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The Screaming Sky - DM Downrightamazed

Game Master downrightamazed

"A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before, but there is nothing to compare it to now." -- Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow

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"What are you talking about you idiot? This? This is nothing, remember when I had to drag your bullet riddled ass out of the warehouse shoot out back home? Now that was bad...this is nothing..." Kyra says to Mettle with a smile in an attempt to lighten the mood but Cythery can tell its all bravado.

@Dev, @Kyra, and @Cythery: Mettle coughs, and little flecks of blood spin through the air. "Hah. Yeah man...those...those were good times. Not like this, man. This is bad. You gotta listen, this whole town...this whole place...some real mad sparks think they got an answer, and they gonna bring it down, they gonna bring the whole sky down...I can hear it...I can...oh god, man, can you hear the screaming? It knows it's gonna happen. The screaming. Oh man, oh K-man, you gotta stop it! Hgck, Ugck!"

Mettle dissolves into a coughing fit as a couple police walk carefully up. They look cautiously up at the Engels. "We didn't know the NEG was involved here. What is all this." They ask with obvious concern. One of the regular officers is fingering her sidearm as she keeps a close eye on Mettle.

@John and @Alastair: The armored soldier stands still, arms raised. "Black ops? I don't believe that for a second. If you were, I'd already be dead. I'll gladly tell you hired me; the only people with any idea left of how to say the world; The Vatican. I'm here doing God's work, and I wager that's more than you can say."

Alastair tried not to laugh at the man's conviction, religion was one of his sore spots and after his third crusade he learned that he was rather unbelieving, perhaps even heretical, when men spoke of how they did God's work. This was compounded on when he saw how much the church had manipulated events to their advantage, just a bunch of powerful men in vestments, convincing the masses of how goodly they were. Yet at the same time they performed despicable deeds in the name of the almighty. In his opinion, Gods work was best left to angels.

Seeing that he was spotted he came in and landed off to the side of John's mech, allowing Valkyrie to tower over the remaining populace and scan for incoming hostiles. He'd made a horrible impression thus far and somehow avoided serious damage, yet they were nowhere near their goals and needed to get moving fast.

"Remind me Zero-Father to get a cloaking device, I am just stirring up the hornets nest here. Gatecrash how you holding up?"

He cycled his weapons up, expecting to be under attack fairly soon, while running a system diagnostic to ensure Valkyrie was combat ready...

John continues to record and broadcast to the team as he conducts the impromptu interview. "Yeah, looks like the Vatican's doing a great job of saving the world..." he tightbeams the combat footage from Colonel Sobucek's report to the mercenary's PCPU (or failing to detect one, puts it up on the mech's external cockpit display) and gives the man a moment to absorb what he's seeing before he continues. "Now, by the book the protocol is to black bag you for interrogation or vaporize you on the spot but we have some leeway. You're coming with us and we'll discuss 'God's work' later... your choice if we stuff you into one of the Engel's cargo pods or let you ride it out in the back of an APC."

Sorry for the late reply... busy week.

Np John, I didn't even see the reply as my dot dissappeared again! :(, glad your back though. Looks like we are the proud few who are left lol!

Grand Lodge

Devereux coughs gently and turns to face the police officers, 'I wasn't aware that NEG had to inform the local authorities of their operations' He turns and looks at the officer with his hand on his firearm, 'We have this under control, you wont be needing to use that here' he says, as he waves a hand in the general direction of the firearm, then he turns his attention back to the original speaker.

'This is an extraction operation, and given the involvement of those creatures, we will be assuming full command of the situation, and would appreciate any co-operation you and your men can give us. Starting with a report on your involvement at this warehouse to date.' he says, speaking calmly and confidently, like a man used to giving orders.

Sorry for the delay, my wife gave birth just recently and things have been a little hectic around here.

Persuade:2d10 ⇒ (10, 9) = 19 => 10+5=15

@John and @Alastair: The man gives a smug sort of smile. "Oh I'll go along willingly, no need for violence or anything like that." Something's a little off about his answer, but it's tough to tell exactly what. He doesn't have the tone or body language of a liar, but nor does he seem totally on the up-and-up.

@Devereux: The cops bristle briefly at your assumption of authority, but recognize they are terribly outgunned and, in truth, way out of their jurisdiction. "We got word of strange lights coming from down here; blue flickering glow, then calls about fighting and yelling. Honestly we probably wouldn't have come down in any large numbers if the, uh, the big...things, the monsters hadn't shown up. We get reports about weird stuff going on around here all the time, but by the time officers get on the scene there's nothing. We assume it's just people seeing things, or pranks."

At this moment another cop comes running up. "Um. Sir." he addresses the officer speaking to you. "These...uh, these were more..."

"Spit it out, man, these are NEG. No secrets here. They'll probably find out on their own anyway whether we tell them or not."

"These were blacksuits, sergeant. No doubt."

The sergeant sighs and nods. He thanks the patrolman, then turns back to you. "Blacksuits are a local gang that's been getting really organized and really well-armed all of a sudden. They're pushing out other gangs and starting to cause a lot of heavy-duty trouble, lately. We're at the end of our wits what to do about them."

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

Devereux nods, 'I'm going to want a written report on everything you know about these Blacksuits, including key personal and recent activity.' He turns to Kyra, 'Take your man back to base and stitch him up, we need to find out what he knows ASAP.'

He returns his attention to the officer, 'Your men are doing a fine job at this warehouse, and I'm happy to leave the mopping up to them, I believe the men inside are demoralized and attempting to flee. I heard they have chopper nearby. I'll head back in and make sure you've got nothing to worry about inside but humans.'

He picks up a radio *cssssh* 'Cythery, come in. I need you to stick around as back up in case things go south, and for transport back to base, Kyra is heading off, cargo is secured, I repeat, cargo is secured.'*csssh*

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

Helps if I read the previous posts before posting, ignore that bit about me using the radio to reach Cythery ;)

Alastair didn't like this guy, not one damn bit, but if John wanted to take him prisoner or whatever then he would leave it to him. Alastair however turned his attention back to the task at hand, getting the artifact and if this man got in the way he'd reduce him to ash without hesitation. {Gatecrash, we've got some company and Zero-Father is bringing him along. Lets continue on to the objective people before someone else beats us too it.}

Without waiting for their responses Alastair activates his A-pods and begins to ascend skyward once more, utilizing his aerial advantage to send off a 5 mile radius ping to check for airborne hostiles...

Observation - Radar 5 mile radius, Scan 5 miles 3d10 ⇒ (7, 6, 10) = 23 10+9= 19

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