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The Reconquista

Game Master Branding Opportunity

Veterans of the giant wars in the Sheldomar Valley return to their homes to claim their reward.

Current Characters

Gem Inspector

(1,792 posts)
Sovereign Court Munkwunk

(11 posts)

todd tepper

(5 posts)

Boris, Honorary Kordite

played by Feral (344 posts)
Friendly Fighter

Male Trapper/Guide 7 HP: 69/69; AC: 18, T: 13, FF: 15; Fort: +8, Ref: +9, Will: +5; Init: +5, Perception +17

played by Daxter (1,729 posts)

Male Half-orc Oracle 11

played by Munkwunk (79 posts)
Lord Villastir
Solaufyn Ithilnelle

Male Grey Elf Bard1/Wizard6/Loremaster4

played by Mattastrophic (121 posts)
Tanith 'Kordson' Creed

Male Suel Sacred Fist/Godling 13 | 131/131 hp, Init +0, AC 31 [touch 23, FF 24], Fort +14*, Ref +7, Will +15; Perception +7
Active Buffs:
Blessing 8/8 | Fervor 8/8 | Smites 6/6 | Rage 13/13 | Ki 8/8 | Action Points 11/11

played by Feral (4,898 posts)

Current NPCs

Rakshasa Maharajah
Scarab Sages Branding Opportunity

(1,273 posts)
Alex Greenshields

played by Branding Opportunity (52 posts)

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