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The Trial of the Beast: Schloss Caromarc 1

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Ooooooohhhh... I didn't realize this had been reopened. I'll work on getting Alynthar up to level six.

I've got about 2000gp to spend on gear remaining, but character should be set.

Oops, finalizing traits/skills.

Gave up on crafting!

Crap! I've been really busy lately, and may not be able to get him finished by tonight, but I swear to Cthulhu I'll have him done by tomorrow evening, is that okay?

Traits and Skills, done.

No problem Alynthar42; I'm not making a final decision until Monday, due to holiday/fmily stuff.

I'm one of the originals.

I'll be going over your characters tomorrow around noon (EST), if they are incomplete I'll be passing over them.
Those with a good back story will be getting a better opinion.

Right. You said you're okay with crafting. If I take Craft Wondrous Items, could I craft some of my starting gear? Maybe up to half my normal WBL?

Actually, I just looked at the current party build again and saw the wizard for the first time, so I'm gonna bow out, rather than spend a few hours creating a redundant character.

No hurry. :3

Anything else needed from people—formatting, aliases, etc? There was no formatting mentioned in the recruitment, and I'm still unclear on what racial abilities are allowed to be added, but nobody's been saying "this submission is done/isn't" on the GM end, and I just marked "not finished" any character that had everything except the correct number of levels.

A last-minute addition, if you please. Wiles Malloy, Archaeologist Bard and multi-purpose gentleman.

I am currently reviewing all the finished applicants and will let everyone know by Monday night.

I will say this:

You will be brought in due to Zhiden's (previous rogue character) return to Lepidstadt after learning that Shloss Caromac had been infiltrated.

The new characters will have been sent by Judge Darmid to aid in finding out what happened to her brother-in-law (my addition). Vertielle and Gkirkhan will return to the Judge with what you've learned so far.

Ah—found some minor inconsistencies in my character (this is Thunderbeard, with my melee-focused investigator). I think I've now fixed everything, and put all the stats in this alias.

. Draylan's parents were farmers outside the city of Vellumis. Growing up Draylan spent much time exploring and enjoying the urban untouched lands far from the city and even from the farmstead. He was even know to venture as far as the Fangwood. Draylan always had an affinity for nature and it's wonders. As might be expected, skill with a bow was almost a requirement, for hunting and defense.
. One day, not returning from one of his expeditions, as planned. Draylan's parents went out searching for him, leaving a note in case he returned. Not far from the farm Draylan's parents came across a den. Upon investigating for signs of their boy, they were attacked by a large leopard. Draylan, arriving home and finding the note, ran out find his parents and assure them of his safety. Not far away, he heard the roar of a large wild cat followed by human screams. Running as fast as he could towards the excitement, he caught a glimpse of what it was. His father mauled on the ground, and the large leopard rearing to deliver a blow to his mother. Draylan drew his bow desperately, noched and arrow and let it fly. While his aim was true and landed a mortal wound to the cat, it was not enough to stop the animal from finishing it's assault. Draylan's mother collapsed lifeless, followed by the large leopard. Rushing up to give aid to his parents, there was nothing that could be done, they were gone. Draylan fell to his knees and wept.
. From nearby he heard a faint growl. Grasping at his bow he tracked the source of the growl to a baby leopard crying near the dead cat. Immidiately realizing the lifeless feline was a mother, merely defending it cub. Feeling responsible for all 3 deaths, Draylan took the cub and cared for it. Eventually forming an amazing bond with it as his pet/companion.
. As Draylan and the small leopard matured, his expeditions to nature grew more frequent and longer, until the farm he grew up on was rarely seen. Draylan and Spots live freely throughout the area. Recently more and more unnatural monsters and darkness are spreading throughout the untouched land he feels at one with. Heeding a call to defend the area from evil, Draylan has taken it upon himself to help rid the land of unnatural disease growing there.

Sorry for the delay, holiday's and all. Hope this fulfills a background required.

Thank you for your consideration

I also apologize for the delay in listing the 'chosen ones'. ;P

Given the completed submissions:
Anjela Daywalker
Darien Cedric Espion
Gerbault Swiftblade

Runners up:
Brother Ivan
Wiles Malloy

Ones I regret not being completed:
Draylan Gossamar (could not fine the finished character)
Feths' Nightblade

So, you three, report to Shloss Caromac!

Anjela, Darien, Gerbault: I meant start introducing yourselves in-game!

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