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The Sounds of War (Inactive)

Game Master Arcmagik

A campaign that is heavily influenced by Kingmaker; yet nothing will be as you expect...

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Male Dhamphir Bard 1

Back now and looking forward to seeing what is going on. Liking what I am reading so far.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Brawler)/5 HP 44/44, Init +2, Per +6, AC 18/ t14/ ff14, F 5, R 3, W 3

"An 'obbo? 'round these parts? Pull the other one it's got bells on!?"
Once Thadeuzs & the servant reach his assigned quarters, "'ere, that's right swank it is. This 'is lordship's 'Residence' or did 'e doff some other codger on 'is bum so's me sis & da 'ould have a 'proper' place to lay their heads fer the wedding?" untrained Diplomacy: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9, uncertain if this roll is necessary to get him to keep talking or not. With that result, I hope not.


"No, sir. The Lord Mayor would never do something like that. Not that he could mind you with a lot of fuss from the Council. This estate is his personal estate by inheritance from his former Master many years ago. I hear the hobgoblin alone fought a giant of a bandit in the square and captured him. Must be why Lady Orlovsky asked it for fealty."

I thought they all just arrived outside the gates? Sorry again, apparently I'm butchering the timeline x_x* Removed the post, will remove this one if you edit in time.

Lord Mayor's Estate

The estate of the Lord Mayor was not modest. It was a testament to his success as both sword scion (and by extension those sword scion that came before him) and a master in the political arena in Restov. Ioseph Sellemius, the Lord Mayor of Restov, accepted you in a larger room given the number of people attending the meeting with him.

He sat next to his (still assumed) soon-to-be wife, Lady Alexis Orlovsky. She looked young when sitting next to the aging Swordlord. There were a few other guests in the room as the largest part of the group arrived with Kesten Garess who took his place near the Lord Mayor.

An aging man who had seen better days as his hair has thinned and his stomach has plumped out. Standing with the man was Morley Worgendale.

Off to the right near the wall behind Alexis stood Thadeuzs Orlovsky.

Ioseph waited for the door to close behind the last person before he began to speak in a soft but vibrating voice. "Welcome. There will be a time for introduction but I ask that you delay it for a few minutes. All of you may not know why you are here and that is important to establish before we continue... you are here because someone in this room thought you capable of performing a service to Restov by travelling to the Stolen Lands. If you have no intentions of travelling to the Stolen Lands or being of service to Restov then please leave now."

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

A man should have work, whether that work finds him, or he finds it. I will hear you out, although the idea of going into the wilderness and travelling and exploring it sounds like something I could be involved it.

Erostil smiles. It was good to be on the move again. Perhaps he might be able to bring Auchs with him. They might need muscle where they were going.

Female Human Tactician 1 HP 12/12 | AC 18/20 | T 14 | FF 14/16 | CMD 17 | F +3 | R +4 | W +0 | Init +6 | Per +0

Valeska looks around, from face to face. She is unsure if they are staying or have not gotten up to leave, yet.

She stands up. "Valeska Talanova, your Lordship. I shall stay... for Restov and the people." She bows her head, with her hand on the hilt of her Aldori dueling blade, a near formal salute.

But, then she turns her gaze to this Erostil person. Her gaze is stern, but not aggressive. "Good Erostil, his Lordship has asked for agreement and loyalty to Restov before what may be sensitive details are revealed. I do not believe this is an opportunity to "hear him out" and then decide. She hesitates then.

Forgive me. Perhaps I have said too much." Slightly blushing, she sits back down.

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

Teyran announced loudly, "I will go. I have long wished to see the Stolen Lands tamed. Anything I can do to hasten that day in coming would be an honor." Teyran couldn't help but feel that the Lord Mayor had chosen his words terribly. He certainly wouldn't be doing any favors for the sake of Restov, he would be doing it for all of Brevoy. He kept his silence about that, however, allowing that it might have been a simple turn of phrase.

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

I never said that I would not take up the cause. Just wish for more information is all. I am more than prepared for what might come ahead. Point me and my flute in the right direction and I will go there

"My father and I sort of live in the stolen lands normally m'lord. So I'd be happy to do anything to improve the situation there, and Restov's alright in my book." Grendolynn replies, she twiddles her thumbs ceaselessly, obviously a bit out of her element amongst all the finery.

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

"Talk about the chance of a lifetime; how exciting! Of course I'm going," exclaimed Antha, looking at Kesten.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Brawler)/5 HP 44/44, Init +2, Per +6, AC 18/ t14/ ff14, F 5, R 3, W 3

The rough-looking fellow behind Alexis smirks a bit as Valeska verbally rounds into Erostil, though neither his expression or posture reveal if he agrees with either. As the others state their assent his eyes pass over each briefly, resting longest upon Grendolynn. In fact, his gaze seems almost lascivious as it takes in every detail, the wear of her armor, the sweat-stains on the handles of her weapons, the way her form fills her garments & the economy of her movements. Once his gaze returns to her eyes, the smirk splits into a broad grin & he leans down to whisper something into Alexis' ear.

DunndjinnMasta or DC 25 Perception:
"Da said you found yersel' an 'hobbo tae keeps yersel' safe-like. An' that's her, looks as she'll do. Why send 'er South though? I'd rest easier an' ye kept 'er close, keep you safe."

Alexis shakes her head after the whisper from Thadeuzs. She gave him a glance that said 'We will talk later' before she returned her attention to the room. She tried to make herself sit straight with a look of determination on her face to cover her typical anxiety.

Kesten grins as he glances at Erostil, "You already gave a gentleman's agreement to chronicle the efforts for me. I want larger then life for sure with whirlwind romances, some tragedies, and my heroic triumph at the end." He puffs himself out looking self-important...

Ioseph silences him with a glance, and studies Erostil for a moment. "I can respect your curiosity but I can not just reveal my secrets to anyone. I will not even ask you to pledge yourself to my service, but if you will do Restov a boon then I will gamble on you."

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

Antha tried not to grin too widely at Kesten's melodramatic ambitions. He's more likely to get heroic tragedies, whirlwind triumphs, and maybe some romance; certainly not roman-CES if he thinks he's going to include me in that!

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

I am a bard, and have some small talent with words. I cannot pledge myself to an oath of fealty, but if you have work for me, and it will not cause me to die instantly, or suffer the indignity of being found in a ladies bedchambers by an irate husband, then I will work for you. Gambling too might be fun.

Arasmes gives a nod, "I am here to support Lady Orlovsky."

After a few moments of silence Ioseph glances over to the last two men. He focuses on Morley, who just silently stares back at him but doesn't move to leave. It took a few more minutes for the Lord Mayor to accept that he did not plan to leave and nod...

"There is quite a bit of tension in Brevoy right now. I won't lie here... I had originally planned on sending people into the Stolen Lands to ease my worry about them so I could focus on the inevitable war here. The brazen attack in the heart of Restov by this bandit calling himself the Stag Lord just proves that he is a danger that needs to be dealt with..."

Ioseph pauses a moment to let everyone remember what happened yesterday at the ceremony then continues with a grave expression, "Lady Surtova is now claiming that we staged the attack in order to assassinate the King. She will not let our healers near him and has sent for her own healers in New Stetven, but worse she has sent for her uncle in Port Ice. If the Surtova army moves south now..."

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Brawler)/5 HP 44/44, Init +2, Per +6, AC 18/ t14/ ff14, F 5, R 3, W 3

"Tha only good news is ye'll be able tae stop worryn' 'bout what tha Surtova's 're doin' 'cause the'll be doin' it." Alexis' rough guard interjects.

Female Human Tactician 1 HP 12/12 | AC 18/20 | T 14 | FF 14/16 | CMD 17 | F +3 | R +4 | W +0 | Init +6 | Per +0

Valeska tries to put the pieces together. Softly she asks... "It is also a matter of honor, then? We capture this Stag Lord to clear the Orlovsky name?"

HP 30/30 ~ AC18 tch13 ff15 ~ CMD18 ~ Fort+5 Ref+5 Will+3

Thankful for Valeska's question to help understand precisely what is being asked of them, Morley speaks up. "No problem there, M'Lord. I'll keep these good folk safe while they find the scumbag and bring him down... Don't care what he calls himself, he's just bandit trash, and he'll sing for ya."

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Brawler)/5 HP 44/44, Init +2, Per +6, AC 18/ t14/ ff14, F 5, R 3, W 3

At Valeska's inquiry, Alexis guard responds "Nah. T'wer Orlovsky honor be'n impugned tha ol' man'd be sendin' his own boys ta stretch the bastard toot sweet. 'e's only spent 'is youngest on this 'folly' so far." Looking toward the Lord Mayor & tugging his forelock, "beggin' yer lordship's pardon o' course, but an' ye can' 'fix' this li'l contretemps yersel', don' be surprised an' you see li'l else o' yer Father-in-Law."

Yes, Thadeuzs' speech is an odd combination of cultured & 'gutter-snipe'. It should be noticeable & jarring to listen to.

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

"I find myself more in favor of this expedition the more I hear of it. Next you will be telling us that we will be granted the truest desires of our heart when we are done. That is about the only thing that could sweeten the pot even further."

Female Human Tactician 1 HP 12/12 | AC 18/20 | T 14 | FF 14/16 | CMD 17 | F +3 | R +4 | W +0 | Init +6 | Per +0

"I'd be fine with a few horses, a wagon and supplies. Sweet enough for me."

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

"Kesten may have told you already, My Lord Mayor, but I've no love of Issian pride as much as it's where I came from once upon a time. Truthfully, I'll be your woman in this as much to put one in their eye as run down that person who shot me yesterday."

Grendolynn moves over to Alexis, and asks her quietly "Is this what you would have me do, m'lady? I am after all sworn to your service."

"Lady Surtova... does not just blame my future husband. Her claims are against House Orlovsky and Restov. Her current actions will see Brevoy burn and many innocent people will die because of it. The Dawnflower give me wisdom... this..." The timid Alexis Orlovsky tried to steel herself, "is my decision to support this last effort for peace."

Grendolynn simply nods, and then bows from the waist to Alexis before stepping back to a more respectful distance.

Ready to proceed whenever.

Ioseph takes a scroll-case from the table then slides two pieces of parchment from it. He rolls them out and sets weighs on each corner to hold it down. "I can not send Kesten and his men into the Stolen Lands without cause so his expedition's official purpose is the restoration of a border keep." He taps his pointer finger against the parchments...

"Technically the Stolen Lands are still under the authority of Restov. This is a charter giving you the legal authority in the Greenbelt but I doubt few people will give it credence outside of the border keep." Kesten brings over a ink well and quill pen to Ioseph who quickly signs the two parchments. He holds the pen out for someone to take it and sign...


Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged by the Swordlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good and authority vested within them by the office of the Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. Exploration should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and west, and sixty miles south of the border keep. The carrier of this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry remains, as always, execution by sword or rope. So witnessed on this 23rd day of Talistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne.

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

Teyran accepted the parchment and placed it flat on the table. He signed his name, Teyran Rilskel. He thought about adding something flashier, like Paladin of Sarenrae, or the Dawnflower's Servant, but he didn't. The time for such things was behind him. He no longer considered himself anything special. He was what he was, and that was all he could claim.

"When do we depart?" He asked, passing the page to whoever took it next.

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

Erostil scans through the charter, reading and absorbing it. His face pensive for a small period of time, he then speaks quietly but firmly.

My lord, I am not so beautifully spoken as some might believe, but I would like to ask a small favour. There was a bandit by the name of Auchs, a simple man. One whom I believe, whilst associated with the bandits, was not a bandit true, but rather a man who served and protected his friends. The man has some small skill with instruments, and I would rather like that I could further hone that talent and that kind spirit.

He pauses for a moment.

I realise that I would be accountable for his behaviour, and should he escape or fall into banditry, then my life is forfeit instead as well as with his. I would not see that kind of talent wasted for the only reason that he had fallen in with people of high ambitions and low morals. If he is associated with the bandits that caused last nights attack, and they are associated with the Stag Lord, then he would most likely also have a working knowledge of the area within which we are working, and might be able to help us. These are all reasons therefore in my opinion to give the man over to our combined custody, or to mine particularly, and give us the tools to finish the job that you have asked us to start.

Diplomacy roll if needed
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

"I know which bandit you speak. He wasn't of much help when we questioned him. He is slow and dim-witted so I doubt he would have been able to offer much to you except perhaps muscle. Unfortunately he is no longer mine to release to your custody and has been transferred to Lord Orlovsky's custody."

Female Human Tactician 1 HP 12/12 | AC 18/20 | T 14 | FF 14/16 | CMD 17 | F +3 | R +4 | W +0 | Init +6 | Per +0

Swordlords, indeed! Truly masterful... checks and balances. Valeska signs the document, her name clear yet cursive and posessing a flare, as if she'd had reason to practice it all her young life.

Beaming with pride, she sits back down.

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

Antha steps up to the table and gives the document a quick once-over. Explore the Greenbelt, kill any bandits you come across - the rest is merely legal wrangling, she thought before also signing her name in a barely-legible chicken-scratch script under Valeska's practiced penwomanship. It's like "doctor's signature"!

Grendolynn walks over, scans the document briefly and then signs her name at the bottom in a plain boxy script.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Brawler)/5 HP 44/44, Init +2, Per +6, AC 18/ t14/ ff14, F 5, R 3, W 3

Alexis' rough guard leans down, bringing his mouth even with her ear.

Alexis or DC 25 Perception:
"Da is sendin' me on this...
as well.
I'd still feel better an ye kept tha 'obbo 'ere, with you."
Sighing, "So far as our father is concerned, we are naught but pawns in this game of his & pawns exist to be played sister. You can not care for Brevoy if you are dead."
His eyes gleam with moisture as he straightens.

"Per'apse I misspoke me'sel' earlier. Tha ol' man is sendin' ONE o' 'is lads tae stretch tha bastard..."
That said, he sidles over to the parchments & signs, his letters the Varisian often found among the more remote of the higher born Issian peoples.
Varisian or Linguistics DC 22:
Thadeuzs Orlovsky

"Seein' 's'ow we're gonna be riskin' life & limb tageth'r I'd take't as a kindness an you'd call me Tad." He says once he has straitened & turned to face the rest of you.

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

With some trepidation at what the future might hold, Erostil signs the charter carefully. His writing smooth and elegant.

Oleg looks over at Morley, "Are you wanting to stamp around the Stolen Lands or stick to the border keep? The other two will be significant protection once we are set at keep. My old friend loaned me your services and I will give you the choice of being an agent in the Stolen Lands or a wallflower in the keep with the rest of us."

HP 30/30 ~ AC18 tch13 ff15 ~ CMD18 ~ Fort+5 Ref+5 Will+3

"Nuff said, I'm no wallflower. " Morley steps up and signs his name. He turns to the others and nods. "Name's Morley. Good to meet ya."

Ioseph Sellemius taps one document then the other as each person steps up to offer their signature. His eyes sweep over the room to rest on Arasmes as Morley finishes with his name. He offers the pen up to him as the last signature of the group...

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

Antha winks at Kesten in spite of - or more likley because of - the suddenly grave mood of the chamber.

Arasmes takes the pen and looks down at the paper, Considering I still get the cold shoulder from the father of the woman I saved, with the grace of the Dawnflower, I doub this will be a proving ground. I suppose, it would be good to get away from them for a time. Out of sight, out of mind.

Scanning the words with a finger, he stops and hovers over a section before finally signing. 'Unrepentant banditry'? Will the Dawnflower's redemtion even be possible with this group? I aim to see.

He then hands the pen back and smiles over at the Lady Orlovsky. "My Lady. I trust you are well? It seems I will not be the one to officiate your nupitals after all. Nonetheless, may the blessings of the Dawnflower shine upon your union."

Ioseph takes the pen from Arasmes as the Lady Orlovsky nods timidly but again tries to reassert her determination. "I am well. The Dawnflower has called you for a greater purpose... We... are waiting for a time now." She glanced at Ioseph.

Ioseph gave a soft smile but shook his head, "Now isn't the time to worry about it." He signed each documents with a fluid motion before returning its place beside the ink well. "One copy will return to my office, while the other one I will give to Kesten to return to you when they dry. Master Oleg, how are the supplies coming?"

The balding merchant stepped forward and gave an awkward bow. "I have gathered all the supplies. I will act as quartermaster for the expedition." He gave the group an awkward wave, "So if you need anything then come to me. If I don't have it I can send back to Restov for it, though it will take some time to arrive given the distance."

Ioseph waved him back then focused his attention on Kesten, "Have the soldiers been made ready to depart?" Kesten grinned and gave a flourished bow, "Of course, Master. I am the greatest in the world."

With a helpless shake of the head the Lord Mayor turned to the rest of the room. "How long before you will be ready to depart?"

Female Human Tactician 1 HP 12/12 | AC 18/20 | T 14 | FF 14/16 | CMD 17 | F +3 | R +4 | W +0 | Init +6 | Per +0

I study to become a swordlord, Lordship. This instant, should you require it.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Brawler)/5 HP 44/44, Init +2, Per +6, AC 18/ t14/ ff14, F 5, R 3, W 3

"If you've a bean-counter," nodding in Oleg's direction, "I travel light."
Leaning once more over Lady Orlovsky's ear,

Perception DC 25:
"The sooner this is started, the sooner it's finished. Take care of yourself sister. I'll even pray to your Dawnflower for you."

"I need only what I'm already carrying. I can depart at once m'lord." Grendolynn replies with a shallow bow.

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

Teyran nodded, expressing similar sentiments as the rest. "I can leave now." He said, though it wasn't necessarily true. He would have preferred to have time to gather supplies for the trip, though he'd come to the conclusion that Grendolynn must be an accomplished hunter, so that might help matters.

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

I would need to speak to the Lord and Lady about Auchs, but once that is done, I would need to take my leave from my employer and could leave immediately. Essentially I could leave within the next few hours.

"I merely require the time to fetch my things from the inn and settle my accounts, although the fate of this simple-minded bandit is of interest to me as well."

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

"Like Arasmes, here, I need only retrieve my spellbook and other such things from the Gnarly Hobbit before I am ready to depart, my Lord Mayor," confirmed Antha.

Alexis fidgets about a bit before looking to Erostil, "If you wish to speak with me about your bandit then we can have a moment after the meeting breaks up. Arasmes, please join us as well. Brother, if you would please stay behind so that we may speak after I speak with them. I would like to catch up before you fly away again."

Erostil, Arasmes:

After the meeting Alexis will join you in the hall to speak about Auchs, "What do you wish to discuss with me about your bandit? My father is not easily persuaded and I do not know what his purpose for the bandit."


The timid knock on the door to your suite immediately gives away your sister's presence. You open the door to find her standing there quietly. She immediately embraces you for comfort as she has done over the years when she felt herself becoming overwhelmed. "It is good to see you, Tad. I did not expect to see you after Father ordered you away from the wedding. My letter was just the ramblings of a girl looking for comfort, but I am still glad you came."

Kesten bows to Ioseph, "I can take it from here, sir. We will be gone by the time the sun reaches it's meridian." He gracefully crosses the room to Antha offering his arm to her, "Shall we be off to this Gnarly Hobbit to gather the reminder of our parties belongings, Lady Antha?" and flashes her a grin. "If the rest of you will join us there shortly we will depart immediately."

Gnarly Hobbit (or Antha, Teyran, Grendolynn, Valeska, Morley):

The Gnarly Hobbit has a few patron in the common room with drink as you return to it. Bingo has mostly cleared the tables and you can hear the sounds of his wife and children in the kitchen cleaning and preparing the mid-day meal. He stands at the bar continuing to serve the drinks and keep an eye on the room. He smiles and waves to the patrons among the party as they enter through the door. "Can I get you or your friends anything?"

HP 30/30 ~ AC18 tch13 ff15 ~ CMD18 ~ Fort+5 Ref+5 Will+3

"Well. I will see you when we head out, I suppose. I'll be with Oleg's wagon for the trip and let me know if I can be of any assistance on the road." He bows the notables in the room, and then to the group before taking his leave.

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