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The Mwangi Expedition

Game Master TerraNova

Gold, magic and vipers

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After quite a few bumps, burns and bruises, I think I finally have both the free time and mental capacity to once again try my hands on a GMing a PbP.

My old favorite CotCT is looking a bit worse for wear. Jade Regent has plenty of games, and Kingmaker is still going so strong that adding another wouldn't make much sense. So I opted for a somewhat more ambitious project: Making Serpent Skull work. For me, this means leaving the very good first book intact, doing a major rewrite of the second, and looking on how to merge 3, 4 and 5 if we ever get that far.

I am ultimately looking for a group of 4 good players, so I will recruit 8 starting characters. These characters will not be "booted", but will serve as "buffer" since some dropouts are probably just unavoidable. Recruitment will remain open until at least sunday, the 8th, or longer if there is still significant interest.

House rules

As PbP games seem to suffer from attrition chiefly in long, protacted tactical combats, I will not use maps a whole lot - expect most combats to be narrated rather than drawn. This reduces my workload, and often allows quicker resolutions as well. Take this into account, and also use the word "leaf" in your initial description.

Experience will be tracked only by me. In effect, you all keep on the same xp score anyway, so its only taking some bookkeeping off your shoulders.

Since I am very much looking for an "Indiana Jones" feeling to the later adventures, I will probably introduce some additional rewards for shockingly bad archeology.

How to apply

  • Send in a two paragraph description of the character you want to play. It needs not contain any system info, but should get me and your fellow applicants an idea who this character is.
  • Good, or at least sociable characters always have better chances since they usually play better with others.
  • Do not create a full sheet yet. There will be plenty of time once the party is full.
  • You can use any standard race or core class. You can also use APG classes, but I'd prefer core. Please refrain from using the Gunslinger or Samurai, though - one will be in trouble during a long expedition, the other has no business being where the game is going.
  • Read the players guide, and mention your trait - you can put it into your description (which must contain the word "map"), or standalone.

Well, that's it. If you're interested after reading this post, you know what to do. Hope to hear from you. :)

The Exchange

Not applying, but dropping in to wish you the best of luck TN. FOr those of you trying out for this one,Terra Nova is a fantastic DM with superb narrative style.

Cheers and good luck mate.

Intrigued, but already spread too thin. All the best in your new game!

I'm interested, gimme a couple hours to work up Leto North, druid extraordinaire!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Likewise interested, and will likewise try to get something this evening.

Shadow Lodge

Awesome! I am definitely interested. Will likely submit witch char concept within a few days.

What is your expected commitment level? ie. 1-3posts/day, etc.


I can only speak for myself here, any of my players is free to post as much as (s)he likes. My own plan is to provide 2 updates of 2-3 paragraph updates every 3 days. I used to do it "an update a day", but have grown more realistic as I grew older.

Dotting for interest.

I'm very interested and can commit to checking the message boards on a daily basis. Character concept to follow... (can it have a map of the western coast drawn on a leaf?)

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

I'm interested, though be warned: I'd say I'm inexperienced nowadays. That is, I haven't RPG'd in about five or six years, and have just started to get back into Pathfinder so that I can get my six year old into roleplaying (it's astonishing how those timelines sync up, eh?) I'm not a total newb though - I did run for about ten years ;) Anyways, I'll grab the player's guide, take a look through, and try to whip up a concept tomorrow. Leaf. Map.

Dotting for interest, will have to decide whether I can pick up another campaign.

@TerraNova - Do you have any preferences for character alignment?

@ GM TerraNova, maybe you could say what stat generation method you will use, might help some with their character concept.

Dotting for interest... should have time to post something by the 8th.

Henry Walton adventured far and wide in his youth, his travels carrying him deep into the Mwangi expanse. Now considered a Mwangi Scholar by his peers, he continues his research from a base of operations in Port Peril of the Shackles. His critics find his tactics blunt, snidely calling him a hack that simply slashes through the jungles and gets lucky. Luck or not, Henry’s bold approach and resourceful nature serve him well as he ranges across the realms. A recent discovery of a faded map drawn with octopus ink on a broad palm leaf leads Henry back to the wilds, his passage secured on the Jenivere as his adventures continue.

Running with the idea of an Indiana Jones (Henry Walton Jones Jr.) flavor to the later adventures, I present a Human Ranger with the Serpent’s Skull trait of Mwangi Scholar, profession of archeologist, and advancement path to the prestige class Horizon Walker. The ranger build would utilize the two weapon combat style for a whip and kukri (closest to machete), the Hunter's Bond class feature would be a Bond with Companions to eliminate animal companion complications and encourage group coordination, and the 1st favored enemy would be snakes - always snakes.

I use Hero Lab for character builds and can post a formatted stat block whenever you're ready. Any character point build and wealth level are fine by me. I look forward to some shockingly bad archeology in our adventures.

Cheers, Adam

forgot to add, Henry Walton's alignment is Chaotic Good.

Interested. I will Leaf through the players guide and get back to you. I will have to Map a concept in my head, that's NOT a copy of Jack Sparrow.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

Definitely interested, will post something in a day or so. What's your deadline?

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hm, I'm not sure I should submit this character concept again--he was created for a SS game that never materialized (GM disappeared right after finalizing character choice; never seen again), then got into another SS game that lasted partway into island exploration before the GM was inundated with real life and disappeared. On top of that, he's an oracle, and your preference is for core classes. Ah, well. Third time's the charm, right?

Dragolan Canario, Chelaxian Oracle of Life:
A large man with curly brown hair and beard, he looks like all he needs is a leaf-green robe, holly crown, and torch to play the Ghost of Christmas Present. All he has is a wine cup, and at this moment is gazing sadly at its current empty state. His flushed cheeks are the only indication of the truly prodigious amount of wine he has already consumed. "The last of the Egorian red, alas. You know, this was the hardest part of all...the weather in Sargava is terrible for growing grapes, I've heard. But the *life* there, man! From the meanest worms to the mightiest trees, this--this riotous profusion of life! Colors, scents, sounds and tastes like nothing I could hope to find in a tame place like Westcrown. My Mystery called, and I could not stay in Cheliax...not and stay true to myself.

"And so I am traveling to this wineless wasteland..." He taps his finger on the unrolled map of the Mwangi Expanse in front of him. "...for the only thing in all the wide world I desire more: The glory of life." He shakes his head sadly as he rolls up the map and slowly rises, leaning on the table with both hands to steady himself. "But perhaps...perhaps, if my Mystery is kind to me, there may yet be something drinkable in all that profusion." And smiling at that happy thought, he not-quite-staggers off to bed, humming to himself. Behind him, the wooden table twitches where his hands rested, knocking his abandoned cup to the floor with a clatter.

Essentially, Dragolan is a Chelaxian remittance man. His family is rather well-off, but his sister in particular is quite ambitious. However, Dragolan's Mystery is not very popular in Cheliax. To facilitate his sister's ambitions, he was encouraged to relocate, and provided some additional funds for further encouragement. He chose Sargava because it's a former colony of Cheliax (so the culture won't be too unfamiliar) and because one of the ways that he indulges his Mystery is to find and experience Life in all its myriad varieties. Jungles are famous for this sort of thing. As far as he's concerned, the major disadvantage of Sargava is the lack of decent wine. In case the description didn't make it obvious, he's got the Boarded in Cheliax trait, the one that gives him some extra funds and a map of the Expanse.

I see this character as an explorer, driven by his Mystery (and kicked out by his family, but he doesn't hold it against them; he wants his sister to succeed, too). Left to himself he probably would have stayed home and been a well-off wine snob and foodie, and he looks the part. But he's going to a godsforsaken stretch of jungle basically because he wants to see and experience biodiversity firsthand. He wants to smell the flowers, see the bugs and beasts (and maybe eat some of them), hear the sounds of the jungle...all of that. He's a gourmand, something of a drunkard (wine only!), and enjoyer of the company of beautiful women because he has tremendous joie de vivre--he loves life, because Life flows through him so strongly.

Two paragraphs? Bah, Humbug.

The trait will be Boarded in the Mwangi Expanse.


On the day she was born Antumbra woke up screaming. Her voice was shrill, charged with lightning that cracked down on her writhing, naked, pale flesh. On the day she came into being she had aged already one-hundred-ten years of her elven life.

Almost her entire body, reaching from chest to thighs, was covered in scars. The pain was debilitating, excruciating. Burning with white-hot intensity, each of the scars oozed and seeped with a slithering black substance that eked out of the permanent wounds. Amidst the pain, Antumbra went to touch the substance, to pull it away, to block it from seeping out, anything, but she found that she couldn’t, she found that the material was not substantive, not corporeal; it was nothing; it was but shadow.

Her hands gripped and tore at the earth she laid upon, her eyes darting back and forth at the tall oaks that loomed above her in the forest, pressing inward, blocking all light, blocking all sensation but the pain that enveloped her.

But that wasn’t why she screamed. She could feel the pain, she could feel the shadows as they pressed out of the long-since closed wounds. She screamed because the only place left, away from the pain, was herself, who she was before she was born here again, and she remembered where she earned these scars in the first place.
It scared her, a fear primal, solitary and virulent. She was afraid of herself.

It wasn’t long before she final could force herself to move. Little by little, encroaching slowly, painstakingly, she propped her naked body up against one of the mighty oaks. It was there that the voice finally spoke to her. It wasn’t audible. All sound was blocked. The forest, wherever it resided, was silent. No leaves rustled. There was no wind. There was no sun, only sharpened creeping umbrage. Shadows within shadows.

The voice spoke in her mind, playing on the backdrop as the images of her past arrayed themselves before Antumbra in her mind. She remembered them, but they were not memories of her as far as she could tell, rather as far as she could hope.

The sound cascaded slowly like a creeping glacier as it roamed up inside her consciousness. It spoke, a voice ancient and dominating, powerful, deep, thrumming like an everlasting bass chord. It asked her, “what is your name?”

“I don’t know,” she replied.

“You do,” it answered in return, “but you don’t dare speak it.”

“It’s not me. I remember these things, but they’re somebody else’s memories, not mine. I know the name of the woman who did these things, nothing more.” Tears welled up on the sides of her face, splashing on her naked corpulence. As the tears fell the shadows danced, moving with sentient initiative to dodge them where they landed, reassuming their ugly forms straight again after.

“She is you, yet she is not you,” it spoke, softly. “These are both your memories, and the memories of a woman who is far past. These are both your scars and the scars of a woman who died in the throes of passion.”

“I am not her!" Her voice was pitched with caustic indignation, reaching out, trying to find the entity that resided within her in her. “Who are you?! What do you want with me?”

Impossibly, its voice grew louder, thicker, pouring into every fold of her mind, obscuring the memories in the deepest of hazes. “I am the shadow that looms over Golarion. I am the greatest darkness cast by the darkest light. I am the entity that only exists as a mirage, forever there, but visible only to those that watch the sun as it sets across the world. I am the Umbra, and soon darkness will fall.”

She stared, eyes and mouth agape as the words undulated through her imagination. Her vision was gone, removed from the forest. “But why me? How did I come here?"

Her voice was soft, pleading. She felt herself, her past, and her at the present and she realized she was not the forgone woman in her nightmares. She was somebody different, but she did not have a name.

"I know how I... she died, but where did I come from? I…”

The Umbra’s voice was soft, quiet, but spoke with an intensity that stopped all of her questions immediately. “Where there is no light there is no shadow. Soon the world may be bathed in darkness. This must be stopped. You will help stop it.”

“But what is it that I must stop? You have told me nothing, and I’m lost and alone. Please, just tell me what I have to do!”

“You will learn in time,” it said to her, its voice trailing off into the darkness, reaching from the antumbra, the penumbra and into the deepest recesses of the umbra.
“Do not despair. You will not be alone.”

The voice was gone, as were the shadows. Antumbra looked up to see the leaves finally moving, the wind picking up fallen leaves that danced in circles above her head, catching the light of the sun as it began its descent. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a tiny black object swooping down from the trees.
She felt a surge of pain as it landed on the scar tissue near and around her breasts, digging its talons deep into the grievous wounds. She reached over to pet the raven. “I’ll call you Sol. Do you like that name, Sol?”
The raven cocked its head to the side, eyes affixed at her unblinking.

Antumbra is a beautiful Elf by almost every account. Her eyes are an intense grey with speckles of black dotting the pupils. Her hair is a ghostly color, blue-grey, that catches sunlight, seeming almost to absorb it, darkening the area about her ever just slightly so that she appears ever so slightly apart from this plane.

Her regalia is odd for an Elf however. Sticking not to any sort of fashion sense her dress seems rather haphazard and ill looked after. The clothing is bundled so as to cover every inch of her body from her chest to her legs.

Underneath is a latticework of scars that could make even the most hardened, battle-worn warrior cringe at the sight. It appears like no creature should have been able to survive the gashes accumulated across her entire body, and the appearance, whenever glanced upon by any normal man, woman or child, is almost enough sometimes to make them flee in terror.

Antumbra tries to keep the scars covered whenever possible.

The even of her birth happened six years ago to date. Without a name to go by, she picked up the name Antumbra, never daring to share her name, her other name, her body’s true name, out of fear of what her past life’s mention will reap. She has since roamed the countryside of the Inner Sea, learning more of what task her shadow patron had designed for her, and what it meant by the darkness that will fall. In the meantime Antumbra has worked to study the strange arcane powers gifted to her, working through Sol to attempt to discover the inner-recesses of her capabilities.

Antumbra CR 1/2
Female Elven Witch 1
NG Medium Humanoid (Elf)
Init +3; Senses Perception +3
AC 13, touch 13, flat-footed 10. (+3 Dex)
hp 6 (1d6+0)
Fort +0, Ref +3, Will +3
Spd 30 ft.
Melee: Rapier +0, (18-20/x2), P, 1d6
. .
. .
Ranged: Longbow +3, (x3), P, 100ft, 1d8 and
. . Dagger +3, (19-20/x2), P or S, 10ft, 1d4

Witch Spells Known (CL 1, -1 melee touch, 3 ranged touch):
1 (2/day) Hypnotism, Mage Armor, Dancing Lantern, Peacebond, Shadow Weapon, Ear Piercing Scream, Ray of Enfeeblement
0 (at will) All
Str 8, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 13
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 12
Feats: Eschew Materials
Traits: Polyglot as a bonus language and receive a +1 trait bonus
on all Knowledge (nature) checks regarding the jungle.
Acrobatics Dex +3
Appraise Int +11
Bluff Cha +1
Climb Str -1
Craft (alchemy) Int +4
Craft ( ) Int
Craft ( ) Int
Diplomacy Cha +1
Disable Device Dex
Disguise Cha +1
Escape Artist Dex +3
Fly Dex +3
Handle Animal Cha
Heal Wis +1
Intimidate Cha +1
Knowledge(Arc) +8
Knowledge(His) +8
Knowledge(Pla) +8
Linguistics Int
Perception Wis +3
Perform ( ) Cha +1
Perform ( ) Cha
Perform ( ) Cha
Profession ( ) Wis
Profession ( ) Wis
Ride Dex +3
Sense Motive Wis +1
Sl. of Hand Dex
Spellcraft Int +8
Stealth Dex +3
Survival Wis +1
Swim Str -1
U.Magic Device Cha +5

Languages Common, Elven, Sylvan, Polygot

Combat Gear Longbow, arrows (50), dagger(3), arrow (smoke)(3), rapier; Other Gear Backpack (16 @ 21.5 lbs), Bedroll, compass, Ink (1 oz. vial, black), Journal, Parchment (sheet) (10), Pouch, belt (4 @ 3.5 lbs), Spell component pouch, Waterskin, cleric's vestments,
Arrows, Longbow - 0/50
Currency - 16gp, 4sp
Eight - 37/5lbs
Hex - Evil Eye 30ft (-2 ac, ability check, attack roll, saves or skill check)(7rounds/day)
Familiar - Raven: (+3 appraise), Alertness, improved evasion, share spells, empathic link
Immune - Magic Sleep Spells

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I have a wizard I would like to submit - my first PbP character.
Is it a problem if I have flicked through the first couple of pages of the first book of the AP and read the bestiaries?

Alignments: I can't lie, i am not a fan of neutral or chaotic evil PCs. Try to be social above all else. If it is a constant strain on everyone's mind why they don't just send one of their "friends" off to his fate, its not conductive to a fun game.

Stat generation: I will probably use the "heroic template" buying method.

"One-Eyed Mike" is a self-proclaimed expert in all knowledge Mwengi and would love to explore the depths of the jungle heretofore only seen on a map. Though he has spent most of his days in cities and libraries, he is well-versed in the theoretical knowledge of the jungle and would love to test his mettle in the real thing. He boarded in Varisia and is now grateful to be close to his destination.

During idle time, he likes to leaf through his favorite survival book "Techniques of Jonwen Samhurst, Explorer" which he ensured was in his luggage before departure. Though he can acquit himself with a blade, he is at his best when assisting others through encouraging words and well-timed advice. During his studies, he also picked up some arcane knowledge that often comes in handy while traipsing through the wild.

He earned his nickname during his adolescent years while in school. His left eye was quickly weakening and he was diagnosed with a degenerative disease. In an effort to combat this, he wore a patch over his right eye to force his left eye to strengthen. His classmates were not sympathetic.

I'm planning on the Bard class with a focus on Knowledge and Acrobatics. Spellcasting is not going to be a high priority unless necessary for the group. Race is still up in the air, though I'm leaning towards half-elf.


Are positions still open? I would like to try my hand at a barbarian or fighter type.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

In the hopes it is okay...
Virgil Tyree

Virgil is a cheerful, enthusiastic and hopeful white haired gentlemen man with a tendency to approach everything as an adventure. His habit is to plan elaborately, but he has overcompensated in turning over a new leaf, and now has an intermittent streak of reckless abandon. He boarded in Cheliax with a chest of books, and is seldom seen without a book of some kind in his hand - currently his obsession is a leather-bound codex of maps, especially a particular map full of cryptic symbols and neatly written translations.
Virgil will happily chat with anyone about magic, philosophy, or his decision to leave his old life behind and follow his youthful dreams of adventure "seeking power and riches in the Mwangi expanse". While he talks a hard game about danger and the power of Wizardry, he's actually a bit of a soft touch - especially for "youngsters" who remind him of his children.

What I'm looking at...
Human Wizard, mainly evocation/conjuration & transmutation.

As written above (you all read the post, didn't you? ;) ), recruitment is open until at least next sunday. So go ahead, and post.

As for people who read the AP: Not a problem at all. Usually, players are pretty good separating IC and OOC, and the second adventure will probably not be very similar to the printed campaign. :) So go ahead.


Vargbrandr Ironheart

Vargbrandr cut his teeth in the dangerous underground routs of the Five Kings Mountains, full of all stripes of monsters and dangerous denizens who either wanted to enslave you, eat you or both. His flaming red hair and beard often earned him the nickname 'Fireheart', as he would often be seen at the very center of the fight, swinging his axes with refined skill and fearlessness. He loved the blood and sweat shed with his comrades, the unbreakable line the dwarves presented when defending their own.

As a fighter, Vargbrandr's deep discipline allows him to be in the middle of the most insane fights and keep his cool, always looking for the quickest way to defeat the enemy. Out of combat he is honest and cheerful, counting every day of life as a blessing from Torag and enjoying the simple things such as smoking his pipe with finest tobacco leaf, a good ale and carving designs out of wood and stone. Eventually he wishes to create a map of the entire world out of metal.

His father's desire to see his son follow him in the footsteps of a craftsman has Vargbrandr far from home, traveling by foot and ship to the Deeptreasure Mining Company in barely tamed Sargava. In his pocket, kept on him at all times, is a large and very expensive order for gems and metal as well as a letter of credit to start those transactions.

Campaign Trait: Get the Cargo Through

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Dotting for interest, will ponder what I'd like to play.

I'll throw in my hat with Brennan Darkblade. He's got a few...issues, but you'll not find a better thief and knifeman in the realms.

Dark Archive

Definitely interested. Im considering a NG Dwarven Rogue that Boarded in Cheliax. I'd like to advance toward the Pathfinder Delver so I guess my next question before I come up with fluff is: How do you feel about Pathfinders?

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

It's time to move on. [Class: Cleric] Rafflesia Iff has wandered from settlement to settlement for years now, a tattered {map} guiding her way, with the vaunted goal of establishing new temples and shrines to Gozreh wherever she can. One of his more outspoken worshippers, Rafflesia has met nothing but indifference and scorn, as even the most minor of hovels strives to carve an even greater and more intrusive "civilized" niche in the Varisian wilds.

She's heard tales of the great unexplored lands of Sargava and the Mwangi Expanse, alongside murmurs that they worship some pagan version of Gozreh named Shimye-Magalla. What better way to escape from the misguided "civilizations" of Varisia, return to the ceilings of {leaf}, and bring the true Gozreh and his temples to the tribal savages? [Trait: Boarded in Varisia.]

NEWB NOTE: I've never gamed in Golarion before so my understanding of "the world" is pretty basic. I *am* rectifying this (through reading the Campaign Setting), but until I finish, and likely even after, I'll likely slip up on "obvious" details. Do not hesitate to school me. If the GM or another player has a preference for an online character creator, I'll take it.

CHARACTER NOTE: So I'm trying to go for a "ew, cities and civilizations are bad! all hail plants!" feel alongside the ironic double-standard of "must bring the real version of my God to these uncivilized savages!" I'm having difficulties trying to decide between elf, human, or half-elf: elf doesn't seem ideal since I'd likely return to a Varisian elf settlement instead of travelling four months away (though, the underlying "missionary" approach might explain that). I don't necessarily see her as an outcast (ruling out half-elf), and I'm pretty ambivalent about humans.

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

I have no problem at all with pathfinders, though you should be aware that pathfinders are only one of several factions the party can join, so being very committed to the society might set up a tough intra-party conflict later on.

Dark Archive

Also one other question, this one crunch based. Would you be opposed to giving a dwarf proficiency in the Pickaxe instead of heavy pick or war hammer or battleaxe proficiency (or all three). I can certainly just two-hand a heavy pick, but I didn't see the harm in asking

Macharius wrote:
Likewise interested, and will likewise try to get something this evening.

Introducing Zababa, chaotic good halfling rogue of eternal good cheer:

Before his emancipation, Zababa's master found it amusing to use the threat of exterminating Zababa's family back home in Cheliax to force him out into the jungle in search of lost treasures. Such riches only further increased his master's wealth, and resulted in Zababa being sent out on increasingly dangerous missions. Over the course of these missions, he created a map of everywhere he'd found treasure, encountered various monsters, or found shelter.

Zababa has continued exploring the jungle and robbing abandoned tombs and ruins following his emancipation. In the years since, he's scoured the jungle, leaving not one leaf overturned in his quest to obtain sufficient wealth to purchase his family's freedom. An eternal optimist, he's maintained his good cheer and outlook on life despite his many terrifying nights in the jungle and fear for his family. Recently, he's found passage on the Jenivere and Boarded in the Mwangi Expanse for a run back to Eledar to sell his latest finds.

A diminutive figure rested comfortably against a well traveled pack in a small space between the hull of the boat and several cargo crates. It would have been easy to mistake the stowaway for a child except for his manicured red beard and unusually large eyes with which he studied at a worn map, Mwangi scrawled across the top, in a cargo hull that was dimly lit by the few rays of sunlight that had filtered through the deck boards. The young gnome paused as the rocking of the boat evoked a feeling of queasiness not entirely different from the nervousness felt just before discovery of an ancient artifact hidden for ages. Of course, the queasiness from a discovery disappeared once the excitement disappeared and this new queasiness seemed to get worse as the boat was tossed about like a leaf on an angry river. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath savoring the new experience of being sea sick.

This new experience was just the beginning of what promised to be a grand exploration into the ancient and exciting ruins of the Mwangi expanse. An adventure that wouldn't be forestalled by a minor detail such as a lack of funds to pay for sea passage. Surely, the captain of the ship would be delighted to provide a complimentary passage to a brave archaeologist so no sense in bothering the captain who must be occupied with sailing the fine ship. Of course, he had taken a new name as gnomes often did when embarking a new adventure in a new land. He congratulated himself on his new chosen name, Khanhtaviwara, thinking it would be most fitting in Mwangi. Henceforth he would be Khanhtaviwara, explorer extraordinaire and finder of ancient lore and trinkets.

Interested. I'm considering a Human Ranger, archer build. He'll be a native Mwanji, probably Zenj. I might use the base Ranger with (eventually) a jaguar companion, or I might opt for the Guide archetype. Seems particularly apt for this AP.

Mr. Bojangles... I gave it some thought, but decided to not answer right now. ;)

This is something that I consider pretty much a detail, which should not make or break a concept. If it does, I'd be interested in a good application (you did read the starting post, right?), and we can discuss this once the mechanical part of CG starts up.

Avaril Blownleaf can be described by 1 word: wanderlust. A long life span has plenty of advantages to those who know how to use it. In my case it present the opportunity to explore the world at my hearts content at my leisure. No hurry to accomplish things with death breathing down your neck. Thus has been my life for the past 40 years.

I have spent these last 40 years slowly roaming form one locale to another. I spent 5 years in the frozen north learning about the climate and animals. I spent the next 10 years travelling the great cities of this age looking at the beauty of hand crafted art. 8 years were in the deserts learning about the nomads and their way of life. I returned home for a quick reunion with my family in the forest in which I grew up. 10 years later I left again when I boarded a merchant ship traveling the seas. This has been my life the last 7 years; a member of the crew of the Jenivere. They have taught me much about life aboard a ship and I owe them a sense of gratitude for their training in running along the guide ropes and pulleys. crew member: Acrobatics skill

Alas, I have felt within my heart the pullings of that wanderlust. I know that it will be time again soon to leave this ship and continue my journey to other strange and wonderful places. But where should I go? That is the question that burns within me. As I leaf through my journal and peruse my maps, I notice a piece of land that intrigues me. It is called the Mwangi Expanse. As soon as I see it I know that when the ship passes that way again I will take my leave of the captain and join with a group to explore that wild and unexplored landscape.

CG Elven Ranger Archery focused

As the ship sails out of Bloodcove, you come up on deck to see if the rumors are true. Sure enough a tall, dark skinned Mwange stands on the deck talking with the first mate, who is tracing out their route on a map. The man wears functional boots, breeches, and an expensive looking shirt, but the most eye-catching thing is a leopard skin draped over one shoulder. He holds an unadorned longbow stave in his left hand. His black hair is braided in the front, but left unbound in the back, reaching past his shoulders.

You catch a passing member of the crew and ask about the newcomer. “Him? He just boarded here in the Mwange Expanse. Paid to come aboard all the way to Eleder. Some people say he’s a Zenj prince, others say he’s just one with money. He sold nearly three dozen furs and pelts in Bloodcove before coming aboard, about a third of them of some exotic animal and all fetched top dollar. They say he’s headed to Sargava to find even more exotic game and bring back skins of creatures no one has ever seen before.” When you look back up, the first mate is gone, and the Mwange is standing alone, looking out over the open sea. He calmly pulls a small book out of his pack and begins to leaf through it. You can see pictures of various animal tracks and then others of images of plants and birds. The man’s head lefts and looks at you. He smiles. “My friend, you may join me if you like. My name is N’gawa Matije.”

Enchanter Tim wrote:
“My friend, you may join me if you like. My name is N’gawa Matije.”

How is that pronounced? En Ga Wa, Mat Ee Jay? Nuh Ga Wa, Mu Teeyh?

The beauty of PbP is that you don't really have to worry about pronouncing it!
But I envisioned it as: Nuh Ga Wa, Mat e Jay

And silly me, I misspelled Mwangi though the entire description.

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I would like to apply for this campaign. You didn't specifically mention ninja, which is what I would like to play, but I have a couple of alternate concepts that I would like to present if you wish to disallow them.

Earen Darklore

It's amazing how life can change. One minute, you're the rising star of Clan Fox's latest class of trainees. The next, you're on the run for killing a classmate who tried to kill an innocent little girl who MIGHT have seen something during our raid on her village. The fact that the mission was successful, that we escaped otherwise unseen, and that there was no guarantee the girl had even seen anything doesn't seem to matter. Certainly, it doesn't matter to Fawkes, my chief rival, who challenged my decision to leave her alive as leader of the raid in an honor duel. When I defeated Fawkes, Master Hitsu declared the matter resolved, but Fawkes refused to acknowledge the outcome of the duel and later the next evening snuck off to kill the girl. I followed, and slew him when he attempted to attack her.

Among my clan, there is no greater shame than killing a clanmate, even if the killing is justified. I was exiled from the clan, and ordered never to return. I wandered for many years, using my skills to become a highly-effective courier, protecting and delivering items all over the world. My previous job, delivering a map of ancient Thassilonian ruins to a buyer in Magnimar, was a resounding success, and led directly to my current assignment. Apparently, a scholar in the port city of Eleder has arranged for the delivery of an artifact called the "Jade Leaf", and my previous employer had happened upon the leaf during an expedition in southern Avistan. The two agreed upon a price, and my assignment is to see to it that the Leaf arrives safely in Eleder.

Moswen Jag'wala listens to the wind and hears the heart of the jungle. The drums of the Ekujae call to his elven heritage, pulling him away from his bonuwat tribesmen, and the green dreams set him forever apart from them. Treated by his people as an outsider for having an ekujae for a father, he eschewed the rivers and boats common for his people, finding solace under the canopy of leaves.

Now he has come to realize there is no place for him among his bonuwat brethren. The jungle calls and Shimye-Magalla pushes him ever forward, to follow the map to his heart and find his true place. He boarded the Jenivere in the port of Senghor in the Mwangi Expanse, trying to reconcile the ages-tested wisdom brought by his wild dreams with the wonder a young man sees the world with.

Half-elf druid. He could play the "mysterious native" trope, with mystical nature powers, talking to the wildlife and communing with spirits.

Running from the abuse of her decadent and noble chelish father, Siera Saltwater hid among the cargo inside a ship ten years ago. Those who look at the sea-tested and foul-mouthed sailor would never guess she was a helpless little girl all those years ago, and would probably get a fat lip or a broken nose if they even suggested something along these lines. Decided to turn over a new leaf in her life, she spent those years learning how to defend herself at barroom brawls and alley knife-fights so she would never have to feel defenseless again. Tying knots, folding sails and deck-swabbing payed for her meals and gave her a purpose and an occupation.

Studying maps and planning routes only came to her after she joined the Jenivere's crew and befriended the ship's captain. Of agile body and mind, she quickly took to the studies with almost the same dedication she gives her fighting training and body fitness routines. Hanging from the mast, she gazes over the horizon and wonders what other surprises the sea will bring them in the next day.

CG human monk (martial artist). Would play to the strong and daring woman concept, eager to find and surpass challenges.

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This is my entry. I chose to keep it down to two paragraphs as per your requirements. However, I can easily make it longer to give a better sense of personality and fill in the backstory's gaps.

Prosper Quentin was a young lad of Taldan descent who grew up in Varisia on tales of the Pathfinders, daring folk who ventured to the ends of Golarion to uncover forgotten mysteries, retrieve forgotten artifacts, and sometimes fight off forgotten evils. Growing up on the busy streets of Magnimar, he took education where he could, reading Pathfinder journals as they were published and learning swordplay from mercenaries around the docks. There was always someone willing to teach, and Prosper was always willing to learn.

Today you see him on the Jenevire, leaning against the siderail and staring out over the ocean. If you approach him, he gladly shares any of the stories he has heard. Countless stories of fights and adventures told by mercenaries and adventurers, plots and intrigues that a Chelish noble would be proud of, tales of wonders long since past. And yet, no matter how many hours you spend listening to Prosper, you hear no tales of his own travels. If you ask, he admits that that he has none. He's working as a curator for a museum in Magnimar, sent to retrieve a set of cultural artifacts for an exhibit on the Mwangi Expanse. "Soon I'll have enough gold for my own adventures," he says almost mechanically, as if he's been saying it to himself for years. His eyes have a strange, almost sad, look to them as he picks up his wooden walking stick from against the ship's railing and goes to sit down on a barrel. The life returns to his face as he launches into another of his favorite tales, that of Leaf Erinnson's Magical Map.

In case you want a couple statistics, Prosper is a NG human bard (songhealer). He also happens to be 50 years old. Boarded in Varisia.

Good turnout so far, time for some statistics:

"Dotted for interest" or more: 18 (unless I got confused by aliases)
Of these, 12 submitted 1 or more suitable descriptions. This is going to be tough
To remind you, 8 slots are initially open, so don't be shy, everyone. The odds are still better than most recruitments out here. :)

GM TerraNova wrote:

Good turnout so far, time for some statistics:

"Dotted for interest" or more: 18 (unless I got confused by aliases)
Of these, 12 submitted 1 or more suitable descriptions. This is going to be tough
To remind you, 8 slots are initially open, so don't be shy, everyone. The odds are still better than most recruitments out here. :)

The odds might be better, but the quality of some of the others are definitely making me nervous.... I'm going to have to do some heavy revision to feel competetive!

Just realized I screwed up my entry and should have only made it 2 paragraphs not 3. Hopefully you will forgive that oversight and just have the first 2 paragraphs be together. If not, understandable and good luck everyone.

The 2 paragraph request was chiefly to not have to deal with 8 pages of thick background and story, which (while fun to write) is potentially going to waste, and which also would need to be integrated.

So no worries, I'll just randomly pick one paragraph to ignore ;)

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