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"A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before, but there is nothing to compare it to now." -- Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow

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Right on, fire away! I thought since you had just talked to Cythery you were waiting on me, but go for it.

The order had to have an industrial presence somewhere, some method of getting the raw materials for their mechs. It wasn't too much of a stretch to imagine the non-breeding population put to work in the mines, their friends and families hostage against their continued production of ore. John cautiously descends toward the life signs to make contact and see what he's dealing with.

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

Exhaling silently, Dev takes a few minutes to regain his breath before creeping out of the room. Deciding to stick with the roof for now he continues to explore the building.

He will continue on through the building, looking for signs *scratches head and tries to remember why I'm in this building, seemed like a good idea at the time :P* Hostages?

@John: You land, and a small group of short men come running up, all chattering excitedly in Arabic. Smoke is coming out of the mine. Now that you're closer, you see a few details scanners couldn't reveal; every human being here has some horrid affliction of the flesh. It looks like everyone's face is covered to a large extend in pustulescent boils, some to the point that their eyes are forced shut by the terrible growths. Many are missing fingers or teeth or limbs or all three.

There is a ping from your scanners; x-ray has picked up another human, one who didn't show up earlier and whom you can't see on IR or visual. More thermoptic camo, then. This person is over by what appears to be the main building, hiding around the corner. In front of the building, about a dozen or so workers are lined up for some reason.

The earth shakes again, horridly and lurchingly, and more smoke belches forth. The men don't seem perturbed by this.

@Devereux: As you move silently around the roof, you catch the presence of another Great One, another thing from beyond. There is a heavy slithering noise from a different room. In this room you hear a whimper and, looking down, you are surprised to see a human you recognize. It's Mettle, Kyra's friend and contact. Kyra showed you all a pic when plans were being formed. The poor man is terrible shape, though; tied to a chair and quite beaten and bloody. He is missing half his nose and mouth, and has a broken arm. He is weeping openly.

The heavy slithering, whatever it is, is getting closer.

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

Devereux hisses silently and swiftly positions himself above the door the slithering is coming from and readies his poisoned thorns, This time will be different he thinks.

Sorry will post asap.

attack:4d10 ⇒ (4, 6, 2, 4) = 1612 - 2 - 2 = 8drama point to minimize the -41d10 ⇒ 4
Damage:5d10 ⇒ (10, 6, 8, 9, 8) = 41
Shantak dodge:3d10 ⇒ (7, 3, 6) = 168 = 8
Armor2d10 ⇒ (6, 9) = 15

Kyra gives a smirk towards the shantak along with a one fingered salute, which Azrael copies perfectly. Azrael quickly pulls a large sword from his back that seems to have been encased in his flesh. The Engel brings the blade to bare in a modified version of NEG kendo. Using the combanation Kyra called Outourou a move that used the spiral nature of kendo to deliver two upward slashes quickly and consecutively Azrael slashed into the fetid flesh of the Shantak. "Come on b**** we are just getting started!" Kyra calls out mocking the shantak and Azrael growls in confirmation.


Ack! Sorry! Update coming tomorrow...

@Devereux: From your hiding place, you are perfectly positioned to see the leering crocodile-like head of a giant snake-thing as it slithers into the room. This creature is an officer, of sorts, in the armies of the Children of Chaos; it is a Keketar. Mettle doesn't scream, so broken is his will, he just whimpers more loudly and starts to hyperventilate. In the keketar's right hand is a rusty, jagged implement of some sort that is covered with human blood and viscera.

"Whhhhhat ssshould I rrrremove thisssssss time, mmmmmeatbag? Howwww about a toe?" The keketar leans down, preparing to use the blunt, flaking, jagged and rusted edge of this thing to start removing digits from Mettle's foot.

Give me a DC14 Fear Test. If you succeed, then you can surprise attack if you wish.

Poor Mettle....just want to point out Mettle is Nazzadi since the entire gang was all Nazzadi

Gotcha, thank you. Shantak counter-attack coming tomorrow. Got a cool scene in mind but need to review rules and whatnot...

I should also ping Winston.

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

Fear test:5d10 ⇒ (1, 7, 3, 10, 3) = 24 => 10+11=21

My wound level when I left combat was 31, it jumps down to not impacting me when it hits 16, and I regen 2/5 seconds, so can I get a ruling on what my Vitality is sitting at atm? I'll go with it still being above 16 till told otherwise

Dev silently observes the creature slither into the room with disgust, but he keeps focused, raising an arm to aim a poison pod at it, while he waits for the perfect shot he muses about what the traitorous humans would think of the broken corpse of one of their hellish officers.

After aiming for one round, he fires...

there is no dodge to this, so it's a hit. 3d10 ⇒ (3, 6, 5) = 14 => 6+2+4+10-1=21
Damage:5d10 ⇒ (8, 1, 2, 4, 8) = 23
Poison:Role a hard tenacity test or loose actions per turn for 1d10 ⇒ 8 minutes.

On seeing the horrendous masses of boils and tumors John double-checks the atmospheric seal... just to be sure. With a quick gesture he directs his suit's LAI to pull up a tactical profile on the camouflaged figure (trying to match the thermoptics against the suit's tech profiles for NEG/Nadrazzi, Migou, EOD, and other factions, along with a readout on any hand held weapons that might be detected) while he focuses on getting an accurate translation of what the approaching men are saying.



@Devereux: Your aim is perfect, and the Keketar's eyes roll up into its head before it slumps to the floor. It is still twitching a bit and seems not completely out, but it's definitely not reacting to you.

@John: It takes a bit, but you're able to get a translation service online after some wrangling. The miners seem to be a bit confused. The couple guys who look like foremen or shift leaders or some such are waving you off, saying "No NEG! No NEG here! You should go! Not welcome!" While the workers are asking for water, asking where your transport is, asking where the Red Cross is, and looking to the sky as if they honestly expect to see a large Red Cross transport following you.

@Alaistair: I'm kinda waiting to see what you and Winston were doing there on the shoreline. Are you waiting for John's return?

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

Moving swiftly to the twitching monstrosity Dev grabs the creature by the head and neck and wrenches it, breaking it's neck with a horrible snap. Letting it fall to the floor with a sickening thud, he turns to Mettle, and focusing for a moment turns into his original Nazzadi form.

'Mettle, can you hear me!' he says, as he goes to work on the broken man's bonds, 'I'm with Kyra, we're here to save you'.

Working quickly Devereux frees Mettle and assesses his condition.

@Devereux: Mettle groans and his head lolls around. He is unconscious, but alive. In the near distance you hear the sound of mecha and monsters fighting, Kyra and Cythery no doubt. For the moment everything is quiet in this warehouse, but you know there are other guards and whatever those foot soldier types were as well.

Lastly, you now become aware of a blue shimmering from the hallway that the Keketar came out of. It pulses gently. Whatever the source is, it's around the corner.

Quislings. Collaborators. Ugly words left over from ugly wars that mankind had been fighting since long before the Migu took notice of us. He'd seen the pattern before in labor camps- with most of the workers forced to do their part by threats of torture for themselves and their families, and sympathizers who would sell the others out in return for a more comfortable life. It was tempting to knock the foreman's head off where he stood... God, he'd seen his share of labor camps and could happily have gone the rest of his life without seeing another. Still, he doesn't know the full story and sorting this mess out isn't his job right now. He calls it in on the encrypted line.

"Zero father to zero team. The seismic disturbances on this end seem to be planned detonations. I don't see any hybrids, but there's one target in thermoptics. I'm going to engage. Zero father out."

John ignores the miners in his immediate vicinity and begins to approach the main building in his Rapier, but is careful to not walk directly toward the camouflaged figure.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

John McNaught wrote:
With a quick gesture he directs his suit's LAI to pull up a tactical profile on the camouflaged figure (trying to match the thermoptics against the suit's tech profiles for NEG/Nadrazzi, Migou, EOD, and other factions, along with a readout on any hand held weapons that might be detected)

John's sensors are probing the thermoptic suit hard enough to make an unshielded form worry about long-term cancer risks, what I learn will have some bearing on my actions...

Upon hearing that John was about to engage an Enemy Target Alastair cycles up his A-pods and started to hover.

"Zero-Three get ready for hostiles and keep and eye on those boats, Zero leader heading to support Zero-Father." He pushed Valkyrie to a decent cruising speed. Coming in low so as to hopefully avoid a radar ping to quickly and continously scanning ahead of himself in the hopes he could detect an ambush before it happened.

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

Ignoring his more curious side for now, Devereux slings Mettle over his shoulder and makes his way back to the first room, as it is a dead end and easier to defend. Trying to be careful he lays the poor man on the ground, and goes back to frisk the dead guards for a radio...

If he finds one He tries to tune it into the frequency that Kyra and Co. are using to report in that he's found Mettle, and requires extraction.

@Devereux: You find a radio, and it is of a common military type, one often found in the hands of mercenaries and soldiers-for-hire. As such, it takes you little effort to radio out to Kyra and Cythery.

The blue glow does not move, and does not seem to be doing...anything, really. Nonetheless, you remain hunkered down for the time being, near the roof where an enterprising Engel could easily pull you out.

@Kyra and @Cythery: The other Shantak hurls most of a water tower at you but misses badly. It is about to wheel around to attack again when it suddenly screeches horridly and wheels off to the west. Before you can pursue, you get an extraction request from Devereux, inside the warehouse that was surrounded. As you watch the Shantak fly into the sky, Devereux informs you he has Mettle, and your old friend is in terrible condition...

@John: Whoever is keeping an eye on you, they aren't geared for really heavy-duty work. You scan a pair of sidearms, both military-grade but not necessarily military-issue, and some decent body armor, but that's it. This is a human, seems in great shape. He does not have a weapon drawn at the moment.

*Dot apparently I'm still not getting updates, you may have to pm the others I'm assuming they are having issues too :(*

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

*I just check in everyday, waiting for Kyra and Cythery atm*

"Roger that on my way. Just make sure you don't get eaten or anything while I'm coming." Kyra says as he pushes Azrael's a-pods to their limit to make it to the warehouse.

@Devereux: As you're waiting, you hear a terrible ripping sound from where the blue glow is, and a wet splat. The glow suddenly stops. Immediately after this you hear a giant ruckus downstairs and the sound of men and women shouting and heavy boots coming up the steel treadplate stairs to this office area;

"Verify that before you panic, soldier!"
"That's obvious..."
"Definitely no more signal. This is bad. This is very bad."
"Visual on the Great One flying away to the southwest. We're f#!~ed!"

There is a *BAM* as doors to the office get kicked in, and from your vantage point in the shadows you see some humans go buy, weapons drawn, looking around. You spot one of the guards who almost checked up on you earlier.

"What do we do now?"
"I don't know. Let me think. We know someone is here but we don't know who or what...we need a lift. How far is the chopper?"
"Just a few blocks. You don't think..."
"It's our only shot. We have GOT to get OUT of here. Call it!"

You then hear the other human start requesting an evac...

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

Couple of quick questions, where is Mettle in all of this, and how many humans do I see?

Mettle is unconscious on the floor. So far you've seen seven humans, but you can hear more than that, maybe twice again as many.

@Kyra: You and Cythery rocket back towards the warehouse, riding your thrusters. You see the police are moving cautiously towards the building, no enemies are visible on the ground. It's not clear to you where Devereux is.

"Hey Devereux...where you at? Can you jump up and down or something I'm approaching the building but can't see you anywhere. Kyra says as he checks his thermal reading hoping to pick up the Dev and Mettle on it.

@John and @Alaistar: John can easily see Alaistar rocketing along low to the ground, the rest of the people around him don't seem to be aware of the approaching engel...yet.

Grand Lodge

sorry, things got busy, will post soon... Not looking forwards to taking on 7 people at once, esp. Since my radio went off :-P

If they attack...just stay down I always wanted to use my Anti-Personal Cannon ;)

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

Alrighty, let's get this show on the road, for the purposes of my actions I'm assuming that the room I entered the building in was a dead end, where Mettle is, and the room next to it contained Mettle, with a door leading to where the blue light is. I am also assuming that all 7 people are in the room with me, freaking out and about to call in for a chopper. If any of that is incorrect just modify my post in the spirit of what I'm doing, and I'll let you know if I'd do anything different. I'm also assuming I've been moving parallel to the buildings outer wall, which would put a window on the wall.

"It's our only shot. We have GOT to get OUT of here. Call it!"
The man says, as Devereux watches, hidden in a roof corner, having changed into his tager form. Unfortunately for him he forgot to switch off his radio, which hisses and crackles, before ringing through the room loud and clear, *cssh*"Hey Devereux...where you at? Can you jump up and down or something I'm approaching the building but can't see you anywhere.*cssh*

Letting out a ear piercing screech he jumps at the window, smashing it with his body, landing on the ground with a growl, in plain sight. He then fires off several poisoned spikes into the group, before smashing a hideous spiked arm up to grab the sill and swing himself out of the room onto the outer wall, letting loose a second blood curdling scream.

Kyra feels his conscience invaded by the now familiar other-wordly drone 'Yoouuu shoould seeee something noooow, shooot the roooom I caame through, but noot the one to the leeft if you want anythiing leeft of Mettle'

OK, now for the fun part, can't remember what to do.
Initiative:1d10 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14
Taking three actions, moving to jump to the window. Second action is to fire 2 spikes, unfortunately I've forgotten how to do this, the Tager section lists 'Shots 2' But I don't know what I need to roll... Third action is to leave the room.

Kyra shudders slightly at the invasion of Dev's alien voice in the back of his mind. ::Next time warn me before you just start speaking in my head:: He replies unsure if the telepathy works both ways or not.

more later

Declare 2 actions
Spending 1 action aiming at the camouflaged figure

John stops short as he comes even with the building then abruptly pivots and targets his mech's laser at the person in the thermoptic suit. He warns the man(?), "You'd better explain your presence here very quickly and very convincingly."He is angled such that if the beam completely obliterates the man it will continue into the ground next to the building rather than continuing into the building's structure.

Alastair slows down and lowers his altitude as much as he can, trying to keep a low profile while being in a position to support John or Winston.

Azrael aims his A-P Cannon at the window Devereux indicated and fires the gun. A blistering amount of lead explodes from the cannon tearing into the room.

4 targets4d10 ⇒ (2, 1, 8, 1) = 128 = 8
DC dodge 16
1d10 ⇒ 81d10 ⇒ 61d10 ⇒ 51d10 ⇒ 10

I don't know the soldiers Dodge so I'll let you roll from here. A-P Cannon is +8

@John and @Alastair: All the miners and mine employees get panicky and start to mill around as John aims his gun. Then someone points up and off towards the direction from which Alastair is approaching and the people break into a panic, with most running away from you NEG soldiers.

The figure in thermo-camo freezes, then steps around the corner, arms raised. "Awright." says a voice through its helmet's tinny little speaker. "Awright, here I am. I'll explain myself if you can explain yourself." The person pulls off his helmet, oblivious to the chaos around him. He doesn't look like anyone either of you recognizes. "I'm a soldier of fortune. Hired to investigate this mine. But if the NEG is here, well, then maybe I can just go home?"

Working quickly, you do a facial recognition match on the man, but can find no trace of him. He's off the grid. While this certainly lends credence to his story of being a soldier of fortune, it also raises many other questions.

@Kyra and @Devereux: There are hideous wet screams from inside as Azrael makes short work of the corner of the building and the inhabitants. The engel then reaches in and gently picks up Mettle and allows you to hang on to its arm. You descend, then, and Kyra gently sets his friend on the ground.

Barely conscious, Mettle's head is lolling around. "Who the...what the f!+~ are you people? What's going on? Don't hit me no more, please, no more...I'll talk, I'll talk..."

You are in the parking lot for this warehouse. Cops are streaming up into the building. It's clear that a couple of officers want to talk to the three of you, but they are all too horrified by Devereux's nightmarish appearance to get within thirty feet.

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13

"Mettle calm down its me, Kyra." Kyra says as he opens Azrael's cockpit and drops to the ground next to his old friend.

@Kyra and @Dev: "Oh. Oh hey. K, man, it's...I can't...I don't think I'm gonna make it here...I missed you, man...I..." Kyra's buddy and former gang-mate looks down at his shattered body. The two of you gotta admit, the Nazzadi gangbanger doesn't look real good.

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

Standing slightly bemused at the officers hesitation, anyone watching his face might make out a slight smile, if it could be called that on the hideously grotesque face.

Finding a quiet corner he changes back to his Nazzadi form, figuring the cops don't need scaring anymore then already are, before making his way back to Kyra. 'Got my clothes and gun in that can of yours Kyra?' he asks, casually motioning for the officers to come over.

The mech's external speaker continues to drone on, almost regretfully. "I don't think you understand the gravity of your situation. The NEG does not liberate hostile territory with half a dozen pieces of armor. This is a black op, and standard procedure is to eliminate third-party actors without intelligence potential." Jon types in a command used when powering on and calibrating the laser, causing it to emit a menacing hum...

"Who hired you, and what are the parameters of your job? How will you submit your findings?"

Intimidate: 2d10 + 8 ⇒ (7, 3) + 8 = 18 = 7+8 = 15

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