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The Loom of Fate - The Solrath Consortium (Inactive)

Game Master OmniChaos

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Listen well Verdir, we will need to learn much of this land and it's people. We will need pawns and servants, new blood for the Solrath Consortium. The worthy will join us. The rest, well we need not concern ourselves with the rest so long as they do not cross us. This city named Magnimar will be ours to shape in time.

Adventure Background
Welcome all. I am opening recruitment for a PbP adventure here on the Paizo boards. This will be part of the multi-GM and multi-faction extravaganza, the Loom of Fate. I'll be DMing for a group who will in time join the mysterious Solrath Consortium, interested in knowledge or power yet willing to serve not dominate for the most part that is.

I'm looking for 4-5 players who are able to post at least once a day to keep things moving.

About The Solrath Consortium:

The Solrath Consortium is largely unknown to all. A whispered organization that has appeared in Underbridge in fairly recent memory, few believe it is anything more then a rumor despite the persistent tales spoken in corners and alleys. Still their presence hangs in Underbridge like the morning mist, disappearing when any light is drawn to it yet returning time and again.

Those few who have had dealings with the group refuse to say much, silence is often their answer. What is clear is their ability to get things done secretly and efficiently. Often without anyone being the wiser concerning their involvement, unless they allow it.

To apply, please complete the (hopefully minimal) steps below.
1. Build a character using the crunch below. You don't have to create an alias yet (unless you want to). I mostly just want to get a sense of what you're thinking.
2. Share how often you can post/contribute to the game. I don't want to put unrealistic expectations on the group, but I'd like to shoot for one post per day on weekdays. If we go faster, hopefully I can do that.
3. Share why your character is in Magnimar — is he/she a newcomer to the city or a lifer? What is his/her "day job?" Why would he/she be looking for taking on less-than-reputable work? What is her/her long term aspirations for advancement in the Solrath Consortium (it's possible that he/she wouldn't even know that they are initially being hired by them, so they may simply be a pawn at the start before being aware of them). Having these things in your backstory would help.

Character Creation Crunch
1. All characters begin at level one.
2. 20-point ability buy.
3. No Chaotic Evil alignments. The Solrath Consortium leans towards lawful and neutral, just a heads up. Any LG types may have a hard time as the Solrath are not concerned with means, only results.
4. All Paizo-created races are acceptable, but some races will be subject to my approval. No custom or third-party races are allowed.
5. Paizo-created classes and archetypes only. No paladins or summoners, please. We're playing with emerging guns in this campaign.
6. Two traits and one drawback (giving you three traits total). Try to pick traits that align with your backstory, not just add to your character's stats (or figure out how to add stat-boosting traits into your backstory). I'm fine with flavor tweaks to make traits align better with your character's story, but please let me know that you're making the tweak before you assume I'm ok with it (I probably will be).
8. Max gold for buying starting gear for your class.
9. Max HP at level one, roll or 1/2 HD + 1 thereafter. I'm fine with your rolling and then taking the better option for your level 2 roll.

The over DM has requested character submissions be completed by November 8th. Let me know if you have any questions.

Just noting that I'm interested and will probably have a character write up of some sort tomorrow night or so. Have to figure out a solid backstory.

Grand Lodge

here is a submission need to tweek probably

the back story will need small adjustments

see alias for baseline info

Dark Archive

I'm going to go with a Wizard (Spellslinger) who'll be out to increase their knowledge and power and as such has signed up with the Consortium.

On the trait front, are you happy with us taking one of the traits that increases starting gold?

@John Stout
I am fine as long as it fits in the backstory and does not seem overly unbalancing. For example as a wizard I don't want to see a scroll box bursting with scrolls. ;)

Dark Archive

No that isn't liable to happen, far more likely that he'll hire a minion to carry his stuff.

I am preparing a Halfling Ranger (Urban Ranger template). He is a roguish type who had the misfortune to suffer the trauma of battle at a too-young age. He seems to cope by indulging in hedonistic pleasures with reckless abandon. Yet he has a knack of b~%~**#!ting his way from one fleeting fortune to the next...and even convinced some apparatchiks in the Consortium that he might be of use to their cause....


Nob Knottyswitch is a strapping halfling lad in a well-oiled mail shirt and a military-issue scout's outfit.

Nob is back at home in his old stomping grounds of Magnimar after spending a year as an itinerant "handyman" returning from a distant campaign by way of Korvosa. Nob knows his way around coaches, stables, homesteads, strongboxes and tavern wenches. He is proficient in tending to the animals or caring for leathers and armour. He knows what to say and do to impress the boss and make himself useful, but he is even better at screwing the pooch and making it look like he's working

Despite his aptitude for finding gainful employment, he is not always good at keeping it. He is always indulging in debauched habits which get him into trouble...such as drink, women, pesh and less-than-sensible get rich "schemes". He has known hardships on the road and is a slick little rat. He has learned to survive, and can punch above his weight if he has to. He carries a big sword, which he knows how to wield, and he's a bit of a crack shot with a slingstaff.

He figures that time has clouded over the memories of those Magnamarian aquaintances who grew less-than-fond of him back in the old days. Besides, he sees the prospect of lucrative gains to be made working for some mysterious folks he met on the way. He managed to convince them of his business acumen and dependability. He is on his way there to meet them now, on his way to to their lair in Underbridge to seek employement.


Nob has experience working with leather and tending animals. He is no stranger to war, and he has seen hard battle as a warslinger - his descents into debauchery are in some ways his coping mechanism to deal with the grim memories from that traumatic time in his life
RACIAL...........Fearless, Halfling Luck, Outrider, Keen Senses
Trait...........Fast Talker
Trait...........Armour Expert

Nob is a bit of a crackshot with the sling.
Point Blank Shot

You can check out his profile...but it still needs work. You'll get the idea.

A post per day is good for me. When action steps up I tend to post more frequently.


I have a Mysterious Stranger in mind; the archetype seems to fit the flavor of the organization.

I'll see if I can put something together when I get home.

Third Mind (with new character alias here) I think I'll be playing a human beastmorph mutagen focused alchemist if I'm in.


Bastion “Bash” Le’Stance - Neutral Human Beastmorph Alchemist lv. 1

STR: 19 (+2 racial bonus)
DEX: 12
CON: 12
INT: 14
WIS: 10
CHA: 8

Student of Philosophy
World Traveler (Diplomacy)
Defensive Strategist (Re-flavored)


Perception: 1 rank + 3 class bonus = +4
Disable Device: 1 rank + 3 class bonus + 1 DEX = +5
Sleight of Hand: 1 rank + 3 class bonus + 1 DEX = +5
Spellcraft: 1 rank + 3 class bonus + 2 INT = +6
Craft (Alchemy): 1 rank + 3 class bonus + 2 INT + 1 Alchemist Bonus = +7
Knowledge (Nature): 1 rank + 3 class bonus + 2 INT = +6
Diplomacy: 1 rank + 3 class bonus + 1 trait + 2 INT = +7
[Favored class bonus] Sense Motive: 1 rank = +1

Languages Known:

1st level

Toughness (1st level feat)
Iron Will (Human Bonus)
Brew Potion (Alchemist Bonus)
Throw Anything (Alchemist Bonus)

Equipment: 180gp total (maxed out starting gp = 3d6 x 10 = 18 x 10 = 180)
Spent thus far: 170gp

Studded Leather Armor = 25gp, 20lbs (+3 AC, -1 Armor Check Penalty)
Heavy Mace = 12gp, 8lbs (1d8, x2 crit, B)
Alchemist’s Kit = 40gp, 24lbs.
Ioun Torch (Sphere shaped) = 75gp
Dagger [already in wrist sheath] = 2gp, 1lbs. (1d4, 19/20. Crit, P or S)
Spring-Loaded Wrist Sheath = 5gp, 1lbs.
Hemp Rope = 1gp, 10lbs.
Small Steel Mirror = 10gp, 1/2lbs.
Traveler’s Clothing:

Light Load = 116lbs.
Total Weight = 64.5lbs.

Combat Stats:
Initiative = +1
HP = 12 (8 Base + 3 Toughness + 1 CON)
AC = 14 (10 base + 3 Studded Leather Armor + 1 Dex)
BAB = +0 (+4 to hit in melee)
FORT = +3 (2 base + 1 CON)
REFL = +3 (2 base + 1 DEX)
WILL = +2 (2 base)
CMB = +4 (+4 STR)
CMD = 15 (10 base + 4 STR + 1 DEX)

Extract List: (2 extracts per day)
Cure Light Wounds
Enlarge Person

Bombs Per Day: 3

Back Story / Physical Description:

Bastion was always a student when he was growing up. A student of alchemy, psychology, nature, tactics and strategies and the arcane, Bastion didn’t leave himself much time to spend with other children when growing up. One day, when he was young, this posed a problem for him because as he was walking past a small gang of slightly older children, Bastion overheard a boy mispronounce a word and corrected him quite bluntly. The boy, finding this disrespectful and somewhat humiliating led the other boys into beating Bastion to an inch of his life, but only after Bastion used his knowledge of strategy to prolong the fight. [Defensive strategist re-flavored]

It was then that Bastion learned his first life lesson. It wasn’t that he shouldn’t correct people; after all he knew he was right and felt the other boy, no matter how humiliated may have learned a lesson. No, what Bastion learned was that he needed to be able to defend himself. Thus Bastion began working out extensively between his studies almost excluding himself from his family. It took some years, but Bastion grew much stronger both in mind and body.

Before Bastion could exact his revenge years later however, once again he was uprooted by his family and was forced to move to another country once more [world traveler]. Often when traveling, Bastion’s parents, both alchemists of moderate skill and merchants to boot, pushed Bastion into making the deals with customers. Bastion was never very charismatic, but what he lacked in that department, he made up for in strong arguments and good points [student of philosophy].

In his teen years, when Bastion was attempting to craft Alchemist Fire something went wrong in the middle of the experiment and the flame jumped to his face catching the left side of his face, from just above his left eyebrow down to the corner of his mouth and back and below the front of the ear on fire. In a panic he writhed, desperately attempting to recall what to do before he found a cloth and smothered the flame on his face. It was too late though, he had gotten a severe burn, which later in his life turned to scar not to mention gaining an unsettling feeling when near fire. [Drawback: Burned]

More recently in life, less than a year ago in fact, Bastion came across a function in alchemy called a mutagen. When he first tried it, he felt his more brutal side surface and his logical mind subside during the transformation. It felt amazing to Bastion. He decided to test out his new tool on two thugs attempting to attack a young lady in an alley. Imbibing the mutagen he pummeled the two thugs mercilessly until dead with a heavy mace he had purchased years ago. The woman was terrified up until she found that he meant her no harm.

“Y-you… you just kept yelling ‘bash’, ‘thrash’ and ‘smash’ when you were taking them down. Are you alright?”

This surprised Bastion, he knew his rage came to the surface, but he didn’t quite realize he was shouting, let alone things that rhymed. However, when he thought back to it, he knew that he did.

“Uh. Yes ma’am. I’m fine. Are you alright though?”

“Yes. Thanks to you. What is your name, if I may ask?”

Bastion figured it’d be best not to be associated with the killings and thus was inspired for his new nickname.

“I guess you could just call me Bash ma’am.”

She did so and after more thanks Bastion left the woman to think over the effects of the mutagen. He knew he’d use it again, but he had to be more careful about how he would.

Not long after that incident however, despite how much Bastion attempted to keep it a secret a group of unknowns called The Solrath Consortium contacted Bastion via written letter. They were interested in his talents and said they’d contact him again with a job in the future.

Recently Bastion has entered Magnimar, the wanderlust his parents instilled in him still everpresent. Bastion acts as an alchemist, creating various alchemical items to sell as well as some custom to order. Deep down however, Bastion longs to experience the thrill of bashing skulls once more. Not yet knowing what the Solrath Consortium wants with him, Bastion hopes that he is given ample chance to experience his more feral and brutal nature as well as gaining leadership and respect if there is such a thing in the group.

Physical Description:
Bastion is a tall and powerfully built alchemist, standing at 6 ft, 10 inches, 263 pounds with a well-defined, sturdy frame and slightly tanned white skin. He has shaggy mid-neck length hair of dark brown color, dark brown eyes and stubble from staying up at night to study. His scar from the accident is often kept hidden by a half mask covering the left half of his face. The mask has but an opening for the left eye and nostril, the rest of the area is covered, including the left side of his mouth. The mask itself has a few ornate engravings for decoration.

He wears a sleeveless black and dark faded green explorers outfit with an over the shoulder style backpack and has a dagger for future occasions kept in a spring-loaded wrist sheath on his right arm hidden under a single cloth sleeve that goes from his wrist to just below his elbow. When Bastion drinks his mutagen he’ll generally take off his cloak if he has time to free his arms and show off the impending transformation to his enemies.

Bastion, while not the most charismatic of people isn’t afraid to speak up when he feels the need or want to do so and is actually quite capable in matters of diplomacy. He tends to enjoy thinking things through and strategizing, yet will eagerly wade into battle if it gives him a reason to use his mutagen. Bastion is not the type to bow to the loudest person in the room, especially if he feels they’re doing it out of arrogance and will make this known if it persists for too long. He is, however willing to work with others if they are willing to work with him. While he may not immediately trust them, he can trust himself to do his best to stay alive.

If you'd like more information or something needs changed or I missed my chance just let me know.

[edit] = I'd likely be able to at least do one or more post per day during the weekday. Weekends may not be on until really late at night early morning due to work.

Also if you'd like, I can send this all to your private messaging.

I would like to submit

Todos Kocsis:

Tudos Kocsis
Human (Varisian) Fighter (Unbreakable) 1
NG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +1
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+2 Dex)
hp 11 (1d10+1)
Fort +3 (+4 vs. hot or cold environments and to resist damage from suffocation), Ref +2, Will +1; +2 trait bonus vs. fear
Speed 30 ft.
Str 17, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 12
Base Atk +1; CMB +4; CMD 16
Feats Diehard, Endurance, Skill Focus (Handle Animal) (Focused Study), Skilled Driver (Land)
Traits Child of the Temple (Knowledge [nobility]), Courageous, Rich Parents
Drawbacks: Family
Skills Craft (carpentry) +5, Handle Animal +8, Knowledge (local) +2, Knowledge (nobility) +6, Ride +6, Swim +3 (+7 to resist nonlethal damage from exhaustion)
Languages Common, Elven, Varisian
Other Gear Artisan's tools (Craft [carpentry]), Carriage (empty), 195 GP
Special Abilities
Courageous +2 save vs. fear.
Diehard You are stable and can choose how to act when at negative Hp.
Endurance +4 to a variety of fort saves, skill and ability checks. Sleep in L/M armor with no fatigue.
Skilled Driver (Land) Gain +4 bonus on driving checks with made with one vehicle

Hero Lab® and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
Pathfinder® and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC®, and are used under license.

The Kocsis family although not noble is definitely upper middle class. They are a major player in the buying and selling of horses in the city and have long been members of the Solrath Consortium. Tudos is the youngest son and has no interest in the trading side of the family. He does have a passion for chariot racing however but his family is unwilling to support him directly in this career. He has been able to acquire a carriage and two fine horses and is trying to make money as a courier and coachman. His family has asked him to keep them informed if he overhears anything of interest.

Description and Future Plans:
He looks like a young Charlton Heston aka Ben Hur. He will eventually pick up 3 levels in Rogue (Driver) but will mostly be a fighter. Have not purchased weapons and armor because I am waiting to see if I need to buy Jewelry and Courtiers Outfit for his career choice.

Grand Lodge

updated charcter back story a bit and verified per creation rules.

need to finalize spellbook yet.

I want to play a knowledge seeking character who is not a Wizard. Here is what I came up with:

Elvis Birchtree
LN Half-Elf Monk (will multi-class between Monk and Rogue)


STR 17 (+3)
DEX 15 (+2)
CON 14 (+2)
INT 10 (+0)
WIS 14 (+2)
CHA 7 (-2)

Fort: 4 = 2(Con)+2(Monk)
Ref: 4 = 2(Dex)+2(Monk)
Will: 4 = 2(Wis)+2(Monk)

Initiative: 8 = 2(Dex)+4(Improved Initiative)+2(trait)
HP: 11
BAB: 0
AC: 14 = 10+2(Dex)+2(Wis)
CMB: 3 = 0(Bab)+3(Str)
CMD: 17 = 10+0(Bab)+3(Str)+2(Dex)+2(Wis)

Acrobatics: 6 = 2(Dex)+1(ranks)+3(class skill)
Knowledge (local): 1 = 0(Int)+1(ranks)
Perception: 6 = 2(Wis)+1(ranks)+3(class skill)
Stealth: 6 = 2(Dex)+1(ranks)+3(class skill)

Improved Initiative
Combat reflexes (bonus feat)
Improved unarmed strike (bonus feat)
Stunning fist (bonus feat)

Crowd Dodger (Combat): +2 trait bonus on Acrobatics to move through space / to avoid AOO
Elven Reflexes (Race): +2 trait bonus on initiative
Ordinary (Social): +4 trait bonus on Stealth to hide in crowd
Paranoid (Drawback): aiding me is DC15 instead of DC10

Starting gold: 60gp

Child of a poor family who grew up in Underbridge. Chances were high that he would become a criminal. But he was lucky:

There was an old martial arts master, that opened a place in Underbridge, where he was teaching kids how to do martial arts and how to meditate. His idea was simple: he would take children form the streets and teach them. He would make sure they stay out of trouble, and grow up to be fine people. And once they had grown up, they would open schools of their own, where they would take in a new generation of struggling youths.

Elvis jokingly calls it a pyramid scheme that will soon collapse.

Make no mistake: he enjoyed and profited greatly from the structure and order that the training gave him. Nevertheless, he never liked the social aspect of it, and left as soon as he had finished his basic training.
He doesn't want to waste his talent by helping random kids from the street. He wants to perfect his mind and body. He wants to seek wisdom and enlightenment. He doesn't want to settle for less. He doesn't want to be held back by other people.

So now he practices and meditates, he roams the streets of Underbridge, most of the time alone, always looking for ways to further his knowledge.

He admires the consortium for its precision and efficiency. He also thinks whatever secrets the consortium keeps could help himself attain wisdom and enlightenment.

I can post once per day (including weekends).

Here is a list of what we have so far. Interesting to say the least. ;)

Elvis Birchtree (LN Male Half Elf Monk)
Nob Knottyswitch (CN Male Halfling Urban Ranger)
Tudos Kocsis (NG Male Varisian Unbreakable Fighter)

Tynan Kaddren (CG Female Fetchling Thassilonian Shadowcaster Illusionist)
Bastion Le'Stance (N Male Human Beastmorph Alchemist)



Let me know if I misplaced you or misread anything.

Grand Lodge

may change Ty's alignment to better mesh with the faction.

CN would work for her as well as true neutral.

also Ty will be dipping into ninja as well.


Ty has a Double blade walking stick. but there is a huge amount of uncertainty with this weapon as to proficiency, and type.

description says one thing but the chart is totally different.

when sheathed it acts as a quarterstaff when drawn it is a pair of matched and balanced wakizashi.

the book says you must be proficient with double walking stack only so proficient with wakizashi still means you cannot use it without penalty. even i quarterstaff form I take the penalty. but if I pick up a stick with no bladed inside then poof I can use it?

need some opinions on this?

Grand Lodge

completed spell book updated alias


I think your referring to the double walking stick katana. Which is a exotic weapon, without a feat you can not use it as normal. Yes it can be used as a quarterstaff with the blades concealed but that does not change it's exotic weapon status. Just means you deal bludgeoning damage in that form, it does not effect anything else. Also it is treated as any double weapon when used, so it would be under the two weapon fighting rules as well.

I know their wording is a bit strange but that seems to be the intent to me.

Grand Lodge


may have to change that heirloom item then but is there a way to have what I am trying to describe basically concealed two wakizashi blades. (saveing a feat when she goes ninja) will still need two weapon fighting feat though.

wierd though. I can use this staff here but if i stick a blade inside of it whoah that is like totally different I cant use that. of course if she doesn;t know there are blades inside then it is just a quarterstaff thus no non-proficient penalty, but is someone shows her the blades then poof clumbsy as hell.

Lantern Lodge

DM Alaion how do you feel about the Skinwalkers from Blood of the Moon, particularly the Bloodmarked (werebat-kin)?

I have an idea for a rogue sent by the Sczarni who have caught wind of the new organisation. Basically they want an inside man to figure out what the new group is up to and whether they are potential allies, business partners or enemies. My character would be a rookie Sczarni and they sent him because he's expendable, they can deny his membership and his heritage makes him elusive.

Sorry I am not familiar with Blood of the Moon, so can't really say off the bat. You could just go Strix if you want something werebatish. But I can say your rogue would be found out, the Solrath Consortium won't be fooled by anything he could do at that level of skill or resources. May want to go for something less fatal to failure, or plan on being a double agent for them. The Solrath don't care about stuff like race, at least not concerning members. ;)


If your talking about one item then besides going with the Kusarigama (sickle and chain), I don't think so with in the rules. If it is strictly a RP thing then you could just buy two wakizashi and say they come out of a special sheath that holds them both. But it would have no in game effect.

Lantern Lodge

The complete breakdown of the race is actually in the product discussion thread for the book, starting on page 7: panion-Blood-of-the-Moon#tabs
Strix would be a problem in a city I think as they hate humans.

As far as being found out goes, the guy himself would be harmless to the Solrath Consortium and while doing grunt work for them he won't be able to figure anything out about them (I think). In fact, he might involuntarily give them more information about the Sczarni than he can give the Sczarni about them.
As for the double agent thing, that is pretty much a given as it won't be long till he figures out he was basically used as an expendable resource and no one likes being expendable.

Grand Lodge

sounds good to me that way...will still have a non-proficient penalty for now but will learn later.

thanks for the idea.

Personally I think a shapechanger would be more of a problem then a strix. People would get used to a strix, someone who is normal one moment then changes into a bestial form the next would get more of a reaction. Not to mention the fear of disease that comes with those less in the know mistaking it for full blown lycanthropy. Anyways will look into it some more, let you know later.

I think Magnimar has were rats so that may play into things.

- For DM and potential party to know if interested or if it will help in further building of characters:

While Bastion will have some arcane capabilities, he'll actually be more in more of a melee role, using his mutagen to amplify attack power and extracts as buff and healing and his bombs as his primary ranged weapon if he needs to fall back on it, but he doesn't have many of them. He can still brew potions, so once he can handle costs and gets comfortable with the party he can start to make healing potions (cure light wounds and such) for them and himself.

Looks like a fun party. I feel like together we all could handle various aspects of skill too.

Healing potions would be great!
(says the melee fighter with not so good AC and not so good HP)

My character will take a couple of Rogue levels, so he will be able to contribute some skills.
Though, if we share the skill load, I imagine my character's drawback really will come into play quite often (DC for aid another raised by 5).

I'm inclined to keep it anyway ... what does everyone else think about it?

Lantern Lodge

@DM Alaion
The problem with the Strix would not be in the people around it but in the Strix itself. Their hatred of humans is rather universal (even became a racial trait) and part of the core of the race. One living in a city full of humans, some of whom are bound to piss him off at some point, is pretty much a recipe for disaster (or PC death).

As for the skinwalkers, they actually look like normal people of whatever race spawned them when not shifted. When they shift they change, but I don't think it's any worse than an alchemist becoming bestial when he drinks a mutagen or a druid who turns into an actual beast. Most people won't know the difference, especially since the skinwalkers have control over their abilities.

Was debating this with myself but here is some background on the Solrath Consortium. This is strictly OOC content and if your no good at keeping those separate or rather not have a potential spoiler to something you will find out anyways. Do not open it. That being said I am sure I have thrown gold to beggers just now. x3

The Solrath Consortium:

The Solrath Consortium was founded by male drow arcanist. Turning their back on the matriarchal ways of their society and it's demon patrons. The mages of Solrath were once a secret order with in Zirnakaynin. Dissatisfied males of power that were forever barred from influence or chained to lesser females. They cultivated their power and forces, gaining members at a steady rate as a result of the very system they despised.
The carefully laid plans did not bare fruit as they were found out by the great houses. In a secret purging they were largely broken, the few who survived did so only by their lack of importance and anonymity. The remaining members fled Zirnakaynin, making their way upwards through the darklands. By luck or divine intervention they broke into an ancient complex. Filled with magical traps, guardians, weapons, and supplies they quickly made it their new home. Doing so by virtue of their combined magical expertise and cunning. In time they explored every inch of Phaedan as they named it, discovering it connected to the surface. Of much greater importance was their location just outside a surface city called Magnimar. For the Solrath had claimed the Crow piling from below.
From their new home they turn their eyes to Magnimar. They had learned from their predecessors mistakes. Zirnakaynin was lost from the beginning, damned long before they were even born. They would start anew in Magnimar, build their ideal city. One of order and power, not outdated traditions and crippling chaos.

Well I figure their is room for self growth, hate humans all you want. Spend time among them you should figure out they are not all the same and can not be treated as such. Anyways I am not going to allow Skinwalkers simply because I do not have access to the book or enough information to make proper use of them in Magnimar. Hopefully you can find another race to fit the bill for your idea.

Tudos will also be picking up some skills via rogue multiclassing. I notice no divine healers so we need to get Bastion a Wand of Cure Light stat!

The Friendly Lich wrote:

My character will take a couple of Rogue levels, so he will be able to contribute some skills.

Though, if we share the skill load, I imagine my character's drawback really will come into play quite often (DC for aid another raised by 5).

I'm inclined to keep it anyway ... what does everyone else think about it?

I'd say keep it. Especially if it adds more to your character story wise.

Lantern Lodge

@ GM Alaion
I can understand that. It was quite an integral part of the character though and without it the character changes quite a bit (the whole idea of turning into a bat and using it to spy on people is just not doable at low level otherwise).

That said, I do have another character idea that keeps the Sczarni angle but takes a different approach to it.

Short Background:

Basic idea is a human male who comes from a Sczarni family but whose father wrestled himself out of it when he and his younger brother were little and became a honest business man (as far as businessmen are honest).
Xaviandrin (my character), aka 'Xavi', and his brother worked as low ranking Sczarni thugs in their teens, to the dismay of their father. Both committed what they called victimless crimes, only things like theft and fraud. Xavi himself was a burglar.
When he grew older he left the Sczarni and their crime behind, as much as one can. He instead turned his skill as a burglar to a legal use and became a locksmith.
His brother however never managed to get out of the life of crime, mostly due to substance abuse on his side. Now he is in such a debt to the Sczarni that they have come knocking at Xavi's door, basically demanding he'd do one last thing for them to clear his brother's debt.

That one last thing is infiltrating in the Solrath Consortium.

As a result of all of this he would be very open to switching sides, as long as the Solrath could help him get his brother free. He doesn't care about the Sczarni at all, would rather be rid of them.

As for the character itself, he'll be a rogue with a fascination for mechanics and combining that with magic, which is why I want to go Arcane Trickster with him. The emphasis will be on the rogue part though.

Courtesy of GM Tallgrass with some tweaks from me.

About The Campaign
The game will take place in Magnimar, a large, wealthy and adventure-filled Varisian city. Multiple factions exist in the same city, each with their own goals, territories, and members. You will play a character in one (or more, GM-approving) of these factions alongside the other factions in other threads, with other GMs. Your actions or inactions will affect them and theirs will do the same to you.

As you work towards the aims of your faction, you will increase not only your experience and character's fame, but that of your faction, granting you and your allies bonuses, equipment and prestige.

There will be intrigue. Interactions with other factions (yes, that potentially means PvP combat). And all manner of urban adventures. All in the hopes of spinning a grand tale.

Why You Should Play as a Solrath Consortium Member
They offer knowledge and the power it brings. Nothing is beyond the grasp of the well informed given the proper application. Desires and wishes thought of only as myth, legend, or dreams are made real. Not only will you bring back knowledge but as a loyal member you will reap the benefits of it. A rival undone by an unknown poison, secret spells, or the true name of a being from beyond the veil. These are but some of what they can offer.

The Solrath are not moral or bound to a fixed course, but they are orderly and secretive. They thirst for knowledge and control. To build a true home for themselves and those like them.

Those who align with their ambitions will be rewarded well. All others will be controlled by them, ruled by them, or wiped out.


Sounds good, once you have some stats I will add you to the list. Would he fall under Skilled?


I'd like to apologize for the hasty application/introduction, but I'm a medical student and in the middle of midterms until the 8th or so. My primary packet should explain everything you've asked. My second application does not, but should serve if you don't like the first character.

I am a member of four other games where I have established myself as a heavy role player. I post once a day without problems and only fall behind when there are about 20 or so long roleplaying posts put up in a day, which happens sometimes in two of my games. Even this is not normally a problem, except during midterms, which, as I've said, I am now.

So, without further ado, here are my two applications:

Ghilanna Daevon'lyr:
Ghilanna is a Drow Tiefling (tiefling stats) who was recently on the losing end of a family dispute. She is in Magnimar trying to establish a new life. At this time, her main activity is killing minor mob figures and seizing their territories in the Shadows. She is a cleric/tiefling of Ceremoz, the demon lord of bats. I have two plans for her development - a) a minionmancer and b) a bat-mounted melee combatant. While I have made her with Pitborn Tiefling stats currently, she could be made with Drow stats just as easily. She is neutral evil, but it's the "I am the center of the universe and will do anything to get ahead" kind rather than the "I love evil and just want to destroy life" kind. The way I see it, this makes her little different from most other characters, she's just doesn't feel bad about it in the morning.

Morrigan Nulveig:
If you don't like Ghilanna, I present Morrigan, a character I've made for PFS but have not gotten to play. She is fully PFS RAW and they are pretty limiting, so I'd think she is well balanced. She is a dark fey from the Court of Ether and I would rewrite her history for her to be in Magnimar instead of Absalom. She will be a straight ranger, roc-mounted combatant. She is very similar to Ghilanna, but more Chaotic - fey-like. If you want Morrigan, I will need to drop her level to 1 but the rest of her will stay.

Lastly, I have a question.

I am very interested in playing this campaign and see where I can fit into all four of the separate factions. I am applying to yours because it seems to have the closest fit to my concept and because you have good experience as a GM.

I am a heavy role player. I have played DnD for 30+ years but am not what one would call a rules "expert." I don't like to argue about rules and if an unusual situation arises, I will usually ask something like, "This is what I would like to do. Is there a way to do so within the rules?" This usually applies during character generation where I have a picture of my character in my mind and am trying to build it.

I am also the kind of player that stresses a good time over "winning." While I am perfectly willing to enter conflict with other players, it is important that it only be character conflict and dislike conflict between players.

With that said, I would be disappointed to not get accepted into any of the games. For this reason, I was thinking of also applying to the other games with Ghilanna, but was afraid that I might be accepted to more than one.

If you do not think you will take Ghilanna, or if you think she would fit better into one of the other games, would you mind letting me know early so I could apply for the others? I don't want to be greedy or anything, but simply want to cover my bases.

Thank you for reading my application.

Lantern Lodge

Yes, he's a skilled guy.

I'm working on stats atm, will post a link as soon as it's looking decent.

EDIT: A question, how do the Solrath feel about religion? Xavi is quite devout in his following of Brigh (as far as one be be on Brigh) and pays homage to Abadar as well.

Concerning religion they have no problem with it as long as it does not work against them. As long as his loyalty is clear and it's not a demon or related they are fine.


First off I am by no means an experienced GM, I dare say I am the least experienced of those involved. I hope that does not scare you away but I prefer to be up front about that stuff. Also will have to skim your PCs for the moment sense I have finals right now myself, so bare with the once over. ;)

Now concerning Ghilanna I would have to say she is not a good fit. The Solrath Consortium in part are against all demon lords so they would never tolerate a worshiper of one in their ranks. Sadly that is one of the few points they are unbending on. Not that it stops them from using demons and such but in those cases it is avoided unless nothing else can be done.

Morrigan I think would be interesting, she worships a azata empyreal lord which fits Magnimar's religious background. Plus a bleachling is not really common anywhere as far as I know. So that's some RP gold hopefully.

As for applying to more then one faction, even with the same PC. I am not against it but I can not speak for the other DMs. Best ask them to see if they clear it. That way if you really want to play Ghilanna then apply at another faction sense you know she won't be picked at this one and keep Morrigan here for consideration. Just let me know if one of the other DMs allow it so I can confer with them about it.

Hope that answers your questions, let me know if I missed something.

The Exchange

After scoping out all of the factions (I think), I'm inclined to apply to this one. I'll read over the applications thus far and see if I can roll up a strong concept that fills a solid role.

Thank you for your comments. I will apply to one of the other games. I spent about two weeks making Morrigan PFS friendly and so would save her for that if I can. I will keep you informed about how Ghilanna does and let you know if I'd like to keep Morrigan in the mix.

Best of luck!

Have added weapons and a profile page to Tudos.

The Kocsis family:
The Kocsis family got it start several generations ago as a clan of horse breeders located well outside the city. Over the generations the family graduated from selling horses to the wealthy of Magnimar to one of the de facto horse trading houses in the city. Part of their rise to power was the secret support from the Solrath Consortium. Ever since Tudos' grandfather Janos disappeared mysteriously, his father Tomas has been in control of the family. His morther's name is Katalin. Tudos has two older brothers, Sandar and Istvan and two older sisters, Maria and Anna. With plenty of heirs and since both Sandar and Istvan are keen to take over from their father, Tudos has been fairly free to do as he wills. And that is chariot racing. Although Tomas was unwilling to give him money for a chariot, he did give him two fine horses named Dexter and Sinister and a carriage. With this he hopes to make enough money to eventually buy his way into the chariot races. Tomas only stipulation was that his son keep an ear out for any conversations he might overhear and report back to him anything of interest.

Lantern Lodge

Still busy statting him up, but Xavi is found here.

Xavi's recent life before the game:

Xavi runs a small shop at the edge of Magnimar's Dockside district. The building also houses a small warehouse for his father's import/export company which is used purely for temporary storage of cargo.
Most of Xavi's work consists of making and repairing locks for merchants though on occasion he is hired to open a lock for which the key has been lost.

He is in a relationship with the daughter of a tailor who has a shop on the same street. Neither she nor her parents know of Xavi's past as part of a Sczarni gang and he tries to keep it that way.


Xavi always appears well taken care of, his face shaved and his clothes tidy. Only his work clothes tend to be marred with oil stains but even they are otherwise clean and tidy.

Xavio never wears anything that bares more than his forearm for while those are covered in traditional Varisian tattoos the tattoos that mark him as Sczarni are on the rest of his arm and his torso.

Grand Lodge

let me know if there are any issues or comments or questions concerning Tye.

Your going to need to explain the kikko armor to me, how did he get it? Also your javelin attack bonus is 0, should be +3 I think.

Look forward to the finished character. Will add him when he is statted to the list.

You seem to have one language more then you should. Also going to have to explain how she got the haramiki armor.

I would prefer there to be a reason behind certain things that would otherwise be out of place in Magnimar. It is a trading city but not on the scale of Absalom or even Katapesh. Just keep that in mind. ;)


I forgot to place the cost of the mask and then update the gold spent for it. Also seemingly forgot to put down the weight of the explorer's outfit.

Total Weight Carried should read: 72.5lbs. still very much within light load even with the weight of the clothing.

As for the cost of the mask, that is generally up to the DM based on the description of the mask. If you'd like however, I can spend 10gp on it so that all of my starting money is used or perhaps 5gp, so I have a small amount of money for buying lodging and regular food.

Also, if there's anything that needs to be explained just let me know and I shall do so.


I will say it cost 2 gp based on what you described of it. Nothing overly fancy but sturdy and good quality. ;)

What ethnicity is Bastion? Just something to add to RP and you get a free language based on ethnicity.

This is D-Kal, posting as Marckus the gunsmith.
I hope you're not one of those GMs that secretly hates firearms and those who would carry them.

Marckus is a negative energy cleric with an affinity for fire, but he can also provide party healing through wands and spells. In battle he wields a sledgehammer in honor of his profession and his god. When he gets the money, he'll craft and carry a firearm as well.
As you can see through "coin hoarder" and "avarice", Marckus is a bit stricken with dwarven greed. Thus his employment can drift towards the disreputable.

As for me, I can post once per day, often more. I prefer fast-posting games.

DM Alaion wrote:


Your going to need to explain the kikko armor to me, how did he get it? Also your javelin attack bonus is 0, should be +3 I think.

Switched the Kikko Armor out for normal Scale. I thought Magnimar was a large enough trading city that eastern armor would be available. I also fixed the Javelin Attack bonus. Good Eye!


I do not hate firearms but you should be aware that the setting is restrictive about them. They are expensive, rare, and fairly primitive. Outside of Alkenstar they are almost unheard of and reserved for those with coin to burn. That being said I will bring it up to the other DMs see if they want to change that or not. So will get back to you about firearms in general.

As it stands you have given no background reason as to why Marckus even knows about firearms much less got trained in them. They only come from one place after all. If you did and I missed it let me know.

Also your character has a feat that requires him to be part of a tribe of mammoth lords yet there is no mention of it in his background. He was raised by dwarves so his coming of age could not be with the mammoth lords. Bit of a conflict there, could you clear it up.

Never heard of Torglarok, what book is he in?

Sorry if it seems like I am nit picking. :)

Not saying they can't be found, just saying they are not lined up in rows for people to buy who walk in off the street.

Sorry, I've been rebuilding Marckus somewhat and you caught me in the act. I was hoping to finish before you saw him, but I was away from the computer for a while.

Not very gun friendly eh? The Black Powder Inquisition is like any other inquisition, a reflection of special training or divine blessing. I didn't feel the need to justify that any more than I felt the need to justify my cleric powers as a whole. Though I didn't realize firearms were purely Alkenstar, so I guess that might change some things. If firearms are functionally prohibited, I'd suggest explicitly prohibiting players from using them.

I have no idea what book he is in because, much like all pathfinder deities, I found him online. I've never been able to figure out where people get their knowledge for all pathfinder deities, Golarion history and geography, languages, etc. And I've been doing pathfinder for years. If you have a specific resource for where I can find info like "guns are limited to Alkenstar" or "the following deities are available" or "these are the languages we'll be using" or "this is critical history/geography that everyone should know", that'd be awesome.

Finally, if you want to boot my orcish deity and purge my guns, I can rebuild into a sort of hammer master concept I was originally going to do. Like Thor, but less hero and more self-serving.

Grand Lodge

on the languages:

common and shadowtounge are base for Fetchling, Draconic, Undercommon, and Varisian are from INT bonus, Thassilonian from 1 rank in Linguistics.

Armor should be removed, was a carryover from previous build (wizard/ninja)


Just making you aware of the problems, it is not currently prohibited. But it would be hard and some players may not want to deal with that. Once I get the final word from the others I will be sure to post it.

As to where I get my knowledge, I have a lot of pdfs. Most things online are referenced so I go to the book if I have it and look it up. That's how I found out about your feat, PathfinderWiki and are very helpful too.

Let me know if you change your build or when it's finished. My suggestion is build something you will enjoy and not have to work at overly much. It's a game after all. ;)

Could you tell me where that is referenced. It only says Common in ARG.


I haven't delved into geography and ethnicities much, but just from reading them online, I'm thinking the physical and general personality description would fit the Taldan the most. Good thing he's a world traveler though, because that'd explain why he's wearing simpler clothing over fancy garb.

After reading about this though, I think I'll read a lot more into Magnimar itself so I'm better prepared for the environment.

Grand Lodge

DM Alaion wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Could you tell me where that is referenced. It only says Common in ARG.

Oh that was how it came up on Hero lab. never actually looked it up in the book. no biggie though I will just eliminate a language...probably Varisian (can get another rank in linguistics later for that)

Okay, so I scrapped my entire previous concept and went with something else. Now presenting Marckus the Lucky, a northern Half-Orc with a generally sunny disposition, a longsword, and a streak of good luck.

Marckus will be a positive energy cleric filling a melee role. I like him much better this way, even though positive energy is a little more cliche.

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