange Bryndyn

Male Lizardfolk Lizardfolk 1/Ranger 3;AC: 20, T:11, FF: 20; HP 49/49; F:+9, R+4, W: +1, Init + 1; Perc+8 (add +2 terrain +2 undead)

played by Arkobla Conn (457 posts)
Elinor Knutsdottir

F Human Fighter 2/Bard 2 (HP32/32 AC 27 Ft+4 Rf+4 Wl+3 Pcp +7)

played by Valeriana Pia (653 posts)
GM Enaris

played by Enaris (70 posts)
Harlynn P. Quinn

Female Human (HP 18/18, AC 13/T12/FF 11, CMD 13, F 1, R 5, W 5, Perception +3, Init +2)

played by DaWay (332 posts)
Lantern Bearer
Narnel Falerathon

Male Elf Slayer/4; AC: 20, T:16 , FF: 15; HP: 33/33; F:+4, R:+8, W:+1, Perc:+7; Init:+6

played by Filios (628 posts)
Nareem Daress
Pluchak del Oktar

Male Half Orc Bloodrager (Rageshaper, Draconic) 4 (HP 35/40, AC 20/T10/FF 20, CMD 16, F 6, R 1, W 2, Perception +7, Init +0)

played by Oterisk (252 posts)
Seneca Lucianus

AC 19/12/17 CMD 16 HP 24/30 F+7 R+3 W+10 Init +1 Per +5

played by michaelane (290 posts)
Seneca Luciarnus

played by French Wolf (3 posts)
Taedric Starfell

Taedric Vitals:
(HP: 42/42; AC: 22 /12/21; CMD: 13; Fort +8, Ref: +3, Will: +2 [+4 vs. fear or illusions], Percept: +5 [Low-Light], Init: +1)
Male Gnome Cavalier (Emissary) of the Shield: 4
Trumps Vitals:
(HP: 35/35; AC: 22 /14/18; CMD: 19 [23 vs. trip]; Fort +7, Ref: +7 [evasion], Will: +2, Percept: +7 [Scent, Low-Light], Init: +2)

played by Tilnar (428 posts)
Thaddicus Marcaldor

M Human (Taldan) Zen Archer Monk/ Freebooter Ranger 1

played by Oterisk (140 posts)

Strange Figure in a Druid Suit

played by Tilnar (68 posts)

Previous Characters

Alexander Hart

played by GrimApotheosis (5 posts)

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