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Issue 1; The Man in the Long Black Coat

It happened to all of you. Most of you have heard of the man before, maybe having read one of his comic books before. Either way, the pictures on the page didn't quite do the man justice.
He was dressed entirely in black, a hooded coat that fell under his knees, vest, button-up shirt, and tie underneath, steal-tipped boots and silk gloves. His face was covered entirely in a black cloth, save for a white half-mask that covered his right eye. Wherever he stared, it seemed to be at you.
When he spoke, his voice was soft, barely there, ghost-like. However quiet, you have no trouble hearing him as he makes you an offer.

Dr. Apocalypse:

After a long night, you return home. The door was already open, and the light in your bedroom was on.
Should you walk in, you see nobody, no sign of disturbance aside from the light switch.
Then a finger taps you on the back.
Turning around, you see him, the Black Phantom, the first supposed hero to combat you on your old schemes. Last time he was so close, you were both at each others' necks. Last time you saw him in general, he was testifying against you.
Long time, Doctor. He said after whatever reaction you might have. I was beginning to miss you. How is the straight-and-narrow path going for you?
He walks around you and enters the room. Was beginning to miss you. You were truly exceptional as a foe. I'd punch you, you'd trap me, I'd escape, I'd punch you, you'd trap me, you'd escape. It was quite the dance. I miss it. Sometime I'd look back and reminisce. You hear him laugh a bit, the first time to your memory that he did such. I don't think you're... done, though.
He hums. An expression from him you're more familiar with.
I'm forming a team. Said the Phantom. Perfect for you. Unorthodox. You'd... like them, I think.
Then he does something completely unexpected, raising his arm and coughing into his sleeve. This was the most human gesture you've ever seen from him. I don't expect you to take me up on my offer. I'm just... curious. You said you want to change, and I want to believe it. He leaves, clapping his hand on your shoulder. The New Masquerade meets up on the 24th, midnight, at the ECPD. Go through the back, there will be officers waiting for you to usher you to our base of operations. Show up, or don't. Your choice to make, Doctor. He walked out your front door and said. Be seeing you, Doctor.


Walking home from school, you see something horribly familiar in one of the alleys.
There was a monster that fit your recollections of the beast you turned into. An arrow pointing into the Alley, and red letters spelling out Ravager.
In the Alley, as you pass by, is face peering at you that is familiar to anyone who's spent enough time in Eden City.
The Black Phantom hides behind the dumpster. As you take a few hesitant steps, you hear his voice speak to you in perfect Japanese.
Masumi-San. He said, not yet showing himself. You've caused quite a bit of a stir out there. I'm impressed.
You creep closer to him, and there he is, leaning against the alley-wall.
You want to learn to control that friend of yours? He asked, his tone was cordial, if a bit neutral. You want to aim it at the bad guys?
He leans further against the wall, as if he was putting his weight against it as part of a necessity. You've heard of the Masquerade, right? Formed in 1935, dissolved in 1950, one of the first great superhero teams. He tilted his head at you. There's going to be a new one. I think you would make addition. Midnight, on the 24th, the members I've selected will meet behind the ECPD. I'd like to see you there. It could be good for you. Both of you.
He gestures his head forward, you follow it, and the second you look back, he's not there any more.

The Darkstorm:

You followed the scum, so close, but he managed to evade you thus far. He rabbited behind the local nightclub, the Black Adder.
Though when you finally caught up to him, he was already knocked out-cold in a rain-puddle, the famous Black Phantom adjusting his tie above the body.
Good job. You heard him say. You got... most of them. He tapped his foot against the side of the man. Don't worry, he's still breathing. I've just adjusted the shape of his nose. He looked to you, you see his chest take in a deep inhale, then an exhale. He didn't do so much as move for a second or two.
Darkstorm... Darkstorm... Good name. A bit nineties, though I'm not one to talk. Black Phantom... That was a unique name in the thirties. He nods at you. You want to be a big-name superhero? Attend meetings in the Hall with Superman and Stark?
He paused. Do you want to revive the Masquerade? He asked. I'm starting up a reformation of sorts for the old team. You belong there, and I think you know it. Midnight, the 24th, at the back of the ECPD, if you want come then and there, and you'll see the rest of the team, and you'll see yourself on a path towards the history books, if not the comic shelves.
He turns his back and walks away. I'll let you clean this mess up. See you later.


Walking into your trailer, the first thing wrong you notice is that the door wasn't locked. The next thing was that there was a cloaked vigilante sitting in your seat.
Good show. He said, not turning his head to look at you. I give it two thumbs up, a standing ovation. You work well as an ensemble, I think. He stands and turns to you. He rises slowly, gripping hard onto the armrests of the chair as he does so. Would you like a new one? You can keep the costume. In fact, your costume will be a perquisite.
Hm... that's no regular circus costume, is it? He mused. You have great potential there. Our troupe is meeting in the back of the ECPD at midnight on the 24th. Fame, fortune and the like will follow. We might even get our own comic series. The Black Phantom and the New Masquerade, I can picture it now... He shook his head. My comic's not up to my liking, at the present. The current plot line is stretching my patience with the character.
He walked past you. If you're ready for the real limelight, show up.


Your dorm room was empty. There was a white rose on your bed, attached to it was a small note written in flowery cursive.
Dear Meta-Human Atsuko.
Please open the window, it's cold outside.

Then you hear a tap, and none other than the black Phantom was on your window-sill.
When you open it, he sits himself on the window, grunting, straightening a stiff back.
I was out there for about an hour. I thought you'd be here earlier. What were you up to? He shakes his head. Regardless, I've noticed you have a... gift. You haven't been doing all that great a job at hiding it, but that just makes my job here easier. On the 24th, midnight, I will have a gathering behind the ECPD. From there, the New Masquerade will form. There's a lot of great potential in Eden nowadays. Young folks like you only just starting to show what they're capable of. You can make quite the difference if you choose to. And I get the hunch you want to.
He gets up and turned towards the window. I'm going to jump out the window now. I'm going to see you at the ECPD, right?
He leapt. You don't hear the impact, and you don't see him on the ground.


Thoughtform was a unique case. The Phantom wasn't so much looking for him, as did the being find the Phantom, with his arrival, came a plea.
Your past. The Phantom said, observing the being intently. You think I'm a part of it? That I can help you... find it? He hummed. I'm not sure if you can understand me completely, but I'll help you, on one condition. If you can understand me, I'm going to ask you a favor. You seem capable of... something. Perhaps something useful. I'll tell you where and when I want to see you next, then you'll come and hear me out, meet new people. Sound good?
He waited for a reply.
Good, here we go.


On your walk home, as you pass and alley, an unseen force tugs at your sleeve. That tug soon turns into a yank, which soon turns into you being held against the alley-wall.
Felix Cabricornius, what a stroke of luck that I would find you here, eh? Heheh. The Black Phantom said, inches from your face. He let go, then brushed the dust from your shoulders. You could run, but it didn't look like the man was going to try anything on you.
Now, I've had my eye on you for quite a while. You're looking for something. What a coincidence, I'm looking for something, too. I think we could scratch each other's backs here, how about you?
[/b]I'm forming a team, a New Masquerade, they will meet on the 24th, midnight, behind the ECPD. Your interests, I've noticed, might align with ours should we work separately, so I suggest a partnership. You keep those... things you're searching for, and I make use of your unique services?[/b] He stepped away, you notice him straighten out his back, and you hear a pop. I'll see you soon, I think.


Late at night in the Embassy, you get the most unusual of visitors. The Black Phantom, vigilante of the night, actually comes walking through your door.
Hello there. He said cordially, bowing slowly. Honor is mine, I'm sure. He stepped to your desk, leaning heavily on it and grunting. Two things, your secretary could use a raise, she's a real sweet lady, and second, I have an offer for you to protect a country you owe absolutely nothing to.
He hummed.
Well, one country for starters. If things go well, and we could go global. See, a New Masquerade is forming. You have abilities vital to it. And if it helps your consideration, I'm not American, either.
He placed a file on your desk. Everything you need to know is in there. Time, place, chicken or fish. I hope you consider it. Royalty is good for publicity. He pushed himself away from the desk and waved goodbye. Pleasure meeting you, Tau.


You were on your last spoonful of catfood. It was always a shame that moments like these never lasted.
You hear a knock on the door.
Delivery. You hear. Fancy Feast.
Your curiosity is piqued.
Opening the door, indeed, the first thing you notice is a package of catfood cans, then, probably due to your relative in-familiarity to earth customs and fashions, you notice that the deliveryman was not dressed what most would call normal.
Alright, so I lied a bit. He said, first handing you the goods. I'm actually a talent scout, and you've caught my eye. I know for a fact that A. You don't have a cat. The darkly-dressed man said. And B. you're not human. That's alright, though. I know quite a few aliens. They're all on superhero teams, so here I was thinking, the New Masquerade needs it's token alien. Who better than you? I want to acquire your services for a team of men and women out to change this world, what do you say? There will be more of that... food where that comes from. We meet at midnight, outside the ECPD. He steps away, closing the door behind him.

It's finally midnight. When you arrive at the back parking lot, there's a redheaded woman of about forty there to meet you.
So you're here for the New Masquerade, then? She asked, eying you. The Phantom sure knows how to pick 'em. Well, come on in.
She leads you through the back door, through a short hallway, then a locked door to a janitor's closet. She moves a health-and-safety plaque to reveal a button she presses. The room starts moving, like an elevator, then the moment it stops, a sliding door opens to reveal the Phantom's HQ.
A few of you sure didn't know what to expect from the Phantom's lair. But whatever was in your head, it probably wasn't what you're looking at now.
It looked more like a sport's bar than a lair, complete with an actual bar to make actual drinks. There was a fridge, a coffee machine, and a large table with various snacks and drinks in the center, in addition to a can or two of cat food. There was a flat-screen television on the wall, and a quality set of speakers currently playing Queen's You Are My Best Friend.
On the wall hung pictures of the Phantom buddying up with other heroes, the biggest of them was of the original Masquerade. There were four glass cases. Three were empty, but the other had within it a simplistic black costume and a domino mask fitted for a young teenager. The Phantom's original costume.
The woman sighs. Well, I'm to leave you here before the Phantom and his two side-kicks arrive. They insisted you'd all get to know each other before he arrived. She left back up the elevator.


She was as she typically is, rather then using the Initializer. Nothing fancy, with the jeans and the T shirt featuring some weird J-pop band's name, Masumi really did seem to be just a normal girl right now. On her face, she wore a dustmask and some swimming goggles, more to hide her identity then to install herself as some sort of hero. She even had her backpack, though all that was inside right now was the device she used to transform.

"So..." She started, out of the blue. "Heroes, huh? That's cool."

PL 10 | Toughness: 2 (10) - Penalties: 0 | Dodge: 6, Parry: 0, Fortitude: 2, Will: 10 | Initiative: +4, Perception: +12 | Hero Points: 2 |

Atsuko looked around, a bit curious. Unlike some people, she didn't have what were still colloquially referred to as 'costumes' (really, 'uniform' was more appropriate, but hey), and she was dressed in a simply white shirt, a skirt that went a bit past her knees, and a pair of small earrings. She'd never seen the point of putting on one of the fancier outfits, to be honest. With modern technology, uncovering identities was easy, so she intended to be a public figure... and just go public in the most positive way she could.


Thoughtform had to catch up to the elevator as he found himself passing through the roof, his thoughts distant... confused. He just wished he knew what was going on; everything was strange, and his thoughts were muddled, disjointed, clouded.

<Stop resisting. Accept what is.>

The damn voice again! He shoves it away, blocks his ears--at least he would if he had any--and feels it retreat... but not far enough. There it is, lurking in the back of his mind... waiting. He wasn't going to let it get him.

The roiling blob of thought and emotion floats out of the elevator, past the others... the man, he had said he would help, and he knew he needed it damn it! Even him, he was tauntingly familiar but he didn't know why only... only that he could trust him.

He soon finds himself floating, bobbing slightly in front of the filled case. Yes! The suit! He almost had it now...

Just a reminder to anyone that hasn't read Thoughtform's sheet, he is invisible and intangible and if he passes through anyone (or vice versa) they will feel a momentary surge of vertigo, so anyone can feel free to have that happen to their character if they'd like. He's a little... unstable at the moment and very distracted :p still struggling to come to grips with himself.


The girl sways, as she feels her entire world go turvy topsy for a brief moment. It doesn't take much longer until she's forced to swing her arms out in some sort of measure to steady herself, or catch her fall. She then proceeds to fall over backwards rather then forward, as she predicted. "Urgh... Did anyone else feel that earthquake, or was it just me...?" She manages to get out from her newfound home on the floor.

Doctor Apocalypse enters, wearing his usual lab coat and goggles. Seeing the ladies, he bows and addresses them in Japanese, "Pleased to meet you, Doctor Apocalypse at your service." It's then that he feels the slight touch of something. He shakes his head and looks around. Switching to English, he addresses a point in midair, "Hello there." He explains, "We appear to have an invisible guest. A psionic entity of some sort."

He's using his variable neurology to enhance his presence. His skills are set to Japanese, +8 persuasion, +8 insight. When he feels the vertigo, his adaptive biology adds penetrates concealment to his touchsense.

"What? Really?"

Felix sits up in his chair and looks around, trying to see what can't be seen. Unsuccessful, he slouches in his chair again, a bit bored with the current proceedings. He places a hand over his mouth as he fails to suppress a yawn.

Benjamin Franklin's Bifocals would have been pretty handy right about now...

Another of the items that he had to eventual track down. But if the Phantom was good at pinning him down, maybe he could help him on his little treasure hunt.

Luckily, one of the artifacts he did retain ownership of was a Ring of Babel, constructed from stones used in the original tower of Babel. Thus, Felix could follow along no matter how many languages the unusual mad-scientist-looking man switched too.

"Heroes," he mused, picking off Masumi's comment. "I guess that's a word for it."


Thoughtform doesn't even notice as he brushes through the goggle-wearing girl, lost in his own world as he drifts towards the suit and idles in place.

<They're talking to us>

He snarls, the formerly peaceful cloudy orb swirling violently for a moment before settling down as Simon realizes what the voice was talking about, feeling the gaze of at least one person in the room on him. It was somewhat unnerving to have someone actually address him.

He 'stares' in puzzlement at the stereotypical 'mad scientist' for a moment as he tries to remember how he had spoken to the Phantom before he feels his sense of those around him dull somewhat as a... connection of some kind is established with the figure.

'What? What did you say?' his voice appears in Dr Apocalypse's head, and it is... a surprisingly normal voice for a floating ball of mental energy; male, strong but slightly crackly as he demands an answer.

I've set up a default arrangement for his mental senses array (see profile for details) but suffice to say he normally has a basic level of empathy, mental awareness and mental detection up. Switching the 4 ranks in detect minds to 1 rankin mental communication.


Axel was a bit hesitant. But he shook his head and walked in. Smiles all the way. Knee length shorts. A shirt that seemed to have been warn a few too many times.

"Greetings! Salutations! Bonjour! Konichiwa! Gooten dacht! And all that! Surprised to see me? Trust me, I was too!" he goes to each and shakes their hand.

"My name is Axel. Just so you know. And no. Autographs are extra!"

Young man. Or old teenager. How ever you wanted to look at it. Hair seemed as if it bately had been combed before he arrived. As if it touched the comb and recoiled in shock. He began moving about the place. Ooooo. And aaahs. As he looked at the objects and relics of days past

"Fancy crib. Isnt it"

well. Off to work...

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Human PL 10 | Toughness +11 | Dodge 9 | Parry 9| Willpower 11 | Fortitude 7|

Darkstorm looked around the room silently.

Neat crowd, lets see I think I saw that one on trial, two of them are Japanese girls... and as anime has taught me they probably have stranger powers than I do, one is in, well a pretty neat outfit, if a bit... clown like. One who seems more normal than anyone else here... and an apparent entity that I cannot see... There is also that guy in a trench coat and some kind of suit. And is that my boss?

He almost laughed when he was thinking this. He floated over to the one person in the room who appeared to be the average one. Hi Felix

Hello, he said, So the phantom really went all out on bringing together a group. Whats you stick?

He smiled hoping the man got his 30's gangster bit at the end.

The Black Phantom sure has a way of getting people together. Hopefully this doesn't take to long, I still have to finish that paper

The Doctor will acknowledge the others with nods and waves, but focuses on the point in space. He will stay in English now. "I said hello. Do you have a name? Is that your only form?"

He does turn his head quickly to one comment. "Oh no, my boy, they're included." He'll whip out a notepad and quickly sign,


To Axel,

Be a good boy now.

Apocalypse Rex, Emperor of Luna, Protector of Mars (in exile)


The connection remains but is silent for a moment, the cloudy form churning gently.

Of course I have a name. he snaps back to the former villain.

<Be calm. Noone here means us harm. Can't you feel that?>

The insufferable voice interjects again and Simon grumpily wishes he had arms still so that he could cross them. He could feel the emotions whirling around the room though, curiosity, amusement, nervousness, excitement, impatience, but no hostility, none except his own agitation clouding up the air like a bad smell.

Hmmph. Yes this is me, you can call me...

The name eluded him... something sibilant, short and sweet.

<Thoughtform. That is what we are.>

That's not a name! Bah! Fine! Thoughtform. he thinks 'aloud'

Oh, should probably also point out that anyone Thoughtform talks to mentally will hear him in whatever their native tongue is or whatever language they most identify with. This will not be the case when he starts maintaining an illusory presence, but he's not there yet.

| Dodge 13 | Parry 13 | Toughness 7 | Fortitude 9 | Will 7 | | Hero Points 1 | Condition: Normal
Variable Configuration wrote:
Senses 3 (Acute: (Scent), Low-light Vision, Tracking: (Scent) 1: -1 speed rank), Speed 3, Leaping 3 (Alternate), Enhanced Trait 3 (Advantages: Improved Critical 2 (Unarmed), Improved Trip)

Tau sighed as he reviewed the economic impact reports concerning the latest trade negotiations with the United States. The new amendments made by the U.S. Trade Department needed to be reviewed, so he had cancelled his dinner plans with Ms. Cruz, as much as it displeased him, duties of state must always come first. He had been surprised when his heightened senses had picked up the scent of Thai, Sophia had walked right past his secretary and brought him dinner.

He raised an eyebrow as she sat at his desk, she smiled and responded. "Tariq did try to stop me, but the man loves the Eden Atom's and I happened to have two court side tickets. You should really send Afia home, it's late ..."

He smiled, responded in a soft voice, "You bribed a member of my security detail Ms. Cruz? Shall I have you brought up on charges, you are after all, trespassing on our sovereign Bangallan soil."

She chuckled, leaned forward and planted a kiss against his smooth cheek, "Just bringing you some dinner, I am after all your humble servant." Sophia paused, a smirk crept across her face, "Though your highness can make it up to me, Natalia Balan's Romantika tour is going to be at Eden City Hall in two weeks. Very exclusive, very expensive, perhaps the financial cost of the engagement will assuage any guilt you feel over cancelling dinner tonight."

He looked up at her from his desk, the soft light framing her perfect face. He made a mental note to secure a private box for the Ballet, "Perhaps."

With a playful pout she spoke, "I've an emergency meeting of the board tomorrow morning, so your humble servant must bid adieu."

He rose from his desk, and stepped to her, wrapping her in his powerful arms, a finger gently traced the curve of her cheek, to her neck where he fingered the small jade pendent he had gifted her with while she recovered in the hospital some months ago. "Be safe."

She turned, smiling behind the rising heat in her cheeks and walked from his office. Tau turned back towards his desk and the evenings work, as he sat down he hit the intercom to the Embassy's security office, "Tariq, Ms. Cruz is leaving and heading back to her loft. See that a two man detail ensures her safety, discretion is of the utmost import."

"As you say my Prince."

Mere moments later, his work was interrupted in a most peculiar manner.

Black Phantom wrote:
"Hello there. He said cordially, bowing slowly. Honor is mine, I'm sure." He stepped to your desk, leaning heavily on it and grunting. "Two things, your secretary could use a raise, she's a real sweet lady, and second, I have an offer for you to protect a country you owe absolutely nothing to."

He considered the man before him, he, of course knew of the Phantom, and his exploits. A feral rising in his breast, he stood up, the two men circling the desk warily. "Odd. You are the second to say so this very evening. Afia is nothing if not loyal, I shall ensure that her salary receives a commensurate bonus."

He gathered the file that Phantom had dropped on the desk, began flipping, memorizing the information contained therein. As the man pushed off of the giant mahogoney desk and turned to leave Prince Abioye-Imari spoke.

"Your reputation precedes you, as such I shall give your proposal due consideration."


A limousine with diplomatic plates arrived at the parking lot at exactly midnight, Prince Tau Abioye-Imari stepped out of the car, clothed in a custom tailored suit from the most exclusive shop in Eden City, shark skin grey, brown shoes, Italian leather, clicked as he walked across the pavement.

Around the perimeter was Tariq and a small detail, observing their Prince, aware of the meeting, watching, waiting. "All clear my Prince, one contact, woman, middle age. Several others approaching the perimeter, one of peculiar interest. Collating background checks as we speak."

"Thank you my friend, spirits watch over you." He listened as the information was relayed over his ear bud. "Interesting." he muttered to himself.

He approached the group cautiously, his movements graceful, belying the power that was coiled in his muscles. "Ladies," he nodded his head to the two women, "Gentlemen." With a pointed motion, he turned towards Dr. Apocalypse, "Doctor. Your reputation precedes you, as you are here without an armed task force, I can only assume that your rehabilitation is progressing well?"

OOC wrote:

I am assuming that Dr. Apocolypse once tried to raid Bangalla for it's M'bari crystal technology, but was prevented from doing so by the mix of High Tech & Shamanic traditions within the country, as well as a confrontation with Tau's father, the White Lion, who has since died.

With the Acute modifier on Tau's scent he will be able to identify individuals by scent alone. Which means that Phantom's stealth won't conceal him, unless his suit has concealment vs Olfactory or something as well. Also, Dr. Apoc's Penetrates Concealment still won't allow him to identify Thoughtform, as he is Insubstantial to Touch, not Concealed from it.

PL 10 | Toughness: 2 (10) - Penalties: 0 | Dodge: 6, Parry: 0, Fortitude: 2, Will: 10 | Initiative: +4, Perception: +12 | Hero Points: 2 |

Atsuko blinked a few times as she looked directly at the entity calling itself 'Thoughtform'. So, it really wasn't physical, then...? It was hard for her to tell, sometimes, because her eyes could see practically anything that tried to hide from her. There'd been this one time she was at a bank and said hello to a small-time villain who thought he'd been invisible, and-


Look, what happened after that hadn't been her fault, all right? And they were insured.

Human PL 10 | Toughness +11 | Dodge 9 | Parry 9| Willpower 11 | Fortitude 7|
Tau, the Totem Spirit wrote:

OOC wrote:

I am assuming that Dr. Apocolypse once tried to raid Bangalla for it's M'bari crystal technology, but was prevented from doing so by the mix of High Tech & Shamanic traditions within the country, as well as a confrontation with Tau's father, the White Lion, who has since died.
With the Acute modifier on Tau's scent he will be able to identify individuals by scent alone. Which means that Phantom's stealth won't conceal him, unless his suit has concealment vs Olfactory or something as well. Also, Dr. Apoc's Penetrates Concealment still won't allow him to identify Thoughtform, as he is Insubstantial to Touch, not Concealed from it.

Darkstorm pauses as Tau enters the building. Hey Boss, sorry I didn't put hero on my resume for the internship

"Ah, Prince Abioye-Imari. An interesting choice to have two royals on the team. Though I expect that we will be dispensing with titles and working more collaboratively."

Then he would have the penetrates concealment on vision. As for the crystal, the white Lion did defeat Dr. apocalypse and it was thought that he escaped with nothing, a small package would have arrived for the prince. It had one flawed crystal that had been discarded in cutting. With it was a note, "Interesting specimen."


She starts to sit up, and looks over to Tau. "Prince?" He didn't exactly fit her mental description of what a prince looked like, but a part of her mind relents that movies were likely to give false impressions. If he really was a prince, then, well... "A-ah, I don't normally dress like this, I actually some really nice clothes, this is just a one time thing!" She blurts out, trying to give some impression that she wasn't in fact a slob with no thoughts regarding her outfit.

At the back of her mind though, she does find herself wondering about the weird invisible creature. She couldn't see it as she was now, but maybe if she were to... No, no, she had to keep her curiosity to herself for now. Talking with others was hard enough as it was, but communication would become impossible if she used the Initializer. "Ah, uhm... I'm Masumi. I never thought I'd get to see a prince before!

The Darkstorm wrote:

Darkstorm looked around the room silently.

Hello, he said, So the phantom really went all out on bringing together a group. Whats you stick?


Felix paused, thinking of a suitable answer. He amuses himself, flipping a coin in hand repeatedly. Not bothering to look at the result, just flip, land, repeat.

Perception: Decent score I guess?:
You notice that for the last twenty or so flips, the coin has always landed heads side up.

"Well I'm pretty decent at finding opportunity I guess."

He smiled at the young man in a friendly manner.

"Though it would be more accurate to say opportunity usually finds me."

| Dodge 13 | Parry 13 | Toughness 7 | Fortitude 9 | Will 7 | | Hero Points 1 | Condition: Normal
Variable Configuration wrote:
Senses 3 (Acute: (Scent), Low-light Vision, Tracking: (Scent) 1: -1 speed rank), Speed 3, Leaping 3 (Alternate), Enhanced Trait 3 (Advantages: Improved Critical 2 (Unarmed), Improved Trip)

He looked around the dimly illuminated pub, from which it appeared the Phantom operated. The hero, who he knew as Darkstorm, smelled familiar, his scent reminded him of one of the interns who worked at the Rhodes Foundation. He nodded his greetings to the young man, and made mental note to ask Sophia about her newest intern.

He smiled at the Doctor, remembering his father's ploy that culminated in the man thinking he had acquired the true M'bari crystals. "Doctor, it appears, should this venture prove to be legitimate, that we will be in a position to aid one another. I feel it's long since time for you to apply that intellect to solving global issues rather than creating them."

He walked to the kitchen area and began a kettle of water, as Masumi stammered out her greeting, he nodded in her direction, "The circumstances of a man's birth are hardly notable, do not judge me, or yourself, due to the clothes we choose to wear, judge rather by action and deed. The fact that you are here, willing to offer aid to a stranger says more about your character than the title I have been born to." He paused, looked around at the assembled crowd, "Tea?"

Tucking away an armload of the delivered Fancy Feast into a tactical backpack, Mk'voryal threw it over his shoulder before heading to the designated location.

A team that wants to change the world? I hope they mean to change it for the better... Or else this could become - as humans call it - "awkward."

The promise of more substance and a desire to honour his duty of protecting mankind would be more than enough to lure the diligent alien to The Phantom's lair. Activating his invisibility as he left his compound, Mick heads toward the meet-up.

* * *

Inspecting the lair upon arrival, his sights are engaged upon the stray cans of cat food on the table. Without hesitation, he heads towards them and takes a seat, helping himself to a snack that he didn't even care was left for him or not. It had been more than 30 minutes since his last helping and he needed more! His combat helmet would slid from his mouth allowing him to partake in the fanciest of feasts.

Looking around at the various others around the room, he didn't feel like any would be threat - they all seemed benevolent enough. Perhaps this really would be an organization to help the world!

The one without form is invisible.. Much like I can be.. Perhaps he experiences what the humans call "shyness." Mick thinks to himself as he finishes his can. Lower the mouth piece back down, he adjusts his gear and approaches Thoughform in the most attempted-casual approach he has ever forced before asking, "You are like me - we can hide our selves with cloaking.. Are you what humans call "shy?" His voice is rasp and deep, but soft, spoken as if he is still trying to remain hidden.


"Ah, uh, I suppose that might make sense." The girl get's up in full, taking off her backpack and choosing to hold it by the handle. She looks around for somewhere to sit down so she wouldn't be a massive bother to anyone, while also taking a look at the assembled crowd. None of them actually look that familiar to her, except the guy who just shoved a can of catfood down his gullet. Kinda gross, but alright. He matched a general description of an alien hero she fought beside once. Or more like, they shot at the criminal while she attempted to remove the criminal's face.

The young girl suddenly blurts out in response to the princes question, after being lost in her own thoughts, "Oh, uh... yeah sure, that could be nice."

"I'll take a cup."

He laughs at that, "You are mistaken. I was working towards solving global issues. The problem was that I was not willing to compromise my solutions despite most people not understanding them. But now I am satisfied with working on smaller, but still significant, issues. In a way that respects the opinions of others."

As he feels the newcomer enter, he'll bow. "And greetings to you as well."

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Darkstorm nodded noting that Felix continued to get heads. I'll pass on the tea, sir. Not much of a heavy caffeine junkie. At least not yet.

This is going to be fun. Why did I come here anyway? I have the internship to worry about... and the paper that is due tomorrow. Maybe I should ask about paper, see if I cant hand write it. now to remember what I had to write about.

Are you the guy they had had no idea committed some crimes? Could have sworn I saw you in the news. he said turning to the doctor, recalling he had to write about a famous criminal. Why did I have to take criminal history as an elective?

Darkstorm moved to the bar, examining the snacks. Spotting a root beer, he smiled and opened it. He turned back to the group, listening to them.

He bows, "I am indeed. Acquitted on account of abnormal brain development. Organic insanity. And now choosing to help others." He will take the offered tea with a nod of thanks.

Human PL 10 | Toughness +11 | Dodge 9 | Parry 9| Willpower 11 | Fortitude 7|

Interesting choice of career change, Darkstorm replies taking a sip of root beer.

So while we wait for our host, who is up for some party games? or the pre school getting to know eachother games? Am I the only one who feels like some of this should be explained?

"I thought I recognized you."

Felix puts down his cup and makes his way over to Dr. Apocalypse.

"Some pretty impressive stuff. Some horrible stuff as well, to be honest, but very impressive nonetheless. Think I can I get a trip to your moonbase? Is that still up there?"


She looks over towards the good(bad?) doctor, and finds that she... has no idea who he is. She decides to the voice this. "I really have no idea who that guy is. Some sorta famous American astronaut maybe?" It's only moments after that she realizes voicing it like he wasn't even there may be a bad call.


"Im in the mood for pizza! Who else?! Seriously. Im hungry. Its past 12, im still awake. And there is no food. Or burgers. Or pizza burgers!" he pipes up after going through everything

well. It is not to far from 12am here. Will catch up in the morning. Also. Family came over tonight. Hence my absence

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Thoughtform lets out a soft Harumph before terminating the connection with the doctor as he gets distracted by more new arrivals. Now that he notices the others however he starts to pay some attention to them, though most of the conversations seem rather frivolous...

When the invisible alien sidles up to him he shifts his focus once more, staring eyelessly at the fellow who seems to be addressing the empty air several feet away. I'm not shy, this is just what I am now. his tone is distinctly grumpy as it sounds in Mick's head. What in the 7 hells are you anyway? You feel... weird.

Mick can't actually see him right? Doesn't seem to have penetrates concealment. You going to put your character info in the alias' profile? Had to go looking through the recruitment thread for it :p

"Sadly, they destroyed every inch of my moonbase. They didn't want to risk missing any hidden devices. They also blocked the webpage where I was accepting applications for citizenship." He replies to the young man. To Masumi, he nods, "Oh, I used to be a supervillain. The 'dominate the world for the betterment of mankind' type. but I've gotten over that."

He will then address the group, "By the way our unseen psionic entity calls themself Thoughtform."

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Atsuko's gaze moved over towards Dr. Apocalypse as he spoke. He... definitely didn't sound like hero material... but what was righteousness about if it didn't include giving second chances to people who deserved it? (Of course, there were a lot of arguments about who deserved what. She mostly tried to stay out of that sort of discussion.)

| Dodge 13 | Parry 13 | Toughness 7 | Fortitude 9 | Will 7 | | Hero Points 1 | Condition: Normal
Variable Configuration wrote:
Senses 3[b] (Acute: (Scent), Low-light Vision, Tracking: (Scent) 1: -1 speed rank), [b]Speed 3, Leaping 3 (Alternate), Enhanced Trait 3 (Advantages: Improved Critical 2 (Unarmed), Improved Trip)

Tau prepared the tea service with a practiced hand, arranging the cups, the tea pot, sugar and milk just so. He walked over to the assembled group, edging around the unpleasant feeling that surrounding the psionic entity, and placed the tray on the table with a steady hand.

"Well Doctor, I for one am pleased that this new change in outlook allows us to work side by side, rather than at odds." He lowered himself to a chair and brought the still steaming cup of tea to his face contemplatively.

He looked towards the Clown in their midst, and spoke quietly, "Just had a light dinner at the Embassy I am afraid, but please, I can have my detail allow your delivery to pass the perimeter should you wish to order." With a smooth motion he passed the lithe young man his cellphone. "As our friend, Darkstorm, mentioned, perhaps some introductions are in order. I am Prince Tau Abioye-Imari, of the nation of Bangalla. A champion to my people, and blessed by the spirits who have kept them safe. We know of the Doctor, his past exploits, and his current outlook," he looked towards the others, "the rest of you are unknowns to me. Our host will soon join us with his proposition, but I would know first of those he deems worthy to carry the mantle of the Masquerade."


"Supervillian? Huh." News to her, but she supposed that not all the big time villians get their exploits told literally everywhere. Since they seem to know him as one, seems to safe to say he was one. Perhaps she can look him up online later. "I'm uh... Thinking that maybe you should meet her later. I could go for some pizza though." She fiddles with the backpack in hand, feeling the Initializer's weight. By now, she was starting to think if it was a good idea to come mostly as herself. Hell, even giving her name out like that was probably pretty stupid. But at least they can't see her entire face, for now.


The elavator door opened, in it, along with the redheaded officer, was The Black Phantom, and two more at his side. The first was a young woman in blue, her lower face unmasked, her eyes covered in an azure opera-mask. Her hair was blue, adorned with a musketeer's hat. The rest of her outfit played with the musketeer theme, all colored various shades of blue. The Blue Banshee, the only powered member of the Phantom Family.
The second was a man dressed closer to the Phantom, albeit close to a head shorter and dressed entirely in white. The White Wraith. Famous for being the Phantom's first crime-fighting partner in the span of almost twenty years.
The Phantom stared quietly at the group, then muttered to himself in distaste, Tea drinkers.
He shook his head, each of them, including the officer, taking empty spots by the table. Famiiliar with each other? He asked. You've all met me.
The Wraith raised his hand in greeting to the table. A young voice came out. Pleasure to meet you all.
Ditto. Said the Banshee, flashing a peace sign.
If you people have any questions, now would be the time to ask them. The officer said.
Comissionor Lindsay is right. The Phantom said. We're going to be diving headfirst into a lot right now, better start with a few questions.


Phantom feels the same mental presence as Thoughtform's voice slips into his head. What is this? You told me to come here and you'd help me. Who are all these people? I... I need to find them... my family. I can't... he trails off but the Phantom would be able to feel his agitation, and those who could see into his plane of reality would see the ball swirl and cycle through several different colors. Who am I? Why do I remember... mud, blood, the sounds of gunfire and... that suit!


"Uhm, well, assuming I wasn't some unique case... how'd you know where to find all of us? And er, who we were?" She tilts her glass around in her hands, swirling the liquid. "And tea's very good, you know! And er, I'm sure I'm not old enough for that actual stuff. Yeah." Smooth as ever, she thinks in her head.

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Jaster Kite wrote:

The Phantom stared quietly at the group, then muttered to himself in distaste, Tea drinkers.

Are you talking about me? Darkstorm said taking yet another sip of root beer. Im still a bit young for the heavy stuff, but nothing can beat root beer.

Darkstorm sighs, and flies over to Masumi from the bar, holding a can of cat food. He sits next to her, as if not noticing her at first. So who does this go to? Come on don't be shy, none of us are here because we are perfectly normal. Plus based on what happened where I... erm am most of the time... ah heck, I can't really not trust you guys when the Phantom himself is here. The college I go to is very weird, and people do strange things. Heck we apparently have some guy floating around. Who I would definitely like to meet.

He puts the can down beside him, and takes another sip of root beer. As far as I know the Phantom brought you guys here to be heroes the same with me.

Im just talking to hear myself at this point aren't I

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Atsuko waited patiently. She wanted to know more about this situation before deciding on what questions she would or wouldn't be asking. She could always just leave if she didn't like what she heard.

"Hey, its not like tea is the only thing in here."

Though Felix was only 20, as he had traveled the world, been shot at, and gone toe to toe with several meta-humans, he felt that it wouldn't hurt to drink a bit here and there. For that purpose, he kept a little flask in Saint Nick's Magic Bag to take the edge off. Being in the same room as a former super-villain, a royal, some kind of mysterious invisible entity, this probably qualified for situations to calm down in.

"But I do have a question for you. Why are we here? You trying to form a team or something? And if the answer to that last question is yes, is it wise to threaten a future team member to attending this little gathering?"

Felix is alluding to their first meeting where the Phantom was very rough with Felix, still a bit irritated at being treated like a truant of sorts.


"oh. An adventure. Excitement. Thrills. Adrenaline. Fight for your life kind of thing? Im in. Who else? Aaaaaaanywho. So. Mr Shadow person. Seem you gathered quite the menagerie here. Eager to see how it will pan out" he sais with a grin

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"Oh, what's a little threat among friends?" he says, "After all, I've been threatened by some of the best heroes."


I told you there would be guests, Thoughtform. Meet new people, and all. The Phantom said, staring down at the table as he spoke. These men and women might be able to find all of your answers, in due time. In the meantime, I'm trying to piece together the puzzle from what you've already told me.
His gaze turns to Masumi. Masumi, Eden and I, we're one and the same. I know everything that happens here. An... alien being lurching through the night, makes quite the impression.
He's exaggerating. The Banshee said. It took weeks of planning and investigating for all three of us to find you all.
[/b]...Thanks... Banshee.[/b]
Oh, the thing about the Phantom is that he believes tea is an inferior substitute for coffee. Said the Wraith. It's a... vigilante thing. We practically live on coffee thanks to our unusual work-hours. The Phantom's a total addict. He drank five cups of coffee before coming here.
Mmm... Root Beer. Hummed the Banshee. Don't worry bud, we're all listening.
Threaten you? The Phantom hummed.
Dammit, I knew he was going to pull that on at least one of you. Officer Lindsay said.
Felix, I've lived a long while, and acquired a great deal of things. Recently, I've had a few of those go missing. I was... testing you. You would have ran if it was you. You hear him laugh. Don't worry though, I still think you're involved, knowingly or not, so you're not off the hook, just yet. Some of my best friends I've threatened to kill already.
I can attest to that. The Wraith said, raising his hand.
I'm eager too, Axel. The Phantom said. I'm practically giddy with excitement. He said in complete deadpan.
Speaking of which, Doctor. I see that your nose has regained it's original shape. Good for you.


"Is he always this serious? Must be quite the drag... Hmmm, worrysome. This kind of work gets dark real quickly. If you can't see humor in this world, you will soon see nothing else but sadness..."
he shakes his head

"To business then?"

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Business seems fun, lighten up jester.


The scent of what was in her mind, a medicine flavored drink, finally got to her due to Darkstorms proximity. Her nose scrunched up, and she felt glad that her mask was preventing the bulk of it as she moved away. "So what do you even want us to do? Just like... Punch bad guys or something?"


"Call me Axel, Jester is his name, not mine." he grins

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Atsuko tilted her head as she considered Masumi's words. "Violence should probably be a last resort, and only to help stop a threat that can't be dealt with any other way." she noted quietly. Not that she was very good at hitting people. Her preferred method of combat involved teleportation and mental assaults, but hey, lawsuits were still a thing. She didn't want to get thrown into superhero jail just because she'd tried to help someone and made a mistake...

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Axel Black wrote:
"Call me Axel, Jester is his name, not mine." he grins

Alright then, Axel. Darkstorm said before turning toward Atsuko.

How many people listen when you DON'T hit them?

"Absolutely. We should endeavor to avoid a body count." He says in assent. "Though if we're seen having too much fun, it tends to cause PR problems."

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