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The Secrets of the Sunderlands

Game Master GM Netherfire

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Male Hobgoblin (Shielded) Fighter 4

"We were maybe a touch heavy-handed here, brother." Rolg whispers to Bolgrith. "I think we, I actually mean I, may need to practice a modicome of tact if we are to impress this general. What should we do now?"

AC 23, touch 14, flat-footed 21, hp 49
Fort +8 , Ref +8 , Will +3, Perception +5
Male Human Two-Handed Fighter, Level 5

Logan raises his pint as a respectful gesture as his companion pardons himself to leave. He then heads over to Bolgrith and Rolg. "If ever there was a case for abstaining from parenthood..." he says slightly wide eyed and with a slight grimace. "But, while my new found friend spoke his woes, it gave me time to think of a possible approach to this general..." he leans in and speaks a bit more quietly so only they can hear. "I'm thinking, instead of going to the barracks and trying to gain the general's respect, and ideally ikrei stone, by waggling our weapons about like street youths with a point to prove, let's seek his advise on how he would confront such a large army and a dragon. Who knows, maybe by trying to take a tactical approach, he will be impressed with us enough to want to help?" He says the last with a final swallow of his drink and a request to the bar keep for another ale.

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