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The Sinister Secrets of Sandpoint (Inactive)

Game Master TheHairyAvenger

A Beginner Box game set in Sandpoint and its environs.

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Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Rogue Level 2


Male Human Wizard / 1st

Talberon was about to accept the Dwarf's invitation to the meal, though he had just eaten.

'You never know when your next meal is...' his thoughts trailing when Belethor motioned to him and Tamilius.

"What have you found?" Talberon asked looking through the documents. Knowledge:: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23

Thumbing through the documents, Talberon heard the intentions of the Sheriff for the remaining Ogre, "Perhaps you could get the people that brought it here, to return it? I mean, perhaps they would prefer that to spending time in the stocks for bringing these beasts into a settlement? Perhaps a contingent of persons to verify that they release it far away, and not just take it to the next port?"

There were too many 'perhaps' in his words, so Talby did not expect the Sheriff to actually give a damn, Talberon went back to skimming the documents.

Human Human Fighter 1

Maya moves over by Talberon and looks over his should at the documents, not really anticipating that she can figure anything out since she never really learned to read particularly well.

What do you make of them?She asks Talberon.

Male Human Wizard/1

"Allow me to help you." Says Tamilius to Talberon. Tamilius (if allowed) looks through some documents.

Male Human Wizard / 1st

Talberon looked up from the documents at Maya. He had not noticed her approach since he was rather focused on the documents. He turned his face away when he noticed it was her, and so close, trying to look like he was focusing on the documents once more.

'My face,' he thought, 'no need to thrust my face... who am I fooling? It is not like she would take two looks at me!

He turned back to Maya, and somewhat matter of fact said, "I do not know what the documents may be yet. I have only started, and it will take me a bit to scan them all. But, I believe I will be able to make them out."

He watched to even see if she would make eye contact as he addressed her.

'Most could not testify to the color of my eyes after speaking with me. They never seem to be able to get past the faded skin of my face... and hands,' he thought then dropped his own look back to the documents, or at least the faded flesh that held them...

"Ah, erm, yes please." Talberon said as he passed Tamilius the pages he had already gone through. "Two sets of eyes are better than one," he continued, looking back up to Maya to see if she took note of his clumsiness.

Human Human Fighter 1

Although she is quite bright, she's had little formal schooling. Noticing that Talberon seems to be getting a little flustered Maya stops pretending to read over his shoulder and backs away to give the two wizards a bit of space.

I don't understand how all these letters make sense to anyone, and I think this fellow is getting nervous with me breathing down his neck; I should probably give him some space. Beside's he's got a bit of an odd smell to him- maybe from too much time indoors with his books. I wonder if he's ever even been with a woman before?

She waits for the wizards and the sheriff to see if they have anything to say about the documents, but her mind wanders towards her stomach. Even though she just ate the long walk from her home to the market, and all the business with the ogre has worked up her appetite. She's also craving a decent tankard of ale. The dwarf's suggestion of going to Rusty Dragon sounds pretty good to her.

As Talberon and Tamilius skimmed through the documents Sheriff Hemlock moved up closer to hear what they found.

I'm going to assume both wizards relay this information to the others as they read it, so I'm not putting it in a spoiler.

The language of the papers is common, but the syntax and spellling were odd to the wizards. Still, skimming through the handful of the papers, they were able to discover a ship's charter for a single-masted cog named the Demeter. Its home port was Corentyn in Cheliax and its owner is the House Jeggare. The master of the ship, presumably the poor unfortunate dead on the floor, was Armin Gyenis.

The other papers are receipts for cargoes going back several months, but the most recent you can find is from six weeks before. Judging from the place names, the Demeter has never sailed north of Veldraine (city far to the south of you) before.

Male Human Wizard / 1st

Talberon turned to Maya to answered question:

"It appears are Captain here," Talberon said referring to the dead man on the floor, "has brought his Southern ship, the Demeter, far from the South on business of House Jeffare. Strange, I would doubt a cargo such as this," he continued referring to the Ogres, "would be his sole motivation."

He handed the remainder of the documents to Tamilius, and with a rather large sigh of wiriness, comely stated, "I appear to have worked up an appetite after all," and stepped from the warehouse.

But instead of falling into ranks with the others immediately, he went to the Dwarf, Old Ben, who gave him the fish and quietly asked, "What know you of this Armin Gyenis, his ship the Demeter, and why House Jeggare would have it sail thus far North?"

I will hear what the fish peddler has to say and fall in with the others as they head to the Rusty Dragon.

Male Human Cleric/1

Belethor stands the golden light still emanating from his sword and goes to join the rest. He has a parting glance at the ogre This Ogre deserves more than mere a slit throat after what it's been through. But what can I do. He gives himself a mental shake and presses the thoughts from his mind.

"I could do with a drink." Sniffing the air and grimacing "And Probably a bath." He looks at Maya with a cheeky grin as he speaks.

Do we get the rest of that guys stuff or is that naughty?

Male Human Wizard/1

Tamilius tucks the documents in his belt pouch and goes to the tavern with the others.

Human Human Fighter 1

Well sheriff, I'm not one for slitting throats, so I'll leave that bit of nastiness up to your people. I'm going to be at the tavern with this lot for the next while, so if you have anymore questions you can find me there. I know that none of this is really my business or concern, but if you do happen to find out anymore about this mess, I'd be keen to hear it.

Good day friend.

Male Human Barbarian / 1

Gozer watches the others head out of the warehouse and follows them to the tavern.

Hmmm... Ale maybe I will have some after all...

The Sheriff watched as Tamilius tucked the papers away. His only expression was a slight smile. He saw the party to the door.

Maya Harlech wrote:

...but if you do happen to find out anymore about this mess, I'd be keen to hear it.

Good day friend.

"It isn't a good day, but thank you for the help today otherwise I fear it could have been much worse. Please stay at the Rusty Dragon until I come. I will bring you what news I know then."

With that he turned away and started barking orders at his mean. "Find out where the Demeter is docked and detain the crew. You two, get this body over to the Temple, the man deserves a proper burial. You, guard this door. And, tell Roque..." his hand went to the hilt of his sword, "Tell Roque he's got a second one to bury."

The party crossed the square on the way to the Rusty Dragon. Somewhere Sergeant Roque had commandeered a wagon and had a small group of laborers at work loading the heavy body of the ogre. The body of the guard was gone already. People were beginning to fill the square. Ben would be doing brisk business among the onlookers if his stand weren't scattered around the center of the area. Talberon peeled off from the party and stopped to speak with him.

In answer to Belethor's question: Yes it would be naughty to take things from random victims

Ben contemplated the remains of his days business. The longshoremen had made off with his stock of drink and his pots had all been spilled in the scramble to flee the ogre.

Eh, there've been worse days.

Talberon Toil wrote:
(To Old Ben) "What know you of this Armin Gyenis, his ship the Demeter, and why House Jeggare would have it sail thus far North?"

The question caught him off-guard and he almost responded with a rude gesture, but then saw it was the man who'd come to his aid earlier.

"Couldn't tell you about, what's the name? Ar-meen Jen-ish? The Demeter, ya had some fellers here last night says the was with her. Chelish by their speech. The House Jeggare, now there's a tale. Once, back when I was still sailin'. That was before I got this game leg. Did I ever tell you how's I came to get a game leg? Course not. You're new in town. Well I was 27 years a sailor. My dad 'prenticed me when I was just a wee shaver on account of - oh but I'm ramblin' again, ain't I? The House Jaggare? Their ships stick to inner sea, no profit in runnin' one all the way this far north. Leastways, one as small as the Demeter over there..." Ben gestures seaward where a ship has just cleared the harbor on its way to open ocean. "No sir, that one's built for coastal sailing and a small load. Wouldn't come up here unless it was somethin' real valuable."

Human Human Fighter 1

Cut scene to Rusty Dragon?

Upcoming. Sorry, it has been a busy morning. I'll place you all in the Rusty Dragon late this afternoon.

The Rusty Dragon is a short walk from the square. The street is filled with people, humans mostly but a scattering of elves and dwarves. There is much animated conversation going on and, from what you can overhear, all of it concerns the fight in the square.

"...then the wizard took down the troll with some kind of blue ray..."

"...he was a big guy, probably half ogre himself..."

" were Trapper again. I don't know why they don't just make him sheriff..."

Some of notice you and point you out to the others and there are shouts of "Hurrah!" and "Good work!".

By the time you reach the Rusty Dragon, a gaggle of children is following you. They're shooed away at the door by a man sweeping the steps who nods and holds the door open for you, "Welcome to the Rusty Dragon."

The Rusty Dragon is a two story building. The ground floor room you enter is the bar. On one side as you enter is a notice board posted with bills that read, "Sword Wanted, Must Travel", "Goblin Bounty - 2 gp", and the like.

Inside a man is busy clearing tables around a few late lunchers / early drinkers. A bartender and an attractive young woman are counting out reciepts and the smell of roasting lamb drifts in from the kitchen.

The woman comes over.

"Trapper, you've come to pay your tab then?" She smiles as she says this. "And Maya, at least Trapper's keeping good company. Please come in, all of you. What can I bring you?"

for Trapper and Maya:

You both are familiar with Ameiko Kaijitsu. A sometime adventurer herself, she owns the Rusty Dragon. She's pointed Maya toward some lucrative adventures and lets Trapper run up a tab ("I know you're good for it.")

Male Human Barbarian / 1

Gozer walks into the Dragon ducking as he comes in the door but not by much. He walks and takes a seat at an open table facing the door with his back to the wall. The smell of lamb is intoxicating.

I will have whatever smells so good... and water.

Not that he has many but he almost forgot his manners.

Uh... please

Male Human Cleric/1

Belethor breathes in deeply and sits at the table with Gozer.

"I could do with an ale please." He notices that the food smells delicious but he is feeling a little queasy from the fish and the Ogre's nasty parts.

Male Human Wizard / 1st

A tad self conscious about his appearance, Talberon lowered his hood but kept his face down, looking at the table as he sat to order.

"I'll have plate as well," he said, adding, "and an ale." as an afterthought.

'A bit early to drink, but under the circumstances it can't hurt,'

He glanced around the table. He hadn't gotten to know much about them he realized, being the last to arrive at the previous marketplace table, when they were getting to know each other. Not to mention that two of them seemed to be locals.

'Hmmm, what have I fallen into?' he thought.

Male Human Barbarian / 1

Gozer looks over to Tal as he sits. He looks harder at the scarred man.

How did that happen? He motions with his head towards Tal's arm and face.

Gozer never being one for subtle.

The woman gathers everyone's orders and heads toward the kitchen. On the way she's intercepted by a watchman who whispers something to her. She looks over at your group and nods.

When she returns, it is with a feast. One platter is heaped with roasted mutton and vegetables, another with hunks of bread. The bartender brings drinks around. A bowl of butter and a bowl of salt are set on the table as well.

"The sheriff sends his regards and tells me the meal is on him, so eat up! You must have done something good to get this out of him. He sends word that he'll be here within the hour and he has something important to speak to you about."

Male Human Wizard/1

Tamilius sits down with the rest and looks at the woman "I'd like a gallon of ale and some meat, any meat really." I'm glad Gozer ask him, I has wondering that myself.

Male Human Wizard/1

Tamilius takes a swig of ale and begins eating mutton, and vegetables too. And dips some bread in the butter and puts a handful of salt on it too. Tamilius looks at the woman "Thank you!" he says with food in his mouth. "I haven't had a meal made of something besides berries and bread, and I can't tell you how long it's been since I had some good ale." Tamilius is clear very happy.

Male Human Wizard / 1st

Talberon started with an, "Erm.." in response to Gozer's question, just as the serving wench approached with the food.

After taking a few bites, he saw that the large man was not going to relent and proceeded with, "It was an... accident... of my youth. My mother has told me, there are no accidents. I am not sure what I make of her saying, but all I know for certain is that life can be a cruel and cunning mistress."

Seeing how it had, and always seemed to, come to light, Talberon looked up and pulled his sleeves back, exposing all his bleached flesh.

"Nor have I," he said to Tamilius referencing a meal and then in passing added,"She also said the runt of the litter must be quick," and with that he dug in straight away to as much as he could heap on his plate.

Human Human Fighter 1

Maya orders herself an ale and partakes in the feast. She's reserved enough that she doesn't drink to any kind of excess and spends much of her time observing the behaviour of her new companions and trying to get a better measure of what sort of folk she is dealing with. She doesn't go out of her way to initiate much conversation initially.

Male Human Barbarian / 1

Gozer eyes the little man. Haha runt... I like it, I will call you runt from now on! He says with a big genuine smile.

What kind of accident? He eyes the guard as he came in and talked to the wench. Gozer strains his hearing to try and catch any part of the conversation.

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

Male Human Barbarian / 1

Hearing nothing from this distance... That ogre must have hit me harder than I thought...

Human Human Fighter 1

While she drinks her ale. Maya gets up and heads over to the check out any postings that might regard any potential mercenary type work.

While she does so she casually talks to Ameiko the bar tender, telling her about the ogre.

So I imagine by now you heard all about the little scuffle in the marketplace and the dead ogre. We discovered the thing came out of a warehouse nearby, and that the creature might have been brought into town on a ship called the Demeter. Did you perchance having any dealings with the ships crew? Perhaps they were in for a drink or a meal last evening...

And another thing, while I'm here. I've got some goblins that I owe a little debt to. I'm not sure where to find them. I've heard that there is an elf woman that frequents Sandpoint and knows the region well. I think her name is Shalalu or something similar. Do you know her or know how I'd go about finding her?

Male Human Wizard / 1st

Talberon lifted both eyebrows with a chutney grin* and bobbed his head lightly with the sport of Gozer calling him runt.

Wonderful. he thought before responding.

Maintaining the artificial smile and arched brow, "Funny. But Talberon, or even Talby, will be fine." he said looking around at the others, then to his plate.

Interesting this large fellow, he thought.

* Strange use of the word I realize, but if you have ever eaten something that is spicy and didn't want your lips to touch... anyway, it was meant to be an obvious half hearted fake smile with no malice in it.

Maya Harlech wrote:
While she drinks her ale. Maya gets up and heads over to the check out any postings that might regard any potential mercenary type work.

Maya notes that the goblin bounty has doubled from one gold to two.

'Sword Wanted, Must Travel' is a standing offer for caravan guards going north.

'Missing daughter, Hana Hartlová, - Reward Offered - Last seen in company of a wandering performer by the name of Ósk Eiríksdóttir - bring back safe, 400 gold and a horse.'

'Dwarves wanted by Sandpoint Council. Hard work, danger, large reward. Apply in person at city hall. Mining experience a plus. Orphans preferred.'

These noted, Maya turns her attention to Ameiko.

Maya Harlech wrote:
"Did you perchance having any dealings with the [Demeter's] crew?"

"Some of that lot were in last night, just off the boat and ready for some action. They had the wrong idea about this place it seems. We showed them the door and pointed the way to the Fatman's Feedbag. Goin' by their accents, I'd say they were Chelish but didn't learn anything more."

Maya Harlech wrote:
"Do you know [Shalalu] or know how I'd go about finding her?"

"Shalelu? You've just missed her. She came through two days ago, to collect her goblin bounty and pick up her supplies. And had her word with the sheriff and mayor like she always does. I got some of it out of her. The goblins are coming out further from the mountains than they usually do, and the farmers are all say their having their troubles with 'em. The mayor doubled the bounty, so somethin' has got her spooked."

Tomorrow's post will see the sheriff arrive, so if you characters want to question anyone in the bar, time to get your queries in.

Male Human Cleric/1

Belethor takes a deep swig of the ale and lets out a sigh of content. He grins as Tamilius tucks into the food.

Belethor listens to Gozer and Talberon's conversation a while before beckoning the serving lady. "Thankyou for the ale it whets the appetite quite well. If you don't mind me asking did a crew from a ship called the Demeter come in recently, perhaps boasting of their marvellous exploits? I'm sure someone as talented as you would have heard all sorts."

male human

See Tippo's post above for your answer to that question.

Belethor Grimwood wrote:

Belethor takes a deep swig of the ale and lets out a sigh of content. He grins as Tamilius tucks into the food.

Belethor listens to Gozer and Talberon's conversation a while before beckoning the serving lady. "Thankyou for the ale it whets the appetite quite well. If you don't mind me asking did a crew from a ship called the Demeter come in recently, perhaps boasting of their marvellous exploits? I'm sure someone as talented as you would have heard all sorts."

Male Human Wizard/1

Tamilius sits patiently, eating food and waiting for the man to come.

Human Human Fighter 1

I missed her did I... I guess she's probably off in the wilderness again. It might be tough to find her. Say, what do you know about this missing girl? Who is the Hartlova family?

Damn it, I figured finding her would be long shot. I wonder how else I could find those blasted goblins. There must be someone in this town that knows the region well and can help me. Maybe the mayor the the sheriff can point me in the right direction. I should probably try and convince the others to stop by that Fatman's Feedbag dive as well.

Male Human Cleric/1

You asked the Bartender I just assumed there was a separate serving girl. My mistake sorry ;)

Male Human Barbarian / 1

PH. Maya is talking to the bartender where Bel is talking to the waitress. He probably isn't paying attention to Maya across the room at the bar. Just a thought towards role playing.

Belethor Grimwood wrote:
"Thankyou for the ale it whets the appetite quite well. If you don't mind me asking did a crew from a ship called the Demeter come in recently, perhaps boasting of their marvellous exploits? I'm sure someone as talented as you would have heard all sorts."

The waitress grins. She's heard it all before. But Belethor is polite that counts for a lot with her.

"Oh, aye they was in. Actin' like they ain't seen a woman in months, all grabby hands and sayin' rude things in their Chelish like I wouldn't understand. Got a little to fresh when they offered me gold for a tumble. That's when the mistress throws 'em out on their ear."

After you've all eaten and drunk your fill, the sheriff comes in with a large cloth bundle in his arms. He looks at the remains of the meal on your table with dismay as he realizes how large the bill will probably be.

"Maya, gentlemen. Thank you for waiting for me. And the town thanks you for your service this afternoon though I'm afraid to say that the author of today's incident has escaped on the Demeter, which sailed not minutes after you slew the ogre."

"Do any of you recall a merchant who entered the warehouse with the ship's captain?"

Male Human Wizard/1

"Not me." says Tamilius, leaning back in the chair, too full to get up.

Male Human Barbarian / 1

I do Gozer says looking up from the table. Yeah it was the captain and the merchant who walked up to the doors and were let in by the guard. They all entered after that.

Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Rogue Level 2

Perception check to determine whether Trapper noticed the merchant

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18

Human Human Fighter 1

Sorry sheriff I was a little too engrosed with the new company I was meeting. Do you have any idea where the ship was headed or why this evening happened?

Trapper remembers seeing a man cross the square with the captain, though not much about his appearance.

Male Human Wizard / 1st

As the others recollect on seeing the merchant, Talberon also reflects back on the incident, though the monstrosity is first and foremost in his mind.

'Merchant... merchant... hmmm,' he thought.

Perception Check:1d20 ⇒ 12

Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Rogue Level 2

"Don't remember many details, sir,Trapper says, But I know that there was indeed a man with the Captain if you need a witness. Saw him plain as day but left no impression I'm sad to say."

Knowledge Check to see whether Trapper knows anything about the ship
1d20 ⇒ 17

"But a ship like that, coming this far north ... seems like it rings a bell ..."

Gozer "Bone Splitter" wrote:
I do Gozer says looking up from the table. Yeah it was the captain and the merchant who walked up to the doors and were let in by the guard. They all entered after that.

Sheriff Hemlock nodded and continued. "The merchant was staying at The White Deer for the past week and he rented the warehouse at the same time. He gave his name as Pieter Jaggare. I've yet to find any who has had more than perfunctory conversation with him. He has not been seen since entering the warehouse this morning. Unless you can tell me something different, no one saw him leave the warehouse."

Maya wrote:
Sorry sheriff I was a little too engrosed with the new company I was meeting. Do you have any idea where the ship was headed or why this even[t] happened?

"The ship left in a hurry. The dockworkers I've talked to said that the crew made sail suddenly, none of the usual preparations. The day before they'd offloaded spices and un-dyed linens which were sold to Sandpoint Mercantile League."

"This," he placed the bundle in the middle of the table, "is what we have found in his quarters."

He unrolled the bundle. Inside were some fine clothes, a sheathed dagger, two vials of a blue liquid, and coin bag.

"There were no papers, nothing to note his intentions or purpose. The mayor agrees with me, what you see here is yours. Your reward for this morning's service."

"And, I am to ask you, if you may be of service to Sandpoint once more?"

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