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The_Ninja_DM's Carrion Crown

Game Master Spiral_Ninja

The Trial of the Beast: Gatehouse labled

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Male hp 19/36; AC 21/14/19 Level 5 Burglar

Zhiden sat quietly, letting the others converse amongst themselves. Maybe it was that he hadn't been following the conversation enough to chime in, or maybe it was the die hard habits of a slave, but he kept to himself, minding his own business, and more or less trying to remain unnoticed.

Don't really know what's going on right now, but I don't want it to look like I've disappeared.

AC 21b - 11t - 20ff; HP: 44/44; PP: 2/2

"Oh, tha' ain't m' goals. Them's the tools I need ta reach m' goal."

"I recall being offered some full plate in town. Was that capable of enchantment?"

DM Ninja/infinite
Vertielle Siepar wrote:

Vertielle blinks at Serisia.


My bad on the prasing. She's not charging you. She's also not calculating the value of the enchantments she does at purchase cost of the item, but at create cost + tip. If the total of the items is more you get the extra back. That should be enough to cover Rova's share as he doesn't seem to want an enchantment at this time.

hp 27/39; AC 15/11/14; Luck 8/8 rounds

I don't understand the sense that makes at the time, since no one really needs anything enchanted at the moment. As far as I understand it, we're just keeping the things we found and calling it a day.
Though I'm not sure how useful that ectoplasmic rod is going to be, it seems wrong to sell it.

Maybe it's just my mentality because my home group is low-magic and what's available is what there is, so you make do, but I don't think we have a share issue.
We do need to talk to the church about their stance on our lend-outs and collect the 250gp the town promised for ending the hauntings.

hp 27/39; AC 15/11/14; Luck 8/8 rounds

Gkirkhan's axe, Zuden's gladius, Wood's spells, my sword... Seems to me the only people missing are Eva and Rova.
Vertielle spins the ring of protection on the table.
Either of you going to slip this on, then?
Vertielle perks up a little.
Oh! That reminds me. You've each got a share of about twenty-three platinum from my old sword, and you should be sure to collect the twenty-five platinum the town promised. That might be enough for Serisia here to enchant something for you, at least.

Female Assimar (with Ulfen blood) Cleric(Theologian) 3 / Monk(Martial Artist) 2

"I was hoping to find or buy some Mithral breast plate,
and given my size it would require a custom fitting as well."

Remember she's 6'3", and most women are on average 5'6"

DM Ninja/infinite

Serisia says "Well, if you don't need my services right now, that's fine. My offer -cost +10%- stands for later. But it looks like some of you folks don't want any of those items. This big boy here..." she pats Rova on an arm, not being able to reach his shoulder "just wants cash so he can buy what he wants when it comes available. Same with your cute cleric, as well. Looks like their share of the stuff you've already sold covers that and more, though."

hp 27/39; AC 15/11/14; Luck 8/8 rounds

4,200gp... Not happening anytime soon, at this rate. However...
Crafting requires 667 silver at a DC of about 16. With exceptional crafting, this is DC 26; for approximately a three-week completion date (2000/(26*26)=2.958) and mithral adds 13,333 silver piece cost and a DC of approximately 20. With exceptional skill, this would take about 45 weeks (40000/(30*30)=44.444).
This is a total of 14,000sp and 48 weeks; or 1,400gp and four years.

That's a maximum completion date, of course, it could be sooner.

Unless we're using the rules from Making Craft Work, which I highly recommend.

Oh. I don't think I've ever seen enough mithral in one place to forge a breastplate, but it would be very light, wouldn't it? Even if you sold the ring, I don't think it would cover those costs, unless we found some raw metal somewhere.

DM Ninja/infinite

Which item are you referring to, Vertielle?

The sale cost for the Splatterman's spellbook would be 1255 gp, btw.

hp 27/39; AC 15/11/14; Luck 8/8 rounds

The prices and approximate completion date in my above post refer to the mithral breastplate.

DM Ninja/infinite

Serisia double checks her math, then comments "Oh, that's embarassing. 23 platinum doesn't cover the shares, it only comes to 230g. Hm. This needs resolved now or it will only fester and come up again. Just what is your problem with giving out equal shares, Miss Vertielle? Is it just that you want that sword? If it was just a +1 blade with no other enchantment, would you have this same issue?"

HP: 66/73 AC 16/12/12: F+9, R +4, W +3, Per:-2, Init: +5, Rage: 7/9

Meanwhile at the tavern...

Gkirkhan downs his tenth mug of rotgut. And sways uneasily on the stool. He sees one of the locals and walks over to him.

"Do hy-*hic* do hyu know vot dis room needs?"

Quite drunk, and prone to anger, which has probably become common knowledge now, the large half-orc glares at the man as he furiously shakes his head.

"ANUDDER ROUND! Fill dem full. Hy-*hic* Hy'm payin'!"

His face breaks out in a wide grin and starts a bawdy tavern song on the virtues of whiskey, whores, and well locked doors.
Now back to you regularly scheduled argument in progress...

DM Ninja/infinite

As Gkirkhan parties an equally drunkend Gibs Hephastus aproaches him.

"Hey. I -hic- shtill wanna have tha' fight. I double-dog-dare-ya ta take me on!"

HP: 66/73 AC 16/12/12: F+9, R +4, W +3, Per:-2, Init: +5, Rage: 7/9

Looks like Gkirkhan may be leaving town early.

"Ohka-*hic* OHKAY! Loser buys de drinks!"

Gkirkhan takes off his jacket and leaves all of his weapons on the bar, but the hat stays on.


Init: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23
Attack: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28
Damage (non-lethal): 1d4 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

Gkirkhan is drunk. Very drunk. Good think this is not his first bar fight while smashed.

DM Ninja/infinite

initiative: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 21

attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

damage_non_lethal: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

Looks like he can't quite give as good as he got.

HP: 66/73 AC 16/12/12: F+9, R +4, W +3, Per:-2, Init: +5, Rage: 7/9

Attack: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21
Damage: 1d4 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

Gkirkhan grins like a maniac as he throws another blow at Gibs. He laughs and tells the man, "If hyu vant me to pay for a round, hyu need to hit more like a fighter und less like a squishy vizzard!"

If he's still up Gkirkhan's going to start using both fists ;)

AC 21b - 11t - 20ff; HP: 44/44; PP: 2/2

"Ok, le's see iffn ya mean it."

Rova holds out his hand.

"Ta be frank, tha' sword'll make ya a frontline fighter like stickin' feathers in yer hair'll make ya an eagle. Yer armor's too thin, yer build's too frail. Iffn items go ta th' best ta use 'em, hand it over."

DM Ninja/infinite

Gibs is still up and swinging.

attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

damage: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

Maybe he's seeing double and punching the other Gkirkhan?

HP: 66/73 AC 16/12/12: F+9, R +4, W +3, Per:-2, Init: +5, Rage: 7/9

"Dem, und Hy thought Hy vas drunk."

Gkirkhan looks at the man who he just slugged twice and was standing. His expression drunkenly thoughtful. He shrugs and his face breaks into a big goofy grin before giving Gibs a compliment.

"Vell, hyu is still standink, so Hy needs to try harder."

Going all out two punches. BTW I thought unarmed strike damage 1d4, Whoops.
Attack1: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
Damage: 1d3 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7
Attack2: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

DM Ninja/infinite

AC 12; HP 37-7=30-9=21-3=18

Once more the old man swings, his grin now matching Gkirkhan's. "Not bad, boy...not bad. Ya hit a bit harder than most, but I c'n still take ya!"

attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

damage: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

hic "both 'a ya!"

HP: 66/73 AC 16/12/12: F+9, R +4, W +3, Per:-2, Init: +5, Rage: 7/9


Gkirkhan takes the hit to his gut with gusto and returns it right back at Gibs. He doesn't go for two quick swings, and instead decides to go for one massive blow.

nonlethal: 2/43 Gibs could still get lucky.
Power Attack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20
Damage: 1d3 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11

DM Ninja/infinite

AC 12; HP 37-7=30-9=21-3=18-11=7

Surprisingly, the old man is still up and laughing as maniacly as Gkirkhan.

attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22

damage: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

And he conncects again!

"Ah ha! Got ya that time!"

HP: 66/73 AC 16/12/12: F+9, R +4, W +3, Per:-2, Init: +5, Rage: 7/9

4/43 Non-lethal
Gkirkhan shakes off another blow from Gibs and continues to laugh his head off.

"HAhaha! Dot tickles! Bet hyu von't last anudder round!"

Attack: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14
Damage: 1d3 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

DM Ninja/infinite

Just, Gkirkhan, he's at exactly 0 hp.

The man looks staggered after Gkirkhan's last blow but is still game, either with his own sheer stubbornness or alcohol fueled bravery, he takes one last swing before collapsing.

attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10

damage: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

The bar erupts into cheers, then a few of his cronies rush over to check on him and revive him.

HP: 66/73 AC 16/12/12: F+9, R +4, W +3, Per:-2, Init: +5, Rage: 7/9

Gkirkhan, drunk on ale, whiskey, and vistory staggers over to the bar and slams a couple of crowns on the bar.

"Get de best in de house for de gentleman on de floor!"

After Gibs is revived The half-orc hands him a tankard of the house's best brew and roars to the crowd.

"Drink op. De Gibsman iz payink!"

And so starts the party.

hp 27/39; AC 15/11/14; Luck 8/8 rounds
Rova wrote:

"Ok, le's see iffn ya mean it."

Rova holds out his hand.

"Ta be frank, tha' sword'll make ya a frontline fighter like stickin' feathers in yer hair'll make ya an eagle. Yer armor's too thin, yer build's too frail. Iffn items go ta th' best ta use 'em, hand it over."

You didn't seem much like the longsword type, Rova.

Vertielle flips the blade around and offers it hilt-first.
Seems a little small in your hands, after that monstrosity you were swinging around earlier.
Vertielle flattens her leather with one hand, looking at it critically. She looks back up at Rova with sadness in her eyes.
You... you don't like my armor?
She adjusts some of the fastenings and hikes the laces.
It was a gift.

AC 21b - 11t - 20ff; HP: 44/44; PP: 2/2

"Le's jus' say it don' look like it's meant ta fight in. M' armor was a gift, too, from anudder group I adventur'd wid."

Rova regards the sword in his hand, then says, "By th' way, I din't ask fer th' sword so much as I asked iffn ya meant it. Trust is a good spot hardered ta come by than any magic sword."

Rova hands it back, and says, "I ain't much on longswords, true. I like longer swords."

DM Ninja/infinite

Kendra seems to breath a sigh of relief. "I hope that settles that. I'm glad all of you made it here. I'm not sure what would have become of the town if no one had come. Father would have been proud of all of you."

The rest of you rtime here in Ravengro is spent getting to know eahc other better, getting to know the town a little better and preparing for the trip to Lepidstadt.

Oh, and Gkirkhan and Gib's almost nightly boxing matches. The betting seems to be enriching the town. Gibs even won one, though Gkrikhan insists (privately) that he 'let him win'.

DM Ninja/infinite

The night before you all are to set out for Lepidstadt Gkirkhan announces an arrangement he's made with Zokar Elkrid of the Laughing Demon and Sarianna Vai, the retired singer who runs the Outward Inn for a huge party to celebrate the time you've spent here, the successful conclusion of your adventure, and to thank the townsfolk for their treatment of you. All drinks and food are already paid for out of Gkirkhan's share and everyone, you and the townsfolk, are invited.

Who's going and who's not?

And what do you do there if you do go?

HP: 66/73 AC 16/12/12: F+9, R +4, W +3, Per:-2, Init: +5, Rage: 7/9

Well, it'd be a shame if I didn't go. After all it's been a while since Gkirkhan has had a good party. :D

DM Ninja/infinite

Oh, I don't know, you mom is giving you some very strange looks every time you start talking about your party.

HP: 66/73 AC 16/12/12: F+9, R +4, W +3, Per:-2, Init: +5, Rage: 7/9

Are you kidding? I figured Gkirkhan got his brains and brawn from his dad and his charming personality from his mother. If anything, she's right in the middle of it and is probably going to engage in more debauchery than the rest of the party.

AC 21b - 11t - 20ff; HP: 44/44; PP: 2/2

Of course Rova will go, but..

"I don' drink ta excess, onnaccount it'll cost ya way too much ta ge' me drunk."

True or not? Rova just doesn't get drunk.

hp 27/39; AC 15/11/14; Luck 8/8 rounds

Oh, I find the idea quite thrilling! I've never been to an Ustalavic party. I wonder what I should wear...
Vertielle spends most of her time nursing one of the very few drinks she orders and remarking amiably on the transpiring shenanigans. She is fascinated with card games, and watches a few closely before trying her hand; and enjoys conversation with intellectuals, if any are in attendance.

Otherwise, she pretty much does her best to help mingle groups, make introductions, and smooth things over. She's actually very, very good at it; so much so it gives the impression she's worked as a hostess or some such.

Male hp 19/36; AC 21/14/19 Level 5 Burglar

Zhiden didn't drink much. Just enough to get to feeling good. He also spent a lot more time listening then talking. For whatever reason, the one he associated with most closely seemed to be Rova. "I hope I'm not prying, but how did you know the professor?" Zhiden asked, a little louder than he intended.

DM Ninja/infinite

The party goes off quite well, leaving everyone -well, almost everyone- hung over but happy.

Vertielle's smooth diplomacy helps to keep some of the hostilites and excesses down, but there are still...incidents. Several folks vanish later on that night including the Sheriff and the Alchemist (with several of the locals noding knowingly) and -oddly- Serisia and Gibs. Don't ask.

Gkirkhan, however...wakes next to the innkeeper, wearing only his pants. Things might have been smoothed over even then if he hadn't sleepily murmered 'Vertielle' while fondling her.

HP: 66/73 AC 16/12/12: F+9, R +4, W +3, Per:-2, Init: +5, Rage: 7/9

Hokay, time to be goink!

While the others groggily gather outside the mansion, Gkirkhan streaks by in bare-feet, bare-chest, and pants, holding onto his hat for dear life.

"Aus dem Weg! Aus dem Weg!"


"Outta the way! Outta the way!"

The look on his face can only be described as pure terror as he nearly trips to round the corner to get into the manor. The pounding of running orc feet can be heard as glimpses of a half-orc gathering his stuff can be seen in the windows. In less than a minute, he's back out and charging back to the group. When he talks, it comes out as a breathless, almost jumble.

"Meet me south ov town. Hy need to get mein boots und shirt."

With that he rushes back to the Inn, curiously taking the long way.

Well, curiously until a shrill yell for Gkirkhan, or rather his blood, pierces the morning air.

Sorry, but after that, I had to have him get chased out of town. I figures the Barkeep isn't one to take too kindly to be called another woman's name.

Wood shows up in fashionable wizard's robes.
As a new celebrity, he will look the part.
As an intellectual, Wood will also take part in conversations. He will try to get Kendra to go to.

Female Assimar (with Ulfen blood) Cleric(Theologian) 3 / Monk(Martial Artist) 2

Eva having only one drink during the party, does not having a hang over,
and gets to her morning exercises.

she blushes as she sees Gkirkhan go by during her morning jog.

"I did not need to see that so early in the morning."
after a short pause
"I was going to ask Vertielle, If she wanted to go clothes shopping with me before we leave."

hp 27/39; AC 15/11/14; Luck 8/8 rounds

Oh, excellent! I haven't a chance to really get an Ustalavic look about me, have I?
Vertielle prefers pragmatic and simplistic cuts with subtle design and embroidery, somewhat epidomized by her corset decorated with the neutral gods' symbols.
Most of her conversation with Eva is either learning more about her native culture or belief, but is guarded concerning her own.
She's forced to beat a bit of a retreat from the innkeeper, however.

AC 21b - 11t - 20ff; HP: 44/44; PP: 2/2

"Well, I met 'im twice, but th' secon' time was here, makin' sure he got back alright. Th' firs' time was 'bout a year back, mabby two. I was on th' road in da country one over ta th' south, movin' on after breakin' up wid m' last group. 'e was pokin' 'bout in an old burial ground, an' seems th' locals thought he was up ta no good. They wan'ed ta burn 'im as a necromancer. Well, thin's got a bit outta hand, an' after a few severed goblin 'eads, an' an earthquake, they...lost interest in da proceedin's."

Seems there are a few details missing from that story...

Female Assimar (with Ulfen blood) Cleric(Theologian) 3 / Monk(Martial Artist) 2

Eva tends to like simple clothing designs.
"Have you decided on which corset or bodice you'd like?
Though given your slim build, the underbust corset could bring out some curves, but the overbust corset does suit you.
And at least most of these clothes are close to your size,
I require some custom tailored clothing."

she finds nothing in her size
"Looks like I'll have to try the men sized shirts again.
And at least my monk clothing is more flexible."

and then she spots a red overbust corset and holds it up for her to see and with a mischievous grin
"I think you'll look great in this one."

after trying a few shirts and putting back on her clothes, with a depressed and slightly embarrassed look
"Looks like I'll be needing some more clothes, as I've gained about an inch and a half over the past two monthes."

Eva does give a bit about herself,
Her mother was an aasimar cleric named Luna, who ran an local orphanage,
that her father was a rare Ulfen Duke in Bevoy, named Titan Aurora.
And that she was trained in martial arts and clerical ways by her master Alkaid.

hp 27/39; AC 15/11/14; Luck 8/8 rounds

Trying to shy away from the Varisian flair for color, Vertielle does pick up some dark greens and a new pair of boots with a lower cut, as well as some dark color layered skirts.
Thanking Eva for a good time, she spends some more time with Kendra, doing her best not to interupt the woman's time with Wood, and then packs hastily but surprisingly well.

Male hp 19/36; AC 21/14/19 Level 5 Burglar

Zhiden kept to himself mostly, packing up his stuff. He was surprised by how long it took, and how heavy it was. After living out of a backpack for so long, it was a strange change of pace to actually have a place to unpack. The novelty of it had snuck up on him, and now he was shocked by how quickly he'd come to it.

He also took the opportunity to acquire some clothes, mostly green, brown and pale orange, the kind of clothes that wouldn't stand out in a crowd, just the way he liked. It had been much the same in Cheliax, though 'wouldn't stand out' meant quite a different thing amid all the frippery of Chelaxian nobility.

Female Assimar (with Ulfen blood) Cleric(Theologian) 3 / Monk(Martial Artist) 2

Eva thanks Vertielle for a good time and thanks the seamstress for helping her in getting clothes in her size.

She gets new pair of brown pants, a pair of red and white shorts with a pink flower peddle pattern, a white short-sleeved shirt, a red bodice, and a brown bust bodice.

I'm surprised you did not ask about anything, Vertielle.

hp 27/39; AC 15/11/14; Luck 8/8 rounds

I'd personally rather details come up in a more partycentric roleplay.

DM Ninja/infinite

If any of you want to RP the party more, go right ahead.

HP: 66/73 AC 16/12/12: F+9, R +4, W +3, Per:-2, Init: +5, Rage: 7/9

I was actually more interested in the aftermath. That said, do you mind RPing, Gkirkhan getting away from an irate, could-have-been paramour?

Gkirkhan stashed his gear in a bundle secured by his knife belt by a small oak making sure that he can grab it while running and not have it snag. Once he's sure that he can make a quick get away, he sneaks up to the tavern keeping an ear out for the barkeep.

Stealth: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16
Perception: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (4) - 2 = 2

He opens the back door and begins to look for his boots and shirt. He remembers some of last night, but how he wound up with the barkeep was beyond him.

Appearing at the party in a white robe with tasteful silver accent, a silver belt with the infinity sign (a side ways eight) for his belt buckle, and a well polished oak staff, the tall, awkward wizard looks somewhat presentable. He eschews the stereoteypical conical hat, preferring to go hatless as his hair is still full and black and makes an interesting contrast to his white robe.

After making the acquaintance and conversing with the party guests, Wood takes his role as a new Ravengro celebrity serious. He is particularly interested in making sure the town is prepared if any further evil develops. He explains to the town about a magical feather token that can be used to contact someone across great distances and assures the mayor he will always come to their aid. Kind of like the red phone or bat alarm to contact batman :-)

He is amused by the popular Gkirkan and somewhat envious of his devil-may-care attitude. Wood is obviously sad to leave Kendra alone and makes sure she will be ok. Before he leaves he wants to make sure she can copy what she can from his spellbook.

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