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The Spider's Web: A game of assassins and mistrust.

Game Master Tark the Ork

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Female Tiefling Witch/1

I think that we are all in, or going in through the entrance Spawn just created with his chain. Stealth is not really an issue any more.

Not in use

I'm outside moving towards the front just about to start screaming. Figure that at least that will draw them to me so I get killed, and you still have a chance of pulling off the hit.

I thought that that was what you were trying to accomplish by breaking the window. Guard who slammed the door on our face is waking the boss up now, and likely arming for bear, which with a tapped witch and a blind oracle means... we're not going to last very long. Maybe he forgot to lock the door when he left...

Female Tiefling Witch/1

Witch is never tapped - I can keep slumbering people all day long.

Not in use

Just a quick FYI - I'll be out of town and away from the internet for about 48 hours from the time of this post. Disappearing into the suburbs for the weekend.

Please take any DMPC actions required to keep things moving along. Gethric would continue stalking through the house to help Felgrael out with his kitty-cat problem.

Female Half-Elf Waves Oracle 1

I'm traveling this week with limited Internet access. Please feel free to NPC me as necessary.

Not in use

Hopefully Felgrael decides to cry out before Psyana puts him to sleep...

Female Tiefling Witch/1

Hey - I am playing in character, I would hate to accidentally have us kill a fellow player, but when he sneaks off, changes his appearance, and then comes running back without anyone knowing who he is, yeh, I can see some friendly fire. --> I did try to make a save against whatever he is using to conceal himself, unfortunately I think I failed miserably.v

We are not exactly a good, stop the person and ask questions party after all. I imagine that all of our characters have done something similar in the past.

Not in use

Oh aye - I know you are... I'm just hoping that when Felgrael logs on he has the presence of mind to yell something at us as he bursts out ;)

Female Tiefling Witch/1

lol - no metagaming there

Not in use

Only a bit :P

But realistically he would have a chance to state 'something' as he came out as part of his action.

He shouldn't just get put to sleep without recourse because Squid was online quicker after Tark updated :)

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Male Orc Expert 5

Well this will turn out amusing.

Felgrael: No wait it's *fails save and drops*

Psyana: What was he saying?

Gethric: *shrugs and disembowels*

Male Dhampir Alchemist (Psychonaut) 1

I'm just totally confused about location and timing. I didn't think any of the other PC's were around or would be for a while. Obviously I'd attempt something to stop a beating. Could I get maybe a summary of how much is going on around me?

Male Orc Expert 5

You shut the door. Turned around, and now the group is charging up the stairs. Cats are trying to batter down a door behind you. Remember you spent several minutes just to prep something.

Male Dhampir Alchemist (Psychonaut) 1

Ahh gotcha. Well that being the case, I will post IC appropriately. Hopefully I have the action available but we'll see, TarkXT your ruling.

Not in use

And never was there a group of assassins who were so averse to killing....

assassins. not mass murderers. professionals, not murderers for convenience. imagine if SWAT went around murdering half the block to serve a warrant. probably would lose a lot of their good reputation in that city, no?

Not in use

At the point which most of the killing was done, we had been made by the guards - so it was completely warranted. The first guard was killed based on Psyana stating he would only be out for a few seconds, so Gethric did what was most efficient.

To be honest the constant needling on this is pissing me off in real life, and if you really are going to continue with it then I'll drop the game. All that Lilith has done in character is try as hard as possible to piss Gethric and the other characters off - it may be fun for you, but it isn't for me.

The comparison to SWAT is patently ridiculous as they are a law enforcement agency.

I apologize. I will work on her and my behavior in the future.

Male Orc Expert 5

You both make fair points. Buuuuttt I would much prefer this be settled in character. Getting upset out of character doesn't make it better either way.

There are bigger problems within the group other than senseless/sensible violence. It's obvious they need to learn to work together better.

I suggest a tour through a delightful mansion followed by tea and biscuits wherein we each have talks of self discovery.:D

Not in use

Lilith, appreciate the consideration. I don't have an issue with the disagreement on method and Gethric is willing to hash that out once we're in a spot we can actually talk openly - it's more the snide-ness of delivery.

We will have the first chance of discussion soonish assuming we actually get out of the mark's house... as well as finding out what the thoughts of our shadowy benefactors are.

Tark - I agree that in character is best, but in character for Gethric would probably be to snap at some point and try and take Lilith's head off... which would end up with one of them dead (either Gethric or Lilith) and the conflict still unresolved.

To that I say - Forbid Action.

And most of it is my fault since before leaving my husband and a while after my brain wasn't much into gaming, then I find we're already at the mansion when I thought we were going to take a few more days to scope out the best option.

I think we suffer from the typical group full of chiefs. Actually was hoping for Gethric to show how strong he was by throwing her over the fence. Lilith, as a blind woman, respects the potential for physical violence because she has none. And she's a prostitute. In fact, as I recall physical violence on Al's part is what kept Trixie in line when she wasn't shooting up morphine.

I'm thinking next time we employ more than a few from Lilith's bag of tricks, with manacles, gags and blindfolds.

Not in use

We were unfortunately pushed into action as we only had three days for recon. I think people wanted to try and show how professional we were by sneaking in sight unseen into the villa.

But with 1st level characters, even if we're all trained in stealth it only takes one fail (mine in this instance) and the jig is up. Maybe we can be elegant in the future when we have more tricks up our sleeves... but perhaps blunt force is the better approach while we're still fallible and untrained.

Not in use


Male Orc Expert 5
Gethric Orted wrote:

The work of bloodthirsty maniac is never truly appreciated.

Female Half-Elf Waves Oracle 1

It's why I recommended the path on the way to the arena. Blunt and coarse, but simple and straightforward.

Not in use

My words in the game thread are honest and how I'm feeling about this character.

My apologies to Tark as it's not a result of the game or how he has put things out - that has all been enjoyed immensely by myself, as I also enjoy and will continue to enjoy our shared CoT experience.

However it's clear that Gethric is not going to work out with the other personalities in the group. So please, kill him and move on.

Male Orc Expert 5

That's a terrible shame. Do you think it would be possible to try it with a different character?

Female Tiefling Witch/1

Gethric - I enjoy playing with you and hope you will reconsider. It is hard when you have five evil characters who all are out for themselves. As I said on the IC thread, my goal is to watch out for myself. Leaving a trail of dead bodies behind tends to attract the attention of investigators and devils, something which I would prefer to not have after me. Gethric is free to kill anyone he wants, but if we can silently take people who are not our target out, then the chance of attracting the attention of the higher-ups is much less.

I thought that I had set this forth IC. As I noted, I was actually surprised that Gethric did not have a sap or some other non-lethal weapon as I thought we had discussed this before we first entered the compound.

Also, remember, I am all intellect with no personality and minimal wisdom. So she speaks what she thinks is best, and rarely thinks of how it will affect others.

Male Dhampir Alchemist (Psychonaut) 1

Just putting my 2 cents and saying I hope you stay. I think your build and RP are both really suited to the game and have added a lot to the thread. I mean lets remember that half the reason I was able to sneak in and stab the guy was because you were providing me with a distraction.

I think there needs to be a little give and take with this particular type of game and you've certainly been a good sport with everything. Bottom line is I hope you stay cause you've been a strong and interesting presence in the game.

Female Half-Elf Waves Oracle 1

I hope you stay, too. Although we may have had (silent) disagreements on style, as a player, I've enjoyed having you around. The "haters gonna hate" pose was classic, and greatly needed at that point.

I think part of it is that yes, we're all a bunch of paranoid killers whose main defining characteristic is that we don't play well with others. This does complicate our ability to cooperate, far more than we would if we were a heroic party. But that's part of the challenge in this particular campaign.

If dealing with a bunch of antisocial misfits on a daily basis isn't what you're looking for in a campaign, then yes, certainly, it's probably best to quit. This probably won't be the campaign for you. But let's face it: Spawn saved the group's bacon by being the distraction to end all distractions. His antics let Smoke get to where he was needed. I think he's going to be quite helpful in the future, and he won't need to be super-sneaky like everyone else. In Silence's mind, Spawn is kind of like the bomb you need to smuggle in.

But come on, we've got a half-aquatic misanthrope, a deaf nobody, a blind face, and a loner alchemist. We aren't exactly an "I'm OK, you're OK" group of people.

Trying to maintain party unity is indeed going to be a big piece of the campaign. If you look at it as a challenge to be overcome, you can have fun with it. But I understand if you'd rather not have that particular challenge. I hope you stay. As a character, you've proven your value. But yeah, that's not going to stop Csiza from scowling at you. Evil campaigns are difficult to manage, and this is one of the reasons why. As a player, I value your input.

Not in use

Having slept on it and engaged in a little self-loathing for being a prissy little powder puff over the whole thing, I'm coming back with a more balanced perspective.

For reference, this is what Gethric said before the job:
Gethric raises an incredulous eyebrow at the mention of non-lethal damage... "If one of the guards is before me I'll strike to lay him low with as much force as my arms can muster. If one of you care to staunch his wounds afterwards so that he doesn't die, then you are free to... but I'll not still my hand."

In a roundabout way that was meant to say I don't do non-lethal; you want em to live sort it out yourself. or Buy yourself a sap, because I'm not going to...

I'll fully accept that I jumped the gun very quickly to slit the guards' throat in the game thread - but it was in reaction to Psyana's He will only be down for a few seconds, so hit him now. - so Gethric did.

Then Gethric fluffed a Stealth check - and for a couple of different reasons all hell broke loose. At that point, any thought of decorum and stealth vanished from his mind. The only way out was through brute force, kill or be killed. And Gethric did kill every single guard that saw him - leaving no loose ends behind.

Sure it's a bloodbath and metagaming speak with dead exists... but Gethric is a 1st level kneecapper for a local loan shark and his thought process is clearly dead = problem solved and living = loose end.

So alot of the frustration has come from what I've seen as a false perception that Gethric was somehow charged with the task to bring the sap to bonk the bad guys on the head when he made it very clear he had no intent to do so.

That out of the way I'm on the fence now as to how Gethric could really proceed. I still like the game concept, though perhaps I'll need to be a little more crystalline in future about exactly what you could expect from Gethric. To paraphrase some of the other words being said - some of you might think to be assassins; but Gethric really is just a thug at this point. A violent sadistic thug that doesn't really respond too well to baiting one might also say...

Female Tiefling Witch/1

I am glad that you are still with us. I don't want Gethric to change, I kinda like the thug. The question is how to use our skills and talents together. Lets see what we can work out. Hopefully we will have a little more time to work out our . . . differences in how to operate.

Remember, Psyana is all intelligence and no wisdom, so I am sure that she was already two steps ahead and just assumed that Gethric understood. Which would be a very likely misunderstanding with those two.

Psyana and Gethric actually worked quite well together considering that as I recall most, if not all, of the blood on Gethric was not Gethric's. I would say that is a pretty good result at 1st level against a guarded compound.

Lets go to the midnight meeting. See what the payday is, and what, if anything, the next assignment might be.

Male Orc Expert 5

Well Gethric gave Psyana a big bruise upside her head and Gethric took a nap. The only question is is that where it stops?

Not in use

Aye that'll do for now. *says the man with mouth stuffed full with humble pie*

The roguish part of me would point out that Gethric is the only one who knows the way to the meet.... but that would be childish ;)

I'll make it blatantly clear OOC at least how Gethric will operate as we move into jobs in the future. He's under no pretension that he's a perfect unseen assassin... at least not yet. He is very much still just a common thug.

Female Tiefling Witch/1

Before the hit/assignment, we will all lay out our tasks and assignments a little better. That is what Psyana's plan is anyway since she knows that the last hit was not really done as planned - or at least how she planned.

is there a gate that we can enter? I thought the place was entirely fenced off. That's why she was wondering if we could scale it without bringing it down in a fit of noise.

Male Orc Expert 5

There is a closed gate. Though I should mention that the fence is rather decrepit and rusty. You can probably jsut find a point where there are holes in it.

Not in use

Tark - can I assume failed Will Save = no actions from Gethric right now?

Male Orc Expert 5

At this point no. Consider this pseudo intiative once everyone has posted Gethric will realize that something very bad has happened and can begin his futile struggle. :D

Not in use

Roger that - I've read back over the thread and realized exactly what has happened... we'll see if the intrepid crew decides to save him or get out the marshmallows :P

Male Dhampir Alchemist (Psychonaut) 1

So I've noticed Tark has been handling a bit of the actions for Csiza recently. Is it safe to assume she's left the game for the time being?

Male Orc Expert 5

For now. He also plays a character in my CoT game and has been MIA. I'm giving him a few days to shwo back up before I start trawling for more vict..I mean replacements.

Female Human Housewife/1

Feelin' quite crap tonight. I can't think in N character that doesn't mind killing for money. But I am intrigued with father spider. hope things don't get too far ahead.

Female Human Housewife/1

Okay, I gotta ask this. Stuff like gnomes being inherently magical would be known by just about anyone, right?

Or would that be a Kn. Nature or Local for humanoid check?

It's the one piece of IC/OOC knowledge I have trouble separating, because how would anyone save for a backcountry hick not know that most elves don't sleep, that half orcs are ferocious, halflings smell like cabbage, etc etc.

Male Orc Expert 5

Gnomes being magically inclined is pretty darn common knowledge. Buuuuutttt~ stuff about this particular gnome would take a skill check. Some stuff is just assumed from me.

Not in use

If Candy wants to stump up for a CLW wand then that would be fab - but don't feel as though you have to.

Gethric will be spending his cash on himself...

Eh, is cool. I don't need that 750 gp, anyway.

Until I get a disguise modifier to justify the expenditure of 1800 gp.

Female Tiefling Witch/1

It is the what is best for the party versus the fact that we are all evil, self centered and really could care less about the others conundrum.

Male Orc Expert 5

I would encourage all of you to look voer the recruitment thread and decide on a partner in crime. Thank you.

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