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The Seer's Journey - DM Downrightamazed

Game Master downrightamazed

A young refugee girl, blessed by the gods with foresight, is accompanied by six warriors to one of the most dangerous places in the world, where a great hero will die.

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The jailer quirks a dubious eyebrow at Justahl, but replies all the same. "I can yank that belt off pretty quick. But I wouldn't worry too much 'bout that disease, the professors say they have it under control." Another of the pustules suddenly expands in size, and Crazy Lenny winces. The jailer shrugs.

Lenny looks quizzically at Hurin. "Who said it was an exp-p-p-periment? Kevin, when we got him, when we rescued him from the everywhen...he was in about seven different p-p-pieces. Most of his blood was gone. The Baron said we needed him alive, but didn't say for what. We had just intercepted a shipment of that beautiful green goop you saw in the phylacteries, and I reverse-engineered it. I put him back together, I stitched him up, and I was able to resuscitate him without the use of expensive and difficult arcana. He'd have been dead if not for me. The Baron p-p-pr-promised me I'd be on the cutting edge of alchemy, and boy was he right."

"I...I dunno where I got this sickness. I dunno what it is." Lenny swats nervously at the pustules.

Male Dwarf Fighter 7/Barbarian 2 AC29 HP128 F+14 W+6 R+6 Perception +14

"Hummm, Sir Justal I don't suppose you forgot to see if this man had a black hearted soul when you first encountered him did you? And if you plan to lay hands and mercy I would say sooner than later would be the preference."

"Astar what does your knowledge tell you about what is on his neck and if you don't know that can't be good because if that looks under control to you then I'll be a tarred and feathered halfling."

Male Human Fighter 8, Ranger 3

Sense motive 1: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (11) + 14 = 25
Sense motive 2: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (19) + 14 = 33
Perception 1: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (10) + 14 = 24
Perception 2: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (11) + 14 = 25

Kelne nodded, "Much simpler to fix him up now than give whatever it is a chance to spread. Or explode," he observed, with regard to the ominous pulsing, "I don't recall seeing it on him before, so whatever it is it's come on fairly quickly."

"Call me paranoid, Justahl, but you should be ready to act fast once the belt comes off. If there's a magical component to whatever that is, removing the belt could set it off. Any thoughts, Gray?" It only made sense to involve the cleric, Lenny's peace of mind not really being a priority. He'd rather not see the alchemist dead under the circumstances. Not that he was particularly well inclined towards him otherwise.

Aasimar Paladin (Shining Knight) L11 | AC29 (t11,ff28) | CMD28 | hp 133/133 | Save F17 R11 W13 | Percep +2 (Nouhves Percep +6)

"It doesn't matter Hurin; A deal is a deal." Replied Sir Justahl, mentally kicking himself for not Detecting Evil at the time. "But yes, sooner is better."

Then something Lenny said penetrated.
"'Rescued Kevin from Everywhen?' What on earth are you talking about Lenny?"

Pausing a moment for Gray or Astar to comment; Justahl makes up his mind.
"I think you're right Kelne, we're out of time. Jailor! Remove the anti magic restraints. Log it as my authority."

Male Human Cleric 9 (86/86HPs AC26 [domain spells used 0 and Normall spell used (one 1st&5thlvl). 0/10 channels used.)

Grey circles around Lenny to see the black thing on the back of his neck. With a sigh he decides what he will do.

Reaching into his bag Grey removes a pair of gloves, he silently places them on his hands. He moves closer to get a better look at what maybe affecting Lenny. Shaking his head not knowing what it is he asks.
Will this give me another heal check?

"Do you want me to try and remove it?"

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5


"Tha ley lines exist an trace patterns everywhere, I see them. How is it you do not?"

Male Human Cleric 9 (86/86HPs AC26 [domain spells used 0 and Normall spell used (one 1st&5thlvl). 0/10 channels used.)

just got the ok for a new heal check so here it goes.
1d20 + 17 ⇒ (18) + 17 = 35

Male Human Rogue(Poisoner) 5/ Shadowdancer 6| AC23 T17 F18; HP 88/88, CMD 22, F/R/W 6/14/7, Percep +20 Drkvsn 60', Init +6

Does Jorzan need a new Sense Motive to see if Lenny is telling the truth about Kevin? If so 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (12) + 16 = 28

Male Human Fighter (Lore Warden) 8 / Wizard (Scroll Scholar) 1

(Perception)1d20 + 14 ⇒ (7) + 14 = 21

"I would suggest throwing a sheet on him to prevent the spread of any illness through sweat or whatever fluids he might be exuding. It's clear that whatever is going on with his neck is, well, not something anyone would really want to share in."

Seeing Gray begin his work, Astar steps back and observes from the far side of the room.

Jorzan wrote:
Does Jorzan need a new Sense Motive to see if Lenny is telling the truth about Kevin? If so 1d20+16

As far as he knows, he is.

The jailer frowns and removes the Belt of Dispellation. As soon as the "magical chastity belt" is off, Crazy Lenny sighs in relief; clearly having one's arcane abilities blocked in that way is good for neither mind nor body.

As Gray investigates, taking care not to accidentally pop anything the rest of the room waits in suspense.

Gray only:
There is something living inside the biggest pustule; looks like a hideous centipede of some sort, and it's disgustingly large. (These things basically look like really big house centipedes) It has burrowed down into the alchemist's flesh and is feeding. You can see the other pustules contain the same thing. There is a faint amber glow around these parasites.

You're not completely sure what would happen if you popped and drained one of these, but you'd guess that if you did, and applied magical healing while pulling out the parasite that dwelled within, that Lenny would be fine. Trouble is, he has several of these pustules on his neck and back, and all of them have parasites within.

You also do not know how contagious this is, or how it spreads. It seems obvious to you that if the goop in the pustules gets on bare skin, someone would be infected. But beyond that you don't know.

Male Dwarf Fighter 7/Barbarian 2 AC29 HP128 F+14 W+6 R+6 Perception +14

"dammit Astar I was hoping you were going to say that it was a simple infestation of dire bed bugs or something concrete like sarcoidosis or something like that. . . Here Is a piece of canvas from my pack we can use that it's waxed and oiled. Hopefully this doesn't ruin in I am kinda fond of it.

Male Human Cleric 9 (86/86HPs AC26 [domain spells used 0 and Normall spell used (one 1st&5thlvl). 0/10 channels used.)

After close inspection Grey nods to himself and looks to the group.

"I may be able to fix his however. it will take a long time and its seems to be very contagious."

Pointing to the pustules with a fascinated look in his eyes.

"If the discharge makes contact with the skin that seems to be what will cause it. However you can not rule out the parasites being a cause either."

Grey circles around to Lenny's Front.

"The question is.........Is healing this man, worth the troubles?"

Male Human Rogue(Poisoner) 5/ Shadowdancer 6| AC23 T17 F18; HP 88/88, CMD 22, F/R/W 6/14/7, Percep +20 Drkvsn 60', Init +6

Ignoring the question of whether to heal him at the moment or not, Jorzan steps in to question the alchemist again, being very careful not to go anywhere near the pustules. The images conjured the man's words about Kevin conjured in his head make Jorzan equal parts furious and horrified and it is clear he is barely containing his rage. Gritting his teeth as he speaks he growls "What are saying about Kevin?? His being in the Everywhen? In pieces?? What was done to him? Who did that to him? Why were you there to find him? Tell us everything you know!"

Crazy Lenny jumps back from Jorzan, still terrified of the angered young rogue. "GAH! I DON'T KNOW I DON'T KNOW I SWEAR I DON'T KNOW! The Baron brought him to me like that, said I had work to do! I don't KNOW who did it! I don't KNOW what they did! I was just told to fix him! I don't even know who he IS or why anyone CARES!! YOU GOTTA BELIEVE ME!

DC10 Sense Motive:
This is all the truth, as far as Crazy Lenny knows.

Gray only:
You notice two of the parasites burrow in deeper and suddenly grow a bit in size when Lenny gets agitated. Another pustule starts to form on his lower back, too. The disease seems to react to something in the body that is present in times of stress. Adrenaline, maybe? Or maybe the increased heart rate gets more food to them more quickly? You're not sure, but you ARE sure it's happening.

Male Dwarf Fighter 7/Barbarian 2 AC29 HP128 F+14 W+6 R+6 Perception +14

"Maybe another good question to awnser would be whom you intercepted this green goop from and what was the nature an purpose of this goop? And . . . Dang it Jorzan! If you can step back a moment and contain yourself he is trying to talk and it is hard to hear what he is saying because everytime he speaks you are gritting your teeth and growling like an animal!

What the hell is wrong with this kid? Tell me what I want to know or I'll kill you now you told me what I want to know so I am going to kill you. How many hits of seething rage does he fly into in a day? This guy is cracked wide open and spilling his guts why all the theatrics?

Male Human Cleric 9 (86/86HPs AC26 [domain spells used 0 and Normall spell used (one 1st&5thlvl). 0/10 channels used.)

Looking to Jorzan, Grey moves close to him and places his hand on the shadow dancer's shoulder.

"Jorzan, I suggest you take it easy on this man. It seems to be,, Stress or Adrenaline.. perhaps....Just a quickened heart rate. Seems to accelerates the condition, the sickness, in Lenny. Any more fear and panic may cause the man to suffer more and die quicker. Then you will never get the answers you want."

Removing his hand from Jorzan, Grey walks back to the edge of the room. Still waiting on an answer to curing the prisoner.

Male Dwarf Fighter 7/Barbarian 2 AC29 HP128 F+14 W+6 R+6 Perception +14

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21 Survival
1d20 + 14 ⇒ (7) + 14 = 21 Perception

"Well I am not a cleric and I am not well versed in magical theory, but if that anti magic belt is allowing whatever that is on his body to continue doing what it's doing it must be biological in nature and some kind of infestation like bloat flies or something. Grey I think it's obvious we need to do what we can here now. Justal has ordered the belt removed and as you just heard Kelne say, it would be better that we act now. I have some tools here in my bag I've got gloves and tweezers and whatnot in my engineering kit. Jorzan, we can get information vital to your charge and you seem to be in best with the Librarian. We need her son and the white eyed gal pronto. She has some healing ability and can help Grey. . . Hey, do you have a sedative in all those vials you have there? If Grey is right that could buy us some time here."

Aasimar Paladin (Shining Knight) L11 | AC29 (t11,ff28) | CMD28 | hp 133/133 | Save F17 R11 W13 | Percep +2 (Nouhves Percep +6)
Gray wrote:
"The question is.........Is healing this man, worth the troubles?"

It does not matter. The deal is made. Now let us see what the grace of the Inheritor may accomplish."

Sir Justahl Lays on Hands; a silver fire rolls off his hands, washing through Lenny as he is touched.
Healing: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 5, 5) = 16
Lay on Hands:

Lay On Hands (Su): heal by touch.
(8 times/day)
Can heal (4d6)
Using standard action, (if self a swift action).
Only needs one free hand to use.
Can use to damage undead, dealing (4d6). Using melee touch attack (doesn't provoke AoO). Undead do not save.
Mercy (Su): All mercies add to the lay on hands ability.
A mercy can remove a condition caused by a curse, disease, or poison without curing. Such return after 1 hour unless actually removed.
• Shaken: The target is no longer shaken.
• Diseased: also acts as remove disease, using the paladin's level as the caster level.
• Poisoned: also acts as neutralize poison, using the paladin's level as the caster level.

Male Human Cleric 9 (86/86HPs AC26 [domain spells used 0 and Normall spell used (one 1st&5thlvl). 0/10 channels used.)

Gray nods to Hurin.

"This might take a while. Just be warned."

Looking to Lenny, Gray grins.

"I'm sorry to do this to you but..."

With a Quick look to the Jailer.

"We need to remove his clothes and lay him down. So we can find all th e infected locations."

With a glance to the rest of the group he says "If any of you don't wan t to see this I suggest you leave."

With his gloves still on Gray reaches into his bag and reaches for scissors, tweezers and his healing kit, thread and needle. As he digs through his bag he mentions.

"I will need someone to help remove and either kill the parasites or collect them in a jar for further study. You guys can work that out.

Gray gathers the tools he needs and moves them to the table.

Male Human Fighter (Lore Warden) 8 / Wizard (Scroll Scholar) 1

"I'll assist."

Astar digs through his bag and retrieves his gloves.

"Do we have a jar? If not, I'm sure we wont be begrudged the use of a glass until something with a lid can be appropriated."

Male Human Rogue(Poisoner) 5/ Shadowdancer 6| AC23 T17 F18; HP 88/88, CMD 22, F/R/W 6/14/7, Percep +20 Drkvsn 60', Init +6

Jorzan shoots a dark glare at the dwarf. Was the fool trying to make any enemy of him? And for someone so newly joined to the group, Hurin certainly seemed to be taking a lot of authority onto himself.

As Gray comes up to him and lays a hand on his shoulder, speaking calmly, rationally and logically, Jorzan, understanding completely all the cleric says, nods, takes a deep breath, and wills himself to calm down. A dead Lenny was still a good Lenny as far as he was concerned, but it was simply true that they would almost certainly get less answers out of him that way.

Ignoring Hurin's questions to him, and the reminder that the dwarf did in fact most likely know virtually everything Jorzan carried after having virtually stripped him the night before, Jorzan again takes a deep caliming breath and focuses on the Paladine's actions.

As Gray and Astar begin preparing themselves for surgery, Jorzan holds up a hand and says "Hold. That may not be necessary. Let's see the results of Justahl's healing first."

Male Human Fighter 8, Ranger 3

"If it's that infectious, and stress has such an effect on him, I daresay the interrogation's over," Kelne said, "I doubt we're going to get anything else useful out of him in any case. I'd suggest anybody not required for the procedure leave the room, and the place be thoroughly cleaned once we're done. We should also make sure anybody who's been in physical contact with him is checked. Thankfully, that'll be a pretty small number of people, given he was thrown straight in jail on arrival."

Justahl's healing might deal with the disease on its own, in which case he'd be left looking a tad silly, but somehow he didn't think it would be that easy. Clearly, Lenny must have picked this infestation up from somewhere, but wherever it might be was plainly out of their reach. Kelne would be perfectly content with ensuring the rather unpleasant disease didn't get loose in Stormfare.

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

Belsarious had been so intent upon the shadow dancer and the notion a long dead mage could return and threaten all with arcane might that he had not yet had his attention turned to the situation with the infectious prisoner. He had literally hounded Jorzans heels to convey the information and ensure he did not intersect ley lines.

The anti magic at work on the prisoner gave belsarious pause just long enough to think of the rare and potent admixture of witchery on his person, though magic may not help the prisoner if he survived the troll styptic might be potent enough to save his life.

Belsarious watches the parasite removal with interest hoping to pick up on the nature of the procedure.

Male Dwarf Fighter 7/Barbarian 2 AC29 HP128 F+14 W+6 R+6 Perception +14

Well Lenny if we don't have any more powerful medicine I can offer you a couple of stiff swigs of good dwarven single malt if you'd like? As we get ready to fix you up here maybe you can go on about the every when and the green goop.

Male Human Fighter (Lore Warden) 8 / Wizard (Scroll Scholar) 1

Astar responds to Jorzan's direction to halt, calmly asserting what he had always held to be a fact.

"Magic disrupts evidence. If it's Gray's intent to learn about the parasites, we'll need to handle a small portion of this the mundane way, at least."

Then to Justahl, indicating an easily accesible patch of the affected tissue.

"If you can direct it, leave this small patch to us."

Aasimar Paladin (Shining Knight) L11 | AC29 (t11,ff28) | CMD28 | hp 133/133 | Save F17 R11 W13 | Percep +2 (Nouhves Percep +6)

Sir Justahl pulls back a little, perplexed.
"I'm... not sure it works that way. Nevertheless, I have faith in the Inheritor."

Sir Justahl will try to be careful as he Lays on Hands as outlined in my previous post.

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

"Mundane, says yah, I ave some most potent blend a powder without magic tha ken heal the wounds, so once tha parasites err removed I ken give a dose o tha which heals without magic."

Belsarious waits for the parasites to be removed and readies the troll styptic. Not a pain free remedy as tha healin goes, even made some sick from pain, guess we'll see."[/b]

Nasmarra stands silently between the guards outside the cell. Perfectly still with her eyes closed, she presents an eerie image as she listens to the interrogation within. She watches with her mind's eye as they talk to their prisoner, trying to draw as much information from him as they can. Many of the exact details lay outside what she knows of their task, but she quickly pits together what information they seek from him.

Silently, she walks into the room as they attempt to heal him of whatever parasitical disease ails him. Her dress sways like an ancient tapestry in a long-abandoned keep, wispily blowing around her legs from an unseen and unfelt wind. She stands in front of the desperate and pathetic man, looking him in the eye for a long moment.

Charm Person
Lenny Will 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

His eyes lock onto hers as she very slowly sways. The movement is not one of seduction, but more akin to a snake charmer fascinating a serpent. She whispers something to him, the syllables breaking his will apart as easily and readily as any torture. It is almost too simple to rend his weak will. A few moments of concentration and she has his mind in a vise, stripping down to make him amenable to her charms. When he is duly enthralled, she speaks to him in his mind without opening her mouth. To the others, it likely seems as if she simply stares him into a stupor. "Can you hear me? Do you want to help me?"

His voice is raspy and desperate when he speaks to answer her telepathic question. "Yessssssss..."

"Have you held any information back from them?"

Several things happen at once.

Gray and Astar get Crazy Lenny onto a table and make the best "splash guard" they can with what blankets are available. The whole process is quite involved and fascinating, enough so that no one complains when the two guards start to spend more time watching the cleric and the scholar than the hall and room they're charged with.

As Astar watches with great interest, Gray's steady hand makes an expert incision in the largest of the pustules on Lenny's back. A stream of hideous and stinky pus flows steadily forth from the wound, which Astar immediately mops up, careful not to get any on anything except the rag he's using.

The large centipede-looking creature that was...gestating(?) in the wound starts to flail around in the open air, clacking its alarmingly large mandibles in the empty air and making a piteous mewling noise, a high-pitched and hair-raising squeal. Lenny's eyes bug out and he starts to squirm. "What is that?! WHAT in ALL THE HELLS is THAT?! WHAT IS IT!" The quick-thinking Hurin steps forward and holds Lenny's legs still as Justahl steps forward and Lays on Hands, channeling divine healing energy into the runty alchemist.

Lenny calms down immediately and ceases his wriggling as the magic of the Inheritor pours through him. Gray pulls the centipede free from the striated muscle that the thing had anchored its barbed tail around, causing Lenny to grunt in pain as he does so, but it is a quick exhalation that turns to a relieved sigh as the pustule closes just as the Pharasman gets the hideous thing free and drops it into the phylactery Astar is holding. The scholar quickly plops the lid on and seals it, and none too quickly, either, as the centipede immediately sets about thrashing and flailing around inside.

None of you has ever seen anything like it. Seriously. Don't even bother throwing K checks at it; this is a Brand New and Undocumented Thing so you will not have encountered it or any writings about it.

Looking at Lenny's now-pustule-free back, Gray and Astar exchange relieved glances.

DC27 Heal check, Gray and Astar only:
While Justahl's healing energy appears to have helped for now, you see tiny movements under Lenny's back that tell you the disease - or "disease" -- is not completely gone.

As Gray finishes cleaning up and Astar turns his keen mind to his new and gruesome trophy, Nasmarra steps forward and speaks to Lenny. He answers her immediately; "Nnnoooooo..."

Male Dwarf Fighter 7/Barbarian 2 AC29 HP128 F+14 W+6 R+6 Perception +14

"Wow, now that is something you don't see everyday? Was that thing laying eggs in there or something or is that thing the larvae? Hopefully you will say eggs because I would hate to see the monster that would lay that!"

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

"I hast neither seen nor heard o such, but more exists within heaven an earth then tha human eye ken trace even tha symetry of....."

Male Human Rogue(Poisoner) 5/ Shadowdancer 6| AC23 T17 F18; HP 88/88, CMD 22, F/R/W 6/14/7, Percep +20 Drkvsn 60', Init +6

As Justahl, Gray and Astar finally seem to coordinate their efforts, Jorzan steps back to give the them room to work. Although he keeps an eye on the proceedings, his less active involvement with Lenny allows him to reply to the strange Elf, Belsarious, who had been hounding him "Ley lines exist everywhere you say? Well that is somewhat concerning, considering what you have told me about their potential to allow beings from the other side, most notably Bal-Zat, to possibly possess a suitable vessel, namely, me. I have no idea if I can see them or not though, as I do not know if I have ever come across any. If you know of some way that I could be assured to see them however, that would be most helpful."

Even though he speaks to the Witch, the entire time Jorzan is splitting his attention between the operation on Lenny and making sure no one, or nothing, comes to crash their little prison party.
Perception: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (10) + 18 = 28

Male Human Cleric 9 (86/86HPs AC26 [domain spells used 0 and Normall spell used (one 1st&5thlvl). 0/10 channels used.)

Heal check with taking 10 on the roll equals 27, already ok'd by DRA

Shaking his head. "We are not done yet." He points to a small area of still wiggling flesh.

Gray reaches down with his with his knife. Cut again slow and steadily.
Cutting the infected area opening allows smaller Centipedes and more puss to spill onto the floor.

"Don't let them get away." Gray says hastily.

Being determined to beat this sickness he cleans the wound removeing all signs of the puss he can see. And was a shake of his head he places his gloved hand on the open wounds and pours healing magic into the wound itself.

Casting Cleanse on the open wound.

4d8 + 18 + 11 ⇒ (4, 2, 8, 8) + 18 + 11 = 51 22 on dice, 11 from healer's blessing, 8 from caster level, 10 from augmented healing lvl5 spell = 51 damage healed

Positive energy infuses and cleanses your body. This spell cures 4d8 points of damage + 1 point per caster level (maximum +25) and ends any and all of the following adverse conditions affecting you: ability damage, blinded, confused, dazzled, deafened, diseased, exhausted, fatigued, nauseated, poisoned, and sickened.

In addition, cleanse functions as break enchantment upon a single additional effect of your choice that is affecting you and that can be legally affected by this effect.

Still uncertain if Lenny is healed. Gray removes his hand from his patient. "I may need to keep him in long term care. To really see if the Illness is truly gone."

Looking to everyone else and no longer the sore covered wounds.
"Thank you for the help."

It takes a couple hours, but at the end of it all, Gray is satisfied that the alchemist is fully healed, and Astar has three of the hideous centipede-things contained in heavy-duty vials. A small audience has gathered, which at first made Jorzan and Kelne and anyone else keeping watch a bit nervous, but when it became clear the onlookers were all normal citizens or workers or suchlike, they let them gather, though only at a distance so as not to increase the risk of infection.

Gray only:
While you did the bulk of the work, you are certain that the paladin's magic helped greatly as well. This disease is both physical AND magical in nature, and requires multiple types of divine healing power to fully eradicate from the host.

As Gray steps back and wipes sweat from his brow and Astar gazes curiously at the centipedes and Lenny lays there half-conscious, an older lady -- rigid of posture, handsome and silver-haired -- speaks up from the ersatz gallery. "I've seen that before. It's a new plague come, a curse from Urgathoa. The Scrap City is where it started, and now it spreads. We're all doomed unless a cure can be found."

DC18 K(Local) (Stormfare area):
The Scrap City isn't really a city at all; it's a ghost town that lies on the shore of the bay between Warbane and Stormfare, populated strictly by ghosts, wights, zombies, and other undead. The bay itself is choked with hundreds of wrecked ships, some sunk, some still afloat. But as far as conventional wisdom is concerned no one lives there.

Aasimar Paladin (Shining Knight) L11 | AC29 (t11,ff28) | CMD28 | hp 133/133 | Save F17 R11 W13 | Percep +2 (Nouhves Percep +6)

Knowledge (Local): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20
Sir Justahl turns and looks up at the lady who spoke.
"That ghost town? Why would it have come from there?"

Male Human Fighter (Lore Warden) 8 / Wizard (Scroll Scholar) 1

Astar peers at the creatures through the glass, fixated on their anatomical structures and apparent capabilities. It was certainly dangerous, in an insidious way that most straight up 'monsters' were not. Was the infection merely a byproduct of its...feeding? Reproduction? Or an integral aspect of it altogether. He taps on the glass, scrutinizing its response, if any.

(Nature, trying to determine anything particularly nifty) 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (7) + 10 = 17

He glances up at the newcomer.

(Local) 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (18) + 10 = 28

"Odd. Plagues usually spring up in densely packed urban areas. And when you say curse, do you mean that metaphorically, or is there a documented magical aspect to this? And who are you, to know this, if you don't mind my asking."

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

"A pox upon tha living born o tha dead. An evolution o species err creation o intentional design?"

"In tha natural order o things tha bugs inhabit not tha living only tha dead."

Male Human Cleric 9 (86/86HPs AC26 [domain spells used 0 and Normall spell used (one 1st&5thlvl). 0/10 channels used.)

Gray ignores the gathered crowd, He moves to the corner of the room and starts packing up his supplies. After everything is Cleaned and organized he pulls out his book and begins to write fiercely. After a moment or two he stops and asks Justahl.

"The healing you used on Lenny.. what type of properties did you use with it? Was it just normal healing magic? Or something more to it? I was too busy preparing to fully notice."

Gray goes back to writing, scribbling faster and faster the normally depressed looking man seems almost excited.

Looking up from his book he asks anyone who is listening.

"Whom, is in charge of this cities medical care. We need to give them this report before this sickness becomes a major outbreak and is no longer isolated. Maybe we should send multiple reports to Warbane and any other cities as well."

Gray goes back to Writing but this time it seems like he may just be writing a copy of the first report. He does this three or four more times.

The silver-haired lady replies "I am Denara Hybur, of the Doves of Sarenrae. I have been to The Scrap City and seen first hand the suffering visited on those poor destitute souls forced by circumstance to scrape out a living by salvaging from the junk that is that whole area's only resource. They tried to keep the illness secret, covering their sores so they could still trade with Warbane and Stormfare and other locations, but the truth will out, and now the truth shall be known; that this disease is a grave threat, and aid should be sent immediately lest it spread further, despite the wishes of the council."

DC10 K(Local)(Stormfare and surrounding area):
The Doves of Sarenrae are basically like the Red Cross. They're well-known, and are generally rather well thought-of.

DC20 K(Local)(Stormfare and surrounding area) - separate roll:
It's odd she should mention "the wishes of the council" in this context. From her tone it's obvious she disapproves of whatever their wishes are, but for the council to oppose the Doves is very rare.

Meanwhile, Lenny is left staring slack-jawed at Nasmarra, under the effects of her magic.

Astar only:
When you tap on the glass, the centipede responds aggressively and with remarkable violence, slamming itself against the glass and even appearing to attempt to cast tiny little spells that spit magical energy against the hardened inside of the vial, taking out little chunks. It appears to be trying very hard to get a grip on your finger. Its muscular and anchor-like tail is flexing as if trying to find purchase.

Its anatomy and abilities are alike opaque to you, though; entomology is not your strong suit, or at least it isn't today.

Aasimar Paladin (Shining Knight) L11 | AC29 (t11,ff28) | CMD28 | hp 133/133 | Save F17 R11 W13 | Percep +2 (Nouhves Percep +6)

Knowledge (Local): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (9) + 3 = 12
Knowledge (Local): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23
Madame, just what are the council's wishes in this matter? Surely they wish to prevent such diseases?
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (16) + 17 = 33

Sir Justahl's attention is pulled away by Gray's question.
"What? That was... part of the power of the Inheritor granted to me. Along with the healing of wounds, I am granted the mercy of neutralizing poison, removing disease and fortifying one's courage. What was the question again?"

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

"My knowledge o tha lands are primarily tha great trackless woods."

Male Human Cleric 9 (86/86HPs AC26 [domain spells used 0 and Normall spell used (one 1st&5thlvl). 0/10 channels used.)

Nodding to Justahl he notes the words in his book. Gray now holds 3 complete copies of how they managed to cure this sickness.

Closing the book he looks to Denara Hybur as she speaks.
He stands and walks to Justahl's side to listening to the rest of the conversation.

Male Human Rogue(Poisoner) 5/ Shadowdancer 6| AC23 T17 F18; HP 88/88, CMD 22, F/R/W 6/14/7, Percep +20 Drkvsn 60', Init +6

Belsarious, did you see Jorzan's last question to you?

K local(Stormfare): 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (3) + 14 = 17

K local(Stormfare): 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (6) + 14 = 20

Recognizing the Doves and knowing it odd for the council to oppose them, Jorzan nevertheless partial attention to Justahl's conversation with Denara.

Instead, he uses the time to finish questioning Lenny. Stepping up beside the ghostly Nasmarra he says to her "Tell him to tell us everything he knows about Kelsha. Her powers, her weaknesses and most importantly, all the places we would be most likely to find her."

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

places a hand on Jorzans shoulder...
"You must be given tha ley of tha land an know places tah avoid, but that will wait till tha prison an prisoner are behond us."

Jorzan waiting on info from the DM ...



Can Bel see the ley lines, can Jorzan see them?
can they be seen with a detect magic?

Can I find a map if he can't see them?

DM Downrightamazed wrote:
Meanwhile, Lenny is left staring slack-jawed at Nasmarra, under the effects of her magic.

Nasmarra stares at him intently, focused entirely on him and he on her. She speaks no words to him, but he occasionally nods or shakes his head, murmuring a few words here and there once the panic from the excision of the things fades. While she does not herself acknowledge Jorzan, she accedes to his request. She speaks to the alchemist through thoughts instead of words, prodding his understanding and knowledge of things. 'Tell me what you know the vampire called Kelsha. Do you fear her?"

Male Dwarf Fighter 7/Barbarian 2 AC29 HP128 F+14 W+6 R+6 Perception +14

Abominations, mysterious plagues, and little girls who are the key to the world. . . Hummm, here is betting this ride's gonna b getting a whole lot rougher and weirder before my part in this is through.

"Since you've been to the scrap city, can you tell us what power has its seat there. I am doubting some street urchins gave rise to this thing." Hurin taps a knuckle on the glass jar holding the abomination and peers in at the demonic looking centipede.

I hate things like you, you waste of life force whatever you are. If someone made you then that someone needs to rot in the 666 layers of the abyss. Don't we have enough problems living life as it is without someone or something thinking up a creature like this one? The librarian mentioned a lich was looking for Cassandra. Only the undead would have nothing to fear from this thing. I wonder. . .

Hearing Jorzan immediately go back to questioning the dwarf admires the young mans ability to stay on task, this one is a bit intense, but he will grow into his own, Cassandra foresaw that he is at the wall with her, then it must be, as long as we do not cause the circumstances of her foretelling to change that is.
"Good thinking beardling, I'll bet there are still plenty of things useful for us to know rattling about in that ones brain. I guess we'll have to get Sir Justal or someone else to determine exactly Lenny had to do with all this. My guess is that there are many people who were duped into serving the Baron and his causes without knowing exactly what part they had in his machinations". Hurin looks away from Jorzan and down at his gore spattered piece of canvas. "Darnn, I have sure been burning a lot of my belongings lately. This thing had better be fireballed. Eh, I'd better head to the supply room one last time before we get underway."

Hurin walks over to where Grey is writing feverishly, "You were wrong, you are more than just a healer along for the trip. Much more. If . . . Never mind you get on with whatever it is you are scribbling down there." He walks up to Kelne and whispers, "I know it seems we could be needed and take action nearly every place we look, but there is still a city of Drow under us, a lich, Dragon Flights, and Torag knows what else out there. How much longer do you think it would be wise to delay. I know we need to help get those people and the Paladin's horse back, but if we have a plague like this about to hit the city, we can't take any chances. I've seen it with my own eyes, if Grey or Astar were to have it . . . Well I don't think I would have to tell you. Granted I don't know everything about the situation and I bow to your leadership, but I just wanted to give my two cents."

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