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No initiative! Out of combat

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LOL, no worries, I am always busy. Usually just happy if I get a chance to check the boards each day. :)

I think for now anything that depicts a standard Airbender with tattoos will be perfectly adequate. ;)

I've never used Roll20, but I'll try anything once. Twice if i like it.
(I get in more trouble that way!) ;P

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You know I think Roll20 is the bees knees, and it helped me get over my own combat encounter mapping phobia.

I have no doubt Korvosa Quinn wouldn't not have simply ended had I been more encounter map ready.

Gestalt Geokineticist/Fighter (Unbreakable) 2 | HP 25/27 (7 nonlethal) | AC 17, T 13, FF 14 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +1 | CMD 17 | DR 1/adamantine | Init +3 | Perception +6

Several of the games I'm in use Roll20, so I have no objections to using it.

As far as appearances go, Mica's avatar is pretty close to how I picture her, but I'm definitely interested in seeing how it would look in the show's art style.

Roll20 is up, still sorting out sort of how to use it as a GM, again, thank you for your patience everyone. Let me know when you're all set up in here and I will assign you your characters.

pin, I'll probably be asking for your help while I figure this out and making sure everyone sees everything ok.


So, what do I do? ;P

Ah, I see it's a link! (Facepalm)

I hate being the old(er) fart. (Nevermind that we invented all of this technology junk!) :P

You've just got to sign up and join the game, and then I'll assign you your player token and then we'll get ready to rumble!

Sounds good! (And more importantly, sounds EASY!) :)

so sorry, been busy at work. (SO what ELSE is new?!?) ;P

So, I'm looking, I have my original creation (LONG character sheet, full long-winded version)
But I can't find the statblock version. The one I made adjusted to Unchained monk. :P

SO, I'll have to do it again. but not tonight. :( (Sorry, just to tired)

I WILL update my avatar profile with the full-length sheet right now. If I recall it doesn't change too much at this level for the unchained monk. I think I may have had an extra +1 to hit out of it or something.

Sorry if I don't respond for a day or so. I'm in the middle of a weeklong rental show (kids theater group doing Suessical) and I head straight into dance show season. (O happy day) This just means I will be busy until the end of June. With OCCASIONAL breaks in between. (Thank goodness. usually I dont get any breaks!) ;P

Huh. I DID find the statblock version. Yay me!

Still pre-Unchained updated, but otherwise it's me! :)

24/24 HP 16/24 NL | AC 17/12/15 | Init +2 | Per +4 | F +7, R +7, W +0 | Curr speed 20ft

Taika updated with gear, and I added the Hishen's Blade special ability for Gathering Power to become lethal description for reference.

Animal companion init: I usually put it at PC init since they will generally be obeying commands. I thought that was RAW but can't find it. and I did find that animal companions can take improved initiative, which argues for them having their own init. If you forget to roll for Siba, I'll have him act on Palila's turn.

Meh, Uupa's a big coward. He doesn't fight. (Unless you count SITTING on top of the defeated bad guys to make sure they don't get back up!) ;P

On the other hand, I'm sure there will be ample opportunity for him to swoop in and rescue US if we ever need it! ;)

Kinetic fist isn't its own weapon; it's a way to add kinetic damage to unarmed attacks. It won't normally add to a staff, only to unarmed strikes and natural attacks, but it is to be used in tandem. In order to use it with flurry blows, you either need to accept one point of burn (which Jampo did, causing Jampo two points of nonlethal damage at this level) or have gathered power prior. So to add the damage, it's either sacrificing some HP to boost the power of it or sacrificing a round of action for more damage in a later round. I don't think it's OP, it's what being a gestalt class looks like, but it works particularly with monk because monk does a lot of unarmed damage to start with.

In the same way, Palila can use her brawler flurry with her unchained rogue sneak attacks and (later on) apply the debilitating effects of the sneak attacks. A lot of your builds just work very strongly as gestalt combinations.

My name is Bong. Dan Bong.

Ah, it's fist, not blast. So the damage is actually unarmed (monk's 1d6) plus kinetic fist for 1d6 (which will increase when kinetic blast damage increases), with the staff thrown in for flavor? Dang, that's sweet. These builds are tough! I mean, +1d6 will cost you lots of gold (of course, that's every attack you can use the magic weapon for).

I need to study up my build to get the optimal combos. Question: martial flexibility gives me the ability to add a combat feat for which I qualify for 1 minute. I have brawler's flurry, which specifies that I "have two weapon fighting whenever using (certain attacks). Does that mean I can grab Improved Two Weapon Fighting using martial flexibility as long as I am using the appropriate attacks? I don't actually have TWF, per se.

As an academic question, what CR baddies are you using against these builds? I'm beginning to think I should have used gestalt for F&FH.

I'm really not good at calculating CR. They're four normal second level characters, built in the way that PCs are. I'm still sort of testing how gestalt characters will fare against these kinds of enemies; your characters are a cut above the average bender. These thugs might seem arrogant, but it's more like you all are supposed to be real cool!

As for whether you can use martial flexibility for improved two weapon fighting, I think that's fine, but because a prereq is +6 BAB, I think that you're only going to make use of that at 6th and 7th level, since you get it automatically at 8th level as part of your brawler's flurry. You'd only be able to use it when you are acting as if you have two weapon fighting, too, because that's the only time you qualify.

That makes sense, Meows, and was what I was thinking. I believe that's why they put Two Weapon Fighting in parens after the brawler's flurry - so it could be used as a prereq feat if the situation applies.

Sorry if I seemed to be down on you, Rags. I was trying to understand what was going on, and I can come off as short or critical when I get like that. But I'm glad I asked, because now that I see what you guys can do, I need to get more familiar with my character, plan her attacks for maximum effect, and carefully plan out her upgrades.

Onward! The slow kid has caught up!

Slow kid? You mean me right? :P

No worries at all Treppa. I'm the master of causing interwebs misunderstandings. ;P
IS all good. I still need to delete my old, non-Unchained monk PC sheets, and update my profile with the correct one!

Besides, I like questions. How else am I gonna learn anything?!? :)

I am not dead (yet), but drowning.

Updating pbps is on my schedule for Thursday, 21 september. I will post at least something in all active pbps, and schedule an hour 4x/week to do pbps after that (sat/sun/tue/thu).

To my players: sorry for the delay, and thank you for your patience.

To gms and other players: feel free to bot me if I am holding up the game.

Is all good.
From what I can see, Tis' the slow season for the posting!

Not just us either, I don't think. :/

Yeah, sorry about my awful posting lately... hopefully I will be able to progress this soon.

Trust me Meows, it aint just us! ;)

Happy Weekend! :D

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I blame the Vive life. Why post when you can scale Mt. Everest? :P


Oh, wait, your right,... :P

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