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The Pact Stone Pyramid (Inactive)

Game Master Pact Stone GM

A Pathfinder Module, converted from 3.5 to the Pathfinder system, with a party of level 7.

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Male Half-orc Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 4 / Sorcerer 1/Dragon Disciple 3

If we know where to step and where not to step, I see no reason not to have a look at what lies further down this corridor. In my experience, trapped hallways are usually trapped for a reason.

Male Dwarf Fighter 5/Rogue(Trapsmith) 2
Hp's: 77; AC 23, T: 12, FF: 18; Perc. +12; Fort: +9; Ref: +8, Will: +7

Breach narrows his eyes at his fellow dwarf. "Blast ya, Morgrym! Who was the one who took a dive into a huge hole and buried his axe into the blasted demon?! Hm? That's right, 'twas I, lad! Of course, I was also the same one who hit the floor from about sixty feet up when he vanished on me. Let me tell ya, that one hurt. Bah! Anyway! I wanna take down the blasted demon as much as yourself, lad, but it's hard to catch what ya canno' see -- and what has a knack for not bein' found." He nods. "And I'm for moving forward as well. This place is a deathtrap and I be wantin' ta get out of here as much as Lydia does."

I'm taking this IC chat as a consensus sufficient to act as instructions. . .

The Dune Squad advances south, carefully slipping past the four darkwood rods topped with gemstones. Gingerly they step over the chalk message left by Xaven, none willing to overtly admit they have accepted his counsel. At the same time the Dune Squad passes under the patch of off-gradient stone in the ceiling identified by Karek earlier and in so doing, they pass beneath the four (now three) mystic auras detected by Gandel and Moonpate.

With the unexplained set-up now behind them at their back, the Dune Squad is free to traverse freely down the 10-wide corridor. Slowly the men and women progress a further a further 50 feet reaching the 90 degree elbow-turn, previously spotted. The Dune Squad follows the turn right, changing their bearing to west.

After advancing a further 30 feet westward, Gandel's bouncing light show has more to reveal.

The corridor widens into a smallish chamber, though the corridor itself actually continues through it heading further west.

The corridor also contains a bas relief (a kind of stone carving) in the south wall. It appears oddly familiar. When the Dune Squad advances closer, they see the bas relief depicts an Osirion Firefly.

You've been here before.

There is no doubt. Should you head into that room, you have every reason to expect you will find there is a large circular hole in the ceiling, one that leads to a tube traveling up to the Mosaic Chamber above.

No doubt, although you can't see it from here, there will also be a branch of corridor off the Firefly Chamber headed north. it should lead to a flight of descending stairs which will take you back to the Pacstone Chamber.

It would appear the Dune Squad has just traveled in a circle (or perhaps a square would be more precise).
If you trust Xerissa's mapping, you would conclude you have yet to explore the westward branch off of this chamber (i.e. head straight through the Firefly Chamber). It is also possible to turn right, return to the Pactstone Chamber and explore the tunnel running west from there--that too is unexplored.

Halstadt Morgrym wrote:
I think right now beetle it is a discussion. Gandel will go forward and Hal is willing to go forward. However, I don't want to lead the group in one direction without everyone agreeing on going that way. That's Karek and Hurgah's job! :-)


The Dune Squad once had a leader capable of making the tough calls decisively, but regrettably his minions failed to recognize his excellence and now they must endure without him.

"It's strange then. An entire loop that leads to nowhere? I feel like we've missed something. Though perhaps it's something we're glad to have missed."

Male Dwarf Barbarian (Breaker) 8

Well, yeah. Dere was someding in de ceiling. Was id word findin' out? Karek shrugs and crosses the firefly chamber.

Following Karek, the Dune Squad marches through the Firefly chamber, continuing their journey westward. As ever, Gandel sends his trusty quartet of lights spiraling thorough the halls, corkscrewing through the dark shadows that fill the stone tunnel ahead. Meanwhile Donkor’s forehead phylactery acts as a headlamp, lighting the immediate space around the party. The walls are cold, dark and unadorned.

After a short time, the corridor turns right. With no other option apparent, the Dune Squad follows the 90 degree turn, redirecting itself north. This hall appears to be exceptionally long, with no end immediately in sight. It conjures up memories of the long entry shaft to the pyramid far above, though this corridor remains flat. There is no detectable grade or slope.

A few minutes later the corridor reveals a branch leading off to the right (east). Gandel’s lights indicate that the branch leads to a short flight of stairs headed downward.
Continue straight (north) or turn right (east)? Or another option?

Male Halfling Bard (Archivist) 6/Pathfinder Delver 2

"Let's search the rest of this level then we can explore that ceiling Karek".

let's head north first.

The Dune Squad passes the off-shoot passage to the east and continues a long silent sojourn north, taking care to study the walls, floor and ceiling as they progress.

A couple hundred feet or so later, Gandel’s double-helix of light finally reveals a change in the passageway:


There are four of them, two to each side. Each is perhaps the size of a coat closet, carved into the bedrock of the pyramid.

Beyond the four alcoves the corridor terminates in another arch. This one though is composed of a jet black stone. It is much smaller than the archways surrounding the Pactstone Chamber though, and devoid of any markings. Beyond the arch the corridor would appear to enlarge into a chamber beyond, but it is impossible to see much more from this distance.

I have the Dune Squad’s front rank (Gandel and Karek) currently 50 feet away from the alcoves.

Male Halfling Bard (Archivist) 6/Pathfinder Delver 2

Gandel will cast Vanish and head towards the alcoves to get a better look.

"Be right back". Gandel disappears before the eyes of the Dune Squad.

Gandel will approach as close as 20' to peer into the first alcove.

Finally! Freakin Sarcophagi!

From 20 feet Gandel can see a number of additional things of note:

1. Each of the four alcoves contains an upright sarcophagus. Each one is composed of a jet black stone, identical in appearance to the stonework that frames the arch. The sarcophagi are equal in size, each one rising 6 and half feet in height.

2. There is a further chalk message on the floor, while it is hard to read from here, it is likely scrawled by the same author as the last.

3. The room beyond the black arch appears to be a vault. There are a series of stone chests within.

Male Halfling Bard (Archivist) 6/Pathfinder Delver 2

Gandel will approach close enough to read the scrawl, then he will report back to the group.

The scrawl reads:

"Remember! Touch Nothing You Imbecile!"

[The message then goes on to make an unsubstantiated inference as to the reader's parentage and overtly implies that the reader's primary reproductive organ is smaller than the norm for their race. It is crudely put.]

"Don't Do it!"

Gandel returns safely to the group and several seconds later his 30 second spell wears off. Like the rest of the squad, he is once again 50 feet away from the alcoves.

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