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The People's Campaign - Team A (Inactive)

Game Master Jacob DeCourcey

Check out the other team running a campaign parallel to this one!

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For story reasons Dannic won't learn any of the Infernal stuff. He hates devils almost as much as slavers. He will have UMD however, so he can pick up some of the slack with wands and scrolls.

@Castarr4 i was thinking of going the medic build for him it seems to fit more than bombs and mutations on him

I'm good with either party. Could be interesting to have a two-fighter party reliant on a bard for healing. (Though Garreck has a bit of built-in healing action going on.)

If the alchemist makes the cut I wouldn't be opposed to partying up with him.

Hm... party setup seems fine for me. In case of my character I could have spent couple of weeks in Igres or close by -- teaching the dancing and singing.

Or alternatively arriving to scenery a moment after the slavers had left. The call for protection is heard and there is a need to teach love for these ruffians, who obviously never had the chance to receive such a thing from their mothers.

ah, possibilities... limitless

Well, since Hob Smith replied, and the DM wants to run 2 parties of 4, I suppose that means the alchemist gets cut? That's a shame, really.

magus, cleric, wizard, barbarian, fighter, sorcerer, fighter, bard.

Healers (which I consider the most important thing to have some of): cleric, bard, sorc (UMD).

Arcane: Magus, wizard, sorc, bard.

Physical people: Magus, barbarian, fighter, fighter, maybe the bard

Trapfinders: derp

With three martial only characters, one party will have to have 2. I personally vote for me and the barbarian to be partied up, as stated before. Then I'd vote that my party get the cleric, and the wizard. That leaves the other party with fighter(Garreck), magus, sorcerer, and bard. Both parties seem like they could survive things.

Could shuffle people around though, and make for more interesting mixes.

So, with Hob confirming, we are full! Here is the roster:

Masao - Human Magus - JAF0
Arwen Hollower - Human Cleric - Galarian Sho'Ray
Hob Smith - Human Wizard - Harakani
Samant Blath'tan - Human Barbarian - TheChozyn
Tiberius Badaxe - Human fighter - Castarr4
Dannic - Human sorcerer - Torchbearer
Garreck - Human Fighter - MJinthePitt
Fellorin Argthwellis - Human Bard - TimFrie

Thanks to everyone else for your submissions and interest.

@Masao - To answer your question regarding what kinds of liberties you can take: lots! If you want Piren's Bluff to have a thriving thug population, make it so. There is so little written about the town that you can pretty much do whatever you want with it.

To the rest of you, don't get too hung up on party composition. I'll adjust the game to fit your capabilities. Also, I'm not terribly concerned with how any of you know each other or why you are here. Someone can just post up an official story and the rest of you can springboard off of that. You don't have to worry about clearing everything with me.

That's what I forgot! Can everyone please get his/her alias up to date with full writeup (the application) and character sheet?


I think it'd work fine if you just split the list in half the way it is. Works for me. ARwen, Hob and Samant: wanna be in a party with me?

That would make two parties with fighters, arcane and potential healing.

I'm up for however the GM wants to cut it.

Questions added to char sheet

sorry about that - wrong avatar and name... Seijiro is Masao

Garreck's player here. Doesn't bother me how we break down the party lines. I'm currently GM'ing a tabletop zombie apocalypse campaign where there are no clerics or paladins. Trust me, I know it all works out in the end.

Garreck's backstory is pretty generic and he can be dropped down anywhere to start off that would have a blacksmith's shop nearby. Depending on what the initial Gameplay thread is for the party Garreck ends up in, I'd thought it would be interesting for him to actually be starting off his day at the smith's shop. He's not out there looking for adventure, he's just in the shop keeping his head down and trying to stay out of trouble.

Jacob - Will there be two separate Gameplay threads or campaign theads for this or will everything be mixed? And thanks again for the inclusion, I'm looking forward to running my first ever human in nearly 3 decades of on-again off-again RPG'ing.

Alright, let's go with Masao's suggestion:

Party A

Masao - Human Magus - JAF0
Arwen Hollower - Human Cleric - Galarian Sho'Ray
Hob Smith - Human Wizard - Harakani
Samant Blath'tan - Human Barbarian - TheChozyn

Party 1

Tiberius Badaxe - Human fighter - Castarr4
Dannic - Human sorcerer - Torchbearer
Garreck - Human Fighter - MJinthePitt
Fellorin Argthwellis - Human Bard - TimFrie

@Garreck - We will have two separate threads for the parties. I will set those up tonight.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

LOL - I was about to remark on how unusual it was to see two parties of all humans... took me a few minutes to remember that was a requirement of character creation.

I can't wait til we start!

Looks good to me.

Looks good to me too. I'm really looking forward to playing this character, been toying around with the idea for awhile.

Alright, everyone, the discussion threads are up.

I will be working on getting all of the rules and protocol and things of that nature up in those threads. Please continue to hash out the events directly leading up to the attack on the slavers. As I said before, feel free to take any liberties necessary to make it all fit. Also, don't get too hung up on nailing down every detail about the lead up. It will be the past pretty soon.

Party A and Team 1 threw me off for a moment

TEAM 1 Link


Linked for you bossman

Let me know if you ever start another campaign, or if anyone drops because I would love to play in this game or another like it. Thanks man.

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