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The Mansion in the Mists (Inactive)

Game Master Matt, Garnished Game Designer

A dungeon crawl campaign designed to teach new players the basic rules of Pathfinder.


Feel free to post questions here and ooc discussion.

As well, as an introductory campaign, feel free to post things you'd like to see explained/explored. For example, say you're interested in seeing how certain combat options, spells, abilities, classes work etc let me know.

The character information needs changed to my other alias. Otherwise I have no idea on how a familiar is to be used. I've only ever played a paladin and an inquisitor - both for just a one shot campaign.


Alright, well a familiar is essentially a small animal you keep with you.

It can be used for a lot of things, from scouting ahead to delivering touch spells for you.

How does that stuff work mechanically? Also Ravens can speak so they can cast spells?



All the rules for familiars are here. You essentially take its stats from the correct Bestiary and modify it accordingly. It serves more of a flavor purpose honestly.

Appreciate the help. When does the fun start?


Don't worry. I don't rush players so we go by a 1~2 day schedule.

Female Dwarf Paladin of Torag 1

I thought it might be nice to say a little bit about ourselves, like where we are from, and so on.

I'm living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I'm working in the area of serious gaming (i.e. games for education & training, primarily, and games 'with a message'). I'm a newcomer to Pathfinder, so I'm excited to see what we discover in this adventure!

Female Human Witch/1

I'm from West Virginia, United States and am actually looking for a Skype group that would be patient while I learn Pathfinder. My only previous experience has been 4e (which I didn't care for) and some 2e and 3e related PC games (Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale)


I live in Montreal Canada, been playing since I was 9 so that's 10 years now. I run multiple PbP Campaigns on the forum (currently 4) and also 3 or 4 IRL games throughout the year.

I played from D&D 3.5 and moved to Pathfinder.

I play World of Warcraft (don't judge) frequently, and love just exploring and going around getting my own ideas.

I've played and finished Neverwinter Nights :)

I used to live in Basel, Switzerland and Pennsylvania.

I currently am studying to be an Elementary School Teacher at university.

Female Dwarf Paladin of Torag 1
Ken Devendell wrote:

I've played and finished Neverwinter Nights :)

I actually worked on the production side for the later releases for NWN, so always good to hear of someone enjoying it (you know, I presume if you finished it was somehow enjoyable)

Male Human Druid 1

I'm from New York, studying at university, planning to go into medicine (actually taking the MCAT, which is the entrance exam-ish thing for those who don't know, today... scary)

I have limited D&D experiences, largely with 2E and 3E based games (Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2, etc)

I used to live in Den Haag, the Netherlands :)

Gerthi Stensikker wrote:
Ken Devendell wrote:

I've played and finished Neverwinter Nights :)

I actually worked on the production side for the later releases for NWN, so always good to hear of someone enjoying it (you know, I presume if you finished it was somehow enjoyable)

I played through Hordes of the Underdark and loved every moment of it.


I will be away on a trip until Wednesday. I apologize for the interruption and we will get right back on track as soon as I return.

Female Dwarf Paladin of Torag 1

I'm travelling quite a bit with my work at the moment, but I'm definitely still here! Please excuse if I take a few days to post (but I'll try to be visiting more often).


Sorry for the delay, will update posts tomorrow night. Currently in a busy schedule.

Have a great Friday and Saturday!

It is with great sorrow that I have to announce my temporary departure from the paizo forums.

I've had a great time playing in all the games on the forums but university and my new job has axed my free time enough that I've had to consider just how much time I can realistically spend on the forums gaming.

Rather than continue playing with very subpar posting, that I feel could be so much better if I had the time to make the posts I wish I could make, I'd rather put my current Play-by-Post games on hold until my schedule clears up than play a sub-par game with people I know are capable of making an amazing story come to life.

I cannot say when I will be back, but I will. This is not a definitive goodbye and I will not make the games inactive. When I feel confident that I have the time to continue GMing once again, I will PM each and every one of you.

Again, apologies for cutting these games short and hopefully you'll all be able to find things to do in the downtime.

Thank you to all the players from all my games;

Seekers of the Grail: You guys really are the ultimate best, and we will finish this adventure together. I promised an end and an end we will have. I know we've lost 2 members already and now I must temporarily depart, but keep your characters in your hearts and we'll play again together soon!

Night Upon the Realms: I feel bad cutting us so early in the game, but fear not, I will come back and we will be able to finish this PvP game.

Mansion in the Mists: Again, sorry for cutting a game so early in the story, especially as this was a "Learn to Play" game.

Hopefully you'll all forgive me, and I hope to see you all again when I return.

- Matt, Game Master

Female Dwarf Paladin of Torag 1

Ooh, just when the action was getting started! Looking forward to see you return when possible, and good luck!

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