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The Mwangi Expedition

Game Master TerraNova

Gold, magic and vipers

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Tshilaba Vadoma is a fugitive on the run from Sczarni in Varisia and obtained passage on the first boat to take him off the map. He is pretty forthright about that, but every time someone asks him what he has done, he tells them a different story. On board he is friendly with anyone who wishes to talk to him, and while it can be seen that he is not terribly fit for seafaring work, he cavorts with the crew and lets them laugh at his inability to do anything as well as them. He makes it a point to talk with everyone, and is also known as a good listener as well.

Physically, he is rather odd. Tshilaba is thin and wiry, having slick black hair that never seems to be dry. He also has a light mole on his face that seems to wander a bit from day to day. He has a number of tattoos that can be seen on the boat when the weather gets warm and he strips down to just his pants. There are some normal ones; a thrush, a snake, a leaf on the back of his neck and a band of ivy around his arm. He has some unusual ones as well. A Gibbering Mouther on his chest, a Naga encircling his leg, and a few other monsters as well. But, despite his odd appearance most people easily warm up to him.

Crunch, he is an Aberrant Tattooed Sorcerer focused on illusions. He will also be doing some transmutations as well, but he will have a high diplomacy and bluff skills.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Here's my proposed character:

Misha the Explorer


Misha Keroun had been obsessed with the lost ruins of the Azlanti since childhood. Her father Andro, always willing to fill her with grand and exaggerated tales of his days as an adventurer, claimed he and his friends had even found them—but were forced away by a dark curse before they could prove their discovery. Part of her always nagged that the stories probably did not match the reality, but she wanted to believe her father desperately enough to go along. He did have some ability, that was certain, and he trained her in basic combat and survival skills even as he told her his stories. But over time, the stories stopped, he grew somber—and eventually disappeared one day when she was barely of age, leaving her alone to care for her younger sister Marga. Sending out inquiries, she received word from an old friend of her father’s that he was found dead in Sargava, on his way to the Mwangi. She learned the truth as well—no dark curse had driven her father and his companions from exploring the Mwangi, but after a string of bad luck, they had broken into in-fighting, and Andro stole his party’s supplies and abandoned them to perish. Maybe her father’s friend hoped the truth would dissuade Misha from pursuing a life of adventure—but it only spurred her on. If her father was a disappointment, if her heroes weren’t real, then she herself would become the adventurer of her dreams.

Once her little sister was old enough to pursue her own life, Misha headed from their small Varisian homestead to various cities to train and study. From the highest academies to the seediest taverns, from crowded settlement to dank cave, she fought, ran, read, learned, bartered for, and collected. She in particular was determined to become a scholar of the Mwangi, leafing through countless books on whatever she could find on the Expanse, reputable or otherwise. If there were lost ruins, she’d find them, and they would know her name for it. Indeed, from Magnimar to as far away as the Shackles, some traders and travelers do speak of Misha, that black-haired human girl in the gray jacket, always looking for maps and baubles and even to hire porters. In the same breath, many speak of her as a fool for trying to go where she wants to go—and moreso, now that she’s managed to book passage on the Jenivere, where she might actually get there. Many warn Misha to be careful what she wishes for. She just grins, and says the most dangerous dreams are the best ones for pursuing.

Yeah, I like this rewritten introduction a lot better (see profile).

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

I'd like to give this a go.

Orick Hettlespoon is a gnome on a mission. A mission from god. Or at least, a god. Possibly more than one. He's not really sure. Possibly a goddess. Anyhoo, Orick is a pirate. Or well, he wants to be a pirate. Right now he's a sailor. Orick grew up in Sargava, the only son of a seamstress who immigrated there to find a less frightening life than the life of near slavery she knew in Cheliax. In Sargava she found a new beginning and tried to raise her son to be a good boy. Unfortunately the lure of the sea and the tales of the drunken sailors combined to turn this one-time "good boy" into a sailor. Last week he snuck aboard a ship and announced to the captain his desire to be a sailor. Now he waits for the inevitable pirate attack, so he can join them in a life of freedom and derring-do. Until then, he mostly scrubs the decks...

Orick is functionally a fighter with the corsair archetype. He's slight and fast, and his mouth tends to run a bit more than is good for him. He's eternally cheerful, even to the point of outright silliness. But his cheer is infectious, and the crew of the ship has adopted him as a sort of mascot on their journey so far.

Wren Court was born in New Stetven, the capitol of Brevoy. His quick wit and easy nature allowed him to make friends quickly, friends that were well above his station as the son of a lowly, if successful, merchant. It was these highborn friends that provided him a map to disaster. He would travel with them to the various courts of Brevoy, where he would entertain the lords and ladies, as well as pick up various bits of lore and gossip as easily as a leaf on the wind.

He eventually made his way to Rostland where he was asked to entertain some envoys from Cheliax. At first, all his efforts to get a reaction from the envoys failed miserably. It wasn't until he started poking jibes at their host that he made an impression. Unfortuately, he took it too far (not hard to do in Rostland). He was challenged to a duel, and while he had picked up some of their techniques, Wren knew he was no match for the lord. The Cheliaxian envoys offered Wren a way out, they would hide him and take him with them when the envoys left, but Wren would own Cheliax a favor. They needed him to take a trip to find someone for them, and escort the person back to Cheliax. Not having much of a choice, Wren agreed, and that's how he found himself Jenivere.

Creator Notes:
I know, I know one of the "test questions" was a little weak, just couldn't get it in there. His Campaign Trait will be Boarded in Chelax.

I've also left his mission a little vague in case you wanted to add in some GM hooks. I have my own ideas on who he's after and why they won't send one of their own if you'd rather I filled that in.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

In case my ninja is not chosen on account of being a ninja (versus something in his description/background that would be easier to change), here's a second character concept for consideration.

Raikis Starborn

Raikis is an Ekujae, a member of one of the "wild elf tribes" that populate the Mwangi Expanse. When his parents were killed during a raid on the tribe's camp, the adolescent Raikis set off in pursuit, tracking down the monsters responsible and slaying them in a daring game of cat-and-mouse. With his vengeance sated, Raikis spent the next decades exploring more of the world of Golarion, surviving mainly through hunting and visiting civilization only rarely, due to the distate in which Ekujae elves are held even by their own elven brethren. Trusting in Desna to guide and protect him, Raikis saw and mapped much of the world north of the Inner Sea, and only in the past twenty years has he returned to explore more of his native continent.

Over the previous decade, Raikis hunted primarily in the Sodden Lands and in the Shackles. It was during one of his recent frequent trips into the Mwangi Expanse, though, that he met another Ekujae, a former member of his own tribe that had been taken as a slave and recently escaped from the Shackles through the Expanse. Helping Darcis Longstride make his way north to Andoran, Raikis learned of the terrible fate that had befallen their tribe. Between natural attrition, monster attacks, and slaver raids, Raikis' tribe has virtually ceased to exist, their camps destroyed and their people enslaved, or worse. Having bartered passage aboard the Jenivere with a collection of herbs and rare medicinal leaves found during his hunts, Raikis is finally returning home, determined to discover more about the fate of his tribe and to attempt to locate any other survivors.

. Still working on it..

I decided not to pursue another game at this time.

Good gaming to everyone.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
GM TerraNova wrote:

The 2 paragraph request was chiefly to not have to deal with 8 pages of thick background and story, which (while fun to write) is potentially going to waste, and which also would need to be integrated.

So no worries, I'll just randomly pick one paragraph to ignore ;)

I also ran two paragraphs over, but since two of them were character profile and two were in-character introduction, feel free to ignore either of those. (At least I kept it to less than 8 pages....)

So begins the tale of the Wood Elementalist Wakhugin - an unusual young and forlorn elf with a tragic childhood.

Several decades ago a mysterious elfish slave fetched a high price in the Westcrown markets. She was warrior princess of the Ekujae tribe of the Mwangi Expanse....firece and proud....and she bore a child in her womb. A wealthy Chlexian family outbid a host of other houses to acquire her and then took her home to adorn their estate in Egorian. At first she was the most agreeable slave, and for a while she served the house well. She was raising a young boy from infancy, whom she named Wakhugin. She sang to him in her native tongue and immersed him in the sagas and folkways of her home country. But the time he spent with his mother was tragically short. Her pride was strong, and eventuallly she refused to delight her masters anymore - so that one day she disappeared from her boy's life - nobody spoke of it - she was just gone from his life. The elvish boy was young and afraid, alone...he sought protection from his only friend - the house wizard Bernadotto. The Wizard used whatever power and influence he possessed to protect the boy from cruelty for a while. Up until Wakhugin reached adolescence he lived in and out of Bernadotto's library and also learned some spellcraft. He was especially interested in the wizard's fine collection of travel literature from Chelaxian territories to the south.

But the wizard was no fool - and knowing that Wakhugin's future in Egorian was likely to end evilly - he took a great risk and arranged for the lad to be smuggled through the Bellflower Network into Andoran. Through long and fateful journeying Wakhigin ended up as an unlikely fugitive in the Arthfell forest and became the travelling companion of a reclusive half-elven druidess named Faldhringal. He lived with her as a companion and lover for several years - they travelled widely through green lands. Wakhugin found his calling in woodcraft - adapting his inquisitive mind to unlock the arcane mysteries of the forest. Eventually the day came when the couple decided to part. She wished to stay and defend the Darkwood groves of Darkmoon Vale. He decided it was time to live his dream and journey South to the jungles of Mwangi and Sargava. Through the sale of some exotic Darkmoon components and potions - he earned enough coin for passage south and boarded the Jenivere out of Korvosa.

Alright, I'm closing recruitment for the time being. The following concepts were submitted and were willing to play my little game of "read the rules. No really."

  • Henry Walton
  • Dragolan Canari
  • One-Eyed Mike
  • Virgil Tyree
  • Vargbrandr Ironheart
  • Rafflesia Iff
  • Zababa
  • Khanhtaviwara
  • N’gawa Matije
  • Earen Darklore
  • Moswen Jag'wala
  • Siera Saltwater
  • Prosper Quentin (hey, i never said it had to be literary genius ;) )
  • Avaril Blownleaf
  • Tshilaba Vadoma
  • Misha the Explorer
  • Wren Court

Easter did a number on me and my free time. I'll have the roster trimmed down to 8 tomorrow night. I did not expect quite so many submissions, and the choice is pretty hard on me.

After a lot of soul-searching, and gut-listening, here is the list of characters. I would have liked to add a few more, but 8 is about the absolute limit I can manage. So, without further ado, here is the final list:

  • Misha the Explorer
  • Tshilaba Vadoma
  • Henry Walton
  • Vargbrandr Ironheart
  • Rafflesia Iff
  • Zababa
  • N’gawa Matije
  • Siera Saltwater

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Grats to those who made it. Lots of well-written entries, so I don't feel bad.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

What Castarr4 said--congratulations and best of luck to all.

Awesome to be chosen for this game! Will be checking the thread to see when you open up the discussion thread :)

Thanks for choosing me.

The discussion thread is already open with some specifications for building your character.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Congratulations to those who made it. Have a great game!

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