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The_Ninja_DM's Carrion Crown

Game Master Spiral_Ninja

The Trial of the Beast: Schloss Caromarc 1

This is the recruitment thread for my Carrion Crown game. Those I've already told I'd accept post here to get started.

Character info: 20 pt buy, full hp plus con *score* at first level, max starting funds as well. I dislike the fragilty of 1st level characters, but will still let the chips (or dice) fall as they will. You must take one campaign trait, but I regard that as a freebie, you can still take two non-campaign traits. I'm open on class/race/archetype, but I *must* have access to a copy of what you're using. {PS: I like psionics and do use Bo9S in my home games.]

Level up HP; either roll or PFS base+ con bonus.

These are the folks I'd already picked. Take a look at my character stuff and update as needed.

Azure Zero->Evangline Valeria Aurora->Aasimar Cleric(theologen)
STR Ranger -> Deacon Nesser -> Human Sorcerer
AdamWarnock -> Gkirkhan ->Half-Orc Fighter
koul-> Que Xuan -> Human Ninja

I can take one more. While I *prefer* no evil characters, perhaps a better term would be no evil *players*. ;)

Just remember the potential issues with Paladins and the 5th module. I'm not likely to be overly strict on the issue, but I hope a Paladin would be at least prepared to play up the problems inherant in cooperation with evil, even for a good cause.

Sovereign Court

I've not played a PBP, though I am a fairly experienced player, having played Pathfinder for about two years now and 3.5 for a few years prior. I can post daily, I've previously played Carrion Crown, but I can separate character and player knowledge.
I'm looking to play a "scholarly" type, as you do not seem to possess one in your entourage. Bard(archivist)/Pathfinder Chronicler or even a wizard(scroll scholar)/ Loremaster, though neither of the prestige classes are mandatory.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm interested as well. I am deployed, and have really, really been wanting to play Carrion Crown and in Ustalav. It seems most of the PbP I am in have dried up for unknown reasons. I can typically post daily+, but well, I am deployed in a combat zone, so sometimes I just can't get online.

I'm looking at a Cleric. I prefere a blend of mystery, combat, story, puzzle, and social (or everything really), and like to play divine/holy warriors. I like to play either good or evil characters, and like to work with the party, and RP.

DarthBeckett@G mail dot com

I updated Que Xuang to your campaign rules (adjusted traits and hp) equipmanet to follow soom.

I am looking forward to play.

STR Ranger -> Deacon Nesser -> Human Sorcerer
Jumped to my game.

This character was designed for Carrion Crown.
I wanted to have him with a Necronomicon to give him +2 Knowledge Planes and pay masterwork kit prices for it.
He has a frog familiar that looks like a small Deep One for atmosphere.
I will modify his background again, but he is scholar delving into the dark mysteries and afriend and colleague of the professor.
His role is the researcher/knowledge monkey and arcane caster. I noticed you only had one front line fighter, but I think Wood could work.
If not, I am tweaking a halfling paladin--I think he could be realist and see the greater good.

I have never played-by-post, nor have I played Carrion Crown, so this opportunity has me excited. If you would like the crunch as well I will post that in short order; he's going to be a dex-based Dervish Dancing Magi.

Name: Izkrael Sunderstorm

Race: Grey Elf (Mordant Spire)

Class: Magus

Traits: Chance Savior, Youthful Mischief, Mordant Heritage

Deity: Calistria

Appearance: Izkrael has a youthful handomeness common to elves, but is disfigured by a mild burn scar on his lower right cheek.
His eyes are amber and shine in a faint fashion not unlike honey. His hair is a blue-black color and is typically bound in a topknot-ponytail when Izkrael is not at home. His clothes and armor are both mundane and even in slight disrepair, save for his unsettling Mordant Mask; a beautifully crafted visage resembling a cuttlefish-like monstrosity that Izkrael wears to terrify his foes.

Personality: Izkrael reflects his confused upbringing in his very demeanor. He is both constantly amused and unsettling, the latter due to his Mordant upbringing. He loves jokes and is very indulgent, but also possesses a barely-hidden air of self-disdain and paranoia. The latter is constantly demonstrated by Izkrael's tendency to constantly shift his head and his mercurial conversation techniques; he stares some people down, while barely acknowledging others.

Background: Thrust into the world an orphan, Izkrael split his time amongst both Varisian humans and the Mordant Elves. Both found him strange. The elves even went so far as to keep most Mordant secrets away from Izkrael and leaving him mostly to his own device, hoping he would just leave them alone.

Instead, Izkrael only strove harder to earn their respect. Eventually, Izkrael recovered an Azlanti artifact single-handedly, and threatened to destroy it unless the Mordants trained him in the arcane arts. For a few years, they begrudgingly did so, but a failed assassination attempt(where he gets his scar) prompted his to leave, where he headed East to Ustalav, hoping to study there.

He enrolled into an arcane school, and studied diligently. His interests were clearly in the martial realm, and so he also took up training with local mercenaries, where his varied abilities were very appreciated. He met the Professor during this time by escorting him through the woods to the university, and learned to have incredible respect for his lectures. They developed a strong mentor-student relationship.

When the Professor died, Izkrael immediately dropped his studies and headed to Ravengro to pay his respects.

I haven't ever played a pbp or the carrion crown but I want to get into the online gaming. I will almost certainly be able to post daily.

Here is my character

Kurik Thurgen
Dwarf Titan Mauler (Ultimate Combat archetype) Barbarian
Traits: Chance Saviour, Ruthless, Iron Liver
Deity: Torag
Appearance: Kurik stands 4'7'' in height, he has a sturdy build even for a dwarf, he has a long shaggy beard and hairstyle which is red orange in colour and braided near the ends. His eyes are brown in colour and he has several scars down the sides of his face.

Personality: He protects those he trusts from harm like many dwarves would. He does enjoy talking but is often rude in conversation and seldom hesitates to voice his thoughts on the foolhardiness of others.
He enoys a good tankard of ale like many dwarves but only drinks when good things have come about.

Background: Kurik came from an Ulfen fortress beset with monters much larger than its dwarven inhabitants, Kurik decided that size doesn't mean power and brought himself to train using even the most unusually large weapons.

Kurik later left when he found his fortress in shambles after a long hunt and vowed to return some day and have it rebuilt. For now however he seeks to protect the lowlands from other monstrous threats.

He eventually found work as a bodyguard for a professor, he thought the job would be stuffy be the professor paid well. One fateful day during an excavation, he and the professor encountered a number of animate skeltons in an old burial crypt, the two ran to the outside and Kurik sealed off the entry by snapping several key support beams.

Ok, so I have 3 confirmed so far:

Azure Zero->Evangline Valeria Aurora->Aasimar Cleric(theologen)
AdamWarnock -> Gkirkhan ->Half-Orc Fighter
koul-> Que Xuan -> Human Ninja

I'm looking for an arcane caster and wouldn't object to anther divine caster and/or front-line fighter.

And (sigh) they all sound fun...but I know my limits. I can handle a max of 5 players.

Let me review the proposed characters tonight and I'll post by noon (US EST) tomorrow as to who else I'll take.

I'm looking to start Tuesday.

Sounds good, hope the adventure turns out great and everybody has fun.

Submitting Rhia here as well, not sure if I'll be accepted in Azure Zero's game.

Will update traits and Hp if I'm in.

I need to add another trait to Gkirkhan still, but I should have that done tonight.

The_Ninja_DM wrote:
...I'm looking for an arcane caster...

Would a Magus or a Summoner work? If so which would you prefer and I'll toss in a submission.

OK, here's my final cut:

Azure Zero->Evangline Valeria Aurora->Aasimar Cleric(theologen)
AdamWarnock -> Gkirkhan ->Half-Orc Fighter
koul-> Que Xuan -> Human Ninja
Chainmail->Wood-> Human Wizard
Soberdwarf->Kurik Thurgan->Dwarf Barbarian

and...I'll take a 6th [just to have enough palbearers ;)]

Rhia Van der Geist->Human Oracle if she doesn't make Azure_Zero's game.

If she does make the other game then I'd like to see:
Enaris' proposed Bard
Becket's proposed Cleric
Waltz's proposed Summoner

Those not selected are on the replacement list, so please submit the characters regardless.

One more thing. Due to the imbalance with this AP's WBL, I'm going to be upgrading some of the treasure. I'm also including a set-up for the replacement folks.

I would like each of you (confirmed or back-up) to provide me with a list of three (3) items of under 500gp each that your character might be looking for. One of those items (my choice) will be a direct inheritance from the Professor. Those of you not on the starting list will also gain one of thise items but will have been unable to remain in Ravengro for the 30 days requested in the Professors will. If you're called up as a replacement, you'll have been contacted by Kendra and filled in on the situation.

Submit your items and finalized characters in the discussion forum.

Watch it with summoners, they can be game breaking.

DM Azure_Zero wrote:
Watch it with summoners, they can be game breaking.

I'll keep that in mind. No one in my RL group has ever used a Summoner and I'm curious. The Magus would work as well, of course.

Waltz; submit both and I'll choose between them, though I am leaning toward the Summoner.

Three Items:

1. A masterwork greatsword
2. A masterwork Backpack
3. A masterwork warhammer

copied from the discussion thread.

Gkirkhan has rather simply tastes. Being a (not so) humble half-orc, he loves the simple things in life and considers most other things to be a bonus.

Oh just as a heads up I've got school tuesday and wont be able to post until about 4 pm. So if you're running it early afternoon you may just need a stand in tomorrow.

Congratz to all those who made it, and have fun!

@Dirty moses,
I still have not decided yet on the characters, pop in and post, you might get a spot.

Lantern Lodge

I'd like to throw my name in the hat. I have an vivisectionist alchemist going master chymist I'd like to do. The idea is kind of a reverse jekyll and hyde where in non mutagenic form he is a right bastard but in mutagenic form he is a "knight in shining armor"

too late :(

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'll be trying to post my character soon. PS, I completely understand about character selection, so no hard feelings either way.

I also agree, Summoners can be very game-breaking and game/mood-spoiling.

Azure: I don't want to step on your toes. What sort of things are you looking at for your cleric?

Dark Archive

Here is a character I could easily update. HP, +1 CC Trait, and possibly look at gear. Also, what is your stance on Patron deity for a Cleric? I'd like to make up my own faith, if that's ok.

Grand Lodge

Or my PFS character.

The Raven Knight wrote:
Here is a character I could easily update. HP, +1 CC Trait, and possibly look at gear. Also, what is your stance on Patron deity for a Cleric? I'd like to make up my own faith, if that's ok.

Either would work. Right now I like Raven Knight a little better.

I'm fairly open on deities. In our home worlds we've stolen from several other worlds. (We use Selune from Forgotten Realms and Hircine from Elder Scrolls, for example.) What did you have in mind?

So I'll accept, this looks like a fun group.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I just perfer to make up my own religion/school/mentor etc. . . The original character was designed from Ravenloft, and a lot of the theme came from it. In PF, I adopted it slightly to be another faction of the Eagle Nights (Steel Talons, Golden Falcons, etc. . .) that where more watchers and focused on watching out for and protecting against corruption from within.

Adding in some Ustalavian flavor, and in a sense returning it back towards it's original theme, might be to have it be an Andoran cell, or rather at one time was but is trying to implement those values and ideals in a land that has a true need. At the same time, some of the focus would be on things more pertinent to Ustalav. Rather than trying to ignor and overcome superstition, the Raven Knights might try to learn and protect it, to better fight the true evils of the night. They are a secret (small) society, and practically unknown, as they do what they do because it is right, not for fame or glory.

I'm thinking of a sort of mix of Jedi council with a sort of vigalanteness. This is just basics right now. They would be oppossed to tyrrany, the Whispering Way, and most forms of Undead or similar abominations. They would be aligned with all good outsiders/faiths/deities that deal with hope, good, fighting undead, etc. . . and opposse those dealing with death, undeath, suffering, corruption, slavery, or pain. Again, this is all just basic, and a rough draft. I might even try to establish this as a faction rather than be a member, which I am actually leaning towards.

I don't care about Favored Weapon or Domains, though I might suggest Heavy Mace (just classic NG Cleric theme) and Sun, Glory, Darkness, Good, Protection, Liberation, Community, and maybe one or two more as good choices along the theme. I will try to make this not jumbled, and explain in more detail soon.

@ Beckett: Sounds OK. I just don't want an entirely new major deity suddenly appearing.

Also, while the cleric works well, if you really want a Jedi, try the updated Soulknife by Dreamscarred Press. It's here if you want to take a look:

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Sorry, I don't want to play a Jedi. Rather I mean similar to the jedi council, patient, trying to be diplomatic and defenders of values, but not themselves makers of those values or political, and also on the look out for signs of sliding into evil or corruption.

Beckett wrote:
Sorry, I don't want to play a Jedi. Rather I mean similar to the jedi council, patient, trying to be diplomatic and defenders of values, but not themselves makers of those values or political, and also on the look out for signs of sliding into evil or corruption.

OK, no problem. I do like the concept of your group and the background and goals sound interesting.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Do you have any suggestions or requests? Ideas? Even if I'm not playing, I love both feedback and working with people to expand upon things.

Hm. I got a Dragonlance feel of of him at first.

I can see this as an emerging deity, formed by the influence of the Order, perhaps based off of a Ustalavian hero of the Shining Crusade, or even founded by someone who passed the Test of the Starstone.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm not going to say the Dragonlance had no influence. . . :)

Actually, I hadn't concidered the Silver Crusade. I came up with the premise before the new factions came out. I've sort of played off of it in one form or another with different characters (once or twice), but am liking coming back and refining it.

I currently have an open slot for a traps expert.

How would you feel about a Human Bard with the Archaeologist Archetype? I envison him as a young research assistant to the professor. His primary weapon would be a whip and he would function as a support class and trapfinder, If you like the concept, I'll write him up.

How about a straight up elven rogue (maybe scout archetype)?

A couple questions...
What do you need in the application?
How often do you expect posts?

How is this?
If you've still got a space.

(If something has to be evil, Lawful Evil's the least... problematic)

Lynra Mylynt wrote:

How is this?

If you've still got a space.

(If something has to be evil, Lawful Evil's the least... problematic)

I don't think evil will be allowed in so easily

From Original recruitment thread wrote:
While I *prefer* no evil characters, perhaps a better term would be no evil *players*. ;)

We have a bard, I'd prefer a rogue.

Write up a background including which campaign trait you're using and why you missed the funeral.

Ninja, for the rogue, what level should I build him at?

I just happen to have a rogue statted up and everything. I'm about to go to bed, but I figured I'd post now. He was made for Kingmaker, so I'll have to adjust his background a little bit, I may do a little adjusting while I'm at it, like making him a burglar instead of a plain rogue.

I don't have anything but the Player's Guide for Carrion Crown, and it doesn't mention anything about the set up to the story, so is there anything I should keep in mind when I rework the background?

Trait-related Background:

Making good on promises trait

Firavel was a thief plain and simple. He robbed from the rich to give to himself. He didn't have a bad childhood and he was raised well. It was more the thrill of the hunt, so to speak, that he took to. He would get caught now and again for petty theft, but paid his dues and went back to it. It was when he saw a young man, who was a new professor at Liepstadt University, taking a golden statue to his office, that he decided to go for the big score. He broke into the university and snuck into the young professors unattended office. The statue was there and he easily swiped it from the desk, tossed it into a bag, and fled the university.

Back at his room at the inn, Fir looked in the sack and took out the statue, so that he could better admire his ill-gotten gains.

"It is a nice piece isn't it?" said a voice behind him.

Firavel spun around, his hands going for his weapons. There was the professor, leaning against the door.

"No need, I'm not here for a fight."[b]

[b]"What do you want then?" Firavel said, his eyes shifting back and forth, looking both for other people as well as for a way out.

"Well, frankly, I want the statue back. You did such a fine job stealing it and normally I would let such fine work pass, but I'm afraid that specific piece is a little too dangerous to be out in the general public.

"Dangerous?" Fir asked, worried, his eyes going to the golden statue.

"Oh, most definitely. It is said that there is a rather horrible curse upon it. No need to go into the grisly details. And don't worry," the young professor said as he noticed Firavel's distress, "it's not active... yet. I tell you what, as a favor to you, I will take that off your hands, I will not call the city watch, and I will pay you gold for your troubles. How does that sound?"

Firavel licked his lips, "What's the catch?"

"Well, you'd owe me of course. At some point, I'll come to you for a favor, and you will follow through. It's not all that hard for me to find you. Or... if you don't like, I can call the watch..."

"No! No... I agree. A favor for a favor"

The professor smiled, "Good, my name's Lorrimor by the way, Petros Lorrimor. I'll keep in touch," and left with the statue. The years, decades, passed and Firavel kept looking over his shoulder wondering, waiting for when the professor would finally call in his favor. He would have thought nothing of it and in fact he had forgotten all about it until a year after the agreement, when he found a note on his door, in a different inn and a different city, with Lorrimor's seal upon it. In fact, every year, on the anniversary of their meeting, no matter where he was or what he was doing, Fir would find a sealed letter from Lorrimor.

When he heard of the death of the professor, he felt relieved. He would be free from this hell. Except, as he was in the process of a break and enter in a noble's house, he opened a jewelry box and found... a letter with Lorrimor's seal upon it.

In shock he fell back, tripping over a nearby chair and falling over, causing enough noise to awaken the inhabitants. He was caught. It wasn't until after the funeral that he was freed, the guards giving him that letter, the letter telling him that the favor would be paid in Ravengro.

For those who don't have access to the CC Player's Guide: traits list; look under Campaign Traits and Carrion Crown.

Zhiden is ready now, all relevant information should be in the profile.

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