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The Spires of Ravenloft (Inactive)

Game Master Sean, Minister of KtSP

A Ravenloft mini-campaign, just in time for Halloween!

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This is Majestic8705's submission. The only part that isn't set in stone yet are the traits because my choices are going to depend on how combat ends up being done (i.e. how will initiative work?)

Mihkail's Crunch:
Mihkail Orisin, Lawful Neutral, Human, Male
Flowing Monk 3, Rogue 2
Init +5
AC 19 (10 + 5 [Dex] + 3 [Wis] +1 [BoA]), touch 18, flat-footed 14
HP 41
Fort 5, Ref 10, Will 6
Resistance(s) N/A
Spd 30
Melee Unarmed +9, 1d8 + 3, x2 (FoB + 8, 1d8 + 3, x2)
… Masterwork Sai +8, 1d4 + 2B, x2 (FOB + 8, 1d4 + 2B, x2)
Ranged Shortbow +8, 1d6P , x3
Spells Prepared
Str 14, Dex 21 (19 + 2), Con 15, Int 10, Wis 17, Cha 07
BAB 3; CMB 6 (10 on trip, 8 on disarm, 8 on sunder); CMD 18 (20 on trip)
Feats Improved Trip, Monastic Legacy, Snake Style, Toughness, Weapon Finesse
Traits Traits are TBD based upon how combat will work.
Skills Acrobatics 12, Climb 7, DD 12 (15 to disable traps, 14 to open locks [unless our stuff gets tiefed]), Perception 11 (12 for traps), Sense Motive 13, Survival 8, Stealth 12,
Languages Common
SQ Sneak Attack (1d6).
Combat Gear Arrows (20), Masterwork Sai, Shorbow,
Non-combat Gear Amulet of Mighty Fists +1, Bedroll, Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2, Bracers of Armor +1, Explorer's Outfit, Masterwork Backpack, Masterwork Thieves’ Tools, Waterskin
Total weight 31lbs..
Current Monies 15gp 9sp
Armor Proficiency Light Armor.
Evasion Allows Reflex save against AoE attacks. If successful either half or no damage.
Flowing Dodge +1 dodge bonus to AC for every enemy adjacent upto Wisdom modifier.
Improved Unarmed Strike Armed when unarmed, no AoO for attacking unarmed and unarmed strikes can deal either lethal or non-lethal damage at will.
Improved Trip Trip Attempts do not provoke attacks of opportunity, +2 to CMB and CMD.
Languages Common
Maneuver Training Monk level in place of BAB for CMB, other classes add normally.
Monastic Legacy ½ of non-monk levels count towards monk levels for purposes of Unarmed Damage.
Redirection as an immediate action, a flowing monk can attempt a reposition or tripcombat maneuver against a creature that the flowing monk threatens and that attacks him. If the combat maneuver is successful, the attacker is sickened for 1 round (Reflex DC = 10 + 1/2 the monk’s level + monk’s Wisdommodifier to halve the duration), plus 1 additional round at 4th level and for every four levels afterward (to a maximum of 6 rounds at 20th level). The monk gains a +2 bonus on the reposition or trip combat maneuver check and the save DC for redirection increases by 2 if the attacker is using Power Attack or is charging when attacking him. The benefit increases to a +4 bonus and an increase of the saving throw by 4 if both apply.
At 4th level, a flowing monk can use redirection against an opponent that the flowing monk threatens and that attacks an ally with a melee attack. At 8th level, a flowing monk can make both a reposition and a trip maneuver as part of a single immediate action with this ability. At 12th level, a flowing monk can use redirection against any opponent that attacks him in melee, even if the flowing monk is not threatening the opponent who attacks him. A flowing monk can use this ability once per day per monklevel, but no more than once per round.
Snake Style + 2 to Sense Motive, Unarmed Strikes can count as piercing, option to use Sense Motive as AC as an immediate action.
Sneak Attack 1d6
Still Mind + 2 saving throws against enchantment spells and effects.
Trapfinding + 1 to Perception to locate traps, and + 1 to DD.
Toughness + 3 to HP, +1 HP every HD after 3.
Unbalancing Counter Attacks of Opportunity render a struck creature flat-footed until the end of the flowing monk’s next turn (Reflex DC 10 + ½ monk level + wisdom= 14).
Weapon Finesse DEX instead of STR for Attack Rolls on small/light weapons.
Weapon Proficiency: Monk, and Rogue weapon proficiencies.

Fluff (including description) will be coming later this evening (my time...I'm in New Zealand so I'm likely the complete opposite end of everyone else's schedule) after I get home from studying. But the basics of it will likely have Mihkail being raised in the church of Asmodeus and undergoing rigorous training in the way of Asmodeus, and the way of martial prowess. Basic description will probably resemble the image Paizo uses of the monk (though probably a little less olive coloured): a well-built, bald, ‘mocha’ man with cold and distant eyes. While within his church, he dons the proper attire one expects of a monk. However, when his assignment send him out into the world, he wears something more appropriate for exploring and getting ‘knee deep in the dead’ as it were. He speaks in a throaty almost whispering growl. He speaks only when he has something to say and is not fond of pointlessly wasting time ‘talking’ when there are things to do. He prefers to approach combat carefully and with a plan as opposed to rushing in ‘guns blazing’ as it were. He will kill innocent people to achieve his objective, but generally he will prefer to avoid such killings. The will of Asmodeus is the important thing, not the innocent who got caught in the way.


Offering a character for Dm's perusal.

Given its background, it should be a nice enough fit in any where.

Against Undead though it might struggle.
As the character progresses I shall branch out into 'Elemental Fist' and spend more upon her items, the better to deal with such things.

Much cheers to all.

Silver Crusade

Hi GM,

I made some changes to my character. Replace a level of fighter for a splash of inquisitor for flavor. So now it's 2 fighter/2 Alchemist/1 Inquisitor.

Excellent submissions, everyone.

However, I am exhausted and need to fall down. I will post my decisions after a sleep. Sorry to make you all wait just a little longer.

Sorry for the delay, but I've updated Calvin's alignment to Neutral.

I look forward to your selections!

Silver Crusade

Hi GM,

I updated her appearance and personality


Character Portrait
Character Portrait of Aluria Nightfall The Wolfbane
Aluria puts you in mind of a prowling lioness. She has almond shaped sapphire blue eyes, a byproduct from the alchemistry infused in her. Her luxurious, wavy, golden hair is long and is worn in a simple, dignified style. She has a busty build. Her skin is pale. She has a defined nose and high cheekbones. Her bright silver body armor is of an medieval heritage which is a full-body field armor that combines both silver and steel components into a suit of mail with a steel backing. It includes a cloak made of grey wolf fur, as well as arm, shoulder, and thigh guards.It has a slight modification has been made to cater to her unique body build.

She has 4 arms, 2 of which is attached at the torso. Her lower left hand is wearing a Silver Light Shield with the emblem of a great five-winged angel on it. Her lower right hand rest on the jagged pommel of a Silver Saw Tooth Sabre attached on her belt with the ease of a seasoned veteran ready to whip it out in a flash. She has 2 more Silver Saw Tooth Sabre strapped across her back for easy access for her 2 upper arms to draw it.
Aluria has a slightly haughty attitude towards others due to her devotion to Lycanthropes hunting. She believes she is superior to most people and are, as such, duty-bound to use her superiority to help those less fortunate. She carries a commanding presence when she speaks and she has a bright beautiful voice when she sings.

Despite all she is fiercely loyal to her friends and believes in rising up for what she think is right. She has a very strong independent streak and has a natural leadership flair.

Silver Crusade

Aluria Nightfall The Wolfbane wrote:

Hi GM,

I updated her appearance and personality

** spoiler omitted **

Sorry for spam. The link for portrait should be this instead.


Sleep well and dream of zombies. :)

Ok finally done me thinks. I still need to roll for hp though I think. I still need to add my bio and double check my math but overall I think my straight up dwarven cleric is good to go.

1d8 ⇒ 7
1d8 ⇒ 7
1d8 ⇒ 5
1d8 ⇒ 5
1d8 ⇒ 2

base of 26 ... not bad.

The first hit die is normally max Gehl, so I would disgard your last role giving you a base of 32. I think I'll go ahead and roll hp and see if I get as lucky as you!

1d8 ⇒ 6
1d8 ⇒ 1
1d8 ⇒ 7
1d8 ⇒ 1

Well bum. There go three hp *sigh*.

Silver Crusade

1d8 ⇒ 5
1d8 ⇒ 4
1d8 ⇒ 8
1d10 ⇒ 8
1d10 ⇒ 9

34 not bad.

I never did roll Fulito's HP I just did the pathfinder society method.

well here we go lets see which is better.

4d8 + 13 ⇒ (4, 3, 8, 1) + 13 = 29

thats 4 d 8 for levels 5 ad +8 for level 1 ad +5 for Con

well that "1" didn't help

the other method was 8+4+5+4+5+5(con bonus) = 31

I think I will take the alternate mthod for 31 HP (instead of the 33 listed on the sheet) but can handle that if selected.

Sean, DarknessSMK wrote:
Hit points: Your first Hit Die is at full. Each HD thereafter, you may roll in thread, or take the average roll (d6 - 3.5, d8 - 4.5, d10 - 5.5, d12 - 6.5), but you must decide before making rolls.

Sadly, if you roll you need to stick with your rolls.

ahh well i submitted a bard so the life expectancy is low already anyway

ayway 29 or 33 whats 4 hp anyway. thanks for the info

so 29 Hp it is

Went ahead and took averages
(1st+2nd+3rd+4th+5th+5 favored class)

All the bards I've seen in action have had surprisingly long lives. In my Carrion Crown party the Bard is the only remaining original member. Everyone else has met painful and unseemly ends.

I was actually making the comment in jest (the sterotypical bard type thing).

Oh you bards *wags finger, cue laughtrack*

Silver Crusade

My Bard still lives in many of my games lol. It's the dwarf that dies apparently lol.

The Exchange

So if you make a dwarf bard, are you stuck in a state of "staggered" the whole time?

Aluria Nightfall The Wolfbane wrote:
My Bard still lives in many of my games lol. It's the dwarf that dies apparently lol.

That's because everybody's solution to every problem is "send the dwarf!"

Dwarves are great for triggering traps, ambushes and other unpleasant things. This goes double for Dwarven Paladins.

My favorite rogues are dwarf rogues. Even if they screw up, they're usually tough enough to survive the trap.

The Exchange

I think you're supposed to *find* the traps, like with a rogue or even a cleric (trap finding spell).
That said, Dwarf Paladins are great for clogging meat grinders for sure.

EDIT: Good thinking, Simon.

Recently I was in a party where the rogue couldn't ever seem to find the traps but our trusty dwarf paladin seemed to find them every single time.

Silver Crusade

we are living in strange times indeed...

While not exactly a 'Rogue', Meera should be able to help with the 'sneaky' stuff.

Much cheers to all.

My sincerest apologies for not posting sooner today. It's been that kind of day. But I am home now, and will be posting my selections shortly, after which I will begin the discussion thread, and start typing up the first play thread post. All shall be done over the next couple of hours.

I thank you for your patience.

Gehl Ironblood wrote:
Recently I was in a party where the rogue couldn't ever seem to find the traps but our trusty dwarf paladin seemed to find them every single time.

I was once a thief in a party (2ndEd) where I reliably and consistently found every trap in every dungeon we ever entered. Almost always by accidentally setting them off and absorbing the damage.

That character had the worst luck.

Also, I am only just now noticing that I put a HELLA typo in this thread title. Good job, me! This is why I am not an editor.

Sean, DarknessSMK wrote:
Gehl Ironblood wrote:
Recently I was in a party where the rogue couldn't ever seem to find the traps but our trusty dwarf paladin seemed to find them every single time.

I was once a thief in a party (2ndEd) where I reliably and consistently found every trap in every dungeon we ever entered. Almost always by accidentally setting them off and absorbing the damage.

Don't suppose his name was Lucky? :)

The Exchange

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Sean, DarknessSMK wrote:
Also, I am only just now noticing that I put a HELLA typo in this thread title. Good job, me! This is why I am not an editor.



Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.
D-Kal wrote:
Sean, DarknessSMK wrote:
Also, I am only just now noticing that I put a HELLA typo in this thread title. Good job, me! This is why I am not an editor.



Sounds like what a scottish dwarf would say.

"Do Ya play patherfinder?"

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Sean, DarknessSMK wrote:
Also, I am only just now noticing that I put a HELLA typo in this thread title. Good job, me! This is why I am not an editor.

See, your not supposed to admit anything.

We just assumed it was an intentional humorous thing.


This was agonizing. You've all made great characters. I wish I could include them all, but I can't. Just so everyone is aware, I accepted ALL submissions, up to and including Meera. Ultimately, I had to invoke the gods of random to help me (within certain parameters, to make sure the team had all bases covered).

So, the starting team is as follows:

Lyra Kaldean
Wexley Tabberhorn
Dourmahr Repinique
Calvin the Surgeon
Jeremiah Flint
Sir Simon Ravencourt
Ensebullus Willowcreek

I will now open the discussion thread. I want to finalize the characters and craft a (very brief) party history, and determine where you are and what you're doing when the adventure starts.

A word of warning -- this next week is going to be quite busy for me. I have a writer's group meeting tomorrow night, and I have to finish my piece for that before the meeting. Tuesday I should be able to get us well under way, and hopefully post some more on Wednesday, before I fly out Thursday. I'll probably be able to post somewhat while I'm out of town for the weekend, but it will likely be pretty limited.

I know we're all itching to get underway as soon as possible, but I wanted everyone to be aware of how the next week or so is going to go.

Thanks again, everyone, for your submissions. None of you were passed over because I didn't like the character. You'll all be the A-list if any replacements are needed for any reason.

Well, ugh.
I hope you all will have a great time, but I will continue to keep tabs on this thread. Just in case.

Please do!

Ah well, disappointing but them's the breaks, hopefully Brandon will find his way into a party soon enough.

Have fun and good luck to all in this one. By all accounts Ravenloft is tough! :)

Silver Crusade

GM considering to run 2 Ravenport campaign?

ahhh well fulito will just have to find another audience for his magical harmonica.

Best of luck to all those who're off to the mists. (^_^)

Seriously, this character has been passed over three times and had two game die beneath her. (¬_¬)

Best wishes to all.

Congratulations and best of luck to those selected :)

Good gaming to the lucky few.

(Sigh) Competition sure is heavy on these set up threads.

Looking forward to it.
The 2 table idea is a fine idea, if you're up for it.

I do not want to get anybody's hopes up prematurely, as my time availability can vary wildly, and I don't want to take on so much that anybody's game suffers.


That being said, due to the high interest in the campaign, and the nature of the adventure, I am, in fact, considering adding a second table.

Very specifically, I am giving serious consideration to running a second party in the same adventure, at (more or less) the same time. Like, the second party would be entering the adventure a few days or so after the first party starts.

I also need to give some serious thought to if and how that's going to work.

But most importantly, because of me being out of town this weekend and stuff, please give me a week to two weeks to get the first party up and running, and make sure I can handle the extra workload.

But yes, there is at least some small possibility of more people here getting to play. I even have a germ of an idea as to why the second party enters the adventure.

To save our ass...pergillums?

Sovereign Court

Well, that's a good news! I hope I'm going to be on the rescue mission then...

I hope the first party has a lots of fun until then!

*Raising hand again*

Posting to again show interest in forming up with the second party.

If there is to be a second party id definitely be interested in being involved. Obviously I think the first group takes precedence so it would only happen if time allowed.

Maybe Brandon will get to face the horrors of Ravenloft after all!

fulito is still here

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