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The Random Game Group 1 (Inactive)

Game Master Brian Minhinnick

This game is completely random. Mostly.

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You awaken to the sound of waves lapping against the shore. The sun is shining brightly in your eyes from overhead as they flutter open. You are naked save for a loose fitting soft linen robe, belted at the waist. Underneath you, you feel something hard, and the smell of salt air fills your nostrils. As the glare clears from your vision you find yourself to be sitting in a wooden beach chair, next to three others. They are arrayed in a splayed semi-circle, their foot ends almost touching one another. In them are three other people, they are wearing the same robe as you are and appear to have also just woken up. The beach is beautiful white sand, free of pebbles or weeds. Ahead of you the ocean shimmers brightly in the noonday sun. Standing there in the surf is a small man with his back turned to you. From his height and the wild violet, black, grey, white, deep navy blue, indigo and plum colored spiked hair it can only be a gnome. He's wearing a unbuttoned Taldan suit jacket over a loose tunic that barely hangs down past his buttocks.

You are the four in the chairs. Go ahead and describe yourself, then react as you see fit.

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Musket Master 3

"Huh, what happened? The tall, pale man says as he looks around. "And where in the nine hells are we?"

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

do I still have my familiar?

Laying on the chair is a humanoid shaped reptilian creature greenish brown scales cover its body. (since only clad in a loose robe).

unable to tell if the lizard's eyes are open or closed at this point one can only assume that they are now open since the creature sits upright in the chair trying to discern its location.

see picture link in profile

zysatssa sazs Y?
zysatsa tsaysa sssassasssasa ysasa ysasazasatzasasz?
zazsasyszzaztsasazaz zysatssa satssa sstzats?

speak Nagaji:

where am I?
what the blazes has haapened?
klicktak where are you?

If the familiar is present:

laying in the sand beside the Nagaji is a tiny two legged dinosaur, a Compsognathus.

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

Laying in the chair on the opposite of the reptilian is a sharp-featured slender human male with brown hair bound to an ponytail.

What the hell happened? Looking around He, you over there, where am I here? This definitely isn't Ustalav

"Not Ustalav, might be Minkai if the air didn't smell funny," the dark haired woman on the last bench replies. She slowly opens her eyes and methodically stretches her muscles; starting by scrunching the warm sand under her toes and ending by raising her arms over her head while rotating her head and neck. Assured by this simple exercise that all of her limbs are working properly after whatever happened to bring her to this beach, she sits up and looks at her companions and surroundings.

"Hello," she says. "I am Fujiwara Rinko."

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Musket Master 3

"Hornan." He says quickly. He looks around, but realizes his musket, sword, and shield are gone

At the sudden outburst of voices the gnome turns around. He has a pointed goatee, with the same mix of colors as the hair on his head. His eyes look like onyx flakes in his jolly face. "Ah! You're finally awake." the foamy waves strike his skinny bare legs at mid thigh. "Welcome to The Bungalow." he says pointing over your shoulder to a small white beach house behind you. "My name is Rex. Congradulations! You've been selected to participate in this season of the Game. I'm sure you have many questions. Feel free to ask them." Having had more time to look around, you see that this entire island is quite small. Most of it is dominated by the house, with about thirty feet of grass on any side, and then the beach. There are no other landmasses in sight, or any means of transportation for that matter. Think *Kame House* from DBZ

Vronim, fear begins to rise in your throat as you don't see Klicktak anywhere. Just as it is turning into panic, you realize you can still feel him through your empathic link. Suddenly there is a thump on the underside of your chair and then a surprised chirp! Klicktak scuttles out from under your beach chair shaking his head rapidly back and forth and rubbing at it with his small forelimbs. After a second he looks up at you blinking and chirps again several times. You can feel that he's annoyed but okay.

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

I'm called Dareos, dear lady. Wandering Scholar from Ustalav.

Turning to the gnome:

Game? What kind of game? I'm definitely not in a mood for playing games

His eyes light up at Dareos' question. "Why the best kind, a high stakes one! You four will be put into courses of my design." He starts gesticulating as he talks, his hands drawing invisible pictures of the content of his speech. "Your objective is to stay alive and complete the course by defeating its guardian. You'll be watched by hundreds of very powerful people from all across the 'verse. If you stay alive long enough, you'll be rewarded and allowed to rest here, at The Bungalow, for a time." He grins broadly. "Cool huh?"

"Sorry, Dareos," Rinko replies. "Save your flattery for someone else. I'm not noble and definitely not 'dear'." Despite the harsh tone in her voice, there is a slight smile on the woman's lips.

Rinko leaves the circle of benches to approach the gnome. "Cool, no," she says glaring at Rex. "My first question: What happens if we don't play your game?"

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

I used the wrong language selection in the last post and to late to edit just trying to give the charcater some "character".

Vronim sits and eases Klick's uneasyness
Echacha ooinnmie weechacha Guechaooinnssschgudrrigu, wee miemoichacha raaeidrr waichacha drrei drrmoee veieefeiooinnssscheemie eiwa drrmoeemieee moiooinnhochaeemiemie ibaheemie

nagaji translation:

All is well Klicktak, we shall not fall to the devices of these hairless apes

Vronim remains a bit stand-offish seemingly sistrustful of the others one canalmost tell that it is more of years of isolation rather than actual hatred or ill intent. Vronim carries himself with a demanor of trust must be earned through action.

heeding is own ideals Vronim finally intrduces himself apparently strugling a but with the common language.

Greetingsss, his snake like tounge sensing the air around as well as attempting to mimic the infections needed to grasp the language.

I goesss by the nameth Vronimthth

He turns to the gnome Youssss are of one of theold raccccesss, Why dossss you toythth with usss? Where issssss our Supliesss

Rex turns first to Rinko, and says "You die of course." Then looking over at Vronim, he seems to think for a moment, before responding "I sir, am a Dread Gnome. Just like normal Gnomes we experience the bleaching. I have been around for so long, that this is the only thing still interesting and new to me. Random people, for no reason, thrown together to fight for their lives. Puts the color right in ya. That, and the money. All those powerful people I mentioned earlier don't just watch. They bet. That's why I toy with you. As for your gear, it's inside The Bungalow in your rooms." When he's finished, he puts his hands palms together in front of his chest, fingers pointing up. He smiles and looks each of you in the eye as if awaiting more questions.

DC 8 Perception:

You notice through the loose front of your robe that there is a tattoo on your chest, over your heart. It's no mundane ink however, as it's in the form of a rotating icosahedron. It rotates randomly, changing axes once a single rotation completes.

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Musket Master 3

Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (7) + 9 = 16

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

Perception 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

With an ironical undertone I'm stocked. Thus we can choose to die before your game or to die at your game. Because I don't believe that you will run the risk to ever set us free after this.

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

Are wesss to assssume we are to bessss a team? Or are thth wesss to competesss against each othersss

Rinko bows formally towards the gnome. "Rex-sama," she says as she straightens from her bow. "I am Fujiwara. Fujiwara never refuse a proper contract or decline an honorable challenge. 'Play my game or die' is not a contract nor a challenge, it is a threat. When we have beaten your game, be prepared to face what happens to those who threaten the Fujiwara."

Perception 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19

"My second question, Rex-sama: What is the meaning of this mark on my chest?

Rex says to Dareos, "You are correct." To Vronim and Rinko he says, "Yes Vronim, you are required to work together. That's what those tattoos I put on your chests are for. If you should attempt to harm one another, even through inaction, they will activate. I thought of twenty horrible ways to die, each one pledging your soul to a different one of my customers. Each face of the icosahedron represents one of those ways. And Miss Fujiwara, if you manage to live long enough to become a threat, it would probably be the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me. I look forward to it."

"You pledge my soul without my knowledge or consent." Rinko stands straight, the onyx spheres of her eyes locked on the games master. Her hands are clenched fists at her side and her forked tongue flicks rapidly between her lips. "Rex-sama, I also look forward to beating your games and proving I'm a threat."

"Third question: How long do we have to prepare?"

"As long as you need I suppose, time doesn't really pass here." He answers.

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

please let me know if Vronim speech need any translation or I can start typing his speech normally and it be assumed his snakelike accent is present

Thissss sssssun issss burningssssss. Come Klick, we needssss to goessss inssssside

Vronim leads his little dinosaur into the house where he looks for his equipment and does a quick inventory.

He then proceeds to find some food that is edible to him. maybe a rat or mouse or some such thing.

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Musket Master 3

"Well, if we plan on working together. we should at least become familiar with each others abilities. Where is my gun at by the way?"

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

Hm, I don't need much time to prepare me, but I think, we four should sit together to know each other and the abilities of each of uns.

Rinko draws a deep breath and releases it slowly. She looks much more relaxed when she answers Hornan. "My abilities... Hard to explain in this language. My clan has mastered ways of fighting without arms or armor and I am a student of those ways. However, I should have some tools waiting in Rex-sama's bungalow that may help us run his courses."

"Fourth question, Rex-sama: How do we tell you we're ready to enter the first course?"

Ummm... Torald, I think you're in the wrong thread.

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

No, just a false alias.

I can support you with some magic like letting you grow, protect you, when you arn't wearing an armor. Besides that, I'm quite good with my polearm and I can call a friend, who is a good fighter and scout.

Vronim, inside the Bungalow is a large open living area. There's a nice kitchen area, a large wooden table with high backed chairs, and a three large couches. There's only one door leading off the room. While looking for your gear you open it, and inside is a small bedroom. It has a bed, or whatever sleeping arrangements you would prefer and a large open wooden chest that contains your gear. Everything is there. Going back out into the main room to look for some food, you head over to the kitchen. As you are looking around, thinking about a big juicy rat you bend down to check inside a cupboard. You hear a squeaking sound above you, and standing back up see a large brown rat standing on the cutting board waggling its nose at you and sniffing about.

"Hornan, your gun is in your room, along with the rest of your equipment." Rex replies. "I will be here, watching the sea. When you are ready just come tell me. If I'm ever not here for some reason, just think about me and concentrate and I'll appear."

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Musket Master 3

"Thanks." Walking into the house, "Hey Vronim, have you seen my gun and armor anywhere?"

"Interesting friend," Rinko raises an eyebrow as she considers Dareos's statement. "Good fighter and scout and able to make his way into Rex-sama's games. I look forward to making his acquaintance. And I hope to know you and Hornan better as well."

"Thank you for your patience, Rex-sama. I have one last question for now." For the first time when talking to him, Rinko is not making eye contact with the gnome. "I was wondering if I... I guess we... Could we go swimming in the lagoon? I promise I won't go past the reef. This reminds me of the beaches at home. If I can't, I can't. I just want to know if I can before I decide to take a swim and you get mad and do whatever it is you do with this tattoo."

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

Hornan walks in just as Vronim is eating a live rat swallowing whole like a snake.

Vronim does not answer Hornan but insead point to a door where he might find his equipment.

Vronim watches him as he goes to the door indicated, a sense of distrust still lingers around.

might be for the best he not answer verbally just yet

"Of course you can swim Rinko. I would enjoy watching if you don't mind. You may go as far as you like, but I must warn you, this sea has no end. If you were to drown before even seeing the first course, I'd be very disappointed." Rex says.

If Hornan opens the door he will see a different room from the one Vronim did. It's suited to his own tastes, the bed and coloring matching his preferences. There is a large wooden chest with his musket leaning up against it. Inside is the rest of his gear.

"Don't worry, Rex-sama, I'll try not to disappoint. You and I have business to deal with after these games are over." Rinko bows deeply to Rex. "I'm afraid I can't go swimming yet. I have things to attend to inside. If you'll excuse me." She turns away from the beach and heads into the bungalow.

What are you doing inside Rinko?

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Musket Master 3

"Ahh there you are old friend." He says as he picks up his musket. He opens the chest, digs through it, and finds his rag, and starts wiping down the musket. After he finished, he lays on the bed for a moment. Well this is pretty nice here

"He'd enjoy watching me swim," Rinko mutters as she enters the bungalow. "He's good at getting into my head, have to give Rex-sama credit for that." She then notices Vronim is sitting at the dining table. "Oh, sorry. Hope I didn't disturb you. I suppose this door leads to the sleeping quarters and where our host has our gear stored." She opens the door leading out of the common area.

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

Then I should bow out too. I have to take some provissions.

Dareos enters the bungalow.
Remarking Vronin and his meal:

I wish you a good appetite.

Then Dareos leaves for his room.

In his room Dareos checks his equiment and summons his eidolon.

I'm wondering about this whole one door to a varying room thing. When Rinko opened the door to "the bedroom" did she get her own room or does she walk in on Hornan cleaning his gun? May also effect Dareos's post.

You get your own room as well. In fact you guys can feel free to describe what they would be like. They would match your character's preferences but I didn't want to describe it a certain way because I'm not sure what each of you would want. Dareos, all your equipment is there.

Didn't know if this would be a Schrodinger's cat's bedroom sort of deal where only one room could be generated at a time based on who was in there. OK. With that answer and Dareos's post, I'm going to have a little fun with this one.

Rinko opens the door expecting to find a hallway with several doors heading off of it. However, when she looks in the door she only sees one simply furnished room. It has rice straw matting on the floor, a simple cedar chest on the far wall, and a small alcove on the wall to the right of the door. Just like my room back home, she thinks. Without opening the chest, she knows it will contain her gear and a futon.

One futon, me, three men... 変態老人!" Her sudden outburst reminds Rinko that Vornim is still in the dining area. She thinks for a second and realizes someone is missing. Rinko asks the nagaji, "Where's Hornan-san?"

Before Vornim can answer Dareos walks through the living area without noticing Rinko and enters the bedroom closing the door behind him. Not wanting a stranger rummaging through her belongings, Rinko opens the door to follow Dareos. She sees the room with Minkai style furnishings but no Dareos.

Rinko enters her room and changes into her normal adventuring attire. Once she has her gear readied, she returns to the living area to wait for the others.

Dirty old man!

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

Having finished by the time the other come in

Thhhhhhe onesssssss called Honan isssssss in hissssss roomthhhh

Vronim will draw his sword and sharpen the blade.

Soon as you guys are ready we can get started with 'the game'. Feel free to keep roleplaying for as long as you like. But we can also fast forward if people are down for that. Assume that you can find all your gear, and any food you need. If you think of any more questions for Rex, you can go outside and ask him.

Rinko sits on one of the couches. "Thanks, Vronim-san. Interesting bungalow Rex-sama has found for us; one door, four rooms. Is there anything you need before you're ready to begin the games?"

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

Dareos leaves his room. He is accompanied by a little over 6feet high two-legged Wolf wearing a long hooded monks vestment.
On the foreheads of both one can see a glowing rune.

May I introduce. This gentlemen here is Arvid. I spoke of him, when we talked about our abilities.
Don't be deterred by his look. I guarantee you, that he is an loyal friend of mine.

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

I sssssay we sssstart thhhhis game

Vronim sheaths his sword and gathers his gear

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Musket Master 3

Hornan looks around his room. Simple bed, simple desk. Extraordinary forge. Just like his small home back in Absalom. And those awful years spent in the Shadow Plane, the room was his one escape. He grabs his stuff, dons his armor, grabs his old Musket, and leaves the room. "Well I'm ready to head out. Let's get going."

"I wouldn't presume to judge Arvid-kun by his appearance. Especially not in this lovely little Hell world Rex-sama made for us." Rinko stands and starts walking to the door outside. "Gentlemen, let's go beat Rex-sama at his own game."

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

Yessss, let usssss begin thissss gamesss
Vronim grabs some extra food (just in case) and joins Fujiwara to see rex and begin the game.

Vronim looks to Fujiwara Isssss am Vronim of Zom Kullan, exsssssplorer for my peoplessss, thisss is Klicktak indicating the little dinosaur with him.

You all make your way outside after you're geared up. Rex turns at the noise and sees you. "Ah, it appears that you're ready! This first course is your classical evil dungeon theme. Those of you with shiny good souls might actually enjoy clearing out this one. No one else has survived it, so I hope you're the first. Good luck!" With that he snaps his fingers and you all feel as if you're being poured down a drain molecule by molecule. The Bungalow and it's little island rapidly disappear. Once the sensation dissipates you find yourselves in a fifteen foot by fifteen foot square room. The ceiling is raw earth, long wet roots dangle and drip above your heads. The walls are roughly carved from slate-like rock and the floor is solid packed clay. The room is dimly lit by some glowing mold along the ceiling. There appear to be two exits from the room, one to the east which is closed with a portcullis, and an open archway leading into a hallway to the south.


You guys can move yourselves around and do whatever, I'll update the map as we go. Just don't delete the background please.

Everyone (including Arvid) Except Dareos:

As you look around the room, peering through the portcullis you notice that the air looks slightly off on the other side. Like looking through a thick pane of glass.

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

Klicktak will use scent at the archway to try and determine if there is anything he can sense in that direction.

Klicktak Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

meanwhile Vronim keeps a hand on his sword hilt ready for action. as he tries to make out anything on the other side of the portcullis

Vronim perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21

Forgot to do this in the last post, but I'm gonna include a clock with my posts, as it keeps things easier in a dungeon crawl with spell durations etc..

Day 1, 00:01

Vronim, I want to point out that all you have with Klicktak right now is an empathic link, so my descriptions will follow that.

Klicktak goes sniffing about the archway, and you sense that he feels curious but also uneasy. This place smells bad. There's no trace of the fight or flight feeling he normally gets when he smells another animal coming though.

Vronim looks through the portcullis, and again notices the thick glass like appearance of the air on the other side. The room beyond appears to be strewn with the skeletons of both animals and humanoids. There are also scraps of gear and equipment spread around the room. It's of similar construction to the one you're in now.

Anyone except Dareos with Knowledge (Dungeoneering) can make a check.

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

I have to admit something to you all. I'm not just a mere human. My parents and their ancestors were afflictet by the curse of lycanthropy. This means that I'm also afflicted. But you have not to fear me, when I will change my shape. I have full control over myself in all my shapes. Only those who are afflicted through a bite of us can't control themselves in their non human forms. If you ain't averse to me changing, I would do it now, because I have then more options to detect something sneaking up us.

Dareos steps behind Vronin and trys to look through the portcullis.

Perception: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 2 = 20

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