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The Sounds of War (Inactive)

Game Master Arcmagik

A campaign that is heavily influenced by Kingmaker; yet nothing will be as you expect...

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Whoever rouses Grendolynn quickly finds a dagger blade at their throat for a second before she realizes that she's not under attack. "What's going on?"

Female Human Tactician 1 HP 12/12 | AC 18/20 | T 14 | FF 14/16 | CMD 17 | F +3 | R +4 | W +0 | Init +6 | Per +0

"Grendolynn! There is some beast about... your area of expertise, to be sure." As she listens to the man... stammer or answer, Valeska moves to get her crossbow.

"Lay him down on the ground. And take us to where we found him and quickly." Valeska is beside Tad, looks over to Grendolynn and motions to any of the others whom she sees.

The sentry shakes his head, "He isn't one of ours. I don't think he is from the Restov. No emblems on the armor. The man gestures at the armor as he talks. He glances down at the man then back to Valeska, "I can talk to the other sentries to see if they saw any beasts. He was still on his feet when he wandered upon us. I don't know where he came from but the blood is dried on his armor and the wound is beginning to smell. He could have been attacked days ago."

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

Erostil wakes slowly, but when he hears that there is a wounded man, stands quickly and gathers his scarce belongings.

Heading to where the commotion is, he looks to the wound, trying to gather what he can.

Knowledge Nature: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21

Well then, this man has wandered into bigger prey. Grizzly by the looks of it. Possibly a mature male. Arasmes, I am going to need your help to keep this man alive, his wounds are greater than anything I can heal without equipment.

His hands busy once more over the wounds, peeling back clothing, judging the severity of the wounds and just how much work will need doing. Quickly it becomes obvious that this is bad, the man possibly hanging on by just a thread or two. When the clothes are off the man, he will begin working over the clothing, casting a small spell that mends the tears, although he cannot do much for the blood on the clothing.
Heal Check: 1d20 ⇒ 11

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

Teyran was helping with the walls when the man was brought back. He hurried over to see what was going on. After hearing a recap, he turned to the sentries and said, "How far is it? Can we get there in a reasonable time?"

"I can probably track him if you take us to where you found him." Grendolynn says to the sentries.

Is it dark yet?

The sentry nods, "It was just a couple minutes out. We could still see the Keep from our position." He nods to the other sentry and is prepared to guide you.

It is dusk. It will quickly become dark.

"You coming Erostil? I need someone who can see in the dark and move quietly to watch my back while I track. Arasmus can handle the stranger, can't he?"

Arasmes moves to the injured man to check his injuries.

Heal check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14

Unable to heal the man through mundane means, Arasmes casts a spell. "I'll try to heal the man. Be aware, in case he is unfriendly."

CLW: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

The wounds are old Grendolynn, whatever might have caused them is most likely long gone. Give up this chase. There are bigger worries that a bear pelt.

"Pfah. We were to go out scouting anyway. Why not see where this man came from? I care nothing for bears. I want to know if he was alone, and if he wasn't, if they are close enough to represent a threat." Hearing Arasmes' warning, she will stand near the downed man with her sword drawn.

Female Human Tactician 1 HP 12/12 | AC 18/20 | T 14 | FF 14/16 | CMD 17 | F +3 | R +4 | W +0 | Init +6 | Per +0

Valeska seems dejected, the hunt having been called off. "If something is making him sick... I'm no healer, but should we not keep away from him?

And, Grendolynn... I'm guessing he's an unrepentant bandit and bear-rapist. I can't tell if the bear was female, but it was apparently big."

As the magic flows from Arasmes and the radiant light knits the old festering wound closed the man awakens with a gasp. He clutches at his chest a moment then the confusion leaves his eyes as he begins to focus on the immediate.

"It has been a long time since I felt the touch of the divine." He settles back into a seated position. "May I ask where am I?"

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Brawler)/5 HP 44/44, Init +2, Per +6, AC 18/ t14/ ff14, F 5, R 3, W 3

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7, just in case it hasn't already been established that Tad is a suspicious sort. Mostly Tad is making certain the comment about not encountering divine power recently is true, otherwise he is trying to get something of a 'hunch' about the fellow's character in general...
Nope, Tad's got nothin'.

Tad rolls his gaze in Valeska's direction at her comment needling Grendolynn. "'s na likely a Catchin' sickness. Blood poisonin' most like. Wound jest got infected wi' bein' untreated so long..."
He rolls his right shoulder. The last time I spar with Valeska before warming up first. Lass put's some force into it.
For a girl...

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

"You can ask anything you like, though I would suggest against expecting an answer until we know who you are, where you came from, and what you were doing that caused your injury."

Teyrn watched the man intently, watching for his reaction to the question, as well as the man's answer to it.

Sense Motive 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7

Damn, I was hoping to show up Tad. . .

HP 30/30 ~ AC18 tch13 ff15 ~ CMD18 ~ Fort+5 Ref+5 Will+3

Finished with maintaining his musket and crafting ammo, Morley heads over to the crowd. He leans toward one of Kesten's men, and quietly inquires about what has transpired. After getting caught up, he stays out of the way but listens in, and gestures and pantomimes to one of the men standing there to fetch some water for the injured fellow.

"I do not have an interest in knowing anything beyond where I am." He hesitates for a moment as he glances around as if viewing everyone in a suddenly suspicious light, but shrugs. "It doesn't look like I am in much of a position to not trust you, but my injuries are a long story, and one I may have to return too sooner then later. My name is Akiros."

"What happened here?" Kesten pushes through the crowd. He takes a look at the man, and looks about at the gathering crowd. "Back to work on the walls." He makes sure the soldiers are away before turning back to the group and the man. He places a hand on the top of his sword pommel without thought as he gestures for group to continue their questioning.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Brawler)/5 HP 44/44, Init +2, Per +6, AC 18/ t14/ ff14, F 5, R 3, W 3

"Ye be 'n' tha River Kingdoms, twixt Mivon & Southern Brevoy. Where ye be from?"
Is his accent in any way recognizable? Does he sound or look Varisian, Taldan, Ulfen or Kellid. Those would be the ethnicities Tad could recognize on sight or hearing.

"I was born in Taldan, but I have not been there for many years. I think I am beginning to get a better picture where I am; Brevic soldiers, a keep in disrepair, between Mivon and Southern Brevoy; I couldn't have wandered more then a few days. Is this the old derelict keep in the Greenbelt?" The man questions.

Sense Motive: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (5) - 1 = 4

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Brawler)/5 HP 44/44, Init +2, Per +6, AC 18/ t14/ ff14, F 5, R 3, W 3

He knows enough of the area to know there is a derelict fortification somewhere...
Just what has he been doing nearby?

Tad leans toward Valseka, whispering in Varisian.

Varisian & Perception DC 25:
"Taldan's 'r' notorious fer arrogance so 'e probably den't understand us. 'e's either been in tha area a while 'r 'e's 'ad damn fine information given 'im."
"Yer mentor'd
likely already thought o' that, but it wouldn't 'urt ta be certain..."

Tad catches Teyran & Grendolynn's eyes and nods to the side meaningfully, indicating a desire to speak privately with the two of them. Seeing Morley as he turns to walk off, Tad wiggles his eyebrows at him.

Grendolynn listens for a few seconds, the man seems harmless enough for now. She sheathes her sword, draws a spear and steps back a few paces to have a word with Tad.

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

Antha, arriving 'on scene' with Kesten, observes in silence as Akiros is questioned.

He seems very much aware of his situation - in many respects - and location; I would not have expected this of a common bandit.

Female Human Tactician 1 HP 12/12 | AC 18/20 | T 14 | FF 14/16 | CMD 17 | F +3 | R +4 | W +0 | Init +6 | Per +0

"You are precisely where you think you are. Now, how did you get here, and why? Bandits would not be rebuilding a fort, so... we're not bandits. How about you, Sir?"

Valeska uses a calm, civilized voice.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

Teyran follows to where Tad directed, eager to hear what he had to say. "What are your thoughts on this?" He asked.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Brawler)/5 HP 44/44, Init +2, Per +6, AC 18/ t14/ ff14, F 5, R 3, W 3

Tad seems a bit distracted for a moment, seemingly attempting both to attend the conversation with Teyran & the events about Akiros. At Valeska's continuing inquiry of Akiros, Tad's expression takes a wry turn. "My thoughts are that while I hate thinking shifty as my father, I may be better at it than either of you," nodding casually toward Valeska's interaction with Akiros. "I hinted that Valeska would do well to relay to Swordlord Garess what I'm about to say to you. I didn't know about this fortification before we began our endeavor & I suspect you didn't either. What does it say to you that he did?" Tad nods amicably & in a welcoming manner at Grendolynn as she joins the two of them & Morley.

”I wouldn't let myself give up. I just walked until I found someone. When I stopped I could see the shadow of death so I kept going and going. I was feverish so it all comes in flashes...” Akiros answers Valeska.

Sense Motive 20:

You can get a hunch that while he is telling the truth the man is holding something back.

Female Human Tactician 1 HP 12/12 | AC 18/20 | T 14 | FF 14/16 | CMD 17 | F +3 | R +4 | W +0 | Init +6 | Per +0

"That's well and good, Mr. Akiros. But, why were you out here to begin with? On what business?"

Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 11

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

"I knew of places like this here and there throughout the Stolen Lands, though I certainly could not point them out on a map, much less through dead reckoning."

Teyran looked over at the man, a look of scorn creeping onto his face. "It tells me that everything he's said so far is likely a lie. It tells me that this was almost certainly his destination, and that the story of the bear attack is probably a cover."

He watched the man intently, trying to discern any moral stance.

Using Detect Evil.

Teyran studies the man for a few moments but does not see any evil aura about the man. He does not appear to be evil, have evil intent, or being influenced by evil entities.

”As I have repetitively said that is a long story that would take hours to tell and not all of it is my story to tell, but the short of it is that by helping a friend find the peace I was hoping to find my own road to redemption.” He answers Valeska.

Female Human Tactician 1 HP 12/12 | AC 18/20 | T 14 | FF 14/16 | CMD 17 | F +3 | R +4 | W +0 | Init +6 | Per +0

Valeska smiles, "I tried to spare you, for your own sake. Now, the others will have their way with you.

Enjoy." The young lady turns and leaves this Akiros' vicinity.

Akiros slowly rises from his seated position as Valeska says her final words. Maybe he misunderstood the meaning in her words but he seems suddenly defensive and makes a quick glance around the area as if weighing his options. The tension of his muscle suggest that he is readying to defend himself.

Kesten whistles a moment, "Bring this man some water and some left over stew. Find him a place to rest as well. The rest of you..." He indicates to the group at large, "With me a moment."

Bluff (To dispel the sudden tension): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
Sense Motive: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (19) - 1 = 18

Anyone that heeds Kesten:

"Can't say that I trust the man but I can tell you that he is skilled. I can't guarantee your safety if a fight breaks out. I urge you to heed my suggestion and let him rest for a bit, but keep an eye on him if he tries to leave then you can follow him. I will be instructing my men to let him leave if he attempts too because I don't need them dying. If he is a bandit from the area then he already knows the state of this keep and we will not be able to make improvements any quicker. If I was you I wouldn't continue your questioning as if this was an interrogation as that is likely to make even the most trustworthy people defensive and hostile."

Female Human Tactician 1 HP 12/12 | AC 18/20 | T 14 | FF 14/16 | CMD 17 | F +3 | R +4 | W +0 | Init +6 | Per +0

Valeska is also defensive, but only a bit. "I merely asked how he got here a couple of times. He didn't answer, repeatedly. I am not one for games as you know, but will try to be more patient, Master Garess."

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

"Your advice about questioning him is well said, though as Tad mentioned, it is very worrying that he knows about this place. Are you sure it is a good idea to let him go? If he is as wounded as he claims, surely we could capture him and hold him until we know what his aims are."

"Well, he's not evil. His armor's too nice for a bandit, he talks like a noble and he knows where a border keep is. He's seeking redemption? From what?" Leaving Teyran and Tad Grendolynn walks back over to the man.

Showing him her hands, palms out she slowly walks up. "Don't worry, we don't want to hurt you. You've said your tale is a long one, I can understand that. Why don't you rest with us while you finish recovering from your wound? You're of course free to leave, but the forest is full of bandits, and apparently bears. You'd probably be safer here. We'd ask only that you go unarmed save for a dagger until you're willing to share your tale with us. We truly are not your enemy, but we've found only conflict in these lands. Surely you can understand our suspicions." Offering him her hand she smiles and says, "I'm Grendolynn. I'd be happy to help you with anything you need while you stay with us. You will eat and drink from my own food while you are here." And I will watch you like a bastard sword wielding hawk.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Brawler)/5 HP 44/44, Init +2, Per +6, AC 18/ t14/ ff14, F 5, R 3, W 3

"Aye, somat' ye get more answers wit' yer eyes 'n' wits an' wit' askin'."

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

Sir, my name is Erostil. I am a man that trades in stories and the like, for there are many many lessons to be learnt. If you will not tell us the story itself, then might you be able to tell me the name of the other person in this story? If we were to find him, then it is possible that we might be able to join the two of you together, that you might find redemption together?

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

Heeding Kesten's words, Antha seeks out Oleg to requisition a tent and bedding for Akiros before returning to talk with him.

"I have asked for a tent and bedding to be made available for your use while you're here. Is there anything else we can do for you right now? Surely you must be exhausted by now after being mauled by a bear and walking for days!"

One catches flies with honey, not vinegar... and this is one fly I intend to catch!

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

Teyran approached the man after everyone else had departed, he might be willing to play nicely, but he would not pander. "My name is Teyran, and I lived a little to the south of Restov for most of my life. Even still, I never knew of a fortress on the Greenbelt. How did you hear of it, I wonder?"

Akiros remains tense for awhile but calms with each passing gesture. He gives a nod of acceptance to Grendolynn, ”That is acceptable. I will rest a few days and carry only a dagger as you request. You will find plenty of conflict in these lands.” He removes an empty sword belt and offers it up, ”Unfortunately my sword has already been lost. Fallen from my grip when... the beast set upon me.”

When Erostil speaks the man just shakes his head sadly, ”I do not refuse to tell the story though not all of it is mine. It is just not a story that can be told in a few minutes. He never told me his name and I never asked. I dragged him from the river where bandits had left him to die and saved his life. I have failed as the Stolen Lands have claimed him now. My only hope for redemption is to return and slay the beast or die trying this time.”

He gives a bow to Antha, ”Thank you, but the touch of the divine can be invigorating. I do not think that I will need rest for a couple of hours now. I will make camp everywhere you feel is best.”

Since no one has left Akiros alone yet, and Teyran's question may be answered before Teyran has the chance to ask in private I am going to hold off on answering it.

Arasmes perks up at the mention of 'redemption'. "I am pleased that the touch of the Dawnflower has assisted you. As it seems you may be present for a time, I, and am sure the others, would be interested to hear of this tale of a beast and your redemption. It is a tale that describes the troubles of the area and one that I find personally appeals to me where it parallells the stories of Sarenrae."

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Brawler)/5 HP 44/44, Init +2, Per +6, AC 18/ t14/ ff14, F 5, R 3, W 3

Sorry I didn't make that plain. Tad moved off with Kesten, there is where he made his comment. He has now gone back to wherever he & Valeska were sparring & is going through a proper warm-up. I imagine that is far enough away from Akiros to allow for privacy.

Knowledge (Religion): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18

"I admit that I do not know much about Sarenrae but it is not her redemption that I am seeking. I was once a paladin of Erastil many years ago, and I thought his presence gone from my life until I pulled my companion from the river."

"Would you like help slaying whatever beast it is you're after? I'm a hunter of beasts myself."

HP 30/30 ~ AC18 tch13 ff15 ~ CMD18 ~ Fort+5 Ref+5 Will+3

"A paladin who seeks redemption not quite the business of strangers... I'm Morley. Hope you find your way." Morley offers his hand to shake... then returns to his bunk to suit up, arm himself, and pack his gear.

sense motive: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9 to determine if he is telling the truth about having been a paladin of Erastil

Akiros settles in somewhere and falls silent for a few minutes before he looks to those who remain. "I was once a paladin of Erastil in a village in Taldan many years ago, but a stranger came to town. People started dying in brutal and violent ways. I was positive that it was him. My church barred me from taking actions against him. I got angry, and I helped the villagers form a lynch mob against the traveler. Erastil left me then...”

Akiros pulled an amulet from around his neck to stare at it. ”Several hours after the man was lynched the true killer was caught by a hunter and revealed to be nothing more sinister than a worg. I may have been able to make right in the eyes of Erastil but I lost faith in myself there. My involvement in the village's overly aggressive pursuit of the traveler's lynching was actionable. Only the fact that the traveler happened to be a bandit spy sent to look the place over, which I didn't discover until after the man was executed and his belongings were searched, kept the church from ex-communicating me but I had to accept exile instead.”

He breathed deeply and sighed, rubbing the cold silver on the amulet with his thumbs, ”Something I was all to ready to do. Anger filled the void left by Erastil after that... I took it out on anyone that crossed me. I found myself in Pitax during the coup and that is when I met him. His presence pulled you to him, and his words filled you with purpose. He reminded me of who I was, and I found purpose again in his quest to bring life to those that society had forgotten. He rallied us against the tyranny in Pitax, but we were forced to flee to the Greenbelt. He was not dissuade from his purpose and he sent the call out for people to come to his banner. He even met with a man from Brevoy that supported him. He got a message from the Lord Regent giving him rights to claim lands in the Greenbelt.” Akiros put the amulet down next to him and stared at it a moment...

”We found a fortress on the Tuskwater. It was still in amazing shape, and we thought him blessed by Erastil himself as we found an artifact in the place... A stag helmet. We had purpose then until the dreams came... He began dreaming of a woman, a powerful fey, who told him things. He claimed a dalliance and she made promises to come to him. Leaving only a strand of hair and a ring behind from the dreams when he awoke. I thought that Erastil would send him a powerful ally but instead that twisted druid came... he poisoned his mind, body and spirit until he was no longer of use. He changed everything... we became nothing more then vermin under his influence.” Akiros' eyes fill with water at that point and he turns away to blink a few times.

”I finally had enough. I tried to appeal to the better judgment of my friend but we fought. I raged against him, but he was still the better man. I was forced to flee, but I regretted losing my rage after. Before I could return he was betrayed by another lieutenant, Dovan. The druid worked him into a drunken stupor then Dovan slit his throat and tossed him over the wall into the river below... I found him by chance as I had made camp so I could work up the courage to return and face him. I used the skills I had learned in the church to bring him back from the brink of death. I could feel Erastil influences again and he guided me to a sanctuary in the forest until my companion could act on his own again. We spent weeks there until Erastil gave us a chance for redemption and guided us to an old temple...”

Akiros clutches his chest tightly at that moment, ”There was a cursed guardian... a massive bear with antlers. We killed it, but not before it latched its teeth into my companion. I know the guardian was cursed because he became human and then dust. My companion changed... literally transformed in front of my eyes. It was him that gave me the wounds... I fled again. I only remember flashes of things after that. Something told me to keep walking. I kept seeing this place in my fevered illusions... and when I woke up here I could no longer feel the presence of Erastil again. I have failed...”

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

Teyran was surprised to hear this man admitting such things. He must be powerful indeed to be admitting his association with the Stag Lord in the presence of that man's enemies. "You mean to tell us that you were a lieutenant of the Stag Lord? I suppose you would be willing to share with us your knowledge of him and his methods?"

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