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The Midnight Mirror

Game Master Nullpunkt

A one-shot playthrough of The Midnight Mirror.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

At the behest of a worried noble family from Nisroch, you travel to the rural Nidalese hamlet of Karpad to ensure the family’s daughter Anya — married a year ago to the town’s baron Stepan Boroi — is doing well after her letters to them spoke of increased paranoia in her husband and then ceased altogether...

More background info:

The vale of Karpad lies almost a hundred miles north of shadow-kissed Pangolais, where the towering trees of the Uskwood begin to thin, slowly fading into rolling hills and fertile cropland. Wooden houses with thatched roofs rise from the valley floor, following the curve of the stream that carved Karpad into the hillside when the world was young.
The quiet town that shares the valley’s name is an ancient settlement, dating back well into the Age of Anguish. From the manor on the slopes of the vale, the house of Boroi has ruled Karpad for centuries.


The Midnight Mirror

Character generation:

I'd like to keep it simple!

I am looking for 4-6 players who are able to post at least once or twice a day. Recruitment will be open until I can find a balanced and interesting party.
Character concepts without stats suffice to apply!

I guess this should be enough info to get you started, have fun and looking forward to your concepts!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber


Dark Archive

I would be interested in playing a dhampir druid who follows Zon-Kuthon with the Shade of the Uskwood feat from Inner Sea World Guide, but that seems to be outside of the scope of allowed resources. I'll monitor the thread in case you are willing to consider the idea and additional resources.

Corso Gaczi
Human Male Bard (Arcane Duelist)
Character concept: A proud exuberant daredevil, he was once in love with Anya, but her family, though they considered him a friend of the family, chose to wed her to a noble of better standing. Happy for her, he nevertheless became addicted to a life of action, perhaps following a death wish linked to rejection.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Drexel Morrow

Human Male Rogue (Cutpurse)

Character: Small time crook and cutpurse Drexel attempted to lift a coin purse off of the noble and was seen by a sharp eyed guard, after a pretty epic chase he was caught and brought before the noble man. Oddly enough, rather then get thrown in jail, Drexel was offered forgiveness if he checked up on Anya to ensure that everything was ok with her. The nobleman thinking that his talents could possibly be useful in such an endeavor.

I will attempt to get a my character built once I get off work today.

Sovereign Court

Seymor Beencpt
Human Male Fighter
Character Concept: Seymor is a Middle age Nidalan, and neighbor of Anya and her family. Seymor is currently a guard for the Umbral Court and hasn't seen much action outside the Nisroch walls, but with news of Anya missing, Seymor will do what ever it takes to ensure her safety.

Dotting for interest.

Cristoph is a druid from the Uskwood. With his wolf companion at his side, Cristoph works from within the forest to fight the albino druids that dwell within its depths, subverting their evil plans when he can.

I am honestly considering applying for this, though I am uncertain if I should be prioritised. Do consider me if you would be so kind, though.

Adalieh Esmendra
Female Half-Elf Witch - Hedge Witch archetype from UM if permitted, if not, vanilla Witch.

Character concept: Adalieh wanders the land, helping those less fortunate combat wounds and other physical ails. She is accompanied by her raven, Greywhisper, who croaks ominous warnings and instills wisdom and terror in those who listens to its whispers. Despite her charitable nature, Adalieh nevertheless has a fickle, greedy nature and, much like her familiar, looks for trinkets to satisfy her vanity.

Sir Egon d'Clausanne Human male Cavalier

Character Concept Egon is a scythe-wielding Cavalier from Northern Cheliax,and scion of the noble d'Clausanne family.

He has received a distressing letter from his friends across the border, and will hasten to Karpad to see if Anya is well. If anything happened to her, he will be sharpening his scythe to take vengeance on the ones responsible.

The profile is not the right character just like the image for him. He was a submission for another PbP

Male human Lore Warden. NG.

Bref D'arcaneis is a wandering mercenary. Recently, fed up with an unscrupulous employer he left their service answering the call of a wealth merchant in Karpad, unfortunately upon arrival he finds that the entire family has succumbed to disease. Now unemployed he finds himself in the sleepy town, he finds himself missing the comraderie of his recent past, and he cannot shake the feeling that something is not quite right. Of course the strong friendship he has struck up with Anya doesn't hur either...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks for the interest so far, everyone!

Some feedback:
Drayen: I'm not a big fan of monstrous PCs and I'd like to stay adamant about content restrictions. Sorry, but no dhampir!

Dreaming Warforged: Looking good!

Dementia Walker: Interesting, but I'm not really buying the "Let's send that guy who tried to steal my wallet to check on my precious daughter" premise. Maybe you could flesh that out some more or come up with something else?

Jib916: Looking good!

Cristoph Buhrer: No albino druids in this one and "classic" druid generally doesn't quite fit in with this module. Sorry! Maybe a more urban ranger? (not necessarily the urban ranger archetype)

Patcher: I'm not sure why you have such reservations, are you afraid you won't have the time? Concept looks good and interesting in any case! No Hedge Witch though, sorry.

Nullpunkt wrote:

Patcher: I'm not sure why you have such reservations, are you afraid you won't have the time? Concept looks good and interesting in any case! No Hedge Witch though, sorry.

Pretty much, yes. A bit reluctant to dedicate myself, but PbP-games are all-or-nothing usually. I'll survive without the Hedge Witch archetype, in any case.

Am statting out the character now. I will dedicate myself to this, if I do get chosen.

Nullpunkt wrote:

Thanks for the interest so far, everyone!

Some feedback:

Cristoph Buhrer: No albino druids in this one and "classic" druid generally doesn't quite fit in with this module. Sorry! Maybe a more urban ranger? (not necessarily the urban ranger archetype)

No worries! Thought I'd try something different.

As for the albino druids, just some backstory element is all.

I think I'll just switch out for a sorcerer. Film at 11...

my post passed yours in the ether with my concept. Just a repost to make sure I don't get missed!

ooo lore warden is field guide, I misremembered. If that is not a permitted archetype Bref will be a polearm master, doesn't change his backstory at all. Since the build does not need to be fully done numbers wise I think my submission is still complete, once I add his appearance.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Some more feedback:

Egon: Looking good!

Bref: Yes, lore master is Field Guide, polearm master is fine. It's unlikely that there is a wealthy merchant in Karpad as this is just a small town that has seen better days where everyone tries to make ends meet but that can be easily accommodated.

Christoph: Sorcerer sounds fine, can you already give some background? Maybe you can tie in with one of the other applicants.

Patcher: I know PbP games tend to trail off into the void that's why I chose a module instead of an entire path.

I'll leave this open until Sunday and will give final feedback on Monday. Feel free to fiddle with your concepts until then and have a nice weekend!

I'd like to submit Lirana, a human cleric of Pharasma and a noted healer. Sent by the family to insure that their loved one is well and to provide any care if she or her husband have fallen ill.

I will be building up her character behind this alias in bits and pieces as I get time today.

Character Diego Sullarotti

Human male ranger 4

Background Diego Sullarotti grew up in Cheliax, of a family sufficiently wealthy to be classed, if just barely, among the minor nobility, while not politically dangerous enough to be swept under in the purges that followed the victory of House Thrune. Like any, they hold to what they have and do their best not to provoke the powers in the land.

Diego joined the army and was sent to Nidal, as part of a rgiment supporting Cheliax's thrall among the nations. He discovered he had a talent for tracking men, and bandits. Long-ago days in his family's hunting kennels gave him useful skills in working with the great hounds that guarded the soldiers' barracks and tracked bandits through the brush. Diego soon developed a reputation as a scout and manhunter, which he parlayed into a series of less-taxing assignments. During these he came to the attention of the Order of the Chain, and -- not entirely against his will -- entered into their service as an armiger of the Order of the Scourge. He hopes to prove his value to the superiors of his Order and be given the chance to try his blades against a legionnaire of Hell and earn the armor of a Hellknight.

While in Nisroch over the last two years, he became acquainted with a number of young lades in the town -- including one he fell in love with. Of course her family married Anya off to someone else, but Diego still carries a torch for her, and pulled some strings to see himself assigned to this investigation. Why, sir, nobody has been out to that quiet town in a while to see if bandits might be using it as a secret lair? Surely, the very absence of the complaints that come from our allies all over this benighted land is a sign that someone is covering something up...

A past rivalry with Corso sounds interesting, and Sir Egon's family might have had some past clashes or connections. Let's say that least some of their estates share a border, and some of their sons sparred together upon a time. And Diego's original regiment might have crossed paths with Bref any number of ways.

Edited Story

The profile is not the right character just like the image for him. He was a submission for another PbP

Male human Polearm Master. NG.

Bref D'Arcaneis is a wandering mercenary. Recently, he found himself promoted to sergeant of his unit of spearmen, it was then that he learned that his company was not so honorable as they proclaimed to be. Fed up with an unscrupulous employer he left their service spending the last months wandering the country side moving from small town to small town, most recently landing in Karpad. Now unemployed he finds himself in the sleepy town, he longs for the comraderie of his recent past, and he cannot shake the feeling that something is not quite right. Of course the strong friendship he has struck up with Anya doesn't hurt either...

Probable Feats:

1: Power Attack, Furious Focus, Weapon Focus Long Spear
2: Quick Draw
3: Combat Reflexes
4: Spear Dancer

Nullpunkt, would an Evangelist Cleric be okay?

That would provide the healing lost by the "no Hedge Witch" and allow the Bard the option of following a more flavorful archetype that swaps out Inspire Courage.

Skills, Gear, Stats, Feats and Traits put into profile now, along with backstory and appearance.

Are the characters coming to Nidal from somewhere else to investigate, or are the characters Nidalese as well? If the latter how would you feel about a Shadow Caller? If fetchlings aren't allowed, I'd be fine with playing a human, hell, I'm on the fence as to whether I'd want to be a human or fetchling if I have the choice.

The cleric I submitted is a straight cleric, no archetypes taken.

Very well, new background.

Drexel is the 'Wall man' or butler of the household, in a previous life he was a small time pickpocket and burglar, as such he has a selection of skills that have proven useful to the lord of the house and has proven himself to the family many times over. As such when the lord's daughter's letters were suddenly silenced he turned to his most trusted servant to go discover what was going on.

Sovereign Court

Seymor Beencpt
Human Male Fighter


Seymor was born the last of three sons to a very wealthy noble family in Nisroch. Seymor grew up very pampered in his large estate in the spires and he and his brothers soon became very spoiled. Seymor's father Hennry, was not pleased by this. Hennry saw the current generation of noble children as lazy, greedy and selfish, and seen many families fall to rulers with these qualities. One day Hennry had a meeting with his sons. He then told them they have all been removed from his will, and he will no longer support them. The son who can work the hardest and prove himself, shall be the rightful inheritor of the estate and his wealth.

Seymor was surprised and angry about the news, but hit the streets for work right away. His larger build and youth was exactly what the head guard for the Umbral Court was looking for and he took up employment with the court. Many years passed, as Seymor worked the boring, often uneventful job. His father was now reaching old age. One day his father sent out for him, and when he returned to the estate, he was greeted by the neighbors, who were overcome by tears. Their daughter Anya, has not been responding to any communications lately and the most recent letters speak of increased paranoia. They asked Seymor if he could travel to the hamilt of Karpad to investigate.

Even though Seymor never cared for his soft spoken neighbor Anya and her family, and the idea of venturing out the city wall and actually might having to do some actual work did not sound appealing, he saw this as a great opportunity to show his father his worth and possibly become heir to the estate. Seymor packed his bags and started the journey out to Karpad


Seymor is tall human at 6'4. His olive skin and black hair complement his handsomeness. He wears shinny Half Plate Armor, tinted with a slight coat of ocher/orange dye. He carries a well crafted sturdy looking Long metal spear.

Here is some more info Nullpunkt

Hello, I would like to submit Medraut, human conjurer wizard.

Medraut is a seeker of knowledge. He considers himself a scholar and a practicioner of magic above all, and is completely enamored and fascinated by his own arcane dabblings. What he is able to do is however not enough, and he constantly strives to search deeper.

His will to travel to Nidal is not a recent one, but his Arcane superior has constantly discouraged him regarding this course of action - he fears the young man, in spite of his great potential, may be not only in search of knowledge, but also power, as it happens so many times with practicioners of the art.

He understands hiw willingness to travel to a place where the very land is suffused and ruled by powers not yet fully understood, but fears Medraut may overstep himself - in any case, there comes a time where one must test oneself, and it was decided this was the time for the young wizard.

He was updated and sent to Nidal to extend his assistance as needed, since his master is an old acquaintance of Anyas's family - he has received these news with extreme enthusiasm, and has carefully prepared for it, going through all the tomes he managed to find regarding the region, its inhabitants and rulers.

I have much more written around this character concept - do let me know if it somehow matches what you are looking for, and I will update both fluff and crunch accordingly.

Dark Archive

Nullpunkt wrote:

Thanks for the interest so far, everyone!

Some feedback:
Drayen: I'm not a big fan of monstrous PCs and I'd like to stay adamant about content restrictions. Sorry, but no dhampir!

Nullpunkt, I understand. Very best of luck to your game. From the looks of the submissions, you have some tough choices to make.


Rangles de'Morcaine
Human, NG, Sorcerer with the Aberrant bloodline


The de’Morcaine family tree has been heavily ‘influenced’ (some would say warped) by various magical forces over the years. A lot of those influences have come together in Rangles. His magical powers started manifesting at an early age in unexpected ways. This said to Rangles that he has a specific destiny. He has been trying to figure out exactly what that is ever since.
Rangles has understood for a long time that his appearance would probably prevent him from ever being a great leader. But that’s ok with him. Great leaders probably have to spend most of their time worrying about what people think of them. Rangles would rather be the unacknowledged power broker or advisor to a great leader. That way he can put his efforts toward what needs to be done rather than what people think.
His parents tried to get him apprenticed to a local hedge mage, but it just didn’t work out. Rangles magic seems to be more a matter of practice and instinct than trained learning. Rangles has bounced around from looking for the place he belongs. Then he heard about this opportunity. This seems tailor made. The chance to be in at the start of something great.


Rangles an odd looking man. He has light brown almost blond hair that won’t lay stay in any style for long, so he tends to just tie it back in a messy ponytail. Dark bushy eyebrows over grey eyes. His scrawny gangly frame is hardly appealing. Even his face is pockmarked from the usual childhood illnesses. But his physical appearance seems not to bother him at all. He dresses as appropriate for the occasion, puts his best foot forward, and moves into all situations with confidence (even when he shouldn’t).

Let me know if you are wanting a detailed build. Some GM's seem to prefer to not see that until selections are made.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

davidvs: Sorry, no UC content!
Wolfman1911: They can be from Nidal or not, it's your choice. No fetchlings as PCs though, sorry!

The rest of you will get final feedback tomorrow! Have a nice Sunday!


I have more than this, but this is just the basic idea behind the character. You didn't say anything about the Archetype, so I'm going to run with it. It's not critical though, I can basically do the same thing with a run of the mill Summoner.

Invaris Kinlor is a Shadow Caller, a specialist trained in dealings with the Shadow Plane. He was trained to be one since childhood, and has since been used as an agent of the Umbral Court. Despite his bond with the Shadow Plane, he still finds Pangolais unsettling and instead travels around Nidal, serving as judge, priest, investigator, and whatever else the Umbral Court asks of him. He requested to go to Karpad, citing a personal interest that he didn't elaborate on.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Dreaming Warforged, Jib916, Patcher, Lirana, Medraut, Diego:
Congratulations, you're in! Please upgrade your concepts to crunchy PCs and I'll see you all in the Discussion thread!

To the rest of you, please don't take it personally or in any way judgemental that your concept didn't get picked, I merely chose the PCs based on party composition. Have fun and I hope you find another game soon!

good luck all!!

Female changeling witch (Fox familiar)

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