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The Lizards Rage

Game Master Goreb

this is a new page for the campaign the lizards rage which is all lizard or dragon races and now will have a 3pp race the Lungatama on

How To Make You Character
#1-Roll 4d6 for stats.
#2-you get 275gp to make his gear.
#3-you get 2 Traits can not be the same tipe.
#4-you may use conteant from Uc, APG, UM, and the Core.
#5-make a deep backstory will be high nareatev.
Story will be made later

Master GM!!! wrote:

this is a new page for the campaign the lizards rage which is all lizard or dragon races and now will have a 3pp race the Lungatama on

#3-you get 2 Traits can not be the same tipe.
#5-make a deep backstory will be high nareatev.

By chance, do you mean the following words?:



If so, please make better use of proper grammar. It took me a few minutes to figure out the second one.

PbP games need good grammar to entice players to stay.

Gronk tells you, the end times are comming.
Gronk shows you, signs of the obliviation.
Gronk make you, believe all things die.

So says Groteus. So shall it be.

The world is ending. Groteus doe not need you bad people making things worse. Shame and lamentations. The time of repentance is at hand.

{{ Gronk de'Morcaine - chaotic neutral cleric of Groteus. If chosen, will be very easy to change to an allowed race }}

"Gronk" looks good to me.
"Moff"Sar not me ferst Lang.

Tolled by the site of a old LungatamaLong ago the humans attacked are land. They made fort after fort and stole men for slaves women and hatch-lings they did grate evil to. the dwarfs and elvs stoped them but the dwarfs made the land they took into mines and keeps.
soon the land was was dry and the dwarfs needed more we had to fight them sum dwarfs made peace but i do not trust them. The war still goes on but they have more cumming the stone port of moon shall be dun and a real war will unfold we need heroes we need all the help we can for i fear the humans shall cum as well.

and i have decided you may use all lizard or dragon like race that is 3pp or in the B-1 or B-2.

Master GM!!! wrote:
"Moff"Sar not me ferst Lang.

Then learn. It's not hard to spell correctly with available resources such as this and more.

(y is no one posting!)
ok if you wont to play plz try to get more players.
Rolls Needed In Party
Hard Hitter.

Master GM!!! wrote:

(y is no one posting!)

ok if you wont to play plz try to get more players.
Rolls Needed In Party
Hard Hitter.

1. The OP stated this is a "new page for the campaign the lizards rage" and the above states there are tree roles needed.

Does that mean there was an older page and that this is not a completely new campaign? Just seeking a clarification based upon the semantics used.

2. Another semantics question.
"#1-Roll 4d6 for stats." I have seen few games where roll 4d6 is used but many where roll 4d6 and discard the lowest is used. Which is it you are choosing to use?
Note: From statistics I know that such a rolling method often leads to one or more very low scores. From experience and "watching" some other game threads I have noticed that poor rolls often result in payers dropping out/losing interest before a DM will get around to even choosing characters. Such a problem is easily handled when making a party in real life but might be a bit problematic when trying to attract players for a PbP campaign. Just a thought being dropped to consider or not consider at your own discretion.

3, Three roles are listed as being needed to fill out the party and a party typically has four members for PFRPG although I have seen a wider variety of party size used.
Does that mean that one spot is already chosen or that this is expected to be only a three member party or that the party might be more than three but those three roles need to be filled?
Does that mean Gronk has the healer role or was this needs in addition to Gronk or has Gronk not yet been factored in?

4. The OP states that the Lungatama will be allowed.
Does that mean that this particular race is being built heavily into the campaign?

5. Alignment restrictions.
Are there any?

6. Campaign Style.
Is this intended to be a long or short campaign?
Is there an expectation of advancing multiple levels?
Will the campaign be one that is heavy on roleplaying or one that is heavy on combat?
Was the above the meaning of the high narrative term mentioned in the OP?
Related to a previous question, the story makes this appear to be about a Lungatama nation. Does that mean less inclusion for characters with a backstory focus on their race?

Sorry about all the questions but I was looking for some parameters regarding the story before taking the time to create a deep backstory.

Thanks in advance.

1. i had a older campaign but got one player and he died so i had plans to make a new page and to get more players.

2. well 4d6 drop is the one i'm using.

3. gronk was used in the math he was not meant to heal so those are the rolls that need (or shod) be fulled.

4. well they are 1/9 of the pop. and in anser to the later qwest i meant for them to long lived to show that it is a old war.

5. i do not wont evil players. but may be a mean N.

6. (sub) 1.well that may chains but depends on how meany players their will by.
(sub) their is not.
(sub) 3.heavy RP
(sub) 4.yes yes it was.

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