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The People's Campaign - Team A (Inactive)

Game Master Jacob DeCourcey

Check out the other team running a campaign parallel to this one!

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Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.
I’m a GM looking to start a play by post game. I’m new to PbP, and relatively green at GMing in general, mostly due to a lack of interested friends. I’ve heard good things about this so-called “internet,” and I’d like to try a game on it.

This isn’t like a normal recruitment thread where I post up the adventure premise and rules and accept submissions. I legitimately have no idea what the adventure will be about, and the crunch(numerical) parts of characters are later steps. Here’s the plan:

1. The general setting is canon Andoran in Golarion.
2. The adventures will be crafted according to players’ friends, foes, and goals.
3. That’s actually about it. Everything else will be worked out from there.

So, this is your chance to get your character some personal action. I really, really, don’t have any idea for an adventure on purpose so that I can tailor the party’s adventures to the party’s goals. My job is to make this fun for you. The first party goal will be a pre-determined team goal that essentially serves as a jumping-off point and character prompt. You can give your character whatever goals he wants within the boundaries as long as you can give him a reason to want to complete the first goal.

Team Goal: A small band of raiders is trying to sneak a shipment of slaves from Isger to Cheliax, and is known to have picked up some Andoren stragglers along the way. Your party has encountered the slavers on the road just south of Piren’s Bluff. You have to free the slaves!
When submitting characters, here is what I am looking for:

1. Class/profession
This is what you character does. His/her job, trade, livelihood, etc.

2. Rough outline/description
This is who your character is. His/her nature, soul, persona, etc. As a note, your character must be likeable. No dark, gruff loners, psychopathic munchkins, or kleptomaniacs. He/she has to be able to function as a member of a team. In crunch terms, this basically eliminates evil alignments and strongly suggests good ones only.

3. Rights and wrongs
These are the polarizing issues that you character cares about. What does he/she fight for? Against? Where does he/she draw the line on killing, lying, stealing, etc? Each character must have “slavery” as a wrong, just so that they all have a reason to work together.

4. Backstory
Keep in mind the rights, wrongs, friends, foes, and goals as you work on your character’s story. Try to give a decent rationale for most of them.

5. Friends and foes (and woes)
Two of each. Friends can be family, mentors, informants, patrons, etc. and foes can be family, rivals, authorities, traitors, etc.
BONUS! A woe – a problem afflicting the player serious to merit conflict with a foe – will make for a vastly more enjoyable roleplaying experience.

6. Goals
What does you character want to do? 3 Short goals, 1-2 medium, 1 long goal. Short goals are things that could potentially be completed in a standard session or two, medium goals would be more of an adventure scale, and long goals are crazy, over-the-top campaign scale goals.

7. Quirks and mannerisms
Easy. A one-word descriptor of temperament, a mannerism, and a role-playable (fluff) weakness.

8. Crunch
The character sheet. Level 1, 25 point buy, max HP first level, HUMANS ONLY, any class within reason, no archetypes, no traits.

Why only humans?:
Now, the reason I do humans only is this: when we roleplay an elf, for example, what is he? A smart, soft human who shoots bows and likes trees. Non-human races are whole new species, and I haven’t seen a convincing treatment of that in a roleplaying game yet. Basically, other races are just treated like humans wearing funny hats, when, in reality; an elf is no more human than a bear or an armadillo. Think about how an elf would legitimately view humans: slow-witted narcoleptic klutzes with poor impulse control, bad hygiene, and a biological inability to use an appropriate indoor voice. Other races should convey that. I will try hard to get that point across during play, but I’m not immune to the standard treatment. That said, if you really, really think you can handle it, play another race. Just be aware that I will need to be impressed.

9. Starting equipment
You equipment will be extremely minimal to start. We’re talking a dirt cheap weapon and maybe some armor. No special gear or fancy weapons. Of course, items necessary to your class are available to you, although it could be interesting for a wizard to start without a spellbook…The idea is that your characters are talented, but un-established. The stats are high, the gear is low. That way, it’s exciting when you get your first good sword.

Here’s an example character, abbreviated for abbreviation’s sake:

1. Ranger (forest guide for travelers)
2. Roscoe is a hard-working man with a sharp mind. He likes to help folks with his physical talents and his intellectual ones. He is at home in the woods, and enjoys teaching his skills to others so that they might come to appreciate it, too. He is always collecting information about almost every subject, and is more than willing to spout off any number of helpful facts about a given subject.
3. Roscoe values learning and teaching. He has a respect for nature as a tool, not to be misused or ignored. He is passionate for justice and fairness. People should get what they deserve, good or bad. However, everyone should have the freedom to live his life in the way he sees fit as long as it does not harm others. Therefore, Roscoe hates corruption and slavery.
4. Roscoe was born somewhere, and he did some stuff with his brother. Later he got into a scuffle with the local bully, but he was assisted by Jethro, the smelly kid. When he first began his job as a toll collector, he ran afoul of the Rude Crew when he refused to let them pass with slaves in tow. In the ensuing fight, the Rude Crew got away, capturing Jethro. Unfortunately, now Roscoe has a price on his head in slaver circles.
He heard through the grapevine that a band of slavers was passing through bearing the Rude Crew symbol, so he’s going to see if he can gather any information on Jethro.
5. Brother – family
Jethro – ally
Bully – rival
Rude Crew – feuder – bounty on head
6. Short goals:
Get a better bow than the cheap shortbow I have now
Take down some Rude Crew
Find out which way Roscoe was taken
Medium goals:
Save Jethro
Close slave route through Andoran
Long goals:
Abolish slavery
7. Charismatic, always snacking, diabetic (gets really weak if he doesn’t eat often)
8. You know – a character sheet.
9. Dumpy shortbow (-1 damage), fur armor, 25gp, 3 trail rations, snacks

I will be interacting with folks who post solid character concepts to help further define or clarify their characters, and I will accept a character into the game as soon as he/she is ready and approved. This means that you can make your character more appealing by going for synergy with already selected characters. This also means that, as long as you are cooperative, I am operating on a first come, first serve basis.

I’m really pumped about this game, and I hope that I can garner some interest. I know that the character submission process seems like a bear, but realize that it’s for your own good. This way, I can know that my adventures will appeal to your characters instead of you hoping that your character fit with my adventure.

As a final remark, don’t be intimidated by the requirements, even if you are brand spanking new to roleplaying. Post with a good start, and I’ll help you grow it (first come, first serve). I really want this game to be about you, the player, so if there’s something I can do to help you enjoy this more, tell me. In fact, I'm probably a little partial to new players, so this is great chance to test the waters. If you decide you don't like it, I'm sure we can slip you out and integrate someone else. To the old veterans around here: please give it a few minutes before you post to let the new kids play.I’ll be online for a few hours this evening, and then more later tonight.



Gonna go ahead and make a statement for interest now on this game. Sounds way fun.. Thinking of human rogue or ranger..

Long time player and GM who has never done pbp. Interesting write up. I have a meeting shortly but will return tonight with a character, probably some type of fighter. Thanks for your time!


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Sounds intriguing. Given casters don't really need equipment (beyond maybe a spell component pouch, a holy symbol and/or a spellbook) can I suggest limiting starting spells known/scribed/available? Maybe cantrips only, or one first level spell?
That way they get the shiny new weapon feeling when they start acquiring spells.

@Harakani - Excellent idea. I like sticking to cantrips/orisons to start, and a character can memorize/write down/whatever any applicable spell he/she finds up to the normal class amount. For example, a wizard will only have cantrips in her book until she finds "True Strike" on a scroll.

Don't worry, though, casters. I'm not nerfing you all. Realistically, within the first level or two you'll be right back up to standard equipment and spells. I really just do it this way so that I have adventure motivation until I get a feel for how to connect with your characters' goals and desires.

This sounds like a really interesting campaign - I sent in my character concept to the GM...

dotting for future character idea

dotting for interest

Dotting for interest. I have a sorcerer/bard idea I've been kicking around awhile that might work well with this game. I'll get you a rough outline of the character later today. I'll need to read up on the area we're starting in to flesh it out, I'm not that familiar with Golarion yet.

Hm... came of with an idea for LE as a Zon-Kuthon priest. I do know and I see that part of message that strongly suggest of good-natured characters and does actually eliminate the practitioners of evil regarding the going, theme & social interaction of party.

But still.. could it be considered as I can see the relationship between Zon-Kuthon and Shelyn be somehow integrated to story and character conception? (However, Shelyn and Zon-Kuthon background info doesn´t match so thinking about it)

I.E: the slavers have kidnapped among the other people a famous cleric of Shelyn. As practioner and cleric of Zon-Kuthon, he has a duty (and better one that he knows he has to!) to help and rescue the cleric. as a LE I could also think of promoting some of deed such as "Slavery and killing are not right or demanded... only if the another one agrees to it out of his own will (of course including tricks, bluffs and who knows what else) thus this act is doomed in my eyes"

Would require some amazing roleplay and maybe even bring worth unexpected things. Just as an idea of course


1.Cleric of Zon-Kuthon. Living outside the city, nearby the forest and occasionally teaching in the city for kids to read and write in order to earn some coins for living as well offering his service as an experienced healer

2. Open-minded but sarcastic on his nature, he does not hide his beliefs and faith although he is frowned upon. Well past over his twenties, this cleric is not afraid to dive on the discussion and talking with other opposing religions. Intelligent but more close-to-nature minded with practical approach is his strong point.

3. Arwen believes to freewill and openness. "There is nothing else to be afraid than the ignorance and stupidity of another human." as he likes to say. He sees that where there is good, has to be evil and vice versa. The light can not exist if there is no shadow to indicate or shadows if light is not penetrating the darkness. Nevertheless, he too has his own secrets to share but keeps them for his own. People, after all, are humans who will do anything... if just confused well enough or pushed carefully to try.. they can always deny the offers still. Snatching away owns freedom and desire is act worse than death... as they believe. Torture is an art, not a simple minded way of doing things. Those who come themselves are sweeter than those who desire. Nothing is so simple as it seems

4. Arwen comes from Nidal, the land of shadows. His parents teachings has affected in his life and upraised him to be devoted and unquestionable. They both were your average citizens but able to read and write and devoted to their god. On his 14th birthday Arwen escaped, wanting to see something else than the same places. Wandering and traveling around, he was lucky more than you could believe. Unscathed in his journey, traveling with merchants who happened to pass by just in right time. He learned and saw many things and came to understand other religions... but he could not really fathom yet, in such a young age, the wrongs and rights of different believes. This is one of his most important steppingstones in his life due to handle, think and puzzle together these thoughts of his, that who he is now. The suppressing, devotion, single-minded way of teaching would have surely made him to stay in Nidal... and be someone else. Thinking again though, this caused something else, maybe something more cruel than can be thought what would come

5. Friends: kids from the city / Shelyn followers
Foes: Cheliax, Oppressors of freewill?
Woe: The infernal summoning / bargain

6. short:
a. to get accepted, understood by people
b. to establish small chapel in city
a. step deeper into domain of darkness, to understand his God & Shelyn relationship
b. to make his religion / cult accepted and wide-known, approved and not anymore frowned and hunted in sight, open to walk in public
To build Grand cathedral for his god and to step into realms of gods... as one

7. Calm and practical, not hesitating. Sarcastic and snapping back with answers/questions. Fearless, grandiloquent


str: 10, dex: 13 (+1) con: 12 (+1) int: 14 (+2) wis: 18 (+4) cha: 14 (+2)

hp: 10 (8hp + 1 con + 1 fav. class)
ac: 11 (10 + 1 dex)

fort: +3 (2 + 1 con)
ref: +1 (0 + 1 dex)
will: +6 (2 + 4 wis)

skills: 5 (2 + 2 int + 1 human)
heal, kn.local, bluff, diplomacy, sense motive

the unholy relic of zon-kuthon (hanging from his neck)
spiked chain (fav. weapon)
spare coins

spell: chann (neg) 1d6 dc: 15

domain: darkness & law

Fighter / blacksmith

Will work up stats and backstory.

Well, if this doesn't crash out again...
Submitting Hob Smith
(details in alias)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

For your consideration:

Samant Blath'tan:

1: Barbarian / Scholar - Historian - Scribe

2: Gentle, Soft spoken man until he feels those close to him are threatened and then he becomes a brute. He strives to be accepted by his peers after a tough childhood

3: Samant hates bullies, as someone who was mistreated for being poor growing up, he had to deal with the richer kids in school tormenting him until one day he snapped, seeing red for the first time. After this he was ignored completely. He will go out of his way to help those that are less fortunate if he has the means.

4: Touched on some of the back story above, but born of poor parents who struggled to get him into school, and an apprenticeship with a historian/scribe. After his apprenticeship was over he decided adventuring is the best chance he has to make a name for himself, and what better way to discover new histories.

5: Friends: Armen Jessup - Scholar/historian, Armen is the one his parents paid for his apprenticeship, after they passed he kept him on to finish his training.

Brother Dumpling (Tsaoting Wang) - Owner of a small food stand this aged Tian Xia'ian has always been an ear to talk to, and helps Samant battle what he calls his karmic imbalance. Some evenings they walk the park and discuss meditation and how to keep the inner fire burning small. He is also the one who taught Samant about nature, hunting, and the ability to survive with little to no money.

Foes: Dradge Neva'ar - An old schoolmate of Samant's who tormented him as a child until the day Samant snapped on him. Ever since he's been quietly festering a hate for him, and now that they're both adults he tries to undermine Samant's growth and customer base.

Hugh Locklorian - Samant's parents landlord, also unbeknownst to him the reason for their death... a plugged chimney will do that. He realized that as long as Samant's parents lived they could eventually get enough money to pay him off with the son's help. He's made it clear to Samant that he holds him responsible for paying off his parents sizable debts (Mostly forged "loan documents" for Samant's school fees)

Woes: Samant desperately wants to find his true love so is more easily swayed by women who show him a romantic interest.

6: Short Goals
Get his first piece of historical significance
Find a rich sponsor
Be able to support himself without having to rely on his outdoors skills

Pay off Hugh
Be able to start his own library

Long Term:
Be able to fund a Public School for the poor

7: Temperament: Shy
Mannerisms: Bookish
Quirk: Distracted by new knowledge easily, if he has a new book he'll try to sneak peeks and end up missing things.

8:Full Name Samant Blath'tan
Race Human
Classes/Levels Barbarian 1 (favoured)
Gender Male
Size M
Age 23
Special Abilities Rage 6 rounds/day 6/6 remaining
Alignment NG
Deity None
Location Korvosa
Languages Common, Varisan, Chelexian, Tien, Kelish
Occupation Scribe - Aspirant Pathfinder
Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14
About Samant Blath'tan

HP - 14 (D12+2)
CHP - 14/14
AC - 16 (FF 14, T 12)
Speed 30 (40base)
BAB +1
Fort 4
Ref 2
Will 0
CMB +2
CMD 15

Dagger +3 1d4+2 (19/20x2)
Great Club +3 1d10+3 (x3)

Skills (9-ponts)
* Climb (+6)
* Handle Animal (+6)
* Knowledge (Nature) (+8)
Knowledge (History) (+7)
Knowledge (Local) (+4)
Linguistics (+4)
* Perception (+4)
* Survival (+4)
Profession (Scribe) (+1)

Feats: Power Attack; Skill Focus (Knowledge (History))

9 EQ:
Load LT/Md/Hvy- 58/166/174
TTL Weight: 52
Greatclub (5gp) 8 lbs
Dagger x3 (3gp) 3 lbs
Hide Armor (15gp) 25 lbs
Explorer's Outfit - 8 lbs
3 Vials of Ink (16gp) ---
5 Inkpens (5sp)---
10 cases, map and scroll (10gp) 5 lbs
10 Sheets of paper (4gp) ----
10 Sheets of parchment (2gp) ----
Backpack (2gp) 2 lbs

DM Jacob:
Hello and a hearty welcome to pretty much everything. :)

I send this message in a 'spoiler' since it's kind of 'Off topic' of your request for Players/Gamers.]

My one comment is that people can create interesting characters who are different, non-human and portrayed as such.

For your is one character I had the great pleasure of creating for a game/pbP that is, sadly, no longer running. *Bows*


Much cheers to you and yours.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm interested, but still brainstorming concepts that I'd like to try. I will try to have one posted by tonight.

Consider I love games like this, I'm considering throwing my hat in the ring. While I could just as easily play a Sorcerer or an Oracle and get the same thing basically, might I try the Pyromancer? I have an idea for and accidental arsonist...

Also, Sunset(the poster above Castarr4) is a hoot to have in a party, and I liked how she roleplayed through my(now dead) Prisoner's Vacation game.

Dotting for interest. My other PBP seems to be drying up. :(

EDIT: Actually, I think I'll re-write Thomas Glint. An old stand-by Rogue of mine. He's currently LE though,(hence the re-write) but I think I could make him work as a LN.

Ok... I posted earlier that I sent my character in to Jacob via private message, but since people are posting here, I thought I'd do the same.

Here is Masao for consideration:


1. class: Magus profession: sword for hire

2. Masao is something of a loner, but not by choice. He likes people and being around them. He is shy however. Still learning common, he tends to be a good listener. He tends to delve into whatever tasks he takes on with a passion until he sees them through to completion.

3. He despises corruption and abuses of power and will fight to see them righted when he is made aware of them. He has no problem with killing when necessary, but he doesn’t like to lie and would rather keep his mouth shut than tell one. He doesn’t steal, but doesn’t consider taking a defeated foe’s goods as stealing. Since Masao was taken by slavers when his parents were killed, he hates slavers and slavery passionately.

4. Character’s backstory is that since coming to Andoran three years ago, he has made a concerted effort to learn common and become a functioning member of society. He has thoroughly adopted Andoran as his new home. He generally hires out his sword for a variety of simple tasks like caravan duty, bodyguard, sentry, whatever will buy him his next meal and place to sleep. (Short version backstory: born, orphaned at age 7, taken by slavers, but rescued by a Magus, who trained him. When he wanted to go help with the revolt against the Jade Regent, his master thought it was a bad idea, and shoved him through one of the many magical gates in Minkai, sending him to Andoran. He’s been here three years, and has made friends and a few enemies since coming to the local area.

5. Friends: Since his family are all dead, and his first mentor was in Minkai, he has developed new friends and contacts in Andoran.
He found a Magus here named Gustave Karolya, a Varisian living in Andoran, who agreed to complete his training as needed and the two have formed a close bond, both being somewhat strangers in a strange land so to speak.
He once saved the life of a young street punk named Lucian who was being bullied by local thugs. Lucian is now a practicing rogue in town. Since Lucian is just starting out in his profession, he isn’t in with the local ‘guild’ yet, but he does keep up with what’s going on locally. While Masao doesn’t actually approve of Lucian’s line of work, he respects the lad’s open personality and generally good heart.

Foes: The local street thugs that Masao saved Lucian from have developed a severe dislike for Masao and have turned their negative attentions on the young swordsman. They respect his sword skills, but are always looking for ways to bring him down a notch or two.
Varius MacGregor is a local young duelist that has crossed swords with Masao more than once. As a result of the challenges and fights between the two, both have learned to respect each other’s skills. Still, Varius takes every opportunity to call Masao out.
Unfortunately, their frequent sparring has come to the attention of local authorities, who have had to break up their fights more than once. Needless to say, the local magistrate is aware of Masao and Varius, as both have spent a bit of time as guests of the local constabulary for brawling in the streets.

6. Goals:
Short goals: Masao would like to have enough money to have a sword crafted to suit his skills (a katana).
Masao wants to meet a woman and lose his virginity.
He’d like to put an end to the street thugs that have plagued both him and Lucian for the past couple of years.

Medium goals: Having heard his mentor, Gustave, speak so much about Varisia, he’d like to travel there and see the country.

Longer term goal: He wants to return to Minkai someday and fight to bring down the corrupt Jade Regency.

7. He tends to be calm most of the time, but when he DOES get angry, he becomes implacable. He has a soft spot for women and will do anything he can to avoid killing women, and to save them if they are in danger.

One word descriptor: calm.

Mannerism: “Huh?” Still translating common in his head, so that’s a standard initial response to most questions.

Weakness: Doesn’t like people making fun of his short stature in relation to most Andorans.

8. Here are the basics (more complete sheet avail on request.

Str 17, dex 12, con 15, int 15, wis 10, cha12. Hp 10, AC 14 (touch 11, FF 13) saves: fort 4, refl 1 will 2
Bab 0, melee +3, ranged +1, cmb 3, cmd 14
Skills: intimidate 5, know arcane 6, know dung 6, perc 1, spellcraft 6.
Init +1; arcane pool 3
Feats: exotic wpn prof: katana, weapon focus: katana
Equipment: clothing, flint/steel, cheap scimitar, studded leather armor
Languages: Tien, Minkaian, Common, (TBD)
I think I have another skill point to spend, or a point to put into hp… haven’t decided where to put it yet. And still torn between putting my +2 into int instead of str… it’s in str for right now.

9. Equipment: clothing, flint/steel, cheap scimitar, studded leather armor, (whatever you’ll allow here, I'll drop down to whatever is max.)

I hope I formatted that properly, I've never posted using the formats before.

GM_Jacob wrote:

9. Starting equipment

You equipment will be extremely minimal to start.

Do you mean starting gold is minimum to class? i.e. minimum starting gold for Rogue = 40 GP.

Alright, I've got a guy (This is Castarr4). I went with very minimal items. I also tied in his backstory very loosely to the Zon-Kuthon priest. In a way that won't mess things up if either one or both is picked for this.

Tiberius Badaxe:

Tiberius Badaxe

1. Class/profession
Fighter / Bartender, ex-military
This is what you character does. His/her job, trade, livelihood, etc.

2. Rough outline/description
Tiberius is a military man at heart, happy when he understands what needs to be done and what he can do to help accomplish it. He has a love of both stories and drink, and finds that one tends to enhance the other. He's a good listener who tries to understand people before judging them.

3. Rights and wrongs
Tiberius is a devout follower of Cayden Cailean, believing strongly in individual freedoms and the right of a man to make a living with his own two hands. Although he believes that a good story, true or not, is worth respect, he draws the line at using lies to coerce people into doing things that they would normally be opposed to or to gain power, such as the lies of corrupt politicians. He views anything that takes away a man's rights, liberties, or property unjustly to be evil, and will not support the killing of innocents. Those who violate this code and refuse to change their ways, however, deserve the worst of fates.

4669 peoples' revolt, 38 years ago. 56 if 18 at the time.

These are the polarizing issues that you character cares about. What does he/she fight for? Against? Where does he/she draw the line on killing, lying, stealing, etc? Each character must have “slavery” as a wrong, just so that they all have a reason to work together.

4. Backstory
Tiberius's father Tyronius was a leader in the Peoples' Revolt 38 years ago, earning himself the moniker "Badaxe" during the battles, which he kept as his surname in the following years, establishing a tavern called Badaxe Beer in the town of Falcon's Hollow (where he himself had grown up as a logger). Tiberius grew up among the loggers' families in Falcon's Hollow, particularly an older girl named Arissa. Despite being a couple years younger than her, Tiberius was protective of Arissa and would stand up to the other boys, getting into many fights over the years to protect her right to pursue whatever crafts she wanted. She later left the town to become a rather notable cleric of Shelyn.

Tiberius was unable to follow her out into the world, as his father became ill, and needed Tiberius to manage the tavern. He enjoyed the work, and several years passed, and Tyronius moved on to the outer realms, leaving Tiberius to inherit Badaxe Beer. A rash of thefts and mysterious kidnappings in town caused a citizens' watch to be organized, which Tiberius became very involved in. However, as the investigations seemed to be nearing a conclusion, tragedy struck. He closed up the tavern one night and gathered up his weapons to make a couple patrols of the town. While he was out, the tavern was set on fire by a group of hooded figures. He recognized one of them as the supposed leader of the citizens' watch, Herod Grey. Fearing for his life, he fled town, following the river to the west.

5. Friends and foes (and woes)
Arissa: F Human cleric of Shelyn, childhood friend of Tiberius. Current status unknown.
Garick Blackstone: One of his father's compatriots who acted as Tiberius's mentor growing up. Since he worked at the tavern, his current status is unknown.
Herod Grey: A logger in Falcon's Hollow, he organized the citizens' watch himself, but was seen by Tiberius as one of the people who burned down the tavern. (I think that counts as a woe)
The Scarlet Dagger: The alias of the leader of the growing criminal movement that was taking over Falcon's Hollow. Actual identity unknown.

6. Goals
Short Goals:
Find what happened to Garick Blackstone
Locate allies for support
Find some decent armor and weapons (a greataxe or battleaxe, for instance)
Medium Goals:
Take revenge for the destruction of Badaxe Beer
Bring down the Scarlet Dagger so he can't terrorize anyone else
Long Goal:
Cleanse Andoran of all corruption and spread its influence across the continent.

7. Quirks and mannerisms
Brash, and impatient when he sees something that he can do to help. Cracks his knuckles and other joints often. Prone to motion sickness (mainly when in/on a vehicle of any sort)

8. Crunch

Male Human Fighter 1
NG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +0
AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 12. . (+2 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 13 (1d10+3)
Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +0
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Handaxe +5 (1d6+4/x3) or
Throwing Axe +5 (1d6+4)
Ranged Throwing Axe +3 (1d6+4) (10 ft.)
Str 18, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +5; CMD 17
Feats Opening Volley, Quick Draw, Sliding Axe Throw
Skills (with -4 ACP) Climb +4, Profession (Brewer) +4, Survival +4, Swim +4
Languages Common, Elven, Halfling
Combat Gear Handaxe, Throwing Axe x2, Quarterstaff, Leather Armor
Other Gear Backpack, Outfit, Whetstone, Signal Whistle,
Opening Volley: Successful ranged attack grants +4 on next melee attack roll
Quick Draw: Draw weapon as a free action
Sliding Axe Throw: Use throwing axes to trip your opponent.

Take 3, maybe the board just doesn't like my character:)

Dannic is a sorcerer of humble origin. His father was captured by slavers when he was 8 years old and he has always felt guilty for being able to escape. He and his mother got by doing odd jobs around town until at the age of 15 Dannic began to display some magical ability. It was minor, for instance, when he wished out loud one day that a particularly frustrating knot would come out of a rope, it did completely on its own.
As his power started to grow he realized he had a knack for compulsion spells (fey bloodline). He decided there was no better way to get back at at slavers than to control their minds just as they tried to control another's body. He realized the slippery slope he was walking and vowed to never use his mind effecting magic except against slavers and other oppressors or unless he was in mortal danger. He views his use of enchantments as fighting fire with fire. He has drawn the ire of a local thug, Bildon Greenwold, by dazing him and letting his latest victim get away.
He has a rather dim view of Cheliax, they worship beings that not only encourage slavery but openly barter with souls. He feels badly for the people of Cheliax who live under such an oppressive regime.

Dannic is very affable, a bit of a prankster and will do virtually anything to help those in need. He can be a bit impulsive and his anger can cloud his judgment particularly when dealing with bullies or slavers. Balancing his belief in personal freedom and his talent for mind controlling magic is a contant balancing act for him.

Friends: Mother Helena, potentially Tiberius as they share a similar outlook
Foes: Bildon Greenwold

Short term goal: Free the slaves in this shipment, cause a dent in local slave operations, embarrass and potentially get Bildon arrested.

Medium term goals: Eliminate slave trading in the immediate area, establish some sort of charity for victims of the slave trade

Long term goals: Help undermine the Chelaxian government and abolish their slave trade.

I still need to work out the #'s on him but this is the basic idea. I've been toying with the idea of a freedom loving mind controller for a bit and am interested to see how it works out. I'll have a character sheet ready by tomorrow.

Sweet Zombie Richard Nixon! I was not ready for this turnout. I think I responded to everyone who didn't just dot for interest. Those of you with character concepts posted, I will PM you if I have any questions/clarifications.

Let's see here...

@JAF0 - I PM'ed you back with my thoughts. Assuming you're still good for it, the first slot is yours.

@Noel Vermillion - I PM'ed you back to answer your question.

@Torchbearer - Don't get too hung up on geography. I picked Andoran because it was big, generic, and not overused. all you need to know can be wrangled up from the pathfinder wiki.

@Galarin Sho'Ray - I like your character concept, but this campaign is largely contingent upon me being able to incorporate the goals of individuals and team into adventures, and I can't do that when the alignments are so divergent. Law/chaos conflict can make for healthy spark when determining how to do something, but Good/evil conflict tend to revolve around what to do at all, which makes it difficult to motivate the team as one. I appreciate the response, and would be more than happy to consider a different character from you. The ideals of freewill and openness are great character seeds.

@Garreck - I eagerly anticipate your character submission.

@Hob Smith - I am not deeply familiar with crafting, but I'm game for it as long as you can help me with the crunch of it. Otherwise, good to go.

@Thechozyn - I love it. As is.

@Sunset(,) - I checked out your link. Nice roleplay! I'm not against other races, but, like I said, I think it requires a lot more effort to get the personality right. Of course, PbP is the perfect opportunity for this, since you will always have time to think through a response. I just feel like, since I'm new and this campaign is open to new players, humans only is the simplest solution. Thanks for your input.

@Azten - Go ahead with the pyromancer.

@Fallen_Mage - I don't care terribly if you use the rules to equip your character. Just give him/her what he/she needs and roll with it. I just don't want a bunch a perfectly outfitted spec-ops running around being awesome all the time. I really like what JAF0 did: he gave his character a similar but inferior weapon to what his feat dictates he should use so that one of his goals can be to acquire an appropriate weapon.

@Castarr4 - Wow. judging by your character concept, you are an accomplished roleplayer. I love the way you brought characters and goals into your profile while leaving them so open to adventure hooks. (whereabouts unknown - my dream come true!)

@Torchbearer - again - I just thought to myself about how long I had been working on this post and wondered if was going to get ninja'd. good thing I checked! I really like this character. I love the thin with fire angle you have on the mind control. It makes for good ethical forks!

Shoo-boy! That was a mouthful. It took me almost an hour to parse and reply to everything. I have decided, since so much happened since I last posted, that the party will be decided like this:

Applications will close at midnight EST Sunday night.
Whoever wants to be in the game will have to post one last time on Monday or Tuesday, and out of the people who post to confirm, I will take the first 3-5 according to order of posting a (at least mostly) complete character.

Here are the characters in order as of now:

Character - Class - Poster

Masao - Human Magus - JAF0
??? - ??? - Galarian Sho'Ray (I'm giving you this spot since you put in all the work of a character profile that didn't fit)
Hob Smith - Human Wizard - Harakani
Samant Blath'tan - Human Barbarian - TheChozyn
Tiberius Badaxe - Human fighter - Castarr4
Dannic - Human sorceror - Torchbearer

Thanks, everyone!

I was about to post a little while ago when my browser reloaded and lost all my work. Oh well. If you are still letting people line up, I can probably rework all my stuff quickly. Basically, I have a bard who is a woods guide. I look forward to submitting if that's still an option.

Go ahead TimFrie. If my experience lurking is any indicator, several of these fine folks won't be confirming.

Jacob - Something may have gone wrong with your sending, it says my inbox is empty. Wanna try that again? or just post any changes you want me to consider or simply make in here. thanks - JAFO

Stat block up ... backstory to be written during hockey!

EDIT - Jacob, sent you a PM with an idea for backstory.

thank you for the response and the time you took for write it :) Really appreciated. Bad thing that the concept was left out but I do understand it.

Hmm, I am thinking to keep the original design and class since I see that we are missing cleric at this moment. Will need to work on the concept again but that is not a problem.

Cleric of Shelyn or Desna seems interesting and the ideals behind also would perfectly fit for a reasoning for a theme at beginning

@Garreck - Great story. Get that haracter up soon so you have some seniority!

@Galrian - Sorry for misspelling your name last post =) I like both of the deities you suggested a lot. Work that angle.

OK :) And PS. no harm taken :P

Ended up with Cleric of Shelyn.. Goddess know why but I really do like her profile and describtion. Domains will be Air and Protection. Will post the concept tomorrow morning after some good night sleep and pondering.

1. Class/profession
Fighter / working as blacksmith apprentice.

2. Rough outline/description
Garreck is a friendly guy and enjoys talking about the mundane things of life - the changes of the season, the minstrels who wandered down the street a day or week before. Basically anything that is new in his life. Despite always clothed in long-sleeved tunics Garreck is muscluar from his days working at the furnace with hammer and metal. He's tall, standing over 6-feet and keeps his head shaved.

3. Rights and wrongs
Garreck is not against killing but he will not stand by while senseless murder occurs. He will always attempt to intervene if he feels this is the case. For his survival, he will steal.

Per private message and backstory to the GM, Garreck is most definitely against slavery and does not tolerate the idea or reality.

4. Backstory
Garreck spent the majority of his life in prison. He was jailed as a youth and remained imprisoned until his late teens. Garreck is currently working as a blacksmith's apprentice. He is in his early twenties. Late in life to begin an apprenticeship but he is learning.

5. Friends and foes (and woes)
Friends - Blacksmith whom he works for and local head of law enforcement.
Foes - Anyone he was in prison with. Particularly Garreck believes another youth he was jailed with is also living in the area.
Woe - That the reason for his imprisonment will be discovered.

6. Goals
Short term goals - Rescue a child or family from a slaver. Acquire a true war hammer. Learn to ride a horse.
Medium term goals - Destroy a particular slaving syndicate. Learn to read.
Long term goal - Watch the seasons change throughout all the nations of Golarion. (a.k.a. - See The World)

7. Quirks and mannerisms
Quiet. Smiles and watches the world going on around him. Has a tendency to pick up small stones and run them through his fingers. Will not tolerate harm being done to a child.

8. Crunch
Garreck Crunch

9. Starting equipment
An axe he uses to chop wood for the blacksmith's furnace and the small campfire he keeps lit at night behind the smith's shop. His smithing hammer and a burned hide armor chest piece he uses for particularly difficult pieces in the shop. Because of his background and the fear he may have to flee at any time, he keeps a small backpack with very minimal supplies packed - bedroll, flint, rations. He owns nothing else besides the clothing he is wearing at the start of the campaign.

Jacob, you mentioned starting low on equipment and possibly no spellbook yet for a wizard. How should I incorporate that for the sorcerer? Should I start with fewer spells known and add them in as we work through the first adventure or 2?

mmmm... yes, ditto to Dannic's question - I didn't make a spell list/book for Masao because you said you wanted us to start off hungry - what CAN I start with?

@Dannic - I will say to just start with cantrips. Whenever you see a spell (book, scroll, engraving, etc.) you may commit it to memory up to your normal limit. If fact, it could be pretty fun to go this route throghout the levels. Of course, you'd have to tell me what spells you want to find.

EDIT: Same goes for wizards, although there wouldn't be a limit to number of spells written in a book, other than the number of pages. (I know! We'll actually have to pay attention to that.)

TimFrie here. Changed the alias to better continue on.

1. Bard / Guide

2. Fellorin, or Fell for short, is good-natured and self-reliant. he is an entertainer at heart and is quick to share the stories, songs, or jokes he has heard on his travels with others. He enjoys bringing a smile to other's faces. He is most at home in nature. He knows how to fight but prefers to avoid violence rather than give in to it.

3. Life is Fell's highest held virtue. he believes that everyone has the right to live their life as they see fit as long as it does not impose on another's same right. He thinks that pessimism stops someone from thinking clearly and seeing the beauty of life and its wonders. Fellorin had instilled in him by his father the view that slavery is wrong and abhorrent.

4. The story of Fellorin Argthwellis begins with his father, Rendal Argthwellis. Rendal was a son of a rich family of one of Cheliax's minor houses. He saw only the great things of his family and country. He enlisted in the Cheliax military and was placed as a sergeant with a culling unit. However, over time he realized the atrocities that his family and government were comitting and decided to get out. He took his sister with him and fled to Andoren where he could live his life peacefully. After wedding a young Andoren woman named Elia he settled in a small town having left his sister in a larger city (which was more to her liking). After his wife died in Childbirth he raised his son Fellorin on his own, teaching him about the wilderness nearby and telling the many stories of the world. Fellorin idolized his father and wanted to be just like him. One day, when he was only eight years old, A man came looking for Rendal. While hiding at his father's behest, Fell saw the man (who in a conversation with his father revealed himself to be Argovax Breslin, a slaver working for Rendal's family) attempt to capture Rendal. In the scuffle, Argovax ended up killing Rendal and fleeing town. Fellorin went to live with his aunt Meris who was a tavernmaid. He would frequently wander off on his own though and became a guide for travellers throughout Andoren.
Recently he was attacked by bandits posing as travellers that hired him to guide them. (They were secretly hired by Janos). He was stranded two weeks' journey by foot from town and without any gear but his knives and whip.

5. Meris Argthwellis - Fellorin's aunt. She escaped Cheliax with her brother when he smuggled his family to Andoren.
Evangeline Galfrey - A girl from Carpenden. She and some other young bohemians hired Fellorin to guide them to Almas in order to become members of the arts community. On the journey Fellorin fell in love with her. She has since become an initiate of Shelyn.
Argovax Breslin - A slaver who used to work for Rendal's family. Leads teams into nearby lands to capture new merchandise. Rendal's murderer.
Janos Corlin - A rich young soldier who desperately wants to seek justice for Fellorin "defiling" his sister. She slept with Fell and Janos found them together. He has taken great offense to Fellorin having dishonored his family.

6. Short-term Goals: Get a hunting falcon. Stop the slaver parties attacking nearby settlements. Eat a big meal and sleep in a bed. Get new gear.
Medium Goals: Get Janos to leave him alone. Win Evangeline's heart.
Long-term Goal: Bring Argovax and his father's family to justice.

7. Optimistic. Constantly tells bad jokes. Loses his temper when people bring up his Cheliaxan heritage.


Fellorin Argthwellis:

Male Human Bard 1
NG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +2
AC 13, touch 12, flat-footed 11. (Padded Armor)
HP: 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +1, Ref +4, Will +2
Speed 30 ft.
Whip +2 (1d3+2/x2)
Dagger +2 (1d4+2, 19-20/x2), x2
Str 14, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 18
Base Atk +0; CMB +2; CMD 14 (16 v. Trip)
Feats: Combat Expertise, Improved Trip
Skills: Acrobatics +2, Bluff +4, Climb +2, Diplomacy +4, Disguise +4, Escape Artist +2, intimidate +4, Knowledge (Geography) +6, Knowledge (Nature) +6, Perception +4, Perform (Comedy) +8, Perform (Oratory) +8, Ride +2, Spellcraft +5, Stealth +6, Survival +1, Swim +2, UMD +8

Bardic Knowledge +1
Bardic Performance: 8 rounds/day
Fascinate (DC 14)
Inspire Courage +1
0 level - Daze (DC 14), Detect Magic, Ghost Sound (DC 14), Mending
1st level - Grease (DC 15), Silent Image (DC 15)

9. Starting Equipment: 2x Dagger, Whip, Padded Armor, his father's coat.

hmmm... that was directed just at DAnnic and edited for wizards as well ... I am guessing I should assume the same for a magus as well as a wizard?

TimFrie - Nice work. You're on my list.

JAF0 - Oh, yeah, sorry. I meant all spontaneous and prepared spell casters respectively.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I look forward to, hopefully, playing with you

I'm thinking fluff wise it would be better for him to gain his spells as he goes through the adventure, sort of discovering what he can do as it goes along. His magical abilities are from his inborn ability, and the idea is for his main offensive abilities to be mind control that is part of him, not something he's learned. Part of his dilemma is the mind control that comes so naturally to him because of his bloodline when he is a staunch supporter of personal freedom. If it's OK with you I can select all his 1st level spells now and you can just let me know which ones he starts with access to and let me know as the others become available.

@Dannic - Absolutely. I like that rather better. Just give me the list and we can figure then in story-wise.

My official ruling shall be:

Cantrips/Orisons only to begin. Include full list of 1st level spells, however.

Spontaneous casters will receive spells via exposition.

Prepared caster will receive spells via found equipment.

That way, both receive their appropriate spells in the same way, just with different chrome. (Because I won't randomly roll for equipment)

Char Sheet is updated

Character sheet is updated with spells. Figure I'll go super focused at first then diversify as he learns to control the magic. Character sheet is under my profile.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

id like to join im new to pathfinder and new to pbp i would like to run a half elf mysterious stranger.

@Samant and Dannic - thanks, fellas. Good stuff.

@ LilWilly5 - Check the original post for the requirements for a character.

Garreck's backstory updated via private message.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

yeah i looked again kind of forgot about the arch type

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

would an alchemist be okay

@LilWilly5 - An alchemist is fine. Just make sure to read the other instructions carefully before you post. I would hate for you to waste a bunch of time a character that doesn't fit.

One more rules question, will the racial substitutions from APG be allowed? If so, I'll probably take the one that allows sorcerers to learn extra spells starting at 4th level. Wanted to go ahead and run it by you so there's no surprises later.

1. Alchemist/Alchemist
2. Jack is very knowledgeable about the world around him. Although not so much about the people in it. He can tell you what a certain plant is and what it can be used for but ask him who is the local ruler and he’ll have no clue. He has a thirst for knowledge and will jump at any opportunity to learn or discover anything new. He is not a violent person but when the need arises he will not hesitate to kill.
3. Jack has been known to do questionable things either by accident or as an experiment. He has been seen trying out new potions and concoctions on the local animals and occasional human. His experiments never kill anyone but does make them sick for a couple of days. Despite his tendency to cause illness he has a knack for healing either with his potions or medical skills.
4. Jack left home at a young age to start his quest for knowledge. His first stop was a large port town, known to be a gathering place of mages and craftsmen. It was here where he found his love of alchemy. After spending a few years learning his craft he left in search for a place to further his studies. It was then when he stumbled upon a small town with a rich and diverse forest in which many plants could be found. He spent a couple years here gaining a reputation as a mad scientist and as a healer. It was here that Henry George died from wounds suffered from a thief and jack couldn’t save him. He got bored of the town after a couple of year and decided it was time to go out and search for new discoveries.
5. Friends: Fredric Wein, mentor Gabriel Sayer, Father
Foes: Darla George, blames death of brother on jack Theo Norwich, rival
Woes: reckless with experiments
6. Short: learn new spells, help the slaves, find a new item
Medium: find a great magical item, discover a great find
Long: Become the greatest alchemist
7. Reckless, unstable, helpful
8. In profile.

@Dannic - Go ahead.

@Jack Sayer - No time now, but I'll PM you later.

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