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The Secrets of the Sunderlands

Game Master GM Netherfire

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Dungeon Master

The rookery man asks for one hundred gold bits. Remember that bits equal 1/2 gold piece. The price is 50gp.

He rolls up the strip of paper, but waits for payment before ascending the stairs to the ravens. There, the floor and overhead rafters are coated in years of bird waste. A draft breezes through the openings in the roof. Fjorheim indicates that Logan need not follow him up there. Producing a pinch of birdfeed, a handful of ravens alight on nearby surfaces, though one perches onto his arm. Snapping at the treat, the bird holds still as the dwarf wraps the message around its leg, sealing it with a dab of liquid wax from a nearby candle. Fjorheim strokes the bird and mutters a magic word, and the raven spirits away through the one of the many slats under the conical ceiling.

With their business concluded, the frizzy-haired, one-eyed dwarf shoos Logan toward the door. Not too late to ask anything of Fjorheim or send another message though!

Male Human Sorcerer 4

"Well, since only two can enter, I'm just going to.... work on my spells for a bit, commune with Porkchop and all that..." Aladdin said as he slowly wandered off in the direction that Coral had gone.

Dungeon Master

Coral gives Aladdin a sideways look, unsure if he refers to her as a piece of meat. But the moment passes and she seems to notice something away from the rookery tower, deeper into the city. She skips along the road in that direction.

She whirls to a stop after traveling a city block, and ducks into a tavern.

Male Human Sorcerer 4

Aladdin follows Coral into the tavern. "Coral, would you like a drink?"

AC 23, touch 14, flat-footed 21, hp 49
Fort +8 , Ref +8 , Will +3, Perception +5
Male Human Two-Handed Fighter, Level 5

Logan pays and thanks the dwarf for his services. Opening the door to the rookery, "Alright, where to..." he realizes no one is there. "Next? Huh... " he walks around the building, finds Bolgrith and Tynn talking with no sign of Aladdin or Coral. Logan walks up to the two dwarves and says "Well, the message has been sent, ideally it's not too late. Do you know where Aladdin and Coral got off to?"

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