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The Pact Stone Pyramid (Inactive)

Game Master Pact Stone GM

A Pathfinder Module, converted from 3.5 to the Pathfinder system, with a party of level 7.

Dennis Harry

Gandel Trapspringer aka Dennis

Male Halfling Bard (Archivist) 6/Pathfinder Delver 2
(102 posts)
Halstadt Morgrym

Male Dwarf Cleric 8
(798 posts)
Storyteller Shadow

(7,471 posts)
Dennis HarryAmorial Suth


Karek Kogan

Male Dwarf Barbarian (Breaker) 8
(768 posts)

Jacob Trier

Jacob Trier

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7
(635 posts)

Storyteller extraordinaire
(967 posts)
Ury Sevenskulls
Hurgah the Reaver

Male Half-orc Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 4 / Sorcerer 1/Dragon Disciple 3
(501 posts)

Javell DeLeon

Javell DeLeon

Male Humanly Awesome 'n Totally Rockin' Paladin of Greatness
(4,152 posts)
Breach Shattershield aka Javell

Male Dwarf Fighter 5/Rogue(Trapsmith) 2
Hp's: 77; AC 23, T: 12, FF: 18; Perc. +12; Fort: +9; Ref: +8, Will: +7

(287 posts)


Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras

Male Human Wizard Level 8 - Conjurer
(586 posts)

Previous Players

Pact Stone GM
Pact Stone GMAnyo the TestamentarianBreach from the FutureDeca-JawsThe Exemplar KhymrasaFaren "Untranslatable"Ghukan the Unfairly ConscriptedGM PC: Breach ShattershieldGM PC: Donkor SooronGM PC: Gandel TrapspringerGM PC: Halstadt MorgrymGM PC: HurgahGM PC: Jason BellesonGM PC: Karek KoganGM PC: Moonpate the PotentateGM PC: Thalia Xian'anGM PC: Xerissa AuraraunHrokon the AssailantLydia of SothisMaster SoanThe Mithral ScarabOrchid of the Star TribePact Stone Cut SceneTHE POOLRo Ap HanThe Sand SageSBS: The Save Bunky SocietySceptreSchmoosh the FruhgenSplicer BeastSuekahn Raena-TepSylaxerTesem el-KepVavonne ShearVenture Captain KrensharXaven Neversword

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